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  • Automatic, E85 availability, pricey

7 / 10

2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review
2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review
2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review
by Karl Peskett

This Aussie wagon nearly has the market to itself

Model Tested:

  • 2011 Holden VE Series II Commodore Berlina Sportwagon; 3.0-litre, V6, petrol; six-speed automatic; four-door wagon: $45,490*

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If you’re after an Australian-built station wagon and don’t need an SUV, right now the Holden Commodore Sportwagon is your only option. There’s an amazing array of choices as well, from the entry-level Omega, right up to the 6.0-litre V8-powered Calais V, and even HSV offers a Clubsport version called the Tourer R8.

A feature of all of them is the easy loading and practicality of having that huge boot, and tons of room for passengers. But if you can’t bring yourself to drive the base model Sportwagon, then the step up from there is this week’s test car, the Berlina Sportwagon.

The differences between the Omega and the Berlina are simple: Faux-leather bolstering on the seats with a different patterned cloth insert, a new grille with a solid chrome cross bar, ten-spoke 17-inch wheels, different foglamp surrounds and a leather-wrap steering wheel. The VE Series II upgrade also brings with it a smoother front end with reshaped headlights, but the biggest improvement is the new touchscreen infotainment system called Holden iQ.

It allows for USB, iPod and Bluetooth integration all controlled by the one screen, plus an optional sat-nav system. You can even rip and store music on the built in hard-drive. The stereo doesn’t have the greatest sound, though. The iQ’s menus are extensive, but it’s reasonably simple to navigate through, and the sat-nav works well, giving you speed-, red-light-camera and school-zone alerts as well as automatic zoom while navigating.

2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review
2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review
2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review
2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review

There’s a new HVAC setup in the VE Series II as well, looking a lot cleaner and more upmarket. Everything else is typical VE Commodore.

Good-sized, supportive seats, both front and back. Heaps of head and legroom for all rows. Plenty of width, meaning three full-sized adults can occupy the back seat for long drives without feeling cramped. Unlike the sedan which only has a ski port, the Sportwagon’s back seat can be folded down to create a huge open area. And that makes it even more practical than the Commodore Ute.

There’s a similar load area to the ute with the seats folded down, it’s covered at all times, is taller (by virtue of not having a tonneau cover) but it can be used as a five seater, which the ute cannot. And of course, the Sportwagon has that fabulous VE ride.

No other wagon absorbs the bumps quite like it. And as your speed increases, the ride gets better. It irons out all the tiny imperfections in the road, and even on unsealed surfaces it’s never uncomfortable. The suspension is biased toward comfort more than sports-car-like handling, but it still has excellent road-holding. The Commodore’s ESC is also brilliant, allowing a degree of slip before bringing you back into line. ABS and ESC calibration on gravel is outstanding.

The steering is excellent too, with good weight and feedback, while braking is also good. The biggest change for the Berlina Sportwagon, though, is under the bonnet.

2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review
2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review
2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review
2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review

The 3.0-litre SIDI V6 is now flex-fuel compatible. That means that you can run an ethanol blended fuel up to E85 (85 percent ethanol) or anything in between. It’s Holden’s way of reducing reliance on fossil fuels, though on the face of it, it’s not as rosy as it seems.

Currently there are only 30 service stations stocking E85 Australia-wide. Caltex (the only company currently distributing it en masse) says that the number of stations will increase only if there is a demand for it. In the month straight after the VE Series II was launched, over 3500 Commodores were sold. The casual observer will notice a large number of Sportwagons running around with fleet livery. One particular company has over 100 Sportwagons on fleet and continues to add them. The demand is there, especially when E85 is said to be around 20 cents a litre less than unleaded petrol; people will vote with their wallets.

But some states miss out altogether. The Northern Territory, for example, has no E85 dispensed from service stations. Neither does Western Australia. Because this test was done in Perth, we were unable to report on how the Berlina Sportwagon runs on E85, and what the economy difference is between regular fuel and the ethanol blend.

CarAdvice spoke to Caltex about the situation, and at present there are no plans to bring E85 to WA or the NT. And if there is no significant increase in demand from present, don’t expect to have many more servos dishing out E85. As it stands, on regular unleaded, fuel economy is not that special. We averaged 12.8-litres/100km for the week despite the official ADR figure being 9.1L/100km. Don’t forget, this is a 1.8-tonne car being motivated by only 290Nm. That means that it’s up to the automatic to keep the engine in its sweet spot. That it does, but not without some slow decision making.

2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review
2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review
2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review
2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review

While driving and exiting a corner, the auto will often drop down two or three gears depending on your right foot position. The problem is it often does it in succession, or hesitates before selecting the right gear. It can get a little annoying while it pauses to have a think if you’re asking it to accelerate hard, but if you’re driving calmly, it’s quite smooth. The V6 is also fairly smooth, though it can get a little thrashy at the top end. The best way to drive a Berlina Sportwagon is sedately.

But if you’re going to drive it like that, then you’ll probably be looking for something that’s economical, has a good load area and is comfortable. If that’s the case, then Skoda’s Superb Wagon makes a strong case for itself.

True, it’s not as wide, so if you’re loading up with five people on a regular basis then the Sportwagon will be the one to pick. But with massive rear leg room, a good sized load area and a better quality interior, the Skoda Superb Wagon also offers a diesel engine, and with it, better fuel economy – 6.6L/100km. Based on the ADR fuel figures, the Skoda also has a greater range – 900km versus 780km.

Then there’s the torque. The Holden only makes 290Nm at a relatively high 2900rpm. The Superb Wagon offers 60Nm more at a low 1750rpm – perfect for shifting a load. It’s also $1500 cheaper.

2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review

Let’s be honest: most buyers aren’t going to be cross-shopping the Berlina Sportwagon against the Skoda Superb Wagon, but don’t write it off. It is much better value than the Berlina Sportwagon – it just doesn’t have quite as much room.

It’ll be a difficult call, but weigh up how often the car will be fully loaded up. That will be the decider.


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2011 Holden Berlina Sportswagon Review
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  • Jeremy

    “But if you’re going to drive it like that, then you’ll probably be looking for something that’s economical, has a good load area and is comfortable. If that’s the case, then Skoda’s Superb Wagon makes a strong case for itself.”

    Or Mondeo Wagon. Better looks (subjective) better handling, better torque and fuel efficiency in the diesel and just as much space.
    Oh and better resale.
    On top of all that, its not a commodore!

    • CJ

      You could throw in the Mazda 6 wagon too for that matter.

    • Techie

      Be good to mention the limited edition Berlina International wagon, 39k driveaway and with 7 grand of extras. Very well equipped for the price!

      • http://caradvice OSU811

        New Subaru Liberty wagon is also close in size and is
        at least as long in the boot as the sportswagon now!!
        It would also be much better on fuel but with less power from the 2.5l engine.

        • Baddass

          The Liberty can’t compare with the Commodore and European wagons when it comes to width and load space. Is there some law about width of Japanese cars?

          • Frenchie

            Not to mention service every 6 months regardless of kms or void your warranty!!

        • Dave S

          A subaru wagon? you cant be serious! They are so ugly (ideal for the US market). I would not want either the subaru or the skoda sitting in my driveway. Might have nice feature, but not nice to look at.

  • mvyrmnd

    Nice enough, but the boot’s still smaller than the hatch on my XR5 Mondeo. I tried the Commodore wagon, but it simply can’t take luggage, a pram and my two border collies like the Mondeo can.

  • nickdl

    I’d probably have the SV6 wagon instead. Much better engine/transmission with better handling, yet still comfortable and a nicer interior (those leather bolsters look sh!t). And I find it better looking. Plus when it’s around $5000 less with free reverse camera at the moment it’s hard to go wrong. The Berlina’s too similar to the Omega for my liking.

  • zahmad

    And the Skoda is cheaper…great product by Holden, but the Superb is a much better car!

    • Frenchie

      That may be so (splitting hairs) but I think Skoda suffers the Saab syndrome. Great funtional car that looks rather drabby (my opinion) that is driven by architects or lawyers.

  • http://holden paulb

    Sportswagon is a vechle designed for the future.In 2015 euro 5 emmissions will put Skoda Diesel engine off the road.(NOx).10 times higher than a petrol engine.Diesels are great to drive,but need a lot of r+d to stay on the road

    • nickdl

      It’s funny you say that because just a couple of weeks ago CA reviewed the Audi Q7 with an advanced catalytic converter that cut NOx levels by 70%. Considering Audi is also in the VW group, we can expect that technology to trickle down to VW and Skoda. Having a 6-cylinder petrol engine is okay, but hardly revolutionary.

      • http://holden paulb

        Wheels magazine January 2011,say that 70% NOx drop will strangle the diesel engine

        • MattW

          Didn’t seem to hurt the Q7 they drove

        • Jeremy

          There goes your credibility – wheels!?!? As Jeremy Clarkson says – “yeah….right.”

          • nickdl

            Well first of all, Wheels magazine itself never said that, it was some German scientist in Robbo’s column being quoted. So if the Q7 is normal then I guess the scientist is wrong in his prediction, not wheels.

          • http://holden paulb

            DR Herbart Kohler (Chief Enviromental Officer).Dailmer AG

        • Dave

          Audi Q7 system cuts the polutants after they have left the turbo (i.e. once they are downstream in the exhaust).

          • http://holden paulb

            Great point made Dave

  • http://www.fordnewsblog.wordpress.com benno5693

    No competitor eh CA?

    As stated, there are the Medium (nearing Large) wagons / estates (like the MUCH better inside and out Mondeo) and of course the Falcon wagon – renamed the Territory 😉

    Even the Territory will have it beat with the fantastic update due in a month or so…

    • Jeremy

      benno to be fair I do believe they were talking about Australian made wagons.

      • Bob

        Then his point still stands on Territory :)

        • Frenchie

          Territory still thirsty though! 17- 18l/100km Urban.

          • nickdl

            You’re a bit of a leadfoot. My Ghia AWD gets 14.5L/100km urban.

          • Frenchie

            Just quoting fellow Territory owners.

  • Justin

    The new passat wagon will trump both the skoda and the commodore. Better looking, better engine selection and doesn’t carry the stigma of the badge

    • Dave S


      5 years on the VE still looks very good. I very much doubt the Passat or Skoda offer the looks and and option of 3 different engines including a V8 running on E85 or have a factory LPG option.

      Love the new VE2 cabin, it looks so clean and unclutted, yet out feature many cars twice its price.

      I guess some people less is more.

    • Able

      Better engine range… You mean the engine range that’s identical to the Superb? Yep, thought so. Don’t give me fuel economy rubbish either, the Superb is a bigger (and better) car.

      • Frenchie

        I think that maybe half their problem (VW and Skoda) they offer too many engine variants. Yes the diesels have better economy and better torque, but if you don’t want a diesel you are stuck with the thirsty petrol engines that runs on 95RON if you can find it or 98RON which is 7c to 15c more than ULP.

        • Bobski

          Thirsty petrol engines? VW turbo petrol engines used 30% less in all occasions and offer similar if not better performance.

  • Who Knew

    Why test the wagon in WA, when you can’t get the E85? Not much point in talking about really without a proper test. I would like to know how it performs and in particular, what the fuel consumption is like. I know it is 5-10% worse on E10, so I shudder to think what it gives on E85, probably not good enough to make the lower fuel cost economical.

    • MattW

      A mate of mine has a VEII SS, drinks E85 like a drunken sailor compared to normal petrol.

      On a side note, why would anyone get a Commdore with the 3.0L/auto combo? Been enough reviews saying how horrible it is searching for gears and has no guts

      • http://Audi Robj

        Holden V8 is not tuned to run on E85 yet. Maybe that is the problem.

        • Ben 10

          From what ive heard it was the 3.6 L V6 that wasnt tuned to the E85 and not the V8.

          • Devil’s Advocate

            Yep, the V8 is indeed tuned for E85, it is only the 3.6 that isn’t.

  • Kieran

    I am surprised that the reviewer finds the Berlina wagon has such a comfortable ride.

    I have a VE Calais V wagon and I can tell you the ride is dreadful. The Calais’ FE1.5 “sport” suspension ruins what is otherwise a very good car. The improvement in handling does not offset the staggeringly bad ride, which is entriely inappropriate for a supposed “luxury” model.

    • Techie

      Go talk to your dealer. We are retrofitting quite a bit of Omega comfort suspensions onto the Calais Vs, makes the car a lot more comfortable whislt still handling really well with the wide tyres.

      It also increases the ride height, which is BIG complaint we get, people like having the car a big higher off the ground, makes it more practical and easier to get in and out of.

    • Windings

      Yeah I dont mind the ride in my Calais V wagon but can understand people wanting it to be a bit plusher. It actually feels a lot like my previous company car a 2006 BMW 5 series, although I feel the Calais is much better overall drive.

      What I would want is more ground clearance, an Aussie wagon you should take fishing, camping, towing. Yet they make them so bloody low to the ground, no wonder everyone buys SUVs. My next car will be a Territory even though the Calais wagon is the best car Ive had – its just too low to the ground!

      • Techie

        Yeah speak to your dealer when you next order, we can sort out a deal to get the omega suspension in, it raises it a bit.

        We did one the other day, and I think it improves the looks. Commodores are big cars, and making it a bit higher off the ground made it look more lighter and delicate. I think pshycologically people would think it uses less fuel as it looks ‘lighter’ be fun to conduct an experiment on how much fuel people think a higher or lower car uses…

        Common agreement is that these cars are too low to the ground though, we are alienating a lot of customers who are now turning to SUVs, also older customers find it harder to get in and out of. Another 20mm ride height makes the car much more easier to live with, especially with parking, curbs, towing etc.

        • Kieran

          Hi Techie,

          I spoke to my dealer. They were completely clueless about fitting Omega comfort suspension and didn’t want to know.
          Can you name some dealers that have been doing this?
          I would like to refer my dealer to them for advice.
          I agree with Wingdings, my Calais V wagon is the best car I have ever owned and I too would appreciate the extra ground clearance.

  • Phanton_SS

    Well I sat in the Skoda at the motor show and that was it…its not better built that the Holden. Skoda Russian come German ?? does VW own Skoda ??

    Plant a tree buy the SS or SSV 6Ltr kick the Skoda’s ass enjoy the hard sports ride like a real man should and enjoy life….I know Porche and Ferrari ride hard and love the juice but do we not love them…

    Also aussie built means aussie jobs.

    Holdens done a great job on the sportwagon

    • Golfschwein

      You can’t have looked very closely at the Skoda to think it’s not built better than the Holden.

      I shared an Omega Sportwagon two months ago with 4 other people and we did 1500 kays in 4 days, split half between the driver’s seat and middle passenger in the rear.

      From the driver’s seat, I had no issue with the little six’s determined overtaking and smoothness. Yes, its transmission hunted, but we accustomed ourselves to that.

      From the rear seat, I cringed at the swathes of unsightly black rubber coating the door frames and B pillar. Then, looking through to the front, it became evident that Holden’s designers couldn’t decide between a nice, modern technical grain for the plastics, or a traditional grain a la Peugeot 306, so they thought, “heck, let’s use both”. Maybe the bean counters had something to do with it, rather than the designers. In short, the interior finish could be a decider, as it’s awful.

      And I just know that these things haven’t been fixed in the Series II. That’s a pity, because you’d surely think that evening up the finishes alone would cost little, when the other Series II interior changes have done so much.

    • spaz

      If you sat in the Skoda Superb the obvious difference in internal build quality would have jumped out at you and whacked you in the face like a tonne of bricks.

  • The Realist

    What a rort.

    I can pick up a 2005 E61 BMW 530i for $50K.

    Why would I want an overpriced Holden?

    • Ben 10

      As apposed to an over priced BMW?

    • Dave S

      50k for a 5 year old large sedan. With no warranty and lower feature set than the 2011 VE2. Thats a lot of money, some would say too much to spend on a second hand car.

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      just imagine the stupid guy who first bought the 530i,only to lose the value of two berlina’s in the first 5 years.

      by the way,only gov’t fleet sales buys this car,the majority would by the berlina international wagon at $39k drive away…

      • The Realist

        The “stupid guy” probably earns $35K per month and laughs at people like you who pay more tax.

        • JEKYL & HYDE

          and you know how much tax i pay? and earning bulk coin gives you the right the be a dickhead? i personally know a few people who earn double that ,a one guy who must earn 10 times that a month,but you know their still real people,they care about their families,do the shopping,and don’t thumb their noses at “common” folk.personally i hope you fall off your social ladder,hitting every step with your face on the way down :-]…

          • The Realist

            Gee, I must have hit a nerve.

          • JEKYL & HYDE

            you sir only have 2 persona,arrogance and confidence.in real life you probably have no life…

    • B

      6 year old BMW with 120,000km for $50k? You could get new BMW’s in Europe for half of the Aust. price.

    • The Realist

      Love the comments from the “buy Australian” brigade.

      Didn’t expect anything less really. The comments show you’ve never driven real luxury and quality.

      The five year old Bimmer is still better built, has more features, and handles better.

      • Roadtard

        The Realist, are you trying to find a buyer for your five year old Bimmer?

        Finally had enough of the electronic gremlins and the exhorbitant maintenance costs, eh.

  • PoisonEagle

    I wish Holden would make a hybrid version of this, the wagon is gorgeous, while the sedan is aging badly. Maybe they can transplant Volt parts into it >:). Dislike it all you want haters, but a Commodore (or Falcon) with that technology makes it more relevant.

  • Goodfa

    I am in the market for a new car at the end of this year and usually I just buy a Commodore.Even though my heart is telling me to buy one my head is telling me that even with this latest update the interior still looks dated with hard plastics which mark easily and the exterior of a 2011 model is basically identical to a 2006 model.
    So if there is not a significant update at the end of this year I will be looking elsewhere for the first time in my life and I cannot believe I am saying this but a KIA Optima is on my list.I seen one the other day with a new VEII Commodore next to it and the VE looked ancient in comparison to the Kia.

    • Homegrown_Aussie

      Kia good brand, but not aussie !!!! support the local market and buy with your heart…
      Not sure about ancient as the sportwagon outlooks the Optima.

      Aussie jobs

      • Tom

        Why should we be forced to buy this just for Aussie jobs. I would be keener on supporting aussie jobs if the people managing the aussie jobs actually listened and learned. I just want a diesel! I was in the same boat, always a commodore, till fuel went up. I went to Holden a year ago and asked why they dont do a diesel, you know what he said? Theres no demand for it.

        So I went and bought a Passat.
        No demand my bottom.

        • Dave S

          The VE is a great car shipped all around the world. Why would you want a diesel? Do you like your car to sound like a tractor? do you like lining up behind Patrols and trucks at the servo? Do you,like black smoke and increased emissions?

          Check out LPG, a clean and cheap option.

          Sorry to hear you got a passat

      • Ima Hogg

        Buy A holden if you want no reliablity. Also nearly all the holden models in Australia are Daweoo(Gm Korea) and Daweoo are Korean just like Kia and Hyundai.

        • darkone

          i heard that the VE is sold in Korea with Daewoo badges on it

      • Devil’s Advocate

        Don’t forget Homegrown that:
        1. Being a part of Hyundai, the Kia would most likely be made from 100% Australian steel. Hyundai is a major buyer of our iron ore for making the steel for their cars etc. They even have their own smelter. Something which is not always guarenteed with all “Aussie” cars like the Commodore.
        2. Australian engineers etc were employed to help with chassis tuning.
        3. Asside from the Camry Hybrid, the Commodore has the lowest amount of Australian made content out of any other “Aussie made” car, especially the “homegrown” V8 versions. Well it was earlier on in the VE’s life!
        4. Don’t forget Holden is a part of GM, a GLOBAL company. So not all of the money from the purchase stays in Australia, just like any other brand.
        5. No matter what brand of car you buy, you are still supporting Aussie jobs. Someone has to sell, support and service the car over it’s life time. Then there are the people who need to be employed at the local head office etc…
        6. Not everyone needs a car as big as the Commodore so what are we supposed to buy then? Don’t say another smaller Holden because they offer no more benefit to the local industry than any other imported car. (this will change of course once local production of the Cruze is up and running.)

        Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying don’t buy an Aussie car (they offer some of the best value for money around), it’s just that it’s not as simple as “buy Aussie as they are the only ones that support the local market”. All brands support local jobs in one way or another.

  • AussieCars

    I think its obvious if your in the market for a sportswagon get SV6 and option up or spend the cash and go the Calais. 3.0 is for fleet sales.

  • Dennis

    I highely doubt people are paying $45K for a Berlina Wagon.

    Did a quick search and you can pick up a 2010 plate International series II for $39K driveaway… Thats without negotiating

    • Bangel

      Then its just an over priced reps wagon as it always has been .

      Seriously sub standard interior , nothing special to drive .

  • B

    For $45K I’d rather get the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

  • Will

    The Skoda TDI is better machine by most benchmarks other than outright power. Really, the sportswagon looks like the poor country cousin to the Chrysler 300 wagon that has spent a few too many years in the Appalachian Mountains, and the Chrysler has a diesel option!

  • Wd

    I want to like to sportswagon, but Holden are making it difficult. Like many people I grew up in one so was keen for this one to be good.
    Being keen to see the new interior i sat in one the other day, that interior is aweful close up, especially for a new car. Apart from the Holden IQ I genuinely think my 2000 liberty wagon is a nicer place to sit.
    The size and handling is good, just fix the interior, 6speed, engines tuned for torque not a high kw number (used to show off).

  • yuck

    Aussie jobs? What a joke. The Aussie car market is built on the American model and that’s obsolete. Build cars that people want with proper quality and maybe you might be on the right planet!
    Until then people glance at the commonwhore and run to a European or Asian maker because they are building cars to meet the customers needs, not standing there and trying to tell you what to think and to try and make you feel guilty about Australian jobs whilst profits go back to America….
    There is no way in hell I would ever buy inferior products just because they were made in Australia. Step up to the plate (subsidiaries of American companies) and compete or p!ss off into obscurity!!

    • Aussie Convict

      Simple solution moron, do not buy one! Until then they have Australia’s best selling car fullstop!

      • Bangel

        Best selling fleet car ,not private , remember they sold 80,000 ayear 12 years ago now down to 40,000 and falling .

        • Aussie Convict

          Who buys them after the leases?? If the car was not made for customers needs, it would not be the largest selling low km used car either.

          • Bangel

            Who in their right mind would buy an ex fleet crummer , especially with all the faults in the VE , AIR CON , ALTERNATOR etc etc etc .

          • Jeremy

            Who buys them? Aussie bogans of course.

          • Dave S

            1. After leases, people are able to to buy a near current model at a more affordable price. Not everyone can budget for a new car, when ex company cars are such good value – near new and well maintained.

            2. People keep neglecting to mention fleets dont buy V8 models. Around 1 quarter of VE sales are the V8 models – which mean private buyers love their V8’s and know performance value.

        • Aussie Convict

          How many more new models are there in todays market compared to 12 years ago genius?

      • darkone

        only sells well because all the fleet buyers get one

      • The Realist

        Who’s the moron, the guy telling it like it is, or the guy who hasn’t fathomed most of Commodore’s sales are fleet based…? How many Aussies actually lay down their cash for a new Commie these days?

        • Aussie Convict

          No the morons are people who assume ‘fleet’ is made up of government and taxi’s only!
          What about all the leasing with the private sector corporations and small business where people do have a choice, whether that be novated lease, salary packaging or allowance?
          This group still represents a large percentage of ‘fleet’ vehicles where the Holden is still getting sales from, obviously!

          The simple fact still remains that these cars still find homes solely to the PRIVATE sector in a couple of years.
          Try selling a used Skoda let alone a new one! They can hardly give them away new with 20% discounting!

          • Skoda Owner

            Had a good laugh reading your comment about the 20% discounting mate, I recently sold a Skoda Octavia I leased and its resale at end of a 3yr lease was more than the payout for the lease, infact it held 70% of its value. Try and show me a 3 year old Holden that has done that. You wont find it.
            I’ve recently bought a Superb, albeit the 4×4 V6, and its the best wagon i’ve owned.

        • JEKYL & HYDE

          alot more people than corolla and hilux buyers…

  • Shak

    I know this article is meant to be comparing Wagons, but i have just read a couple of threads about the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Its cheaper, offers more utility, looks better(IMO), has tons more equipment, can fit the same amount of stuff and people, has more safety tech and can go off road. And thats all in the base model, for 45K. I’ve always been a staunch defender of GM Holden products and Australia products in general, but they no longer represent good value in the market. You only really get good value out of Holden and HSV when you move up in the range.

  • RickyC

    Ewww, why are all the E85 stations in Melbourne out in the sticks? Whose going to drive out to Melton or Campbellfield to fill up each time? There’s nothing even remotely close to the CBD. The closest is 8.8km from the CBD in Footscray, which is a 22 minute trip. Thanks but no thanks.

    • Karl

      The united servo in hoppers crossing on old geelong rd has it. I dont think theres any E85 in Melton.

  • Mr Plow

    How is the Skoda Superb better value?

    In WA it will cost you around $49,000 to drive-away a Superb Wagon 125TDI Ambition.

    The Holden Berlina International Sportwagon costs $39,000 drive-away.

    You also don’t get leather seats or a reversing camera in the Superb 125TDI Ambition.

    Don’t get me wrong, the Superb is superb but at $10,000 more it should be!

    Makes me laugh when a sub $40K car is compared to one costing $10K more.

    Perhaps the writer of this article can point all us keen future wagon buyers to a deal where you can get a Superb TDI Wagon for under $40,000.


  • sidney

    I cant belive my first V8 i just paid for a 1991 automatic vn berlina wagon v8 limited edition 2days ago…………………………. my first car is a vn 1989 V6 auto with full Group A body kit

Holden Berlina Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$14,300 - $16,250
Dealer Retail
$15,820 - $18,810
Dealer Trade
$11,400 - $13,000
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
325Nm @  2600rpm
Max. Power
175kW @  6000rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
13.4L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:2100  Unbrake:1000
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
225/55 R17
Rear Tyres
225/55 R17
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Multi-link system, Coil Spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Control & Handling
Traction Control System
Trip Computer
Optional Features
Power Sunroof, Rear seat enhancement pack
Control & Handling
Sports Suspension
Satellite Navigation
Engine & Transmission
Limited Slip Differential
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Pass Side Windscreen
Country of Origin