Nissan will today unveil the new Navara D22 range, which will include both dual-cab and single-cab variants, at the Brisbane International Motor Show (check back for pictures from the show through out the day).

The line-up receives Nissan’s new 2.5-litre turbo-diesel engine coupled to a five-speed manual transmission. There will be a choice of four-wheel drive dual cab and single cab models, as well as a two-wheel drive single cab for those not in need of off-road capability.

You might be thinking, well that doesn’t look that new! And you’re right, the only exterior change is the addition of a bonnet scoop for the new intercooled turbo-diesel engine.

The intercooled YD25 turbo-diesel engine produces 98kW at 3600rpm and 304Nm of torque from 2000rpm – this is down from the previous generation’s 3.0-litre diesel that managed 110kW and 314Nm, although that was noticeably thirstier. In comparison the Navara D40’s powerplant makes 126kW and 401Nm.

2008 Nissan Navara D22 engine

The new diesel engine is a 16-valve, double overhead cam with second-generation common rail technology for lower emissions and improved fuel economy. Nissan has also installed a variable nozzle turbocharger as well as a brand new balancer system for better refinement.

The added intercooler sits ahead of the radiator, allowing for better air intake and hence more power at lower range. The compression ratio is now 16.5 to 1.

As with the majority of the latest Diesel engines on offer from the Japanese, the D22’s fuel economy is impressive. The 4×2 single cab drinks only 7.3L/100km, while the 4×4 single cab makes do with 9.1L/100km and the 4×4 dual cab ST-R comes in at 9.2L/100km.

2008 Nissan Navara D22

Suspension is taken care of by double-wishbone and an anti-roll bar at the front, with the back-end riding on a solid rear axle with leaf springs and a limited slip differential. Towing capacity is 1500kg (braked) for the 4×2 and 2800kg (braked) for the 4×4.

The single 4×2 variant gets the basic essentials, with power steering, single in-dash CD player, air conditioning, dual front airbags and ABS as standard. Moving up, the 4×4 line-up starts with a base single cab DX from $30,690. An additional $500 will get you dual front airbags and front seatbelt pretensioners (highly recommended).

2008 Nissan Navara D22

Going up to the dual cab ST-R variant, buyers will receive, in addition to the single cab equipment, standard dual front airbags with ABS, an alloy sports bar, side steps, front bucket seats and 16-inch alloy wheels.

  • 4×2 single cab DX – $22,490
  • 4×4 single cab DX – $30,690
  • ST-R dual cab 4×4 – $38,490.

  • golfschwein


  • No Name

    Yeeeeehhhaaaa – You know Golfie i was trying spot the difference.

  • Frugal One

    Just buy a D40, its the best Japper ute on the market.

    WTF, no extra cab [with decent rear jumpseat] no auto, less power etc etc




  • Reckless1

    $38,000 versus $50,000 for essentially the same thing.

    Car makers just can’t help themselves, though – why detune the 2.5 by a bee’s d!ck for the different model????? Hopefully the detuning gives the 2.5 a broader torque range, albeit a little less. The D40 is peaky and the manual with a load needs endless gear changing to keep it in its narrow power band.

    Good move Nissan, I think they will sell like hotcakes to those who have not yet experienced Nissan’s abysmal after sales and warranty attitude….

  • http://impreza dlr1

    The real reason nissan “re-introduced” the D22 was that they lost about 1000 sales per month when they cut it from their line up. The old ST-R was good value at well under $40k onroad when it was in runout mode.

    Perhaps if their pricing on the D40 was closer to the D22 they wouldn’t have suffered such a drop in sales. That and where are the D40 single and king cabs?

    I’ve just returned from the US and there are heaps of them on the road. Poor effort from Nissan Australia!!!

    I’m sure the “new” D22 will sell in good numbers if only by virtue of its price. Its still a better truck than those P.O.S. rodeos. Holden has really dropped the ball with these lately.

  • Ian


    Single and kingcab versions of the D40 arrive later this year – mid-year I read somewhere. Once they get here, the Navara range will be huge. Will be interesting to see whether Navara can manage to outsell Hilux more consistently now or once more D40 variants arrive.

  • Andrew M

    Back to the future………….

    “great scott”

  • Duck

    So why do we want to buy a prevoius gen ute! Well its cheaper than the current one! But i could not bother!

  • Pete

    Because it looks better than the new model!! Just a pity the engine specs are downgraded so much compared to D40 (126/401 to 98/304). Auto??

  • tweak’e


    throwing in the D40’s motor (proberly from the lower powered 2wd version) and detuning it really sucks.
    who is going to buy a gutless ute thats worse than the old one when there is plenty of other makes with better ones, especially in the single cab market place.

    comon nissan just throw the ZD30 CRD motor into it ! !

    (BTW- why does the pics show top mounted intercooler and the text say its now has front mount intercooler ??)

  • Duck

    It doesnt look better!

  • Aussie Frontier

    Isnt it about time Nissan woke up and offered Australians the same standards as they do overseas. The D22 was a great truck but is now old news. Why doesnt Nissan offer the models of the D40 that are available elsewhere. Why does Nissan insist on dumbing down our vehicles compared to others.
    Although its a sad day when its cheaper to buy parts from an American Nissan dealer and even with shipping they are way cheaper than buying direct from an Australian Dealership.


    Hi from Greece!!!
    I dint knew that nissan still ofered the D22 as a “new” model…
    i own one with the 2.5 diesel engine (at europe we didnt get the 3.0 engine) and i will hapilly get the VGT turbo…
    Notice that the power loss bitween the D40 engine and the D22 engine is because the d40 uses a Direct Injection system (Di on the back), while the D22 uses a comon rail system.Thats totally diferent.
    But i have noticed that the bore x stroke on the D22 and D40 are identicall, so the block might be the same.This maybe does quite easy to fit a D40 engine on a D22…
    Nice project, hehehehehe!!!!
    Does anyone knows the code name of the rear diff on the D40

    P.S. sorry for my bad english

  • Richo

    What a joke, if this works I will be surprised. Yeah they were an ok ute but man that d22 has basically been around since the mid eighties. A friend of mine has a diesel d40 and it sucks the fuel worse than a petrol RA rodeo. He has been back to Nissan and they say tough luck thats as good as it gets.

  • Pete

    Well I just bought the 08 and I love it. Economy good, tows well and very nice on and off road. I dont see too much differnce in power and besides I’m not racing it. I dont let Nissan service anything of mine and have always had nissan work utes.


    The Ford Ranger is a much better buy, doesen’t look outdated, diesel is strong and 4X4 system is fantastic…

    Nissan is all over the place, have a good look at some of the crap they are dishing up lately…

  • Ian

    The re-introduction of this isn’t too hard to understand. It was selling well before its forced withdrawal from sale last year, its towing capacity is only bettered by the larger D40 Navara and Triton, it’s cheap, it’s reputation as a workhorse is solid and it still looks better than most utes on the market. And Nissan are offering buyers choice, which is a good thing.

  • aussie

    pppppsssssssttttt, yeah, right Nissan australia, you tried to push me into one of these when you cannot repair the D40 engine issues, airbag issues as well as the piss poor transfer desgin that craps itself on a bit of hard work.

    aviod with all costs.

    bring back darren hinch


  • Frugal-One

    AUSSIE –

    D40 issues?Do tell please.



  • chris

    im the proud owner of an 08 str 2.5 cr and couldnt be happier.plenty of torque for anything i can throw at it and unbelievable economy.

  • Reply to Navaraman

    In response to NAVARAMAN’s comments about injection differnces between the d22 and d40..

    To clarify!

    The D22 & D40 are both direct injected commonrail diesels! (computer managed high pressure diesel gets sprayed in over top of the piston) the alternate would be indirect injection (ie. no computer, straight from a mechanical pump spraying the diesel in a side chamber).
    The only differnce I can see between the two motors would be a lower boost pressure from the turbo resulting in a lower power output.

    A possitive to this boost reduction would be increased engine and turbo life; given that many TD 4×4’s are shitting their turbos early in their life costing many thousands. Is it a bad thing having a loss of a few KW’s for the sake of longagivity?

    Who can complain about $32990 brand new to ABN holders for the d22 (abn’s are free too)

    The closest costing ute is several thousand dollars more than this one and to be honest I can’t see where the extra money goes? I’d be buying a d22 and getting a few extras with the left over.

    On another note

    Off road the d40 is much wider and harder to manoover in tight trees. The front suspension on both the new hilux and the d40 need upgrading if you expect to do some serious bush work! They are far too low and bottom out.

    If you dissagree please comment; we all might learn something.

  • Chris

    I’m seriously thinkin about a new D22, some of the 2nd hand ones goin around a more expensive sometimes by the thousands??? I’ve told one dealer who had an 04 model for 35K “I’ll have to buy new i cant afford your 4 year old one with 100k on it” My only gripe with the D22 is no keyless entry and 2 speaker stereo, so 1980’s, i’m sure prospective buyers would have lashed out $200 bucks to fix the problem.. come on Mr Nissan, mayb in ’09 heh

  • Chris

    I’m serious about a new D22, who can afford a 2nd hand one , there still asking mid 30K !!. Why Why Mr Nissan didn’t you at least give us keyless entry and an extra two speakers for the stereo. It won’t stop me buying, so i guess you still win. Detuning the D22 is understandable, just so you won’t cannibalise the D40. The D40 is nicer but i wish to use the other diff regularly and to take a near 50K ute to the Cape is near insane, on my wage.

  • Damien

    Has anyone towed anything approaching the braked tow limit with a new or old D22. Interested to see how they perform and how much difference between D22 & D40.

  • Dlr1

    Chris, yes some dealers asking prices can be a little optomistic, but 30K should buy an 04/05 with 50 to 70 on the clock. Resale also depends on the accessories fitted. Its not hard to spend 6K on a Bullbar, canopy, towbar and driving lights alone. Also the “old” 3.0 turbo diesel has more power(110kW) than the new D22 2.5 (96kW?) So performance is now less than before. Partly why nissan repriced this model down to 32999 +orc. Previously was closer to 40K.

  • James

    Is there a noticeable power and more importantly torque difference? I’ve driven both (unladen) and i’d couldn’t pick the performance winner. The ABN price used to be 34K for the old D22 and for most of that time you got a free bullbar and towbar. If it wasn’t that it was a $1000 free fuel and a hard cover. If you payed the near 40K it just meant you were too lazy to get a free ABN. This would explain the 2nd hand owners which are asking higher than new prices, and yes some of them have no accessories! The new model does give out ABS std and a different stereo, no performance gain there either! We are led to beleive the new model is more frugal, which is a plus, unless of course your heavily into oil shares!

  • James

    From my recollection the old ABN price was 33990 retail and you got a free bullbar and towbar or the other promo was a free hardcover and $1000 free fuel so i don’t beleive Nissan is bending over backwards to the tune of $7000 to help prospective buyers.

    Its a bit embarrassing when you drive away in your new D22 and someone mistakes it for an ’03 model!! I know Toyota is guilty of running vehicles for 10 years before giving them a full make over so i’m not going to harp on about it. On a positive note its probably the most offroad capable dual cab straight out of the box and the cheapest. I wouldn’t have minded just a minor face lift, new headlights and grill to give me that new car feeling.

  • Chris


    I agree you can’t compare the current ABN price with the old retail price, I would like to see a comparison test where both old and new engines are tested side by side, or perhaps a three way with the D40. What are the benefits of the new commonrail in the D22? If you have a break down in the bush are the mechanics going to be scratching their heads for a few years saying “if it was the 3 litre engine i could fix it “. And is the intercooler and bonnet scoop setup now a problem for water/dust even with a snorkel fitted?

    Maybe just like Holden and Ford, Nissan have started with an optimised engine then detuned it, with planned engine performance lifts as model upgrades are released, its a conspiracy!

  • Dave

    Dlr 1,

    I’ll gladly give you my bullbar, canopy, towbar and driving lights for $6000. Once again you would get change out of $4000 for buying that stuff new and fitted to a second hand navara with 50 – 70k there worth a lot less. Toyota charge $2200 for air con as an option and you definetly don’t get an extra $2200 when you sell now do you?

    Personally i bemused at people who buy 2nd hand 4wd’s that are within 10 – 20 % of new prices. Surely new tyres, zero km’s, resale and not to mention warranty are worth the extra dollars

  • Dlr1

    you are correct, you dont get 2200 back for the air, you only get $2000! I think what a few people dont realise is that the 32999 or any of the previous prices are all excluding ORC and Dealer delivery. You add about 3000 to 3500 to any of those prices. And in 2004 a new ST-R diesel was 42999 + orc.

    And my point about the accessories is you need to compare apples with apples. If anybody is comparing a second hand one with those accessories to a new one , get a cost on the new truck fitted with the same gear. (For a top brand alloy bar, canopy, HD towbar and quality lights it can cost close to 6K. And yes i know there are cheaper options) Im not saying it will add the same value to a used truck, but it does make a difference to resale.

    In the end if you want a new navara buy one, if you want the 3.0 litre turbo buy that. Just dont think that they are identical.

  • laurie

    i just bought a single cab D22, what a great one tonner, the best one i have had..

  • Nissan

    The reason for the reduction in power is to meet emission standards, The D22 is the previous D22 body but with new generation Common rail diesel. The Nissan D22 is the best value for money on the market and it makes sense to have a different priced model as not every buyer wants a $50,000 truck, The D22 will do very well on the market because of the price, quality and it’s a Nissan!!! The King cab D40 is on it’s way from Thailand and there is no plans for a single cab D40 as yet . . . . . . remember you cant keep everyone happy!!!!!!!

  • S14

    How about a NISMO option aswell on the KING CAB Mr Nissan as they do in Thailand?

    Bilsten Shocks YUM!!!

  • Jarrod

    Is there any news on when the King Cab D40 will be in the show rooms in Australia.

  • Chris

    I’ve just bought a 10/05 D22 private sale for 26 grand with 60k on the clock. it came with bull / tow bar, liner, tint and hardcover and in excellent cond.

    The dealer quoted me on a new one being a driveaway ABN price of 37 grand incl soft tonneau, liner and towbar. I’m sure i could have haggled a better deal on a new one, Dlr1 ? :) (yes i know, we have all got to make money)

    Those poor people who payed 42999 plus on roads of 3000 (with no accessories) back in 2004!!!

  • Ron

    Mr Nissan

    How does the non reduction in power motor as fitted to the D40 get around these “emission standards” or is it a completly different motor?

  • Bluey

    I own the 3.0ltr D22 2006 mdl. 32ks.
    The salesman was quick to point out that it has class leading tow capacity, 2800kgs. Wow l say, that is until l actually hooked it up to a trailer. My equipment that l tow ranges from 1900kgs, 2100kgs, and 2800kgs. Tell me Mr Nissan, have any of your salesmen actually towed a trailer in excess of 2ton? I would be interested to know what they think when taking off up hill. Even just a slope requires low range to get it moving, that is unless you like the smell of clutch. I know that braking is what gives the tow rating, but surely you have to get the thing moving first! This engine needs way more torque from much lower in the rev range, 2000 rpm is to high. Any suggestions?

    • Michael B

      I have heard of removing the catalytic converter to give up to 200 more ks on the highway and maybe a little more power,not sure %100 but it could be worth a try

  • Butch

    I have to agree with Bluey , when I first drove my 2006 3.0 LT DieselD22 with a loaded tandem trailer on the back I nearly had an accident at a T intersection as it stalled in high range.Even now i’m very aware of the fact that you need to ride the clutch when starting off towing up hill in 1st. I had hoped the 2008 D 22 with the new 2.5 engine would fix this problem but my local Nissan dealer(who was’t very happy about the detuned engine )not to trade up to the new model as it had less power.He also said to wait as most of the dealers wanted the D22 to have the same power as the D40 and there might be a chance it will be released with the standard tuned 2.5 diesel, has anyone else been told about this??????

  • Zed

    Hey where did you guys get your information about the D40 Navara being released in Australia as a single and king cab. I know that they do exist in other countries but I can’t find any information anywhere about them being released here. I really want one :)

  • AL

    Hi guys
    Just letting you all know yes the king cab is coming to Australia i have currently ordered mine should arrive end of this month or first week of june been told its on the water price is approximatly $38,400 plus i have ordered turbo deisel with 6 speed box thats all i can tell you i have just ordered it blind even the dealer can not tell me any more or what it comes with ….as i could not justify $50,000 plus for a hilux extra cab will tell more as more comes to hand

  • Jarrod

    I have just looked at a D40 RX King Cab Navara – Cab Chassis Turbo Diesel manual. ABN price is- $38270 drive away or $42870 with Steel tray $2350,steel bullbar $1700 and towbar $550.
    The RX comes with alloys, dual airbags, ABS as standard unlike the dual cab. Was told STX Cab Chassis would be arriving mid July and comes with keyless entry, power windows and electric mirrors, 6 stack CD and 6 speaker sound, cruise control, no side steps like dual cab and will be around another 4 to 5 grand more than RX. STX with well body not available till the end of the year. Nothing on paper yet but that was what I was told. Find out more next week.

  • Dazza

    Fennessy’s of Busselton in WA have a new Navara King Cab (bare chassis) advertised in the Bunbury Herald paper today from $32990 plud D/D, licence and stamp duty.D22/D40??????

  • Dave

    I have a 2006 STR Navara and could be happier. My Navara is up to 85,000km\’s and I will be getting another D22 when the time come\’s.

    As for towing with the ZD30DDT motor. Gotta agree standard they do struggle. Best thing you can do is get an exhaust system straight from the turbo back. The factory dump pipe is that restrictive its not funny. Mine starts coming on boost now at 1250rpm.

    Anyways they are a awesome truck and I will be getting another when the time comes.


  • Bluey

    Hi Dave,
    Just wondering what size exhaust system did you get, 2.5in or 3inch? Did your economy suffer much?

    • Graham

      Hey Bluey. I did the same thing as Dave on my 2006 3.0ltr turbo diesel STR model as well as removing the the cadiletic converter and yes the power boost was very noticeable. i pull a tandem trailer with my boat and it does it smoothly and easily. Also, coming back from Batemans Bay one day, i stopped for a leak on the side of the road half way up the Clyde Mountain. When i took off it started coming on boost at exactly 1150rpm. no trouble whatsoever taking off and yes it does slightly drink a little more but not enough that really stands out and definitely not enough to be upset at, especially when you way in the massive benefits of what the truck can do now. hope that helps.

      • Graham

        oh and sorry, that was with a 2.5 inch system…

  • Adam

    need advice can the d22 happly pull a 2 tonne caravan, or is it going to kill it,i currently have a 4.2 patrol 1992 model and want to down size for fuel economy but need to tow the caravan from time to time,

  • marco veas

    Hi guys.
    I am also interested in a D22 2.5 lts. I would like to know if the engine can be retune for more power and torque, if this will affect too much the fuel comsuption. Also if any have installed gas with the mix. I intent to tow a caravan of about 1600 kgs with luck up to the cape.

  • joel

    Ive just bought a new STR 2.5, and its a great truck. Cheap too, i got mine drive away with. b/bar, towbar, snorkel, liner, soft tonneau & keyless entry for $36800. not much more than what you pay for a 05/06 with 60k on it. there is no noticeable difference between the power range when you drive the 2.5 to the 3.0Lt. they go great on/off road, sit quite comfortably on 110/120k on highway. I got keyless entry added for $300. so stop whinging it doesnt have it… just option it. they are way cheaper than rangers, much better on fuel… and dont have the problems. though rangers do haul ass and you get auto hubs etc.

    if people cant tell that you have a new model even with the big scoop, then who cares!

    i worked for nissan for 2years, and the 3Ltrs were not the greatest motors! up til 04/2004 they had regular problems with the pistons burning out when people drove for too long a period of time at speed, because the boost levels would sit to high for too long a period. Nissan rectified this by changing the pistons in 04/2004.

  • joel

    Hey Marco

    I sell Power chips for deisels, they get quite an improvement! Lower your revs on highway etc, up to 35% more power & torque but up to 10% better fuel economy! plug & play so you dont have to modify ECU. 3.0TD from 110 – 128kw 314 – 383Nm, D40 2.5Td 128kw – 145 & 403 – 442Nm. not sure on 2.5 for D22 yet. These go for around $1400 roughly.

    • Tania

      Yes, I’d be interested to hear more about the D22 chips too – are there any catches to installing one? Are there any problems with ECU performance? Do they affect warrantee etc? Where can you get one installed?

      I love the ute, but Im concerned about the power for towing – particularly starting stops on hills.

      help appreciated.

  • Marco

    Thanks Joel.
    I will have that in mind. If you get figures for the D22
    please send it.

  • cracker

    keen on getting a d40 turbo diesel in an auto. 08 model. is there any negatives with these cars. what is a good price for abn holders. have been quoted $45,500.00 drive away for an stx turbo diesel auto. whats fuel consumption like on the 2.5l auto too.

  • basha

    Simple – get a hilux. Far better in every way.

  • alex

    Just bought a new ST-R twin cab and find it awesome. Got a sweet ABN deal. Keyless entry, mats, soft tonneau, tint, bullbar and towbar for 35,600 on road. Have only done 1000km in it so far but think the fuel economy is going to be great (compared to my xr8 ute anyway!) could not find a cheaper one second hand and the dealer could not even give me a better deal on a 3 litre demo! Highly recommended vehicles.

  • dominique

    hi guys

    hmm glad I found this site but am more confused now! If I can only afford to buy second hand up to $19 000 what navara do you recommend given the following:

    I need a 4×4 (have acreage) and need to be able to tow a horse float and 2 neds, so they weigh say 900-1000kg for both and a float is at a guess….700-900kg?? thats 1900kg.

    I am wondering am I better to buy a turbo model as opposed to a non turbo… 3.0l diesel??
    the tragic thing is my work ute is a new ford ranger that is fantastic, so I guess whatever i get I will whinge!! but so is the price tag!

    hmm also dave didn’t post a reply to bluey about what size exhaust was needed??(GRIN)

    cheers in advance

  • City slicker

    Can anyone tell me what they paid for a diesel Auto ST-X on road with ABN. I know the listed prices but would like some extra ammo against the dealers. Have owned an ST-R & ST-X both manuals and rekon they are great vehicles. Auto suits me as its all sealed roads.

  • City slicker

    To reply to Dominiques question, i would get a D22 ST-R with the 3.0L TD engine. You won’t even feel it towing that sort of weight. You should find one of the first ones within your budget.

  • dominique

    hey city slicker thanks for that..

    interesting you said that, I feel a bit better now as I am looking at a friends, which is always hard as you know them…..its a d22 2003 model st-r dx i think it said??? is october made, so after the piston issue….and it is a turbo 3.0L di, has 118,000 on the clock, canopy, they want $18 000 I have test driven it empty and I am happy with it, typically sounds like a diesel and you have to get the turbo cranking as opposed to cruising like grandma with it gurgling………goes smoothly… not tried it with a load but they say it drives better with a load of wood on! which I think it would,

    Does anyone know if I put a snorkel on will that help save a bit more fuel or improve any performance??is it worth putting one on?

    Also and I guess more importantly is their anything particular I should get a mechanic to check out before I buy it?


  • Scott

    Joel – where did you buy your STR 2.5 from at that great price?

  • Joel

    Marco – hey buddy, found a new supplier for the chips, i sell for $800 (heaps cheaper than the DP chip equivelent) that do the common rail. It saves 10% fuel and power increase for the 2.5lt is 98kw-115kw & 304 – 360nm. And it plugs straight in with no modification to ECu etc. Will be putting one on my rig when i get some coin :)

    Scott – Get an ABN if you dont already have one, just go on the web it takes 10mins. it saves you heaps. I got mine from a guy i know in the “trade” from Village nissan in petrie brisbane. but i got quoted very similiar price from another dealer that i deal with. Just play your cards close, and they should look after you. :)

  • Bluey.

    I obviously expect too much from my navarra, l think it tows bloody aweful, even after fitting a dp chip. It simply will not pull off the line in high range. Back 2 gears on hills, it doesn’t come near my old 96mdl 4.2 turbo landcruiser. I invite anyone (especially from nissan) to come out for a drive with me with my trailer on. 2.8 ton tow capacity l think not.

  • wheels

    Just bought an st-r 08 for $33400 on road. once i get my gst back it would have only cost just over 30k. i think its bloody good value considering i was going to buy an 05 with 75000kms on it for $27000 plus $1400 stampduty. spent an extra $2000 and got a brand spankin new one.

  • Marco

    Thank Joel.
    I will have that in mind when I change my grand vitara in a couple months.

  • niall scott
  • dominique

    oh dear joel you cant just go and get an ABN number and use it! the tax man will be chasing you! you have to off set the car against a business etc. if it was that simple everyone would have an ABN!!oooppppssss

  • Andrew M

    it actually is that simple.

    you only have to flash your ABN number at the dealer and you get a discount.
    its not a made up discount either because the dealer gets a kick bnack from the manufacturer to cover the discount.
    no way will a non ABN person be able to get the same discount that an ABN holder can obtain.

    when they say discounts for ABN holders, its not a gimmock.

    and Yes,
    any one can go onto the internet and with a few simple steps get themselves an ABN.
    the ABN doesnt have to be registered for GST either.
    if you feel guilty after getting the ABN and not putting cash flow to its name, then simply cancel it after the vehicle purchase.
    the dealer ABN discount is no way related nor transmitted on anything that is passed to the ATO.
    the discount is nothing to do with the way you register the vehicle. it can still be registered as a private vehicle, and it doesnt have to be depreciated/offset against a business

    if for some odd reason they do query you (dont worry they wont), just say you were going to set up a lawn mowing business or something, but found it too hard to get started

  • Bruce

    Joel, back on 30 August you mentioned a chip suitable for the Navara 2.5lt. Have you tried it and is there a significant difference? I’m seriously thinking of getting the dual cab D22. I live out in western Queensland and do not have much access to accessories etc. like chips. Where can I buy the one you mentioned. You can let me know on if it suits you. Thanks.


    I Am buying a nissan navara D40 I got mine for 43000 with bull bar tow bar tubline and including on road cost and insurance and to get a D22 it was 37800 with an ABN including on road cost with bull bar toe bar I think that the 5000 difference in price is well worth it concidering you got way more space for a family it tows more has more power and definetly has the luxuries that any top 4wd has great car comfortable for long trips kids love it only problem is cant get my wife out of the drivers

  • Aaron

    hi guys, where can i get my hands on a chip for my 2.5 D22?

  • Chris

    Anybody out there with a D22 that have put a suspension kit under their ute. I have a str 2005 which i bought 2nd hand, a great truck apart from the shocking ride. Even a minor pothole that wouldn’t register on a sedan sends shockwaves through the whole car. I’m probably going to try ome or tjm. Any comments i’d like to hear before i bite the $1500 bullet!

  • John

    Hi guys just ordered a d22 ST-R havent got it yet but was wondering is the only difference between the d22 and d40 the boost on the turbo (mechanicaly wise), because after reading these posts it sounds that way.
    Is the gearbox, diffs the same?
    If its only the boost then you should easily be able to find out what the boost is on the d40 and boost the d22 up the same.
    That way you will have the same power and torque and your d22 will be 160kg lighter for a cheap price of $31000 and $2400 back on gst (this is what i payed)
    if anyone knows of any pros and cons in doing this could you post them (or any other information).
    By the way dont let any dealer tell you they cant make it cheaper because its abn discounted or because its on sale. I got it for $31000 with mats and a GPS and ill be getting back like i said around $2400 on gst
    too easy

  • Marcoh

    Well, I just signed on the dotted line for a D22STR and will be picking it up next week! $34k including abn discount, bullbar, towbar, tonneau cover, and metalic paint :)

    I am interested in a power chip and some suspension tunings but will drive it for a while first.

    Does anyone know exactly what the difference is between a D22 and D40 engine and why there is the power difference? My guess would be simply different mapping and these must be some exhaust difference to suit the two models.

    • andycupitt

      I bought the 09 d22 str2.5 over the D40 mainly for the price difference. D22 is 5sp, D40 is 6spd. D40 diff is different ratio too, so D40 has lower 1st gear and higher 6th gear. Very hard to launch but I think that is more lag from the fly by wire throttle than anything else. Immediately blocked the EGR and improved the power range heaps. Also bypassed the wastegate on turbo. Doubt it boosts more than about 15psi anyway. The limited slip diff is these are very tight. In the sand tight turns are near impossible, just pushes forward. At the lights if you take off like driving an old diesel there is a lot of lag, and then its all go! usually spins both wheels when they hit the white line.
      Best mileage ive done is 852km on 69litres, mixed driving, including 2 days towing my tandem trailer.
      D22 is too small in the cabin for my liking, but i still wouldnt buy a Hilux, very overrated. Diesel engine sounds more like it air cooled, what a racket. Nissan is quitest on the market.
      D40 exhaust exits on the right hand side while D22 exits on the left. My bumper is always sooty from the smoke they put out on launch. Nissan says it normal.(wankers)
      Beside my friends rodeo the nissan has a lot more ground clearance, and pretty well matched power and speed.

  • joel

    There are fair few changes, exhaust, boost mapping etc. if you run higher boost you will void any engine related warranty! be warned. Im looking at getting 3″ Dump pipe from turbo, should fix the lag problem…

    Dominique….you still pay GST and it IS that easy. Your not claiming anything with the ATO as your still paying GSt, its a offset discount from Nissan that they provide for “tradies”.

    Chris… Your paying too much if your gettingyour suspension for that! $1000.00 for 2″ lift, w/-shocks torsion bars leafs etc! email me if want proper quote.

  • Garry

    Guys, I’m thinking seriously about buying a new 4X4 D22 Dual Cab.

    Whats the verdict on these vehicles, now that they’ve been out there since Feb?

  • kev

    just brought a new d22 2.5 ltr. What a ride its like hang on for you life its that rough every bump in the road you have to hang on like crazy. does any one know the best way to over come this

  • Garry

    I cant give you specific advice relating to D22’s, but I get issued with Land Cruiser Trays every 2 or 3 years via my job and each new one is like that, but after a few 1000ks and a bit of a load here and there they really settle in. So much so that I’m sad to see the end of them.

    I was interested in you question though, as I am a potential D22 buyer. Whats your opinion of the new D22 (apart from “solid suspension”?

  • Evan

    Is it me or the prices of used d22 vs d40 just ridiculous. D22’s are only a few thousand less than the new prices, some more than new! Given it’s now an d22 is $29990. Yet at the same time you can pick up used diesel d40 RX for less than some used d22’s cost.

    Now I don’t know what I should go for, a used d22 or used d40. D40 seems to be value, given its a much newer model.

    What do you guys think is the way to go?

  • jay

    I have a Nissan Page on Myspace. Come by and check it out and let me know of any new info…


    Nissan of Fort Worth

    Fort Worth Texas

  • Ben

    I’m interested in buying a new D22 2.5 diesel dual cab. Has anyone done any real life fuel economy figures for this model. I have a 97 Triton dual cab 2.8 diesel non turboed that’s pretty gutless but gives me excellent fuel economy, a couple of times getting just over 900 klm,s on 68 litres of fuel but that was exceptional, flat country roads at around 80 to 90 klm’s per hour. Most of the time i get 750 klm’s using 65 litres (8.7 ltr 100 klm) of fuel and 800 klm’s is common at times also, this is non hurried driving. Appreciate it if someone can give some figures.

  • Garry

    To Evan, you’re right the earlier model D22s (up to 2006)are holding their price really well. I have a friend who sold his just before the re-release, thinking that the price of his would drop considerably and when the new models arrived they didn’t, (he works in the auto industry and is really up to speed with this sort of stuff).The prices did come off abit…eventually and not much and not straight away.

    I checked out a few D22s (2005/2006) close to re-release time and they were that close to new price it was absurd. I also had another friend who up-szed to a pajero and he got a good price for his. I thought about buying either of them but I thought I would wait and check out the new 2008 D22. Its a bit of a odd set up that they are both badged as “navara” I think they could badge the D40 as a “pathfinder”. But you’re right the prices are so close it ridiculous. It really boils down to the smaller size D22 or the larger D40. Personally I like the smaller type vehicles, eg navara, Hi-lux (D22 and up to 2004 Hi-lux) and Rodeo sized vehicles in D/cab configuration. I currently drive a R50 Pathfinder, its just I like this size/class of vehicle.

  • Simon

    As for applying for an ABN to get a discount, this is taken from the ATO website:

    “Penalties for applying for an ABN if you are not entitled
    If you apply for an ABN and are not entitled to be registered you may be committing an offence under section 8K of the Taxation Administration Act 1953 by making a false or misleading statement regarding the operation of an enterprise. Persons found guilty of making misleading statements may be prosecuted”

  • Wayne

    I am chasing best price and chip info on D40 Navarra 07 model STX. As Have changed exhaust and with towing a 2.1 tonne boat best economy is 4.6 lt per Km. Car is Auto and will not hold top gear.

  • Zott

    I have just bought an STR and am interested in more info about the chip. Does it void the warranty?

  • Raj

    hey fellas bout to buy a new D22 98.. $29990 for ABN holderns plus onroads and paint.. anyone got ideas how much on road costs are and gov’t charge?

    ive also found a nice looking Ford Ranger XLT 07 wit 11k for $32000

    any ideas on what to get? cheers

  • Paul

    I picked up my 2008 D22 ST-R on Friday .. it now has 457k’s on it already
    I got the Hard Lid, Tub Liner, H/D Tow Bar, Nudge Bar, Metalic Paint, Cruise Control, Remote Keyless Entry etc.etc.. for the Drive Away price of $35,399
    I think that it pulls pretty good and it is relatively comfortable for a workhorse !
    I look forward to driving it for the next two years ..


  • Mick

    I have had my D22 Navara for two weeks now and have 6000 km on the clock. It is great. Drives great, pulls hard, I cannot fault it

  • stx

    Found a new Aussie Navara forum

  • Matt

    G’Day Guys just ordered my new D22 Navara STR a week ago with Steel Bull Bar, Remote Keyless Entry, Cruise, H/D Towbar, Roof Racks, Mats & 2 Child Restraints with ABN Discount for $34,500 on the road. From what I can gather that was a pretty good deal. Cant wait to get into it now.

  • Navara Buyer

    I’ve just purchased a 08 d 22 str and am due to pick it up next week once its fitted with all the gear, and reading these comments hasnt made me feel very good about buying this car, it was a great price with an ABN my brother and brother in law both own a 04 model and swear by them. For everyone who can say a positive word about them, im with ya! Go nissan.

  • GoBlack

    I picked up a new D22 on Friday. $34500 inc. 3 child restraints, keyless entry, tint, tow, soft cover, alloy bullbar. Still on my first tank.. 1/2 gone and trip meter says 320km. I imagine the second half will disappear faster. Anyway, I love the car. Does what I need it to do. I am also realistic in thinking you get what you pay for. $34500 for a brand new 4X4 dual cab (optioned up). Its either the Navara or Musso… hell.. why not throw a jumbuck in the mix. I ride dirt bikes and the family goes away camping often.

  • Navara Buyer

    Have picked up my new navara, drove it 700k’s to get it home and made it on a full tank. It drives well, is quiet and has good consumption. Very impressed.

  • Iain

    Re towing, I bought a D22 about 4 months ago (2.5CR) and use it for towing.
    We have an extended double horse float and often drag a couple of thoroughbreds around, fuel economy dies a bit but power and handling is remarkable considering this would weigh in at about 2500kg.
    Float has electric brakes and we use a Tekonsha Prodigy proportioning controller, I wouldn’t use anything else.
    Coming up to about 23000km and we love it, although the dealer and service department told us it doesn’t come with ABS (it does).
    Got a good deal using our ABN including tow back, bullbar, tint, remote and alarm.
    Have a 80 series cruiser and the Navara is much quicker off the mark but slower through tight corners (no full time 4WD).
    Plenty of room in the back for my gear but a bit squeezy in the back seat for passengers not that we take many people out and that was considered when we bought it.

  • Finn olesen

    Finn says.

    Bought a str o8 in november last year. Done 5000km. Great truck.Good “roll on acceleration” for engine size.Very frugal. Interested to hear from anyone, who has installed a powerchip

  • Larry

    Hi all, now have nearly 1000 kms on me D22 2.5cr Navara..Going for its first service this week coming.Good truck, Good on fuel, only minor issue.. lacks a little torque down low.. Has anyone fit one of them dp chip in one of the D22 2.5cr navara, if so how has it improve the trucks performance..
    cheers Larry

  • Iain

    Just had the 20,000service, local mechanic who is good, cost me $162.00……………….Nissan wanted $450.00
    That is a lot of biccies for a mob who tell me my STR does not have ABS, why would I go back to a dealership that have no idea about the vehicles they are servicing.
    Still think it is a nice little beastie, plenty of grunt and can tow a pretty heavy load without complaining.

  • Iain

    Should have added, 1st gear is next to useless, by the time the turbo kicks in it’s too late and it’s time for second.

  • Tim

    I bought the STR a month ago, towed a car weighing 1300kg with all the camping gear in the back for a car show.
    I must admit it hated the hills, but most of all 1st gear is real bad. on flat road it was beautiful,handled great and good brakes.
    I would really love a fix to get the thing to pull of the line better, any help would be much appreciated.
    Another thing i would like to know, Is the DX and STR the same engine?

  • Iain

    Tim, could load distribution be your problem, I have towed two big horses through the hills around where we are and while I admit 3rd and 4th get a bit of an airing it’s still not bad for a 2.5litre.
    The float is well made and tows extremely well, properly balanced which is all part of the inherent design.
    I have towed some trailers which are just wrong and want to push the back of the car off the road when you corner.
    1st gear is just used to get moving and get into 2nd ASAP.
    I know the ST-X is the same engine with the intercooler in front of the radiator and it is chipped differently and has a better power figure but at what cost to the turbo, and your wallet.
    The DX I’m not sure, ask someone at Toyota because I’m sure Nissan dealers wouldn’t have a clue.

  • Tim

    Sorry, I meant the ST-X not DX.
    The trailer towed really well and i loaded it like i have many times before, just lacked power especially with 1st gear i think it way to tall. i went up mount victoria and i was back in 1st doing 30kph, i guess when they say it can tow 2.8 ton they are talking about braking wise.
    I can understand your point about the consequences of trying to get more power out of it. i just thought if they are the same motor it would be nice to have the same power.
    i’m not sure what involved though?

  • Andrew

    i 2 would like 2 buy the D22.i have been through all the standard inclusions between hilux and the d22 rates better than i expected. It leaves of thinking that i an missing some thing. I have a price of 32k drive away so i think i will purchase 2moro. I 3 would like to know where 2 get a chip from. The only down side i see 2 the d22 is the lack of power. Can someone post where 2 buy please?

  • marl

    Hi, I got a 2008 St-r at the end of last year, I got a good price from the dealer, and taking into account cost I believe they are the best value for money dual cab you can buy. Obviously not with all the features of the Hilux but we do need to remember it is nearly $20,000 less expensive.

    Imagine spending even half those savings on after market accessories, you would have an extremely capable 4wd Ute with all the bells and whistles, and still have a considerable amount of money left in your pocket.

  • Iain

    Not interested in bells and whistles, been their, dome that, I just wanted a reasonably comfortable and affordable ute that had the capability to tow.
    I used to 4WD for a living (and if I never see the Wonangatta Valley again I really don’t care, twice a week for three years was a bit much)and I am only interested in the odd fishing trip that doesn’t involve too much in the way of heroics.
    Apart from that just need room in the back seat for my cameras and bits and pieces which this does admirably.
    After towing a heavy load last weekend fuel economy has improved a bit, had about 2.5 tonnes on again through a couple of long slow hills, 160km and all was well with the trip home being a bit faster than on the way out, I had forgotten about how diesels like to have a workout every so often, gives them a bit of a clean out.

  • Iain

    One other little source of irritation, the horn is not a warning device, it’s an apology!!!

  • Brendan

    I bought my 08 d22 in august last year for 36500 with abn and i gotta say i love it.
    As my old man has the 3lt 06 model i can honestly say there is little to no difference in power although the 3lt sounds way cooler and seems to run alot easier on its compression in low range 1st (the 2.5 seems to want to go a little faster and i stall it abit off road)
    Both models perfom exceptionally on and off road although i do want to modify mine a little with a lift kit and such as i scrape the back end quite often.
    I havent towed alot with the 2.5 but the 3lt towed mine on a trailer from Yarck back to melbourne (a load that would’ve been about 2.8 tonne) and apart from the inevitable loss of momentum uphill it didn’t struggle at all.
    Although it doesn’t have the luxury of the d40 and it could do with a bit more power it’s a great truck and id recommended it to anyone

  • Rickstar

    I just prchased a D22 for $32000 today with Tow bar, Tint and extended 3yr warranty…Brother in Law has the 3ltr he advised me to purchase the 2.5 instead off a second hand 3ltr. I cant wait until we are running up the highway side by side seeing who has the better take off speed. All in the driver i would reckon!!! Go Navarra!!

  • Chris

    I’ve had a d22 for just about a year now. Its an ’05 model

  • Chris

    as i was saying..its almost done 80,000. I don’t live near the city and rarely tow so performance is adequate, no complaints or chips needed. I’ve had an oil leak fixed with 1 week to go on warranty, which involved dropping the front suspension out, otherwise no mechanical failures. Ive had 4 previous 4wd’s and the nissan suspension is easily the worst when it comes to comfort. I’m either going to change vehicles or put a kit on it. If anyone has forked out for a suspension kit, could you post your comments, and i’m not talking rock crawler 6″ body lifts just a reliable brand shock spring torsion bar change.

    Yes my previous toyota’s were better built when it comes to paint, fit finish, resale etc but i can never justify the over $50grand price for a hilux, i’d buy another Prado with that sort of cash

  • Tony

    Had the new str for a fortnight now and seems to go good. Would like to know if anyone has put a larger dump pipe from the turbo? If so, how much and has it made a difference? This is my Third Navara and I have always been happy with them. Just cant justify the Toyota price. My old 3.2ltr D22 Single cab has been a truly great vehicle mechanically, hope the new one serves me the same!!!

  • Phil

    I have a 2007 Nissan Navara ST-X D40 diesel motor which as just blown a motor at 80,000 ks. As anyone else had problems with the Navara

  • mick

    have d22 03 model just looking for advice or knowledge has 2 inch lift 16inch rim 31 tyres looking at putting d chip exhaust and have priced 3inch susp lift 2inch bod lift got quoted 6grand labour included to fit the above wanting to put 33 or 35 tyres and looking at putting some reduction gears as well maybe locker diffs as well any information would be much appreciated

  • David

    I have had the new 09 D22 for 3 weeks now and its all going pretty good, its got twin batteries (standard) and a new tailgate but today wile trying to get a price on a hard tonneau cover I found out that my 09 model also has a slightly longer tray and there is no mention of a hard cover for this model yet … does anyone know if there is any truth to this ? all i want to do is spend two thousand dollars and nissan are acting as though they don’t like money … tjm were not much help either saying it could take upto six months

    • jarrod

      dave , just purchased str-d22 and have ordered a hard tonneau cover that will allow me too keep my sports bar on as well .my nissian dealer at north jacklin in mackay queensland can help you out he found it for me .great service .he’s name is Christian Cummings details as followed

      Christian Cummings
      New Car Sales Consultant
      North Jacklin Nissan
      North Jacklin Pty Ltd
      Ph: 49632200

    • Brian

      Hi David, Call National Ute Lids on 1300 883 543. We do the new D22 hard cover for the sports bar. Call and I will send you some pics. Keyless entry can be optioned with the lid.


      Brian Squire
      1300 883 543
      0407 855 023

  • Garry

    I have heard from a nissan salesman (and friend) that the 08 D22s were built in Japan and the 09 models are built in thailand, and that one of the differences is that the tub is 100ml longer than the 08 model

  • mojo

    I am in the same boat, nissan are a bunch of morons, would have been nice to be told that by nissan and not ARB. I just took it in to have canopy installed, got a call half an hour later and was told the new model is 100 mm longer. They will call me around mid july when they get new canopy.
    I had ordered a soft cover, tow bar and tub liner with dealer a week ago. When I went to pick up my car, none were installed, instead they tell me these will be installed on first service. I see why, there is no accessary for this model yet.
    Even worse, my car had done another 10km since i signed for it, so the bastards have been using it for test driving. Anyway, pissed off is an understatement. I am spitting chips i did not get the triton now. Add further insult, nissan has a 5000 km service interval, Mitsubishi is 15000km AND 10 year engine warranty, go figure….

  • Scooter

    Mojo, i have just been in the triton feedback site and there isnt one happy owner in there…big problems with power, steering, acceleration and they are still unclear if the 08/09 models have had the problems rectified. Some of them took 2 yrs to get their warranty problems fixed. They are saying dont ever buy a triton, the warranty is worth zip and the ute was always in the workshop.

  • ex navara owner

    Hey mojo,I found the nissan to be great value for the money.I am not too sure about the 5000 k intervals on servicing though,I think this is if you are a heavy user,whereas with light work you can have it serviced at 10000 ks.
    Yeah,read the long list of complaints on this site about the Tritons,makes your teeth curl.I like the shape of the tritons,and the 3.2 diesel is stated as being a great machine in reviews,but there seems to be issues with the petrol engines slowing down,and the 5-10 warranty seems to be all talk.
    Good luck.

  • mojo

    I got the Nissan purely on looks, I don’t like the way the triton looks. Guess i am old fashion. I was planning a holiday with the family, the snow. But that is on hold, until I find a canopy somewhere, I am getting desperate, I’ll take anything!! I need a canopy, ute lid, anything!! Damned nissan…. (nice car to drive though)

  • Garry

    Good choice Mojo, the D22 is the most “conventional” looking dual cab around at the moment (and then the colorado D/max is close behind) The tritons just are not in the good looking department at all. I have seen a few dual cabs with alloy trays and they are just mega gross. I havent heard too many raving reports about them either.

    Once a D22 is fitted with Bull Bar, Driving lights some meaty AT/MT tyres and a few other bits here ‘n’ there they really look the part. I’ve spoken to half a dozen or so owners of 3.0 litre and 2.5 litre versions and all are happy with them, haven’t heard of anyone wishing they’d brought hi/lux / triton / rodeo etc instead

  • David

    Bit off subject but has anyone seen the new Great Wall motors ute, they have d22 headlights a ten year old rodeo body and interior and a 2.4 mitsubishi petrol engine. Looks like a few car manufacturers had some spair parts laying around

  • MARK

    Just bought a brand new d22 single cab diesel, nissan tray & towbar, $35k on the road .Today they’re offering the dual cab for the same money. Bought june 30, did they see me coming or have dual cabs dropped 3k in a week?

  • Garry

    Each week you see ads with D22’s at various prices. I think the D/cab market is a bit more competitive than the S/cab tray market etc. So it may appear as though you got ripped off but I reckon that you’d be OK. Theres a heap of D/cabs and deals from all the big brands so it has a bit of effect on price (appearence), that is until you want to add a few options. But you can always back it in that after you buy you see a better deal somewhere, but a lot of these are done with smoke and mirrors, and you have to “get of the merry go round” one day. I have an aquaintence who said he wouldn’t buy an EA falcon ’cause he was waiting for the EB, ED etc etc, and he still hasn’t brought one!, and we’re up to FG!

  • Brian Stroem Pedersen

    Hello Finn Olesen

    I search on the internet fo find my old friend Finn Gammelgaard Olesen. I found this site with your name. Wonder if it could be you? Would love to hear from you.
    Brian Stroem Pedersen, Fjelsoe, Denmark
    Now living in Aalestrup

    • Finn Olesen

      Hi Brian
      Indeed it is. How are you old mate.
      What a surprise after all those years.
      As you can see i don’t look at this site everyday.
      But better later than never and me must regain contact.

      Kind regards Finn

  • Dazza

    Have had my D40 St-X for over a year now and have done 28 thousand km (about 80% on bitumen). Am thrilled to bits. Test drove the D22 immediately after the D40 and the difference in power was very noticable. Lakeside Nissan (adelaide) dealer advised me to steer clear of the auto transmission models as economy was nowhere near what Nissan claimed. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU BUY AN AUTOMATIC 4WD anyway?? I average 700km out of a tank of predominantly city driving so can’t complain there. High beam is piss-poor but towing grunt is fantastic.

  • Sean

    Hey im just about to buy a d22 wats the go with the dual battery system and is there a diffrence now overall as the navara’s are made in thailand

  • Troy

    Hi i’m very close to purchasing a 2008 d22 for 33 grand. it has bull bar, rioll bar, tow bar, side steps, tint, bonnet protector and headlight protector. oh and paint protection. it has 10 months rego and 24,000 ks on it. does anyone think this is a good deal?? i think it is and from the research they are a BRILLIANT vehicle. please let me know what you think.

  • dave johnson

    troy i bought a new navara d 22 from local dealer on first jan 09 for 30,000 drive away done 20000 ks and love it dave

  • Zoli

    Hi Guys!

    I’m writing from Europe(Hungary) and I have a question, maybe you guys know the answer…
    I have two Nissan Navara’s, both are type d22, and one is 1999 which is called a Navara and the other is a 2000, which is called Nissan Pickup.
    Both trucks are 2.5tdi and have 105Hp, the wierd thing about them is that the Navara is much faster then the Pickup.
    My mechanic said both have good turbo chargers ,what could be the reason?
    Maybe a different turbo on them ,or gears in the differential?
    If somebody knows please let me know.
    I’m only curious because I’m selling the faster one and maybe I can change the part that makes it faster before I sell it…
    If you know what I mean.
    Thanks, and sorry about my english.

  • Roger

    Hi, I live in the caribbean, and I have 2005 Nissan frontier D22 series with a ZD30 turbo diesel engine, It works pretty well, the only complaint I have and seems that some other people here that own other Frontiers of the same model have the same complaint, is that they black smoke from the exhuast after about 3 years and have been told by the dealers here is that they leak oil from the turbo bearings, and the only way to fix this is to replace the turbo, as Nissan does not supply turbo kits for these frontiers, which cost us around $2500us for a new turbo. Has anyone out there heard or have experienced this problem with these Frontiers. Roger


    Hi, just brought 08 D22 twincab 2.5 T/D,STR, torbar, sidesteps, rhino roof racks, weather shields, tonneau cocer, Deceased estate 23KM for $28.000. While great deal! i am totaly disapointed at lack of handy storage facilitys in cab. The console is far to narrow, set way back and so deep, you have to exit car and lean over seat to get at anything in it, and no handy recesses to put phone, keys, wallet, pens or anything else, forget the useless ashtrays to put coins in, cant be done! and considering most are used for business, they need to have these handy features, the recess above radio/tapeplayer is useless for storing CD,s or anything else as is too flat and everything just falls out on normal takeoff or corners, the Steering wheel in relationship to pedals is too far back in cab, requiring seat to be moved back to be comfortable and cutting off the rear seating legroom to useless. Dont get me wrong! i,m not bitching for the sake of it, i have 8 cars and allways had twincabs among them, i,m disappointed at Nissans lack of practical layout that their previous vehicles had, i think they lost the plot toward the finish, i,m considering swapping it to Toyo hilux, where you do actually get a useable center console! On another note, what is considered the correct grade and brand of engine oil for these 2.5 T/D engines? Thank you, bill.


    As i,m new to this forum, and not had this D22 2.5 navara long, when changing back to gears and accelerating , there is a black puff of exhaust smoke? any suggestions? thank you.

  • mick

    dose any body know if there was any problems with the 2002 3 litre diesel navara dualcab. thanks mick

  • garry

    all the info/talk/goss i’ve heeard about the 3L navaras is that there fine, but maybe a little thirsty, but nothing too extreme.

    i had a firend who had one for a few years, towed horse floats a fair bit and he reckons it was fine. i considered buying it when he upgraded to a pajero (wagon)!!, he got a good price for it, and you see a lot of them around the traps

  • jimbo

    Hi there

    I have a 2008 D22 STR. the only fault it has is the speedo is out by 10k and nissan wont fix under warrenty other wise ute is good at towing a 2200kg caravan round australia, but had 2 replace back springs twice in under 50000km

  • James

    Hi was just wondering if anyone has a preferred model between the nissan navara 2.5 and the 3lt and why this is .Thanks James

    • Jabba the Hut

      The 3.0 ltr apparently had issues with pistons wanting out of the block. I owned one and did 50,000 k’s with no incident however. I now own a D40 2.5 ltr (until this coming Saturday) and it has been a good motor. I have had numerous problems with the actual vehicle though. The 2.5 ltr in the D22 is a detuned version of the motor in the D40. So you would expect that it isn’t working as hard and so should give you trouble free motoring.

      The 3.0 ltr was discontinued due to Euro4 emission standards failure. The D22 went out of production for several months in 2006 while they worked to detune the 2.5 ltr engine for it. The tow capacity of the 2.5 is slightly less than the old 3 ltr however I spoke to the tech at Nissan and he said they haven’t had any failure of engines with the D22 2.5 ltr motor. This conversation was several months ago. Based on the history of problems with the 3.0 ltr I would be giving it a wide birth .Especially as any vehicle with it fitted is now at least 4-5 years old.

  • Roger

    Can anyone tell me why the 2010 D22 2.5 STR has dual batteries (I have been told it’s not an auxillary battery).

  • Paul

    thinking of buying a d22
    just notice on cars sales adds pricing from $30000
    for abn holders
    can you please confine to me now what is a good price
    without an abn

  • nadine

    hi all
    my son is looking at buying a Navara prefer 4 door cab. He has a budget of around $30,000 and will use it primarily for work (surveying) and weekend camping/fishing – any suggestions from a seasoned owner as to what he should be looking at? cheers Nadine

    • Sumpguard

      Buy the D22. It’s bullet proof with the 2.5 ltr engine in it. I spoke to one of the mechanics at our Nissan dealer and he reckoned the D22 NEVER had any issues and they have sold hundreds of them. The D40 on the other hand is not so good.

      I owned a D22 cab chassis a few years back which apparently had a few problems with the 3.0 ltr but mine was faultless and absolutely brilliant offroad. The 3.9ltr engine is no longer fitted so I’d say go for it.

  • ken

    yd25 has rod bolt and main bearing issues ,oil pick up seal issues. zd30 has turbo management issues etc etc ….

  • badchoice

    I bought the MY10 Nissan Navara ST dual cab diesel 2.5lt new and not too happy with it.
    It was a tough choice against the Isuzu and wish I’d gone with the Isuzu.
    After only 3 months old, 18,000km, it’s rattly and squeaky – annoying when you do nearly 1200k’s a week in it.
    It’s supposed “built to carry a load” is a load of itself as I usually have about 500-600kg in the back, totalling a GVM of 2500kg, and the back is sagging, looks like it’s dragging it’s bum. Supposed to carry over 800kg.
    (I know the weights as I work around weigh bridges and measure it often).
    The canopy for the ute is not water proof, as I get wet in the back when it rains, and the gaps in the tailgate let in the dust like anything.
    As for the “most powerful tradie”, with a GVM of 2500kg it’s working hard to take off a standing start each time – would hate to be real 4WD’ing with this load, think it’d struggle on bad terrain.
    As for the fuel, well, you never expect what they tell you, but as I drive as economically as I can, my best is 10.3lt/100k, ave 10.8lt/100k – BUT, even this is inflated, as the speedo is 5% positive, ie; when I’m reading 100k/hr, it’s a real speed of 95kph, as is really travelling at 100kph, it reads 105kph. That’s how they get a better fuel economy, falsely – overclock the speedo (the odometer is right).
    Nah, not the best choice for trade or play – maybe just a toy.
    It’s ok, only just OK, but this $40,000 car has serious competition.

    • Sumpguard

      The Ford Ranger XLT can be had for the same money at the moment and is a much better vehicle. 3 tonne towing and all the bells and whistles. My d22 used to sqeak a bit in the tray but it was brilliant off road with the old 3.0lt donk.

  • Jodsta000

    I am looking @ buying a 2nd hand Nissan Navara 2008 ST-R 135000km’s on the clock however the motor blew @ the dealership, they replaced the motor & they told me to a cost of $9k – $10k the motor replaced had 20000+km’s on the clock the car comes with only a 3 month warranty I would look @900a4a511362f7cf753a76fc210501a0:disqus  buying the extended warranty as well.  They are asking for $23,880 this car comes with bull bar, tow ball and a hard canopy.  Would this be a great deal or should I stay clear????  JD

  • Jodsta000

    I am looking @ buying a 2nd hand Nissan Navara 2008 ST-R 135000km’s on the clock however the motor blew @ the dealership, they replaced the motor & they told me to a cost of $9k – $10k the motor replaced had 20000+km’s on the clock the car comes with only a 3 month warranty I would look at buying the extended warranty as well.  They are asking for $23,880 this car comes with bull bar, tow ball and a hard canopy.  Would this be a great deal or should I stay clear????  JD

  • Darryl

    Just ordered 2012 str with nudge bar , overlip liner , bonnet protector , floor carpets all for $29990.
    Cheers for that.