by George Skentzos

In this video, Inside Line pits the Subaru WRX STi against its arch rival, the Lancer Evo X. Although more interesting perhaps is how the entry level GSR stacks up against the technology-laden MR spec model.

  • Flying High

    Well these results are somewhat contradictory to the track race in Japan. At any rate, I have driven the STi and it is an awesome power pack that will do your licence in 0-100 in nothing flat. Guaranteed. Still, the 72K asking price is very high IMVHO.

  • jamison

    is the STi’s price tag of 72K AUD is official?

    Is that the R-Spec too?

    I’m not in Oz at the momment, so not sure.

    72K is a bit high… although it is a great package.

  • http://Mini Nick

    13.9 For the EVO X MR! Thats ridicuous. Hell, my stock MPS ran 13.87 @ 101MPH at WSID. I’d take the Lancer GSR. Better value, as well as being quicker everyday. The Only place the MR has it, is on the track, and seeing that most cars spend around 99% of their life on the road, why would you bother. Also, 72K for the STI!!! Please. Thats Audi S3 Territory. Wishfull thinking

  • Adam

    It’s not 72K. Someone’s making things up.

  • Ivan

    I wonder why they say that the subaru understeers…:?

    Best motoring test drove the STI and it had lots of oversteer if you put the suspension setting on S-#…

  • Flying High

    Adam – I wish it was not the price, however I am NOT making it up. 72K is the ‘on road’ price for the new WRX STI and does not include the comprehensive insurance you would no doubt take. It IS the price if you want one. And it is NOT negotiable as is the case with all premium Subarus. Officially the price will be released at the Brisbane Motor Show I believe. Go and take a test drive and then ask how much before flapping your jaw here :-).

  • Flying High

    I might add that it is the ‘R spec’ at 72K. You can get the poverty pack for 67K on the road.

    STi R Spec has Recaro seats and lighter alloys for an extra 5K

  • Scott C

    I would say Flying High’s figures would be accurate. Apart from the fact that it sounds like he works for subaru, it has also been speculated since the initial information came through on the new sti that it would cost between 60-70k retail (before on roads).

    Id like to take one for a good drive, they look awesome, and based on how well the standard Wrx drives the Sti will be brilliant. Even at the inflated prices it will be awesome bang for your buck!!

  • Duck

    Sounds like the bloke was saying “EGO” instead of “EVO”!
    The MR Lancer had the fuel lid off did anybody notice?

    Yeah the MR is the best out of all but the subby is a lot better at nill to 100 KM acceleration.

  • Flying High

    No I don’t work for Subaru. I genuinely went in to test drive the beast, and before we left I was given the pricing. 67K and 72K. I encourage you to go for a drive. It is an awesome vehicle in terms of performance. I mean you could not get the smile off my face. Interior is very average esp for the price, but the Evo will be no better and in fact prolly worse.

    If it was 10K less I would have dropped my wallet straight on the table, but pricing it at 72K puts the car into a whole new ball park, so I have to consider other cars now – esp if I am going to part with that much cash.

  • jamison

    72K for a the STi, comparing that to the S3… well performance wise, on paper and raw-performance, I think the STi has it won.

    And considering Audi’s poor resale value in Oz, in here at U.S, Audi has pretty good resale value, but in Oz. Subaru’s resale is equal/exceeds that of Audi.

    188kW to 221kW.. thats power alone.

  • Adam

    Wait til the dealer calls you with official pricing (which will be nowhere near 72k) – and tells you the “good news”. Sounds like standard marketing BS.

    Premium Subarus not discountable? You can get a substantial discount off any Liberty GT/3.0R(B).

    This has been done to death – preparing you for a high price and then it will come in with just an incremental price increase over the old model. Same with the Evo.

    Happy to revisit this topic when official pricing is release – which even dealers do not have.

  • Flying High

    Adam – How wrong you are mate!! HAHAHA


  • ABS

    Where did you guys get your 72k from. Here in Aus their
    $59,990ASD For STI and $64,990ASD for the SpecR model.
    And I hear their even cheeper in the US just Undercutting $45kUS. Still a hell of alot of bang for you buck. I’m trading in my Rx8 in 2 months when the warrenty runs up for the standard WRX. Took one for a spin yesterday, makes mine feel like a snail. May not turn as many heads as my Mazda but its a whole lot more pratical. And I wouldn’t mind an extra 200km out of a tank of gas either.