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  • Wd

    I like what Peugeot has done, 2+2 are meant to be fun cars that put a smile on your face and I think the Peugeot would do that day in day out more than the Audi. If you want a sports car buy a real sports car, want something fun get the Peugeot.

  • zahmad

    Even after all those options lists + extra outlay for the TT, its still a far better car.

    • http://caradvice.com.au Anthony

      Oh really, and you’ve driven both cars?

      Actually the turbo petrol RCZ is a brilliant bit of kit that can out handle the TT in wet or dry conditions – period.

      • Michael

        Sorry, how do you figure? Both are front wheel drive cars, and I don’t see what you base your opinion on.

        Add the spec your TT with Quattro (or get one of the higher models to start with) and theres no way to compare them.

        RCZ is a poor man’s TT.

  • Nick K

    Do you cop a fusebox in the glovebox like other RHD Pugs with their el cheapo RHD engineering.

  • Steve

    I think I would just buy a Renault megane rs250.

    • t39

      I was thinking the same thing. Both The TT and RCZ look like a con job compared to the RenaultSport 250.

  • Aussieitalian

    Great to see Peugeot creating some interesting, and sexy cars again – like the 406 coupe and the 504 cabriolet of the ’70’s.

  • Gene

    Hey editors, are you guys doing these BS paper comparos because the dealers stopped letting your hands on the real cars? This stuff is no more useful than downloading the pdf brochure from the cars, which we can do to almost any model nowadays.

    Occasional comparos like this is okay but there are now a lot more of these than real road tests. I guarantee this will end badly for you if you keep this up.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au David Holmes

      Thanks for noticing the additional content Gene, the number of comparos are not a change in direction, we are committed to review every car that is launched in Australia. In fact, we are producing more than twice the reviews compared to the same period last year and we have (since January 4th 2011) committed to double that output again. However, we do get a number of requests from readers asking for the competitive set for certain makes and models. That’s the reason for the comparisons which will never replace our reviews but offer additional content to readers who want it. Thanks again for your feedback and getting involved.” David Holmes CEO CarAdvice

  • Pinky

    I dunno it seems to me that if you had the money you would go the Audi! everyone has there preference when it comes to these types of cars but the real question is why did it take so long for any manufacturer to make a TT competitor especially in the sense of style and drama they have!

  • Corgi

    I think you should also give TT a plus for being able to sit 4 ppl whilst the RCZ is more like a 2 + 0.2

    Thanks for the comparison, interesting read!

    • Shak

      Well, the TT can seat only their Torso’s, nothing above the shoulders. But the Pug is no superstar in this case either.

  • Mrsheepman009

    Great writeup!

    So much so I’ve bought the manual petrol 😀 love every second of it!


    which has the better glovebox?

    why no mention of the wheelbase, THE most important figure?

  • Pieter Kruger

    How can any normal person buy a Rcz? Any Peugeot must be your last choice if you really want to spend your money!