I know I am not the only one in the world that gets frustrated when it comes to finding tyres for my car, I don’t just rock down to Bob Jane T-mart to get my new set of tyres – maybe its because the tyres on my car cost in excess of $300 each but that aside, unless your time is worth $200/hour you can save yourself a few hundred on the same set of tyres if you shop around.

No offence to Bob Jane T-mart, actually what am I saying, full offence to Bob Jane T-mart, not only did they screw up the alignment on my car and the price they quoted for the tyres I was after (Bridgestone Potenza RE070) was a good $90 more per tyre than what I found elsewhere, but they were bloody rude too! I tried Beaurepairs and whilst they were a lot friendlier, they were definitely not cheaper! So where should you go?

I wouldn’t be posting this if I was going to recommend a tyre store somewhere. Trust me I am not going to recommend a tyre store to buy tyres from – this is a blog, not a car magazine. I am going to recommend these blokes : CheapTyres4u.com.au. Yes, you can buy tyres online and they can post it to you anywhere in Australia for around $30 for 4 tyres. No, if your thinking I am getting paid to write this, your wrong, I am not even getting a discount on the tyres I am buying, I am only writing this because I am getting so sick of tyre shops treating me like an idiot, telling me that when I buy cheap tyres they are probably rethreads or not new, or there is something else wrong them or even better, that I don’t need high performance tyres and I should perhaps go with Wanlis…

I have called up 6 stores in Brisbane and none can get the tyres for the same price as these guys. Infact, they are so cheap that the tyre store near my house laughed at me when I said can you beat their prices. They can laugh all they want but laughing at your potential customers doesn’t go a long way when it comes to getting business. Trying to match the price of tyres from CheapTyres4u.com.au and from a local tyre store, I got the following response:

The price they are selling 225/45R17 for, is less than we can buy them for. Our supplier is able to come down five dollars a tyre, which we can pass on to you…. I would also take into consideration possible freight costs from NSW, as well as our supplier not honouring any claims made to them, when it wasn’t product that they sold.

Well, so much for matching prices. I asked the owner of Cheaptyre4u.com.au why they are so cheap?

I buy a lot of tyres in bulk, thus getting a discount. A lot of other places do this but do not pass the deal on. I am passing on the savings in the hope that i can create the volume. I am always on the lookout for what is coming up and always trying to find the best deals so that i can pass them on. All tyres that we sell are brand new with no catch. At the moment as far as fitting we are limited to the Sydney metro area. But we can knock a few bucks off and freight tyres when necessary. Hopefully as more outlets come on board, fitting can be more widespread. said Barry from CheapTyres4u.com.au

You know, there are lots of people out there who still refuse to give their credit car details over the internet, they think its unsafe, yet they are more than willing to call up on the phone line and either give their details to an operator or punch it in over the phone network. I am not going to write an article about internet security, and how you can protect yourself from having your credit card details stolen, but the point is, we are in 2006, as a member of the Y Generation I really can’t stress the importance of the internet and online shopping to the older crowd.

Looking through forums, through online shops, you are always sure of getting the best price or close to it. It should be obvious why goods are so much cheaper online, because you cut out the middle man. Why go from wholesaler to tyre shop than to customer when you can go wholesaler direct to customer? And more importantly a wholesaler which has no proper shop front and operates solely over the internet. The older generation prefer to have that personal contact when it comes to buying or selling things – no one seems to trust anyone over the internet! Sure its more risky than going down to bob jane and paying for some tyres at RRP, but when it comes to a proper business with an ABN, how risky can it be? All the tyres sold on CheapTyres4u.com.au are brand new and come with manufacturers warranty.

All tyres we sell come with a manufacturers warranty. This is usually done on a pro rata basis. Usually a manufacturer will inspect the tyre, so it is back in their hands, and process the claim themselves. We do whatever we can to assist our customers. Barry from CheapTyres4u.com.au

Only recently did I purchase an exhaust system from a car forum member and he would not sell me the exhaust till I had called him and talked to him directly – even though I was going to put the money through to his bank account. I guess there is nothing wrong with a bit of personal contact when it comes to buying things, and all online sellers should provide a phone number on which you can call them and query them. However, don’t be annoyed if they are not as happy to talk to you on the phone as they might be to answer your emails. The whole reason you are getting cheap deals is because they have cut staff and facility costs, so having to man multiple phone lines to answer questions only increases their costs. So people, I beg you, give the internet a chance. There are still so many people who refuse to take up eBay when it comes to buying everyday things. I have bought everything from clothes, cameras, to car parts from eBay and I have sold a great deal as well.

Speaking of eBay, I can’t say I have ever bought tyres from eBay. Finding the right tyre on eBay can be a little difficult, most of the time the tyres you will find on eBay tend to be either Nanking or Wanli, both of which are rubbish if you are after something that will actually grip and not scream every time you go around a corner. Nevertheless, if you are not after performance tyres for your car, then eBay is a good place to start looking, just type in the tyre size into the search box and see how you go.

Obviously there are some draw backs from buying your tyres online, for a start, you can’t have them here and now when you buy them, you have to order them, wait 3-4 business days and pay for postage – nevertheless this sometimes applies to your everyday tyre shop too! Secondly you have to trust the seller to make sure you actually get what you paid for, when it comes to actual online tyre stores (e.g. CheapTyres4u.com.au) this should be no issue, but when buying of eBay, the usual rule of thumb eBay point system and feedbacks are essential for making the right choice. If the feedback is too low or if the add doesn’t look professional or if just doesn’t feel right, make sure you go through paypal (offers far better protection than regular EFT) and make sure you call or email the person prior to the sale and get some details.

Furthermore, once you actually get your tyres, you have to consider balancing, scrap fee, cleaning where the bead seats and new rubber valve stems and offcourse, alignment. So you’d be looking at around another $150 todo this. Most tyre stores throw in this as part of the deal (although most don’t give you a free wheel alignment) when you get 4 new tyres, but don’t be fooled you are already paying for it! Its always worth checking to see which method is actually cheaper, if buying from a tyre shop works out cheaper when you factor in postage, fitting and alignment then go for it, but most of the time, the cost difference between online purchases plus store fitting and alignment still works out cheaper than buying it all from your local tyre shop.

The lesson here? Unless you have a dealer account with a tyre wholesaler, you can find the tyre you are after cheaper on the internet than you will ever find it in a tyre store.

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  • http://bobjanesux.con bobjanesux

    bob jane sux, i saved $120 by crossing the road and visting a goodyear tyre store. $120 ? plus i didn’t get lies and mis-information. bob jane t-marts are rip-off’s stay away.

  • Michael

    I am aware of a new service for both tyre consumers and tyre dealers, see http://www.carbonblack.com.au that provides consumers with the ability to seek out the right tyres for their cars as well as receive bids from dealers. This provides the consumer with a balanced view, market related pricing and knowledge to ensure that you are getting the right tyres for your car.

  • phi Kelly

    thx for the tip…Makes perfect sense to me….pity about the Spammer in your comments.

    phil K

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    hadn’t notice phi
    deleted 😀
    thanks for ur tip 😉

  • omo

    Visited Bob-Jane and they weren’t willing to offer any advice or options. Submitted requests for quotes online to goodyear, bob-jane (whose website had a lot of bugs), beaurepaires, donnellans and bridgestone. Most quoted for Bridgestone Adrenalin and they seemed like standard retail prices. However, Donnellans were the cheapest.

    Tried cheaptyres4u and received no response to my online request. Contacted them via phone and was advised they were still trading and would respond to my request soon. Still no response. Tried carbonblack and got a few offers from dealers but nothing to phone home about.

    Visited Kmart Tyre and Auto and they were pretty helpful and more than willing to beat the prices I was previously quoted.

  • http://www.supercheaptyres.com.au James

    Hey all
    Interesting read here. I am with you when you say the big boys i.e. Bob Jane, Bridgestone etc. rip you off. Ive bought second hand tyres and I highly recommend A1 Super Cheap Tyres, in Ashmore on the Gold Coast.
    They are locally owned by a couple, Jason and Cath, and only been running about 12 months i think? Anyway, they’ve always lookede after me on tyres, never tried to rip me off, and keep it real when they’re looking at my tyres, telling me what I need and what I don’t. Not like when i last went to another tyre shop and they tried to tell me I needed 4 new tyres, went to A1 Super Cheap Tyres and they told me I only needed 2. Real service, honesty and great prices. Check em out! And support locally.

  • Garret Cormack

    I had heard about Big Tyre Group at Paisley drive Lawnton so went to see them. You couldn’t ask for more helpful guys. They are a small shop but take an interest in what you drive and what you need. Their price was much cheaper than the Bob Jane store only 400 metres down the road. Sometimes you have to go off the main road to find the smaller guys but it was worth the effort. I got some great four wheel drive tyres and my mate got some cheap white walls for his EH Premier.I throw the bigger stores catalogues in the bin now.

  • rt cj mills

    hi i would like a price on 5 1757013 for a corolla inc freight to ipswich qld thank you russell

  • http://www.debandenlijn.com www.debandenlijn.com

    In Holland we have http://www.debandenlijn.com and i think this is a great solution for customers looking for tyres as for tyre sale agencies getting in contact with buyers.

  • Davo

    Any updates on this?
    The Subaru wagon needs to replace four 18570R14 Michelin MXV3 from 2001!They still have legal tread but are far too old.
    Goodyear recently released the DURAPLUS.Claims of
    100,000km durabilty & a quiet ride & are made in the correct profile.

  • Golfschwein

    Michelin makes a similar claim for the XM1+ that I’ve just fitted to my car, Davo. They’re dearer than some, but I figured that they’d probably be the only tyres I ever fit to the car, so why not make them good ones?

  • Davo

    The Michelin XM1+ is something I have thought about,this set of tyres will likely be the last I will fit on this car.It is the 1992 model,has no issues,always garaged serviced on time & gently used.Most here would have traded it years ago.
    Has had some dollars spent on it over the last couple of years & hopefully should get it through a few more years in time for motorings next big thing,whatever it will be.

    It’s my call,the Goodyear product $120 fitted at Beaus.
    The Michelin product would be dearer no doubt.

  • http://fwt.net.au Sarah

    try these guys they are the cheapest in Australia……….they have a huge range wheels and tyres…….. best iv used so far!

  • http://fwt.net.au Sarah

    sorry link is fwt.net.au…………….great service and very competetive prices they even ship all around australia check em out (1300 FW TYRES)
    or 03 9357 3411

  • http://www.ceattyres.in/ Tires

    Finding cheap tires is not a tough job. But opting for a cheaper tyre might create a problem for your car later. So you should always go for a quality and good performing tyre.
    I have been using CEAT tyres in my car for many years. I am amazed by the performance of my car tyres. These tyres are the combination of Traction, Control and Confidence and can provide a wonderful driving experience in terms of performance, grip, tyre noise and wear.

  • James Tyler

    Bob Jane are a total rip off. They advertise a 13 inch tyre in small writing then once you are in the store they sell you the 15 inch tyre at the inflated price.

    There franchisees hate the rip off tactis of the controlling company that they all buy cheap Chinese tyres from outside their network. SO you end up getting a cheap tyre that doesn’t meet AUstralian standards.

    Avoid at all costs.

    • karl

      what is australian standard in terms of tyres?

  • Michael Doogan

    I think that your advice on this is pretty sub standard, especially since i work in a tyre store. How is the average joe supposed to fit a tyre unless they have a tyre fitting machine and above all ensure that what they have done is safe for themself and the general road going public. IF the average joe can fork out 2.5k on a standard tyre fitting machine and all the other tools needed and if its so easy why dont you all open your own store and sell tyres. Just like you and every other worker in Australia – if you dont buy from these guys then they disappear and when they disappear who’s going to repair your tyres, aligned your wheels and have air compressors to pump up your tyres – no one. To all tyre stores, if your customer brings in their own tyres – tell them that who sold them the tyres can fit them too otherwise close your shop and sack the 3-10 employees your hiring to keep local jobs alive. You should be ashamed, what if everyone went straight past your job onto some one elses (wholesaler?) do you think you would continue to have a career?

  • http://www.apollomufflercentres.com Transmission repair services Vancouver@ Aidan

    A general notion of belief is- higher the price, better will be the quality. However with the online purchasing a wide variety of information is available easily. So a consumer is not going to repent for having inadequate knowledge to fix the best deal. For me a store next street seems to be the cheapest for buying tyres.

  • roland

    Hi, what a great Idea, buying tyres online. But tried the mentioned website without success, is just not coming up. Any ideas why??
    Would appreciate any help or advise

  • http://www.tyrebayxpress.com tyres in Redditch

    I heard that you can use car tyres as caravan tyres though you should check with the specifications of your caravan tyres for exact size and best tyre pressure specifications.

  • 2DIE

    thewheeldeal.com.au is pretty good, ask for highway max tyres, they arent on the site but they are a great tyre and cheap

  • LILY

    I had a great service and cheap price from Varsity Tyreright. They have the right advice, the right service and the right choice and look after you with a friendly smile. Locally owned and the cheapest price for new tyres.

  • http://www.tyrebayxpress.com/ Redditch tyres

    Take care of your purchase. New cars are sensitive to mismatched tires, which is why it’s important to rotate tires as manufacturers suggest.

  • http://www.poppylou.com.au/ Bree Louise Gibbons

    For me it is your own choice in where to buy good tyres for your car as soon as you search about the products and the supplier so that you will be able to know its quality.

  • Tapan

    bob Jane t mart @ Chermside are thugs. I went to them on two occasions to get my tyre repaired and when I came back to collect my tyres first time I didn’t realized they changed my tyre and when I realized they said my tyre was not raid worthy and as a favor they have given me a another second hand tyre for free, not that I was very convinced as i replaced my tyre just a year ago but didn’t bother and left it there but second time i marked my other car tyre which has done only 27ks and left with them to get the punctur repair and this time was Dunlop tyre and not to my surprise they did exactly the same thing and when I said I want my tyre back they said it’s not worthy and they wont fit it and I said thats fine as I already had my spare tyre fitted and than I went to kmart and they said it is still road worthy and they fitted it and I have done another 34ks with that tyre. I am talking pain to write this as I want people to stay away fro. Bob jane in Chermside, Qld

  • John

    Hey guys
    saw the comment re A1 Super Cheap Tyres on the gold coast. DO NOT GO THERE! THEY RIP YOU OFF BIG TIME.
    The owner is Jason Rhodes and he is an absolute con artist.
    BE warned!

  • dave

    Yeah same deal here in Adelaide with Bob Jane in Salisbury. they overcharge you big time, very arrogant as well. also trying to con you into new tyres even if you still have sufficient tread left….NEVER dealing with BOB JANE EVER AGAIN…

  • V.

    Gee, I use exclusively Bob Jane in Salisbury for the last 7 years. Each time I walk in I know exactly which tyre I want. And I have my own ideas when to change the tyres. When I ask them to put the less weared tyre onto the spare wheel, I watch carefully that they put the correct tyre on. In this way, I never had problems with them. I started to use their services because I ran my car on Yokohama tyres and they were “specialists” in it, and they always had the required tyres in stock. When they gave me the price higher than I expected I pointed out that I was their loyal customer, and they usually knocked a few dollars off.

  • Patrick – Wollongong

    I am at that point of trying to get the car registered for another year and trying to find a new set of tyres. I have found cheaper tyres online but OK – what then = it seems like a pain in the bum to then try and locate someone to fit and balance these tyres and get rid of the old ones- easier said then done

  • http://www.herbmorgantyres.co.nz fred – herb morgan tyres auckland

    Always better dealing face to face than over the internet thought :)

  • http://tyrefansblog.wordpress.com/ tyre

    Very informative blog. Thanks.

  • Neil

    Hello…Well Bob Jane T-Mart Adelaide what can I say? NOTHING good unfortunately!!! They were recommended to me by Adelaide Motors (Adelaide BMW) as they must have shares in the company. I paid a little over $600 each for two rear tyres, wheel balance and alignment at Bob Jane T-Marts in the city and managed to get 12000 km’s before the inner edges were shredded to less than 30% tread. I went back and they told me it was standard on BMW X5’s due to rear camber WTF they did the wheel alignment and balance – SORRY guys no excuse you ripped me off and offered no solution other than “you need a couple of new tyres” what a joke. NEVER NEVER will I go back to any BOB JANE T-Marts nation wide. They are the worst….If anyone needs a proper wheel alignment go see City Holden Adelaide and ask for Mario he’s been doing wheel alignment for 30 years and knows his stuff!!! good work Mario. I’m looking at Toyo Proxes 4 to fit 2010 SSV 20 inch 245/35 can anyone tell me if the comments re noise can be substantiated – I can’t stand road noise and this will deter me if correct.

  • Paul Carson

    What peeves me is the price of 4wd tyres compared to other similar sizes for large cars. It seems that 4wd tyres are put in some kind of specialist category and charged accordingly. The great majority of 4wd’s are used in the suburbs and I don’t need $200 all-terrain tyres that would get me across the Simpson desert. It seems 4wd tyres average around $50 more per tyre than a similar size (or even larger) car tyre. I smell a rip-off here. Why can’t we buy simple tyres that don’t have reinforced side walls and designed for mud and slush that are made to drive up the side of Mt. Everest? I do 5,000 Kms a year, all suburban commuting, and all I need are tyres suited to that purpose and no different to a car tyre, but I have to pay more than somebody driving a Commodore.

  • brett

    If you are after quality tyres at a great price (Pirelli and Kumho) Bizzells Garage at 93 latrobe tce, paddington is a family owned business for over 50 years in brisbane. They specialise in kumho but can get a good price on Pirelli. Great service and honest on price. look them up on google or phone 33695988.

  • http://www.tyre-changers.com/ tyre changers

    I agree that cheapest tyre sometimes make a good deal. It is very important that our tyre functions well.

  • Hgroos

    Not just me then that will never again use Bob Jane (Slack Creek, Brisbane).  Ordered a set of new tyres for my 4wd a week in advance and booked an appointment time.  On the day I waited over two & half hours sitting in their gruggy waiting room plus the tyres weren’t there.  They had to go and fetch them.  Pathetic way to run a business.  I also agree their manner isn’t the best it could be.

  • Brad07

    If you are in brisbane and looking for tyres a great place is Bizzell’s Garage. It is a petrol, mechanical and tyre dealership for Kumho. They have been there forever and are a family owned business. They are located on Latrobe Tce. They offer great service, will listen to your needs and get you a tyre that will suit your driving. They mainly offer Kumho at probably the best price in brisbane and or can match all prices quote you get. They also can get pirelli,bridgestone etc at a great price. Thery offer free fitting and balancing with all tyres and can also do wheel alignments up to 20 inch.
    Check them out on google for a phone number and a location.

  • http://www.cheaprubber.com.au/ cheap rubber tyres

    This provides the consumer with a balanced view, market related pricing and knowledge to ensure that you are getting the right tires for your car.

  • Simon…….23731

    Hi. Can someone tell me if Yokohama e70 db decibel tyres are directional? Thanks

  • CorpSey

    the link is dead

  • http://www.tyrechangr.com.au/ Amelia Jack

    You are right that its good to find on the internet then from wholesaler shop.

  • E Wong

    Hey Guys,

    I rely so much on feedback/reviews online for just about anything I’m going to spend my hard-earned cash on as I’m sure many of you do. As such, I thought it to be important that I share the experience I just had today with Bob Jane Springvale in VIC.

    Rather than spin it, this is the complaint email that I sent to Bob Jane’s head office 10 minutes ago. Cheers

    Dear Bob Jane,

    I sent this complaint through the Bob Jane website however it didn’t seem like the feedback form was working properly and therefore I decided to also send through an email to you just in case as I believe feedback is crucial particularly when it is about your company’s reputation.

    I would like to make a formal complaint about your Springvale branch, specifically about the poor customer service and manners of the Assistant Manager, Jordan Tan.

    Background of complaint: My car requires a set of 4 new tyres to which I made enquiries/requests for quotes to multiple tyre shops including Bob Jane Springvale yesterday (10/07/2014). I received an email response from Jordan Tan of Bob Jane Springvale at 8:30am today (11/07/2014) with a quote for tyres that Bob Jane no longer even supply nor carry (Michelin SP2 225/40R18 88Y). I then received several quotes from other providers to which I advised Jordan were better priced – he then proceeded to beat the price even though he doesn’t even have the said tyres in stock. I then spoke with Jordan on the phone and he convinced me to have a different set of tyres purchased (Michellin PS3) to which I agreed. After the phone call, I sent an email to Jordan asking if he would beat an online quote by 10% for equivalent tyres. I then received an email response from the Store Manager, Nick Rentzis stating that Bob Jane Springvale cannot beat the online quote by 10% as their original quote was already lower (although not by 10%) and for me to respond back to confirm if I wanted to go ahead with the order/purchase. I responded via email to respectfully declined to proceed as Jax Quick Fit Tyres Caulfield South had since provided a quote which was significantly lower than Bob Jane Springvale’s quote.

    I then received a missed call from Jordan to which I called back out of respect and this is what my complaint about Jordan Tan’s poor customer service and lack of manners really is about. I explained to Jordan that because the first quote that I received from Jax was so significantly lower than Bob Jane Sprinvale’s quote, I decided to proceed with them instead of starting a quote war and thanked him for his time. Jordan then proceeded to convince me that he had already ordered the stock to which I explained that his manager (Nick Rentzis) had already responded to my previous email asking me to confirm if I would like to proceed with the purchase before he order the stock in – to which I responded “no thank you” as mentioned above. Upon hearing this, Jordan kept persisting that he had already ordered the stock and when I again respectfully declined to proceed with the purchase through him, he responded by saying “GO AND WASTE SOMEONE ELSE’S TIME” and hung up.

    I am unsure if this is how Bob Jane trains its staff (Jordan being an Assistant Manager) to treat customers whose business they are trying to win in an extremely competitive market where customers like myself remain loyal to suppliers with good prices + good customer service. Example: I used to have all of my superbike tyres changed at Bob Jane Melbourne for 10 years before they stopped supplying bike tyres. In scouting for our next tyre supplier for both our cars, I stumble across what can only be described as terrible and rude customer services from Bob Jane Springvale (namely Jordan Tan) which has almost certainly convinced my family, friends, colleagues and I to never consider Bob Jane the next time we need new tyres/services. Rest assured, an unsatisfied customer will put in 10 times the effort of sharing their bad experience VS a happy one.

  • monk

    I saved $130 per corner by calling Jax, quoting the online price from dodgy brothers tyres and they price matched (it is their policy despite being below their cost price). That gives you peace of mind to have a well known distributor, full warranty, good service and no hassles. I recommend it to everyone!