Hyundai has finally unveiled the Hyundai Veloster in full at the 2011 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The uncovered car is not what most expected and steps ahead of Hyundai’s current design language.

Judging from recent spy shots, the Hyundai Veloster looked like it might be a rather handsome hatch, offering similar proportions to the stout Volkswagen Golf R32. The unveiling shows the Veloster is not as clean-cut as expected, and offers curves and kinks on par with the best of modern day design. Overall, it’s a quality piece of styling and actually looks a little bit like a Citroen from the front.

The car is a lot larger than expected, too. Offering more interior room than its closest rival; the Honda CR-Z. That’s the interesting thing about the Hyundai Veloster; it’s almost paving its own way in terms of market segment, because it’s a light sports car but it’s also very eco-focused.

Powering the muscular little machine is a 1.6-litre four cylinder engine featuring Gasoline Direct Injection technology (GDI). This package is estimated to produce 103kW of power and 167Nm of torque. It may not sound like much but the Veloster is light, tipping the scales at 1172kg – lighter than the Honda CR-Z in fact (1196kg).

The car will also get an optional, new DCT dual-clutch automatic six-speed transmission and a claimed fuel consumption rating of 5.9L/100km.

The interior is perhaps even more extravagant than the exterior, featuring loads of sharp angles, silver highlights and plenty of technology centered around a seven-inch centre LCD touch screen.

It doesn’t look like occupants would become bored with the interior design any time soon, to say the least. It will also showcase Hyundai’s Blue Link system integrated into the LCD interface, supporting USB, mpeg and avi file formats and internet radio capabilities. The system also provides turn by turn GPS satellite navigation and Blue Link Assurance.

Details on pricing and a specific release date are yet to be announced, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

  • Tonyn

    Is this RWD??

    • Shak

      Nope, FWD, but its good that you mention it, because that is what Hyundai want people to ask about this car. They want people to believe this car is sporty before they turn a wheel.

  • XA-Mont

    not a fan at all!

    • Peter

      horses for courses, I suppose. I’ve never seen a hyundai I’ve liked before this one. Plenty of blind spots though, it’d need a reverse camera and parking sensors all round for someone with my troubled parking skills.

  • Golfschwein

    I like it and it will be interesting to see whether Hyundai builds different versions for RHD and LHD markets, given it has one door on one side and two on the other.

    • Steven

      They won’t be building a different shell for RHD markets but it will be available as RHD.

      • KinFungL

        That mean it’s no good for us then…

  • Duckula

    Cant see it being a winner ( not that I know anything about anything…) But I have this vision of this thing showing up in an article titled ‘what were they thinking’ in about 10 years time… but good luck to them, I hope it does go well, just cos its a bit different.

  • Sumpguard

    I’m not sure if I like it or not but then I’m not in its target demographic. The exterior is the part I’m not sure on though. The interior is excellent (to my eye) and no-one can say Hyundai are out to produce boring design like our friends at Toyota.

    The biggest problems with the cars in the photo are the colors imo.

    Personally I think it will do well because it is somewhat unique. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Ethan

    It’s an interesting mix of design elements. I’m sure it will appeal to a certain crowd out there looking for individuality. Not my cup of tea, though I can warm to this more so than the Rukus… Funny that…

  • numb1er

    This is going to sell regardless, it actually has alot of character to its design and I reckon it looks great, sort of like a cross between a coupe/hatchback with a bit of sporty flair to it and good thing is that it wont be that expensive either, garanteed to see alot on the roads once it comes out

  • rex

    Good way to save on cash. Take one Citroen DS3 front end, graft it on to the rear of a Honda CR-V and microwave for 30 seconds. Instant new model with out the hassle of paying someone to design it.

    • Nasal Explorer

      Cash is what business is about, so good move Hyundai.

    • Peter

      Veloster concept was show cased back in 2007.

      Citroen DS3 was show cased in 2010.

      It’s Citroen who copied Hyundai.

  • PoisonEagle

    I’m the first to bag out Hyundai but this is awesome I would own it. Sporty details, innovative interior and there’s nothing really like it on the market. Just get it here with the Genesis’s and I’ll stop hatin’.

  • Dhelix

    I think the weirdest part about for me was the front end grille design until I realized that an International license plate (wider and less tall) would probably fit perfectly there.

    I suspect a North American one will fit okay there too and make that aspect of the grille’s design seem less odd but it’s a shame it seems better suited to International owners than North Americans. Why not two grilles?

    Anyway, this is clearly going for a different, younger demographic than me, just as the Honda CRZ was. I think it will have niche appeal with Gen-Y types.

    • autoboy

      Seems OK, except for the grill/front. I suspect that it may be changed – as they often do – when moved from the US too the OZ market… we hope. Eg. see the grill on the US Accord Euro.

  • Sonic

    Looks fantastic.

    It’s strange how much I hated Hyundai five years ago, and now I view them as a highly respected company.

    Please bring the Veloster to Australia. :)

  • Rodders

    In the Mannerisms of Kath & Kim “noice difrynt unusahwl”.. ;)

    Good on Hyundai for being out there with something a bit different


    nice lines,nice seats,and great looking think it passes the test.time will tell…

  • valet dabess

    interior looks pretty damn nice but the exterior looks a bit strange

  • GTR

    The Front looks very nice and so does the interior. But the back of the car just looks awkward.

  • Larry

    they screwed up the front bumper. actually they should have made it look more like the concept. the exterior is just wrecked.

    • katyperry

      i think they’ll use the concept version for the next “facelifted” veloster…hmmm

  • katyperry

    i cant see the “hex grill” thing going on though…

    if hyundai said they’ll have a corporate grill why arent they doin it?, kia says and does, hyundai is all over the place…

    still love’m

  • Frank

    Depending oh how this car handles, though priced right, it will be a hit. The DSG style transmission is going to be a nice development. Nice over all.