• Eric V

    If Ford are looking at this then it would be suitable for their fleet sales (90% of Falcon sales)for the speed limits, the radio volume etc.
    However, for their Taxi’s can they program it to stop Taxi’s from doing illegal U turns, parking in bike lanes, take direct route to destination, and provide chimes for the driver to occasionally shower and wash the vehicle?

    • Crossy

      That’s a totally different product. It’s called MonKey.

      • http://www.clearimagephotos.com braydenc

        This looks to be a great product smart thinking ford

    • TMG

      90% to Fleet sales? It would be very usefull in the fleet market place, I think the figure is more like 68-72% not far behind the Hilux in total percentage, As for younger drivers, parents will probaly ask them to set it, as they won’t know how to….

  • fourl6

    old enough to drive but not old enough to listen to explicit radio stations?

    although the seatbelt reminders and speed limit options could save some lives.

    • Tom R

      Thats exactly what I thought! Nazi-parents…

  • Bundy

    More like donKey

  • Banicks

    This is also the solution to speeding.

    But that would cut in on revenue, wouldn’t it.

    • Shak

      But as the article said, whats to stop you doing 70 in a 50 zone. Unless they can adopt the BMW sign reading technology and mix it in with this tech, which seems like a genuine way to help with the road tolls and teach our kids how to actually DRIVE rather than how to avoid getting fined, as seems to be the current focus of the Governments ad campaigns.

  • Reckless1

    Ford sales would stall even furhter in Vic if they use that name …….

  • JP

    If Ford can tell me how someone can overtake a B-Double on a country road, without the speed-limiter stopping the driver from SAFELY overtaking, I will say I like it.

    Just imagine being stuck on the wrong side of the road, for a dangerous amount of time, because your not allowed to overtake as quickly as possible past a slower vehicle.

    This is mind bogglingly stupid and dangerous use of good technology

    • Andrew M

      130kmh isnt fast enough to overtake a road train??

      Assuming the truck is travelling below the limit, that would be 80-90 kmh so we are talking a 50kmh difference in speed. Not a big enough differential??

      If a kid from a city area got behind the wheel, the parents have the choice to limit it even lower. Single lane country routes arent generally travelled unless the parent would know.

      The idea of not being able to turn off the traction control and other things is a good idea though, and so too limiting radio volume

    • MattW

      @ JP: Not stupid at all when used as intended. Its aimed at parents setting limits for their kids. If I had a P plater kid driving the car I’d prefer for them to stay behind the truck until they get to an overtaking lane… and I would tell them what it was limited to so they wouldn’t be caught out

  • Captain Nemo

    I wonder how long it will take before some kid works out how to beat the key. Probably about 1hr he/she will drive to a mate’s house plug Mum’s new Focus into a laptop disable the key make it show all systems still working then go off hooning to Maccas.

    We can all remember it didn’t take long for some 16yo to beat Little Johnny’s porn filter a few years back.

    • Tom R

      Yeah but I doubt all the kids around are going to be little laptop-super-nerds. I know I wouldnt bother even if I could figure it out.

      Besides, whats to stop you from dragging at the lights, etc. You can’t do 100mph but you can get to 80mph very very quickly! There should be an early rev limiter on it.

      And whats with making it standard equipment? Theres got to be a serious number of buyers that will NEVER use the technology because they dont have kids that will be driving the car? Seems such a waste…

    • Bob

      Kids would struggle, you’d need serious hardware to access the car’s computer… an OBD diagnostics port plug with a laptop and dedicated program to hack, crack and upgrade the car’s firmware/software.

      We’re talking at least the $1,000 mark for that kind of hardware and software, excluding the laptop.

    • MattW

      I think if your kid was smart enough to get the key “unlocked” then they’d be smart enough to drive sensibly in the first place and you wouldn’t need the key anyway.