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Toyota has unveiled the first official images of the third-generation 2011 Toyota Yaris (Vitz in Japan), revealing a restyled city hatch with a sharper exterior, improved technology and reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

The new Yaris will arrive in Australia in the second half of 2011, and is expected to feature a similar mechanical line-up to current model, with a 1.3-litre and 1.5-litre petrol engine range.

Toyota Japan says the new 1.3-litre Yaris will be able to achieve combined cycle fuel consumption of 3.8 litres/100km – although under Australian standards that figure is likely to rise to around 5.0 litres/100km.

The Yaris achieves those tidy numbers thanks to the implementation of Toyota’s Stop & Start idling-stop system, which kills the engine at idle and restarts it within 0.35 seconds. In Japan, the engine will be accompanied by a continuously variable transmission (CVT) only.

It is not clear whether the models destined for Australia will feature either Stop & Start or CVT. Neither is available on the current model.

The new Yaris will also be offered with a 1.5-litre engine, which in Japan is paired to both a CVT and a five-speed manual transmission.

Overall vehicle length has grown by 60mm to 3885mm, and Toyota says this has translated to 35mm extra legroom for back-row passengers.

The front seats use a new frame and the driver’s seat is now considerably more functional, with a greater range of motion and more precise settings.

The boot is 145mm deeper and features an adjustable deck board that can be set at two places depending on what you’re carrying.

The Japanese version is full of gadgets as usual, although Australia will get a less well-equipped version. Toyota says it is the first vehicle in the world to use UV-reducing glass in the front doors, which cuts 99 percent of UV light, apparently providing the same level of protection as wearing gloves.

The vehicle also features a single windscreen wiper with an integrated washer nozzle, automatic headlights, a colour monitor with HDD navigation and reversing camera, and steering wheel-mounted audio controls. In its domestic market it will be offered with a choice of 17 different exterior colours and four interior trim options.

The Japanese-spec Yaris will come with front, side and curtain airbags but misses out on standard electronic stability control.

Japanese pricing starts from 1,060,000 yen ($12,680) for the entry-level 1.0-litre model and tops out at 1,790,000 yen ($21,410) for the top-spec 1.5-litre CVT.

More details on the Australian launch, specifications, and pricing of the 2011 Toyota Yaris will be revealed in the coming months.

  • Duckula

    Finally they get rid of that stupid central Speedo piece of crud….

    • Gan Tan

      not sure why ppl hate the central speedo so much. I reckon ppl either who hate it either a) never even drove one or b) drove it about 10 minutes and decided they didn’t like it.

      I had an Echo for over 5 year and once adjusted its way more natural and intuative to drive with

      • SAYWHAT

        Not sure? Then ask Toyota why they move it back to where it should be: In front of the driver.

      • RSC

        Geez people are getting pretty intense over the positioning of a speedo. I personally like it, and owned a Yaris for two years. It was legible, took less time to adjust from the road to the speedometer. However they prob wanted to go more mainstream and less controversial so went with the safer (if blander) option of regular gauges.

        • RSC

          ..”safer” being less controversial that is

  • Shak

    No one can take something that is that pink seriously

    • Toyota Camry lover

      I am not a disciple of pink either, but the Yaris in courtly shade of white or a refined champagne silver would easily have the most elegant design in the light car class.

      Toyota’s luxurious lineup of fine automobiles sell in unprecedented numbers because customers are attracted to the prestigious essence at a price that seems unfitting with the unrivalled value that is being offered. This modus operandi is a rare attribute in the automotive industry and is a testament to Toyota’s status as the preferred brand of automobile (as shown by sales).

      This new generation Yaris, for example, is heavily influenced by the refined lines found on its Lexus brethren. Likewise, the Yaris interior is clearly inspired by the more expensive offerings from Lexus. This statement can be corroborated via an assessment of the quality of design and artistry.

    • mrxandthexfactor

      Its better than the pink Nissan offers on their Micra

  • Able

    Zero interior character, unlike the last one! Shame really, because that was the only positive of the current version…

    Toyota Aus please bring in the Yaris RS :).

  • Devil’s Advocate

    ***YAWN*** Sorry, did I miss something?

    • G

      Not really. Yuck!

    • katyperry

      how could u have missed that ugly thing!?

      • Devil’s Advocate

        It is called sarcasm! :-)

  • pirakavezok

    New Yaris looks good. Will do well with the young drivers segment but be careful with the color though.

  • Toyota Guru

    Have a look on toyota.jp/vitz

    The advertising campaign is mental. “Heart up! Vitz!” lol.

    The single wiper kinda reminds me the driver’s wiper on my old Kingswood with the 2 arms so it could wipe right to the edge of the windscreen.

  • c3vzn

    It looks bloated much like the current corolla, btw Vitz is a way cooler name than Yaris.

    • katyperry

      YARIS is like a counterfeit version of PARIS…sounds cheap……..

  • ohno

    that dash gives me a headache. its far to assymetrical.

    It hurts the eyes

    The previous one is more agreeable

  • Jean

    The hazard light button is seriously big…

    • o

      so the oldies can see it

    • Golfschwein

      The world’s biggest hazard button…

      What’s that saying?

      • marvin

        its saying when this car starts to accellerate uncontrollably hit this big ass button for help cause your gonna need it…… go toyota go….

  • http://ozmazda.com ozmazda

    No thanks…..boring.

  • Ima Hogg

    I will get thumbed down but I hate the new version. The old one was a lot better. Also I wish Toyota Australia Would use the international version Vitz

  • G

    Actually we can’t say the old one is better because they are both equally bad. Next!

  • Car Fanatic

    Yaris stands for, You Aren’t Riding In Style.

    • katyperry

      You Aren’t Ridingthatthing In Sydneyareyou

  • Vins

    Not too bad in the pictures. But have look at the fresh metal to see if it is good.

    The interior is actually ok, if the quality is as good as it looks in the picture, then it would be great.

  • asin

    if I had to choose between this and the Swift…. i will choose the Swift … looks much nicer… the new Yaris seems like a mish mash of various cars.

    The Fiesta and Mazda 2 dont have anything to worry about …

    • TMG

      Other then the big T’s marketing spend, and ever increasing buy white or perrish fleet ranks, so nothing to fear at all….

  • MF

    It actually features pretty decent technology with a light car like this. The styling is probably more to the girls’ taste but I think there are more female drivers in this segment? They are selling like hot cakes still anyway.

    Toyota is always about producing affordable cars for the general public. I appreciate that because I cant imagine if all car makers price their cars like Mercedes and BMW.

    Anyway, you get what you pay for. Yaris is quite a nice for the price and heaps better than Getz… So quit whinging you Toyota haters.

    • marvin

      last time i checked a yaris manual was $15990 drive and the gets was $12990 drive, im not a fan of either but dare i say it give me the one with the unlimited klm warranty over the one with the haevy pedal and recalls…. or nah i would just shell out some more and get a swift

      • gaz

        Hey MARVIN YOU DONT READ MUCH DO YOU JUST COPY WHAT EVERYONE ELSE IS SAYING! There has not been 1 recall on a yaris anywhere,and i know what will be the best resale in 2 years time? yaris by far!

  • Ee

    Well it looks very nice, I’m sure it will look even nicer in flesh.. Interior; increased space is always good..

    I think thiis will steal some share from the Mazda 2, i30 and Getz and gnrally strengthen and refresh Toyotas thousand yr old lineup

    bte Vitz sou ds so much better then yaris

  • Car Fanatic

    I reckon America will conspire with Korea to destroy Toyota and plunge Japan into economic decay.

    What do you think Ee?

  • Ee

    Car Fanatic yeah that is true and is happening as we speak.. I hope my learned something from my lesson the other day

  • Ee

    And what’s with people bitc**ng about the design, it’s a very entry model car.. If you want so
    ethi g nice go and pay for a BMW..

    There’s a saying; you get what you pay for.

  • Jabba The Hutt

    I’m not a toyota fan by any means but these little cars are bullet proof. Our work runs a fleet of them and they cop some strong abuse but keep on going.

  • sandy stone

    Here at the nursing home we love the camry , but iam sure the nurses and cleaners will love this little toyota .

  • Car Fanatic

    Only thing I Learned from you Ee, is you make no sense at all.

  • Ox

    Awww, what happened to the digital speedo!?!?

  • Ee

    ToyotaCamryLover ; Yeah Toyota paints are the best there is.. All the camries have very high quality paints/colours.. I was recently in a Lexus showroom and all the Lexus cars looked like the finest cars around, you can tell their quality cars by just looking at them, tight panel gaps, good quality everything and very consistent designs..

    The interior of Lexus cars is just a dream, they really do live up to their “persuit of perfection”

    • sandy stone

      Yes agreed they are such loverly plain vehicles , they dont offend any of us retirees , no sudden sharp designs please we like things to be mundane .

      Their paint particulaly, beige is of the highest quality and those loverly interiors , not too exciting , we dont want any medical problems from to much dashboard excitement .

      Most of all we like the way they magestically waft down the road without a hint of sportyness , so reassuring in a mad world .

  • mrxandthexfactor


  • Nick K

    Hey, lets take the current model’s elegant styling and just add more creases to make it uglier, make the interior really, really boring looking including battleship grey interiors. Okay, all we have to do now is spec a 4 speed auto and we are done. Arrrrggghhhh… Toyota is so conservative, is it that hard to inject a bit of personality and interest and offer drive trains that feature fuel saving autos and small diesels? If this is the best that Toyota can do, then I’m afraid they are going to lose market share very quickly to VW in the high end of the small car market and the Koreans at the volume end.

  • Hung Low

    If the top shelf model in the photos look so bad, imagine the entry level!!!

    • gaz

      Yeah they would look like any model hyundai!

  • Car Fanatic

    Sorry Ee, BMW paints are the best there is. Most manufacturers use PPG, Toyota and BMW included. However BMW were chosen by PPG as the first Automotive manufacturer to us their new Waterborne B1:B2 technology paint. It eliminates a huge amount of the painting process and gives a superior finish to paints currently used by other manufacturers.

    Next time you make a claim about Toyota/Lexus, back it up with facts.

  • Ee

    Car Fanatic; the only facts here are what we can see, and most BMW paints looks shiny but dull and generic, Lexus LS460/LS600H has the most advanced paint and painting procedures..

  • Ee

    I have come to the conclusion that this site is Anti-Toyota

    • sandy stone

      No ,we love all toyota’s , ask camry lover he knows how we enthuse over the sexy svelte lines of the camry .

      How we salivate over the powerfull aurion the greatest star in the galaxy , with its sporty handling .

      And how can we forget the corolla the public servants favorite , all bland and beige with a hint of grey cardigan .

      • Jabba The Hutt

        I personally love toyotas, they are first thing I rush to find if I need a good night’s sleep.

  • Car Fanatic

    Hold on, did you not read my post. BMW are the first manufacturer to use PPG’s newest paint.

    How is Lexus paint superior when PPG supply them as well?

  • Ee

    Hyundai is better then Toyota in every respect.

  • Ee

    Car Fanatic; just go look at BMW paint, they look like 1960’s Toyota water based paints..

  • Noely

    Any Japanese car looks fantastic to me after seeing that new NISSAN Sunny debuted in China…

  • Byron

    Woah! Talk about fugly especially that centre interior with the huge warning light button & odd air vents above it. Toyota Australia’s marketing will make this seem like the best car ever. And watch it it be a top 5 car as well. Toyota Australia have so many un-inspiring, useless cars & they sell 1000’s of them. What gives? Fleets I guess…

  • nickdl

    Not one element of this car makes me think, “wow, that’s pretty good!”. The whole thing could have been released 5 years ago and wouldn’t be called anything near groundbreaking.

  • LoveEcho

    Whats with all the toyota haters here? They last forever and the newer models have very clean and minimal interiors. The echo/yaris is the best car i’ve had powerful too thanks to the vvt-i can’t wait for the new one but don’t approve of the cvt keep the normal auto

  • Al Juraj

    Please please please no more 4-speed auto!

  • http://noweb hilal shah

    hi sir/ma’am,

    i like this care its my family choice vitz is vitz wooooooow oh god give me this care

  • Dennis nelson

    Ill buy a Mazda 2 cos of the middle speedo. Or should I wait for the new Yaris.