• Lightning fast acceleration, lighter, exhaust note.
  • Fuel consumption, interior engine noise, handling.

7 / 10

FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review

Supercharger whine and a stellar exhaust note, what else more could you want?

Model Tested:

  • 2010 FPV GT-P; 5.0-litre supercharged V8, six-speed automatic: $81,540


  • None fitted.

CarAdvice Rating:

$40 million would buy you a mega mansion on the Sydney beaches, or even a fleet of Bugatti Veyrons in every colour you could think of.

If you’re Prodrive and FPV though, $40 million will buy you the collaboration’s biggest investment in an engine program to date.

Minimal exterior styling changes – a new stripe package, new wheels and quad pipes – are the extent of the visible changes to the outside of the new FPV range. On the inside, it’s much the same story with minor changes limited to the key, identification plaque and steering wheel badges.

FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review

The major changes reside under the bonnet and through the drivetrain. FPV’s new engine is a 5.0-litre V8 unit sourced from the American Mustang. Prodrive has made it unique by supercharging the engine – the first manufacturer application of a supercharged Coyote V8 in the world.

FPV’s supercharged 5.0-litre V8 produces 335kW and an impressive 570Nm of torque. Fuel consumption is rated at 13.7L/100km for the six-speed automatic. With predominantly city conditions during testing, our test car returned around 14.3L/100km.

If you’re one to judge a book by its cover, you’ll likely be sorely disappointed with the initial experience on offer. After turning the key and hitting the starter button, an almost strenuous starter motor attempts to fire the engine.

The tinny starter sound and following idle note from inside the cabin leave a lot to be desired. Even giving the throttle a stab on the spot won’t induce any excitement.

Step outside the car and it’s a totally different story. Standing behind the GT-P on start will get any autophile excited beyond belief. A traditional V8 rumble and hearty engine note resonate through the air and alert anyone passing by that the new engine package means business.

Adding to the effect is a newly designed exhaust that features a set of butterfly valves that open at certain pressure levels associated with a respective engine revolutions. In layman’s terms, when the 5.0-litre supercharged V8 begins singing and heads north of 3800rpm, the exhaust note becomes feral – and not in the bad way.

FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review

Back inside the cabin, the driving position remains unchanged from the outgoing BOSS V8. The driver sits fairly high, which is a characteristic of the Falcon range. The low-slung steering wheel is also still a niggling issue for taller drivers like yours truly. The steering wheel doesn’t tilt high enough for sporty driving.

Aside from a different seat design, floor mats and electric driver’s seat, the interior of the GT-P is virtually identical to its GT sibling. A meaty sports steering wheel and body hugging seats ensure an enthralling driving experience.

Ford’s flagship ZF Sachs six-speed automatic gearbox is a no-cost-option on the GT-P and was fitted to our test vehicle.

Behind the wheel, it’s hard to not smile with each and every throttle application. In comparison to the outgoing BOSS engine, the new supercharged V8 feels completely rejuvenated and feels as though it has some added pep in its step.

The supercharger allows throttle response to be extremely sharp and fairly instant, meaning that regardless of the gear you’re in, you have instant and rapid throttle response at the drop of a foot.

The intuitive six-speed automatic gearbox is always in the correct gear and manages hills without the characteristic excessive kick-down of FPV’s old four-speed automatic gearbox. The automatic gearbox also offers a performance mode that holds gears and blips the throttle on downshift to add to the sporty nature of FPV’s new beast.

FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review

Acceleration is very linear and extremely quick. While it’s hard to get any traction off the line, the traction control system does a commendable job of reigning in the mass of torque available from standstill.

It’s a shame Ford didn’t increase the tyre width from the standard 245mm wide Dunlop tyres. With added width on the rear tyres, the new supercharged V8 would make a blistering run off the line each time. Now, there’s a mix of wheel spin and sidestepping before the car settles and slingshots to license-losing speeds.

FPV hasn’t released official 0-100km/h figures, but if other publication’s tests are anything to go by, you can expect sub 5-second 0-100km/h times with a perfect launch off the line. That’s seriously impressive and shows you just how brutal the new package is.

Although supercharger whine is evident inside the cabin, it’s nowhere near as loud as it could be. It’s the same story with the engine and exhaust note inside the cabin.

It wasn’t until I stood outside the car and heard it go by at flat-chat that I felt that automotive tingle you only get once in a blue moon. The ferocity of the exhaust note at high-rpm is right on the limits of noise regulations. Then there’s the lion’s roar that’s emitted during a gear shift into second and third gears at full throttle.

FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review

The only thing I can possibly liken the exhaust note to is a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG and the last time I heard one of those at full-tilt, I likened it to a V8 supercar. The exhaust note is absolutely gob-smacking and is just what the doctor ordered for FPV diehards.

The GT-P scores high-performance brakes powered by Brembo. Measuring 355 x 32mm at the front and 330 x 28mm at the rear, the six-piston/four-piston (front/rear) cross-drilled and slotted brakes pull the portly GT-P up in spectacular fashion.

Brake pedal feel is excellent. The pedal transition is linear and firm, but offers confidence in all facets of braking. The brakes remain consistently active during hard braking, even during torturous periods on a race track.

The one aspect of the package Prodrive and FPV haven’t appeared to work on is the handling. The GT-P still feels overweight and too floaty for my liking. Although the steering feels firm and feels connected to the road, upon turn-in there is too much body roll that is carried into the corner. This results in an uneasy feeling mid-corner and far too much twitchiness from the rear end when the driver powers out of a corner.

It would be great to see some very firm suspension to reign in the body roll, which is something HSV has had over the blue oval for some time.

The GT-P starts at $81,540, but the real value for money is had with the GS, which starts at $51,990 for the manual Ute and $56,990 for the manual sedan, with the main compromises being a 20kW power difference and non-Brembo brakes.

FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review
FPV GT-P Review

Unconfirmed reports from aftermarket tuning companies are suggesting that the new supercharged V8 is producing between 305 and 315kW at the wheels on a dynamometer. If that’s anything to go by, HSV have a serious problem on their hands.

If Ford was to sharpen up the handling characteristics of the new heavyweight GT-P, there would be no reason to set foot in a HSV dealership. Kudos to FPV and Prodrive for a stellar job producing one of Australia’s fastest cars, ever.

To watch the CarAdvice video review of the GT-P, click here.


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FPV GT-P Review
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    thankyou paul for highlighting what i too feel about falcons.i’m 6 foot 4 inches tall.the ford seat does feel too high,and the steering wheel way too low,and almost offset as well.no easy fix for that one…

    sat in a ve11 gts today.great seats,great driving position.don’t like much else but.outside looks bad,even the wheels look odd.well it least though they’ve got 275mm rubber on the back,and m.r.c…

    • Dave S

      See also: the Senator / grange. The Grange would be my favorite in the range. Fast and subtle, for the time you dont want to get noticed from 200m away.

      Sounds like Ford a great V8 there. they just need some bigger wheels. Where are the models with 20″ wheels or at least something bigger than 245’s?

      Lokks forward to more great Aussie Muscle cars in 2011

  • MeestaNob!

    Awesome engine attached to 10 year old story:
    -Still too dear.
    -Still only 1 friggin electric seat. Welcome to 1980.
    -Still not aggressive looking enough, and the stripe package is decidedly unimpressive.
    -Still no standard sat nav.
    -Not enough toys.
    -Insert yearly whinge no xenon headlamps etc, although this is clearly a FG2 update judging by the 2011 Territory upgrade.

    Also, and this is a personal thing, the racoon eyes whilst awesome, should be BLACK not grey – its not dark enough. Even a carbon fiber effect would be welcome.

    Why bother, they aren’t listening anyway.

    • MeestaNob!

      Oh, and the tyres. Stop being stingy with the rubber.

      If the owner can afford the exorbitant figure of $81K for this, they can afford $3K every year or two.

    • Lawrence

      I would rather spend my money in 2nd hand BMW M3 or M5

      • Hung Low

        Why stop there Lawrence? Go for that even older Ferrari or 911 instead of the BMW’s!

    • Jimmy

      I wholeheartedly agree. Gobsmacking engine, true muscle car performance, but a very average package for the price.

      • Shak

        Someone had to be the one to say it so ill go ahead and say it. The HSV range is now a much better value equation over the GT-P. THE GTS has Sat-Nav standard as well as the EDI system. While i agree that the falcon has the braking advantage, it just cant compete on value.

        • Andrew M

          I reckon it trades blow for blow.

          It is still cheaper to buy remember, and adding Satnav will still see it cheaper than the GTS.

          Better brakes and Transmission must also count for something.

          Dont also forget that the FPV’s are now supercharged which means a more responsive and better all round tuned engine. Surely the drive train package adds “Value” too, not just simple trick bits.

          • Shak

            Isnt it only cheaper by a grand? i agree the transmission is superior as are the brakes. But on the responsiveness of the engine, im going off of what i have read, many people say the FPV engine when compared to the HSV LS3 doesnt deliver the snap instant acceleration that is expected, and that the HSV just delivers the better all round Luxo/Performance equation. Not my opinion as i havent driven either update yet, but it has come up a few times.

          • jj

            i wouldnt even consider a hsv, mainly due to the stigma attatched to the drivers and any commodore drivers.

            and as for it not delivering the punch expected, why do all the reviews say SUPERCAR performance, and ive never heard any say that about the hsv?

            also a blue gt owned by AUTECH recently ran 11.7 @119mph at the sydney drag strip. theres videos on youtube of it OWNING modified wrx’s etc.

            this car had about $2000 worth of mods!!!!! a TUNE ONLY has resulted in many figures from different dyo’s ranging from 330-355kw AT THE WHEELS, this equates to a TAD under FIVE HUNDRED HORSEPOWER, “AT THE WHEELS”

            staggering numbers! wonder who will crack the first 10 and then 9 second pass?? ( albeit with different rear rubber!! haha )

        • Baddass

          The HSV looks like a pig. Enough for me to choose the FPV.

          • The Realist

            You think the FPV is handsome??

          • Hung Low

            It must be Realist, every article seems to draw your attention!:)

          • jj

            the fpv could look like roseanne barr and still be better than the mardi gras lighted storm troopers spaceship HSV’s

    • MeestaNob

      I’d love to know why people are voting my comment down…

      I’m a Ford guy from way back, I currently drive an XR5 and love it to death. I’d still like a GT if Ford would spec it up a bit, it’s a LOT of cash for not a lot of equipment.

      Answer me this: What does the GT-P have over a GS (aka tuned XR8 with factory stripes) that is worth $25K?

      No really, I want to hear this.

      Go on, I’m waiting…

      • jp

        the prestige and status that you have top of the range for a start?….. may not matter to you, but for those that have the money to spend 81k on a car and not think about it twice it probably does have more weight…. whether they admit it or not.

        Out of interest how much does a GTS retail for?

  • Roger Ramjet

    I do not see 30k value over the GS!
    We need a review on the GS, whilst spartan on the inside, it has a stunning driveline only matched by high end Euros at 3 times the price!

  • Shane

    I do hear what your saying meestanob, however after testdriving the GT recently all that went out the window and after seeing some of the aftermarket results on the ford forums especially of a particular GS….AMAZING….over 100rwkw increase with tune and exhaust all for under $5k. Who cares about headlights with those results.

    • http://hyundai gary vann

      dont forget another 6 or 7 k on brakes so you can stop it

      why does the gt and the f6 get brembo brakes and is not an option on the gs

      i was ready to buy a gs ute untill the helpfull guys at ford told me brembo brakes were not an option

      i will wait for the series 2 to come out

      • jp

        suggest you go back and tell that helpful guy that the brakes are an option….. and if I am incorrect (which i am pretty certain i ain’t) the 6k option cost will go a long way with aftermarket options.

        • http://hyundai gary vann

          i have been to three dealers and written to fpv all say the same thing
          brembo brakes are not an option on the gs

          i wouldn’t put after market brakes on it because
          1, i shouldn’t have to
          2, warranty 3, insurance

          and while were at it how about some nicer looking wheels
          and ths same exhaust as the gt

          or they could just build a gt ute ??????

  • Lars


    • jj


    • Devil’s Advocate

      Maybe a few years ago, but definitely not anymore. It is hard to deny the value for money component of these cars…

    • Lox

      What’s so dinosaur about a supercharged 32-valve DOHC Ti-VCT motor???

      • Hung Low

        He was referring to his sandpit toys!

    • Captain Nemo

      So Lars

      Do you also think Mercedes Jaguar & Maserati are Dinosaurs too?? They make big RWD V8 powerd cars or is it just your anti Ford/Holden showing?

  • CarFan

    Seems to be the tyre package that let’s it down along with the interior in most reviews.
    Any plans for a comparison to the E3 or a review on the E3 itself so one can see what is better in each area?

  • Krish

    I can imagine how well the GT would drive because I took a GS for a test drive on the weekend and absolutely loved the thing! The engine is simply amazing, handling was also surprisingly good too..but the biggest let down were the brakes! Why not put the 4 piston Brembo\’s on it (at LEAST), seriously not good enough, with that much grunt, you need decent brakes to stop the thing! Honestly that was the only thing stopping me from putting my money down..if I spend just over $60K on road, im not prepared to fork out an extra few grand on after non genuine brakes.

    • JackyBear

      GT? Every model needs a base to work from. The GS is exactly that car.

      • Krish

        JackyBear – For someone on a budget of $65K, like myself, the GT would almost be pushing $80K on road. Im just looking for a performance car that’s the complete package straight from the showroom. The GS is a great car, but it at least needs the option of Brembos when there’s that much power on hand.

      • MeestaNob

        Mate, the GS is not the Get Yourself Killed edition of the GT, it SHOULD have the better breaks otherwise it’s a tremendous risk if you actually drive it like it to it’s potential occasionally.

        If anything it once again highlights the inability of Ford to get the model levels right… XR8 with the slightly detuned engine should be what the GS is. GT should be awesome, and if a GTP MUST exist, it should be bells, whistles, kitchen sink.

  • Shak

    “Then there’s the lion’s roar that’s emitted” Lol, a Falcon emitting a Lions roar!

    • jj

      most lions i hear these days dont roar…

      They MOOO

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Jim Goose

    It good to see an engine thats not covered with revolting plastics everywhere,but the interior fails to excite. Grey from top to toe,the interior resembles a mere Falcon fleet special. Bear in mind it is a sports model and it could have been more daring with colour and design. Grey replaced caramel as the main colour in most interiors in the late 80’s,and have been around ever since. How about some blacks or bone,and maybe reds or blue in the sports models? Anything but bloody grey!

    • jp

      you want garlish reds, blues etc go to the otherside, they love dressing cars up with tacky add ons. Red interior would match the ugly kit nicely.


    eh it’s too long and big and heavy and the only agressive looking thing is that bulge on the bonnet

    • jj

      you can allways buy a getz mate.

  • Vince

    The decals make it look and feel cheap. Ugly interior, certainly not 80k worth, sorry nice try Ford.

    • jj

      Order it without them then…. sheesh

      also, id rather this and $135000 in my pocket than an amg c63.

      however if i were given either one for free, i wouldnt look at the fpv :)

      find a faster better car for the money, funny that the only car that comes close, is also made here in oz! we have some pretty good choices really.

      • The Realist

        “we have some pretty good choices really”

        Perhaps you’d like to see the figures of how many tax payer dollars are pumped into local production to keep the industry afloat.

        Taxes are wasted in this country by socialist morons that you vote for.

        • Yowie

          Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi,raise the import tariffs to 100%,that would make imports too expensive for AJ(Average Joe)

          AJ will buy local built cars.

          Ford,Holden and Toyota make alot more money to spend on developing more homegrown models for AJ and Mitsubishi Oz could return.
          Aus built corolla,focus,astra and lancers,jobs for aussies

          And the Dream List……..

          Monaro/Coupe 4
          GTHO Unphased by anything
          Falcon coupe
          Territory miami v8
          VRX Magna Twin Turbo AWD
          TRD Aurion AWD

  • Dan

    Can someone please show me a tune only HSV that can run better than 11.7ET’s? Otherwise the FPV wins hands down.

  • The Realist

    “After turning the key and hitting the starter button”

    Why does the Falcon need both a key AND a starter button…?

    • Hung Low

      To confuse Euro car lovers!

      • The Realist

        You didn’t answer the question bud.

        I love the stripes, they make the car go faster right?

  • Will my wife like the green

    For those who do not like the the naff stripes or the “Racoon Eyes” and want a little more on the interior you need to get a GT-E.
    …I was thinking of telling the wife that the “E” in the name is for electric and it was a new kind of hybrid, sort of like a big fast Prius.

  • Dan

    Don’t get me wrong I love the FPV’s including the GTP however, providing you don’t need the sheer space, I would pick up a (more unique) Focus RS for around 15K less and have even more fun. Yes, even with FWD.

  • fencesitter

    I drive a BF typhoon and love it. But I’m buying an E3 Senator next. They look heaps classy and intimidating without the over-the-top outrageous visual add ons of the GTS.
    FPV look pretty povo and there is only so much power you can use before you lose your license. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been pro-FPV, but the power struggle is getting ridiculuos. They need to focus on handling so that the power can be put to some sensible use, I mean whats the use of 305-315KW at the wheel if you run on 245 and struggle with traction.
    Thats like Maurice Greene or Usain BOlt sprinting in a pair of thongs!!

    • Billionaire Bot

      Heaps classy eh? Sick as bro.

  • mick

    i don`t see the infatuation with gadgets that some people have, and if i want a car thats not a challenge to drive when i`m driving it at 10 tenths i`ll buy a prius, the starter motor makes a tinny sound? are you guys seriouse……..what you can`t find something else petty to pick at? credit where credit is due, nice job FPV.

    • Shak

      Theres no infatuation. Its just that when you pay upwards of 80K for a locally built performance sedan that claims to be a Luxury Sports car, you expect some toys to show off. I know ill sound like a biased Holden fan here, but in this tiny market FPV have not released very many innovative technologies.

  • B

    Some how I just feel this is not the best site to review muscle cars.

    • bangel

      Yes RALPH would be more suitable .

  • Swank

    Who’s idea was it to make the exhaust tips different sizes? it looks wimpy & stupid, & are those rims after-market? Why cant FPV ever make their cars more cohesive looking, maybe it’ll be better in the flesh?

  • John Walker

    And there you have it in one sentence, the biggest problem in this day and age of manipulated oil prices, this car should have been twin turbo charged, euro manufacturers have seen the light, didn’t expect it to happen, despite lobbying fordmoco, afterall, this is the company that gave everyone pushrods after winning Indy with a quad ohc 6oohp 302 ci……GET RID OF THE DAMN BOGANS IN FORD, SO WE CAN HAVE SOMETHING THE WORLD IS PROUD OF

    • My Cars Called T-Rex

      Just keep Walking.

  • Wayne Kerr

    I’m going to be frank, I’ve been a Ford fan since I learnt to drive and as awesome as that new engine is …

    I’d rather an optioned up XR6 Turbo for $50K (only 60% of the GT-P’s price). It doesn’t have the tacky look, is more fuel efficient, has 80% of the power and 90% of the acceleration.

    If I’m going to have to fork out 80K for a car, I’m better off relocating to the US/Canada and buying a prestige car.

  • rastas

    For the gadget loving clowns who dont think this amazingly engined beast offers enough , the new updated falcon is only a few months away and is rumered to posses ford sync , touch screen and voice control . Hopefully the driveline also gets beefed up enough so ford can remove some of the touque shackels that are currently holding back this beast of an engines true potential.

    • Dazzler

      So you are saying this new FPV range is about to be superceded only a few months after being released?

      • Dan

        HSV have been employing this tactic for a while.

  • rastas

    New updated falcons due about may, also expect a few more styling changes !

    • ChopstaR87

      does anyone know much about the FGII yet?? will the FG finally have a Sunroof Option, Fatter rear tyres? any clues anyone?

      • Clueless

        E240, upgrade Falcon is due Q4, 2011. FG Falcon is not designed for Sunroof. Something to do with structural issues for crash. Honestly sunroofs are a waste of money in Aussie, just get roasted too easy. We don’t see many cars with sunroofs here.

  • Henry Lutz

    Why anyone would purchase this antiquated pile of rubbish over an RS Focus…then again some people would…the flat earth society perhaps…

    • Qikturbo

      You are really talking about two entirely different cars and yes the RS Focus is a great hot hatch but overpriced.

  • ohno

    save your money, add another ten k and you can afford the GTE.

    MMMM plastic woodgrain option for a low low price!

  • mick

    1 reason i would buy a falcon over a focus is space!!

Ford Fpv Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$29,260 - $33,250
Dealer Retail
$29,600 - $35,200
Dealer Trade
$22,700 - $26,600
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
565Nm @  1950rpm
Max. Power
310kW @  5500rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
13.1L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1600  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
245/35 R19
Rear Tyres
245/35 R19
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
Control Link, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Leaf spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Control & Handling
Traction Control System
Optional Features
Auto Climate Control with Dual Temp Zones
Control & Handling
Premium Brake Package
Satellite Navigation
Leather Upholstery
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Pass Side Eng Scuttle
Country of Origin