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  • Frosty

    Looks like its a new front and rear lights and new Grill on still a old design. Side view still looks no different. While on the topic of SUV’s I saw a 2011 Holden Captiva in Collins Street Melbourne CBD on Thursday with just a car bra on the front. I could tell it was the new one by the headlights and especially the Taillights which were a different design to both the Captiva 5 or Captiva 7. Unfortunately I was driving in Peakhour and could not get snaps as it was parked on Collins Street but will try to next time if I see it anywhere on my travels with my work. Be aware people as it is very obvious that both Holden and Ford and doing testing currently and the chances of anyone seeing these 2 SUV’s are quite high now.

    • ScottT

      Its an old design because this is an upgrade not a new model was never going to be a new model. This is about equivalent to the au – BA upgrade

      • delux

        More like an ED to EF upgrade.

        • jj

          Ahh… no

          more than an ef – el upgrade here mate. Wait till u drive the new one, smoother, quieter, and with the diesel, BETTER.

          i was at fords you yangs test track mid this year, and leaned against one of these ( a lot more disguised then ) while it was idling, and the diesel was silent. i had a chat the bogan looking lad that had spent all day testing it, and he says it is amazing.

      • Martin

        The ford logo seems to be similarly integrated to the vehicle like the fords in USA

        i noticed that those cars had the logo similar to


        whereas here its

        • CarMan

          so your saying US import???

          • CarMan

            *export not import

      • bogo

        i dont liked , very ugly

  • jono

    front looks really nice, similar to the photo CA showed before (comp generated). However the back and sides look way too similar to the current model which is a let down.

    nevertheless still a good upgrade with good drivetrains.

  • Hugh Jorgan

    Would be good if the V6 turbo diesel made it into falcon too. Maybe an FPV version? Diesels have dominated Le-mans for years.

    • Macca

      Hear what you’re saying, Hugh, but with the Eco 4 cyl turbo coming on with scroogy economy, having a diesel version as well would be robbing peter to pay paul. There’d be no point having both. And I wonder if the whole Falcon diesel idea would not go down well with the traditional views of how the ‘falcon’ should be. Not saying it’s a bad idea though.

  • Andrew M

    I too predict the “my ford” system to be used in Terry.

    Falcon and Territory seem to be playing Leapfrog with each one half a generation apart. First Terry was BA Falcon with a slight few engineering superiorities, then FG took them on board and put a few other things up on Terry, now it looks like Terry will catch FG back and put a couple up on it again

    If its got the same tech list as the Mondeo and upcoming Focus, it will be impressive.

    Hopefully by doing this it doesnt lose the ergonomics and easy navigation of the current FG system.

    I gotta laugh though, as if a staff member would take this shopping at all let alone forget camoflage

    • Macca

      Yeah I was thinking that too Andrew. It makes you wonder whether Ford are really trying to hide the new look at all. As if anyone would be allowed to travel around anywhere, let alone a shopping mall carpark, without camo if Ford were trying to keep the wraps on the new look. Come on there’s a method in the madness there somewhere. Perhaps giving people the opportunity to hold off buying something else and wait for its release. It is good looking!

  • nickdl

    The current shape Territory is still quite a good design by today’s standards. SUV’s don’t seem to change as much as cars. This looks really good with the new front and rear ends and I really hope the general buying public agree.

    The current Territory is a great car and I wouldn’t mind replacing mine with a diesel in a few years’ time.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Paul, do you know if the bi-xenons will be available across the range or will they be only available on the higher end models? It just appears that the one spotted is not fitted with xenons at all as it seems to be missing the ADR mandated headlight washers for xenons. It will be very interesting to see how the diesel goes. IMHO this will open up a whole new market for it as I know a lot of people who were turned off one only because of the lack of an oil burner. Better late than never I guess!

  • m2m

    Looks great! wish there was a greater change, but still atleast it’s going in the right direction in terms of evolution.

    The diesel engine will probably be the best thing for it, but i’ve gotta think, who would by the 4.0l version? Unless it is significantly cheaper, i can’t think of many reasons why you would. Torque is a significant selling point of the inline 6 engine, but the diesel takes the cake for that one…

    Anyway, great to see a diesel in an Aussie family car finally!

    • Baddass

      I suppose the loyalists will still buy it, because it is well known and there is a wide parts availablilty. But as you said, the diesel offers the better torque and better economy. It’s still quite a good engine.

      Methinks the upgraded turbo six would make a very convincing all-rounder!

  • Vibe

    Looks nice. Major stuff up for Ford though, having so little camouflage on it.

    Erm, and tell me this, does anyone else see a bit of Forester in those rear lights?

    • Martin

      more like the rear of the fg falcon

  • Andrew M

    Good to see a name change of the E-gas badge. “EcoLpi” sounds a little more marketing friendly

  • BenH

    That’s a good enough change IMO considering how long it took for SY MkII! And I think it looks REALLY good! Especially love the interior (if it’s 100% true)…

    If priced a little cheaper than the current model, I can see this being a best seller again!!! WOOO!!!!

    • Andrew M

      interior will be different, article says it has circular air vents, and the suggested My ford system will see a slightly different centre screen set up.

      • c3vzn

        Spyshots by CA unfortunately show an identical interior to the FG.

        • Andrew M

          The only spy shots Ive seen on CA still show a hybrid interior or is partly covered, unless ive missed one…

        • jj

          nothing wrong with that.

          i LOVE the fg interior and CANNOT understand how people dont rate it.

          so its no bmw, thank $@#^%!!! no idrive for the win!!

    • Me

      The new interior has circular air vents which are becoming popular again. It has two circular air vents on the dash, one next to either door. The ICC (radio, air con, etc.) will have the same rectangular air vents as the FG.

      The ICC will also remain greatly the same as the FG. Changes are a smaller screen, with a larger bezel and a ‘roller door’ type cover covering up the tissue holder and pocket at the bottom of the ICC.

      Additionally the handbrake will be the same as featured in the FG Falcon, but will be better integrated with the centre console and – on upper models – be surrounded tastefully with chrome highlights.

      The door trims will remain greatly the same, with new colour schemes.

      The car will feature voice control, with a button located with the cruise control buttons where there is a blank on the FG Falcon.

      Exhaust pipes will not be integrated with the rear bumper, instead there will be a dark plastic mesh design.

      High series models will feature daytime running lamps, where the fog lights are usually located.

      Low series models will not feature chrome on the lower grill, but will instead be entirely black.

  • Sam

    It is all just a little uninspiring really. Nothing particularly offensive but with nothing at all particularly beautiful about it. Considering how well Ford have done with the new Explorer in the US, this is a pretty tame effort by the Australian designers. Trying too rigidly to keep a standard design across all vehicle types sometimes isnt the best idea.

  • toxic_horse

    Does anyone who owns a ford with Voice Control Audio ever actually use it? i can’t believe Ford base a whole TV add on this stupid gimmick ?

    • MJ

      tried it the other day in a new fiesta. It’s pretty hopeless, (mostly with numbers) but i dont think that there are many voice control systems that ‘really’ work

      • KinFungL

        I only use mine (Focus XR5) for phone features. Can’t see anypoint use it for audio system… much easlier/quicker just to use the buttons.

        To use phone features are pretty slow as well…
        If you already save a number in the car:
        - press voice input button.
        - me: “Dial Name”
        - car: “Name please”
        - me: “John Smith”
        - car: “John Smith, confirm yes or no.”
        - me: “Yes”
        - car: “Dialing”
        and call start…
        I find this quiet slow specially you HAVE to wait until the car finish it sentense and a beep tone before you can say the next input.

        I haven’t use other car’s system before, but I’m hoping:
        - press voice input button.
        - me: “Dial John Smith”
        - car: “John Smith, confirm yes or no.”
        - me: “Yes”
        - call start

        • Andrew M

          Well Ill tell you that you must try the Fg’s current voice control.

          I havent used the Focus or mondeo voice dialing before, but the Falcons seems to have about half the steps.

          Oh and what do you mean save a number in the car?
          Doesnt the Focus read it from the phones own phone book??

          I also find the Falcons system very accurate, no need to talk like a robot into it.

          • KinFungL

            Focus’ system can read the phonebook from the phone but only by using the button on the audio system.

            To make call with voice control using person’s name the system need to you to record the name of the person and his/her phone number in its database, when you say “John Smith” it’s try to match the name with the records in its voice database.

            You can always dial numbers with voice by read out the phone number… (“Dial Number” “One Two Three Four Five…”)

            So in FG Falcon’s system you can just say “Dial John Smith” and the system will search John Smith in the phonebook for you, without you “teach” the system who is John Smith, and do it accurately? If so i am impressed.

          • Andrew M

            I must say I too was impressed with the FG’s system.

            It also comes down to the phone you have, no matter how good the bluetooth system you have, its only as good as the phone.
            I used to have a nokia 6210.
            To activate voice dialing all you do it push the phone button on the steering wheel once.
            After that it will prompt you to either press once to redial the last number, or hold it for about 2 seconds to activate voice dialing.
            After 2 secinds you will heap a bleep, and the screen will say enter voice tag.
            Say “John smith”
            Car will say “John smith”.

            If John smith is not correct, you can say it again and it will search again.

            If you dont correct it, it assumes it has found the right numer and will start dialing.

            So in short.
            Press button once, release, then hold for 2 seconds (car goes “bleep”
            Say name, car repeats you, then starts dialing.

            With my 6210 the first time I tried to activate it, the phone flashed up asking for permission to turn on the voice dialing function.
            After that it didnt require training, and its impressivly accurate.

            I just got a newer Nokia, and I havent activated voice dialing on it yet, I think it wants me to train into the the phone, but still not the car.

  • G220BA

    This was not a gaffe or stuff up at all. This is a deliberate ploy by Ford Australia to build interest in the upcoming model. It was announced by certain members of Ford forums that we would see low numbers of uncamouflaged territorys for the next few weeks.

  • Alexander

    It seems as if Ford is dressing mutton as Lamb. It would have looked MUCH fresher with redesigned door panels (still maintaining the current glasshouse) just with a more pronounced side crease. I also think further changes could have been made to the rear end. They’re essentially re-hashing a 7 year old car with a 6 year old engine…

    • BenH

      The more money saved in updates, the more to spend on new models ;)

      • Alexander

        Following that logic, what was the point of the update at all? usually after 7 years a whole new generation is released, yet the territory is getting it’s mid life facelift at what should be the end of it’s model cycle.

        • Trouble

          It’s simple – money.
          Ford can’t exactly afford an all-new model yet, but at the same time they need to freshen it up as much as they can to hopefully pick up a few more sales.

          Being that the Terry is built on the Falcon platform, and the future of the platform is uncertain, why release an “All new model” now?

    • Macca

      In a way maybe they are, but then again look at the EA to EL makeover or the AU – BF carry over of the same basic shell DNA. Yet the BA/F was a totally different car with different front and rear end and interior and it was a hit. Much the same as the EF/L was a better car yet different to the EA. I think this will model Territory will be a huge hit especially with the new engines available.

  • Ima Hogg

    I likey,like the back,love the front, love the diesel. Love the Disco engine. I hope the car ends up driving great

  • Clueless

    Car advice, this is truely another example of your severe lack of knowledge and journalistic hype.
    Lets get a few things straight:
    >1. On Dec 14 Ford released a press statement stating that from this day forward E265 (Territory) models will be shown in public with no disguise. Clearly today is Dec 19 and after Dc 14, so it is not a major security breech.
    >2. Do you honestly think somebody would deliberately drive a non released vehicle and park it in a shopping centre. Every car has a number plate and on Monday they would be FIRED if this was truely a breech of security.
    With gate security and approvals how do you think they would take a E265 out of the Broadmeadows assembly plant? Throw it over the fence???!!!
    >3. The headlight are PROJECTOR Beam not over rated and not required bi xenon. As anybody who has any experience will know the current Falcon headlights are the best high beam lights in the world.
    >4. Interior is more in line with Falcon
    >5. Doors are carry over, as per standard Ford refreshing designs in Australia until the next model cycle.

    Note Holden are currently driving around disguised new Captiva and Australian built Cruze around Melbourne

    • Benjie


      I suggest you read the press release. It makes absolutely no mention of cars being undisguised at all.

      If that was the case, why on earth would they bother releasing sneak peaks on their website.

      Seriously, get a clue…and learn how to spell!

    • Shak

      Mate hows about you get some things straight:
      1. Why would any car manufacturer in the world tell the press that they were going to drive around test vehicles completely undisguised!
      2.Yes some employees would if they have been told to, by Fords marketing department!
      3. The headlights in the picture are projectors, but if you bothered to read the article you would see that the bi-xenons are gonna go on higher spec models(ie Titanium).

      • Clueless

        It is a Ford marketing tactic to show staggered releases of the E265.
        There was a press release on Dec, look at CA website, say this was happening…….
        For the FINAL time there are NO bi-xenons. The article IS WRONG!!!!!!! Get it thru your thick head…

        • Devil’s Advocate

          So what are you going to do for us IF you are the one who is wrong re HID fitment on some Territory models? ;-)
          Going by your original comment about HIDs in terms of being over rated etc just demonstrates how little you really know about HID headlights. If they were so inferior why then are more and more manufacturers starting to fit them to their higher end models? My car has HIDs and I find them FAR superior to the same car with conventional halogens and I have driven both under a wide variety of conditions eg wet, dry, city, country with a mix of all. The only negative I have found is there is a bit more reflection when in thick fog.
          IF the Falcon had xenons with the same beam design etc (except for the straight cut off needed for HIDs on low beam as opposed to the \___ of a halogen low beam), it would be even better again. The statement that the Falcon has the best high beams in the world is a big call and further highlights how naive you are being about this. Sure, the Falcon has very good high beam and is up near the top of the tree in Australia, but how do you know about the high beams on other cars that aren’t available here or on trucks and coaches etc that travel large kms at night? What evidence did you use to back up that statement or did you base it only on the cars you have driven?

          • Daniel D

            I have low beam HID’s in my Mazda 6 MPS and they are good. That said my Territory is just as good on low beam in 99% of conditions.

            Ford really got the design of these lights, low and hi beam right. They are much, much better then any Japanese or Euro halogens I have used in other cars.

            HID’s are nice, but there is a lot of much higher priorities for Terri that need to be addressed first. Like not rusting and the flaw in the way the six speed auto is cooled.


          • Andrew M

            Agree Daniel,

            I have Projectors on my Mazda, dont know what projectors are suppose to do, but when they are on high beam, they are no match for my Falcon on Low beam

            Lets hope that if Ford play with the headlight reflectors from what they have perfected that quality lighting remains

          • Devil’s Advocate

            Daniel D, sorry if you misinterpreted what I was trying to say, but I was only comparing HIDs to halogen when fitted to the same model of car ie my 3MPS and my parents 3 with the HID low beam on the MPS being FAR superior to the halogen low beam on my parent’s 3 (note, I am NOT saying they are better than a Falcon(the Territory still uses the Falcon’s reflector assembly) low beam). The high beams, non-HID, are still ordinary to say the least and barely make much difference to the low beam on the HID equipped MPS. Comparing the same car is the closest way you can make a fair comparison between HIDs and halogen as projector/reflector designs vary greatly between manufacturers and even models etc. Even then, the internal of the lens is slightly different inside a HID projector with a straight “cut off” bar as opposed to the angled one in the halogen equipped projector.
            I am not doubting one little bit about how good the low and high beams are in the Falcon/Territory and agree that the low beam is just as good, if not better than many other cars fitted with HIDs. Their design is one of the best out there. (I just feel sorry for any oncomming driver to an AU where more often than not they blind you on low beam!) I was just saying that if Ford (IIRC Hella assist them) used their design expertise in low beams with HIDs they would be even better again.

            Andrew M, projectors do exactly that, they project the beam through a lens that is meant to focus/direct the beam into a certain pattern as opposed to a “conventional” headlight that uses reflection of light off the backing to direct the beam. Projectors generally give a more defined “cut off” to the low beam than reflectors.

            Just for info Andrew M, the high beam on all Mazdas in Australia are reflective and not projectors, only the low beams are projectors on Mazda passenger models except the Mazda2. It is easy to tell the difference. I fully agree, the high beam on Mazdas are rather ordinary at best. The low beam on our 6 is quite good for a non-australian car, but the high beam is so so. The high beam on the 3 is even worse and close to one of the worst high beams I have driven with. :-)

    • jj


      settle petal. Oh and…. WRONG! for the last 15 years ford has played the “slow reveal” game.

    • jj

      oh and look in the background.

      does fords test track have shopping trolley signs??


  • spyman03


    I’ve been shooting spy pics for 20years mate and the FACT the white car has black tape highlighting the NEW parts clearly say’s we want you to see this car
    i was told by FORD two weeks ago they were going to do this stunt

    they spend a lot of money stopping we from shooting the cars and many a black tape is used, if it was a car that was prev bagged the edges of the lights would have been taped to break up the lines

    now if i found a car like that on the street i would have shot the dash tooo

    • Me

      The photographer said the dash was covered up.

    • Clueless

      Well if you went to Ford car park at 1pm today this Territory was parked for all to see. Right at the end of ETC 1 car park, in pole position, up need the Research Centre. Yes the dash is covered.
      And who from Ford told, give a name… You will not because you are wet, gutless and full of hot air.

      And after all the talk on HID rubbish, yet again the view point of most people is same as mine. The Falcon has the best high beam headlights in the world, much better than any HID. Achieved with old technology halogens, with the move towards projector beams for the next models.

      I maybe clueless, but at least I know what I am talking about.

  • spyman03

    I”ve got pics of the new cruze without the bagging?

  • spyman03


    Just add commies grille

    and added a sports model heheheheheheheheh

    • Me

      That’s surprising, as the VE grille is nothing special. I think it would look far better with the Chevrolet Cruze Grille.

  • Car Fanatic

    This was clearly a publicity stunt by Ford if the car was Driven from Broadmeadows. The shopping centre it was snapped at is clearly the Pines in East Doncaster. That’s a trip of nearly 30 kilometres, I take it the car them drove 30 Kilometres back to Broadmeadows?

    This wasn’t a gaffe, a short jaunt to the shops to buy some milk. Wonder how long they parked it there, sign says 4P.

    • Benjie

      There’s no conceivable way this was done on purpose.

      The car isn’t set to be released until at least mid next year. It is a major stuff up to have it out in the open this early.

      Consider it from the market and PR department’s point of view. If these photos get around, people won’t bother buying any of the runout Territorys.

      On top of that, how lacklustre and boring will their launch campaign be if everybody has already seen the car?

      I can understand if they leave camouflaged cars lying around, but there’s no chance you’ll see Ford deliberately leaving a car with no camouflage hanging about months before the release, it’s marketing suicide.

      • Me

        Actually there have been quite a few sightings of minimally camouflaged 2011 Territories, as a quick visit to Ford Forums will tell you.
        This is most certainly deliberate and we will continue to see similar photos in the coming months until the Territory is officially revealed in February.

      • Daniel D

        No one is buying the current Territory, which is exactly the problem! This is a spoiler by Ford to keep interest up and hopefully stop buyers cross shopping other brands before this car is ready for release. Yes it will effect some sales, but frankly, the current Territory is not selling anyway and private buyer interest has fallen off a cliff.

        The masking of the car is completely wrong, if you were trying to cover anything from public view. Everythng BUT the new bits is masked. I have never seen a car in years that was supposedly disguided marked up this way.

        It is so clearly a publicity stunt and a clever one too. You’re believing you have just seen something special! Lots and lots of free pr and no cost to Ford. Clever stuff.

        I look forward to the “accidental” shots of the interior of the car when it was left at a parking lot and uploaded in Januray or whenever Ford PR plan to release them.

        As a footnote the original source of the photos. Has posted twice in four years. The second time just happened to be these photos. As was predicted on another forum by a Ford insider who said we could expect photos in the next couple of weeks of undisguised Terri’s. Oh and the same source said we should keep an eye opn as apparently soon we are to to a undisguised FG II interior on a test mule.

        Another scoop!


  • Popeye

    Looks are one thing…making it more reliable is another thing all together so I think I’ll pass!

  • Shak

    Im really surprised at the fact that the Territory looks so similar to the CGI’s. Good work on Ford for coming out with a desperately needed upgrade!

  • Shak

    Oh and BTW, most people on here have the right idea when they say that this wasnt a gaffe. Far from it in fact. Ford planned this to drum up publicity in the hugely anticipated release of the Territory.

  • NotTheStig

    Yep, a stunt alright – otherwise a few bits of white and red tape and quite a few of the changes could have been hidden. The black tape just highlights them…

  • Nath746

    Are they going to have a RWD version of the Territory Diesel? Will it have the useless 4-speed Automatic?

    Hopefully they have gotten rid of the 4 speed Auto forever.

    I would buy this new Territory, if they fitted it with an (optional?) Low range Gearbox and a few more off-roading additions…

    But then again, if I wanted off road I would look somewhere else…

    • Me

      All models will get a 6-speed auto.

      There will be no Low range.

      • Nath746

        Thank-you for clarifying.

        They should put a manual transmission option on it though. Even if they has it as a Factory Special Order or something…

      • Terry

        Wonder how much pressure it would take for them to add a low range gear box…..

        Now its got a decent engine, adding a decent set of low range gears would provide an aussie option to Challenger/ Pathfinder/ Prado/ Pajero

        Surely the new ranger set of ratio could be an optional extra?

  • Daniel D

    You don’t mask cars up like that if you don’t want people to see them.

    This is the car equivalent of a bikini model, putting black under her eyes and a football helmet on her head and pretending to be an American football player. She aint’ fooling nobody and that’s the point. You are supposed to get a good look at the important bits.

    Nice marketing Ford. You’ve got this website rushing photos and a story up online and dozens of people talking about the car.

    All for no cost.


  • Des

    Love the way they have highlighted the new bits that they WANT us to look at, yet have put little black tape crosses down the side as if to say “don’t look here, this is not how this part will look”.
    Clearly more changes to be revealed yet, in this series of “official” leaks.

  • Lachlan

    Would have thought the indicators would be incorporated into the side mirrors, it seems to be one of the biggest trends these days, as is the DRL’s

    • John

      Might be like the Falcon where they have the indicators in the mirrors for higher-spec models.

    • MattW

      As long as you cant see the flashing from the drivers seat, that really annoyed me driving my brother’s Golf (as well as the sea of red backlights for EVERY SINGLE button/switch)

    • Andrew M

      The current Terry already has indicators on the wing mirrors on upper models.

      This is either still running the old mirrors, or base model wont have them and will remain on uper spec like already

  • Adriano

    Does anybody know if it will now have 50:50 split fold third row seating?

    • Daniel D

      I would doubt it as they have already engineered a 60/40 split in the current one. Highly improbably they are going to start mucking around with seat rails and retesting everything.


    • Frank from Oz

      The updated Kluger now has 50:50 on 3rd row so you would hope Ford have done the same.

  • http://jensen Richard

    Good looking makeover without a big spend. Great to see a diesel offering but at what cost($’s). A Eupopean made V6 diesel is likely to add more than $6,000 to purchase price! How many Aussies looking for a family wagon are going to pay that?????

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      you will be surprised (i think).how many people buy an overpriced kluger? at least they might justify the extra cost against some better fuel economy and resale value…

  • Lynchy

    This was definately planned, the purpose is two fold, one, it sparks public interest (which this clearly has given the amount of interest on this website) around an upcoming model and two Ford need to do real world testing with most of the camo off, it’s unavoidable, there’s been a few incidents in the past where cars that had done all there testing with black out on had hidden design floors when the vehicles were tested in real world driving, no doubt most manufacturers undertake the majority of this testing within the confines of their proving grounds but they still need to get out in to the general population.

    Whilst it may seem early for Ford to be doing this I’ve heard first vehicles should start being delivered around Mar/Apr 11, take out the Christmas shut down and it’s not that far away. Anyway good looking car, hopefully they’ve intergrated the MyFord tech in to the ICC ala Explorer. I think there will some schaloping on the doors on the final product as well (I hope). Next big release will be the specs on the 2.7 diesel, no gurantee they’ll be the same as the Land Rover specs.

  • hman

    the shape is too similar to the old one for mine

    • mmmm

      it is the old shape!!!!! it an update not a whole new generation :)

  • Martin


    looks so cool

  • carl

    It’s another cursory job like the Ford Falcon which they only change the front fascia and the back a bit, the rest of it is no difference!!

    • Cranky Franky

      Much more substantial than the Commodore series 2.

      • Andrew M

        Yes, people expect so much change from a Ford all the time.
        Holden makes a very subtle change to a headlight, and people rave.
        Toyota change from orange reflected indicators to orange bulbs with clear reflectors and everyone raves.

        Ford change every panel in side and out, make substantial suspension and medium level engine upgrades and people say its the same old car

  • Willow

    I know it’s only a prototype, but they don’t seem to have made an effort to fix up the appalling rear window hatch/ 3/4 panel fit… The close-up of the tail light still shows the joins out of alignment and an uncomfortably large gap between the D-pillar and the hatch… Such a shame…

    • Daniel D

      The glass around the d pillar did have some trim stuck on it to hide some of the gap, but this was decontented from the car when Tom Gorman was boss and was slashing and burning everything. A lot of other stuff went missing from the Territory at the same time and has never been refitted to the car since.

      The trim is on my 2005 model and helps a bit, but unfortunately not enough people must have noticed it gone, because its never been reinstated back on the car.

      Agree though, that the gap is to large.


    • CarMan

      I have a feeling, the trunk of the car may open like that of a CR-V, Prado, Pajero

      why would they tape over the territory logo when they can just remove it. It could be some removed door handle or somethin

  • Jim Goose senior

    That is one hell of a scoop! Its like they wanted to be caught. The interior is underwhelming…I thought it was a photo from the current model….or is it? The front is impressive and as good,or better than the image we saw a few days back. The rear I don’t have an opinion on-simply a change for changes sake,for better or worse. A manual would be nice as I’m sure many country people probably buy them.

  • Adriano

    This was definately no accidental sighting. The car was pictured out in Horsham. To the uninitiated, that’s a good 2-3 hr drive from Geelong and atleast 3 hrs from Broadmeadows…

  • Adriano

    Come to think of it, I did a trip to Horsham mid last week, and the locusts were horrendous between Ararat and Horsham. The car must have been washed prior to the pics taken cause there are no “bug guts” to be seen anywhere!

  • CarMan


  • Byron

    Hmm, I don’t think it looks that good at all. Back end tailights are taken straight off the new Volkswagen Golf Wagon. Side still looks old especially the rear window hatch/ 3/4 panel fit. I agree with many others, it looks too old for such a upgrade. The front end, hmm what can I say, it’s not that good looking. Seriously it’s like they’ve crammed the XR6/8 headlights into the front end & such a wide intake makes it look like a monster & “scares the children away” haha. And the interior well it’s a Ford interior thats all I can say, i’m not going to continue on that particular area.

    On the other hand, the ’11 Holden Captiva looks awesome. I mean they have made the headlights bigger, more modern & less korean looking. The foglights are also placed perfectly too, not cramped up like they used to be. The side view looks superior especially with those alloys & side vents below the exterior mirrors. The back end tail lights looks sporty & work well with the car & they got rid of the korean looking tail lights, YES! And the interior ice-blue lighting as well as usb/Ipod connectivity & redesigned dash are a big plus too. Adn who couldn’t forget 4 new engines including: 2.0 Litre 4 cylinder engine, 2 diesels & a 192Kw 3.0 Litre engine. Sounds like an awesome SUV to me, as to many other :)

    If you Ford haters are offended by this, the ’11 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque looks beautifully designed with slick styling, unlike the Territory…

    • Adrian

      ^^ Ah the blind Holden faithfull serial-pest speaketh ……

      Move along people, no intelligent lifeform contributed to the above post.

    • Pete

      Mate if you believe the Holden Craptiva is better than Territory, your dreamin! It’s Korean, has terrible understeer and dynamics are no match to the Territory…nice try!

    • Fast Fords

      At least the Territory was born in Australia not Korea where your (ugly) Craptiva came from.


      • Byron

        Get over where it is made. Buyers have had 4 + years now to decide if they wanted to buy a Korean car or avoid it all together. They knew what they would expect with a Korean car, just look at the TK Barina or axed Viva. And umm pretty sure Captiva is having it’s best yearly sales so far & WHAT! Captiva is ahead of the Territory anyway :O Maybe if Ford brought out a diesel, they could overcome the Holden Captiva. Sadly though once, the ’11 Captiva launches in March, the Ford Territory won’t have a chance to beat the Captiva in the sales race. Holden have a new 2.2 diesel on hand anyway + 2 other engines. And with Holden’s marketing team that the Ford guys desperately need, they’ll just skip ahead even more. Sprry but Ford have left it too late. If they don’t head to a Captiva, it’s a Kluger or Prado instead. I guess thats what you get for leaving a car left unchanged for 4-5 years or so. And yes “Adrian” “the blind Holden faithfull serial-pest speaketh – no intelligent lifeform contributed to the above post.” Nice comment mate, I’m just stating my comment & it’s true, I know what side you take mate… All those “positives” on my previous comment have now been taken over by Holden haters with all their “negatives” haha because i’m paying out their precious Territory.

        • Jack

          Hey kid, being in the market for such family wagons, the Territory has extra space when compared to a Captiva, is a much sweeter drive, has more appealing interior flexibility and to boot is Aussie designed and made. Add to that the wonderful inline 6/ZF drivetrain combination that points the correct way (that also completely shades a Jeep Grand Cherokee with new 3.6LV6 and 5sp driven recently…), and I really am lucky! Ownership of previous model has been pleasant, the car reliable. No contest – new Territory is on the shopping list.

          • james cortez

            A comparison with the jeep Cherokee is invalid. The Jeep is awful and I had a lot of problems with it till I sold it. If you want to compare perhaps you should pick a European auto

  • Pete

    I really like the front, and even the rear. I think the side still looks good and is modern. A timely upgrade, and with diesel (for fuel efficiency) I reckon Ford’s on a winner!

  • NikB

    I saw the white one on the week-end. Don’t like it at all. Front looks like they grafted it on from a Honda Accord Euro. The overall look is not as integrated as the original design.

  • Mack

    If DRLs were there for safety they’d be standard on all trim levels, not just some. Obviously they’re only there for cosmetics

  • Nick K

    Well done Ford. The diesel version should sell well if it is not over priced. This model and the new Captiva with a 2.2 ltr diesel will put pressure on Kia’s Sorento… looks like 7 seater diesel SUVs are about to get a whole lot more affordable.

  • Boss

    Who’s to say this is the finished product. Maybe they are trying to see what people think of the different changes. They could have a few different designs or tweaks that they want to see what type of reaction they get

  • Paul

    I think a few posters here should be positive that we have made an attempt at a real practical SUV that has features others don’t have, name all the SUV’s on the market with a viable diesel or with suspension that can handle the roads here in OZ. I don’t drive a terry, I have a Jap SUV, but I will replace it with a Terry.

    The vehicle I’ll be going for is the AWD Ghia Turbo six with Liquid Gas injection, now thats a real beast with so much drivability.

    I wonder if Liquid Gas Injection will appear as an option in the new model.

  • Dan Bowers

    it looks cool i have seen a secret one being tested

  • Lynchy

    Paul I admire your enthusiasim about a great Australian car but your car of choice (turbo ghia with LGI) is the stuff of dreams.

    There won’t be any Turbo in the new line-up and there won’t be any LGI. It’d be great if they were options but they won’t be.

  • Lachlan

    Well this is definitely a promotional stunt by ford…. Yesterday at approx 5:40pm i saw 2 black territory’s on the beach rd near luna park!!!! I attempted a u-turn to try and get a photo, but i lost them. From what i could see they were exactly the same as the white one above (in terms of model) but were completely naked. They looked rather sharp!! On the road they look similar to a peugeot 4007, with that big chrome grill. Ah and before i forget i saw the white one featured above about 20 min later in north melbourne just near the childrens hospital. It will only be a matter of time before we see more of these i guess!

  • azza85

    I wish there was more of a change. The front I like however I thought it was going to be alittle more rounded none of the ‘bottom lip’ out look. The back end looks alittle plain. Has the roof line changed aswell? I’m not a real fan of the roof line sloping down towards the end.

  • azza85

    Just to add to my previous comment I don’t think the aggressive front matches too well with the rest of the body or back end, the back end especially.


    and it kinda looks good,and kinda looks thats pretty much how all the comments have gone.i kinda like the lower grill,and dislike the kluger-style headlights.i like the front side sytling,dislike the rear quarters.its half right,and maybe half wrong…

  • Clueless

    There were 3 x completely undisgusied Territory sitting in the Ford car park on Barry Rd on Thursday Dec 23. The interiors were covered up on IP only…
    So for all those idiots who still thick these are a massive scoop or security laspe, dream on… Not even black tape…

  • Dexter

    Am I the only one that thinks it looks a lot like the old Ford Freestyle / Taurus X sold in the USA?

  • Cliff_B

    I have had two Territorys now, and have loved them both.The upgraded six speed box is fantastic, just what the doctor ordered.I love the inline torquey six, and to be honest have not driven a deisel yet that impressed me. I am disappointed if they are going with the Landrover 2.? deisel, especially when Nissan is about to release their 3.? deisel with 500nm of torque and some 190 KW. I like the styling but love my current get up and go! Come on Ford, there are some of us rev heads out there, throw a V8 in it, and really get the crowds talking!!!!!!

  • MattP

    I saw a new Territory identical to this one, complete with same black tape and “disguise”, on the Hume Highway only an hour south of Sydney on Monday. So I suspect it is now in Sydney for more pre-release exposure.

  • Ooder

    I have a VERY close relative who tests Ford’s cars (yes, a ford employee). They told me that this is not even what the car looks like. CA has been conned by the stickers. They said it looks much nicer.

  • james cortez

    Any idea how much the 4wd V6 diesel with standard 6 airbags will cost? $49990?

  • cornjack

    don’t bother with this car it’s not worth the trouble! Don’t get me wrong, I *used* to be a Ford gal, but my next car (which will be purchased within the next week) is gonna be a Hyundai ix35. Perfect size for a family of 4 just like the ’05 Territory I currently have is. But minus the problems! Of course, all the issues have occurred AFTER the 3yr warranty has ended. Everything that follows has happened in the last 18 months:

    Stereo froze & ate all 6 CDs, had to be sent to Sydney coz apparently the guys at Titan Ford in Melville (WA) can’t get CDs out of stereos… I paid extra for the newer stereo with mp3 connection and now the stereo is starting to have trouble with the CDs again and the mp3 only works thru one speaker unless u “jiggle” the cord and then make sure u don’t move the ipod!

    Bonnet release cable snapped. Apparently this also affected the plastic on the fuse box and when I told them not to replace that ($400 for plastic??) they had to bodgy the cable. Good old Titan Ford again.

    Wheel bearings wore out about 50,000km sooner than they should’ve, never had to replace them on any other car prior to the 100,000km mark

    2 front window motors carked it – window would go down by itself and stay down making a horrible grinding sound, only way to stop it was to hold the lever in the up position. Both front windows also “fell” in prior to this and needed the clips replaced

    driver’s door latch got stuck and I couldn’t shut the door at all. Not handy when u have 2 kids under 4 & you’re in the carpark of a shopping centre! Also not handy is that Titan Ford first said they could get the mobile service guy to fix this, then they couldn’t, then they suggested I get someone to HOLD THE DOOR SHUT while I drive it to them!! They are 20mins on main highways (for those in WA, I have to go on Stock Rd and Leach Hwy) with a door that would just bounce off the hinge and not shut at all. How could I have somebody hold it, across my lap, while driving? Not dangerous at all hey. They are useless. Needless to say I went to Automasters (used the dog leash to tie the door shut as they’re only 5mins from my house) and not only were they able to fix it that morning, it cost half what Titan quoted.
    Dealer service departments are shocking.

    boot release is dying as I write this. I can only use the back window release to access the boot right now, coz any day now the main latch will freeze when I try to use it (it makes a horrible grinding sound when it opens) and that’s gonna cost a lot more to fix. Not as much as what titan would charge tho haha

    Anyways that’s my experience with my Territory. Disappointing as I loved the car, and we have had Fords for a number of years, but the reliability worries me. As a mum with 2 little kids I can’t afford to have a car that could leave me stranded again!

    Oh and one more thing, while I’m dealer-bashing, it took the service dept TWO DAYS about 6months ago to determine that my car was being temperamental because the battery was going flat. TWO FRICKIN DAYS!!!

  • Sumpguard

    These are out and about in Sydney at the moment on the roads. The one in the top pic with the square drving lights is the GHIA apparently .All panels are new except the doors which are carry over and I’d say the roof.

  • Stevo

    There is no doubt Ford wants these new Terrys to be seen. Saw a white one last week in Melbourne at midday driving down Little Collins past Russell St, then a right turn down onto Bourke St and then drive back up onto Russell St. For anyone who knows the Melbourne CBD, this is like doing a U shape parade in the busiest time of the day.

Ford Territory Specs

Car Details
Body Type
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
380Nm @  3250rpm
Max. Power
182kW @  5000rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
13.1L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:2300  Unbrake:750
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
235/60 R17
Rear Tyres
235/60 R17
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Standard Features
Air Conditioning, Power front seat Driver
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Traction Control System
Adjustable Pedals, Power Steering, Trip Computer
Radio Compact Disc Player
Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking
Central Locking Remote Control
Optional Features
Third Row Seats
Control & Handling
17 Inch Alloy Wheels
Cruise Control, Leather Steering Wheel, Parking Distance Control
Body Kit, Fog Lights - Front, Rear Spoiler, Tow Pack
Alarm System/Remote Anti Theft
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Country of Origin