Yep, here it is, another new Holden. The Holden Captiva SUV. The all new Captiva sports utility vehicle range, priced from $35,990 is set to enter the market as Holden’s response to the ever popular Ford Territory. Holden is quick to point out that the new Captiva is is closest in exterior dimensions to the BMW X5 whilst offering five or seven-seat capacity depending on model. However Holden isn’t very quick to point out that yes.. infact this is another Korean car, sure its engine is the same as the Commodore, but my friends, build quality must be inspected.

Holden says the SUV has been extensively tested in Australia and is powered by a locally-made 3.2 litre Alloytec high performance V6 engine. All models feature an active all-wheel-drive system, a five-speed automatic transmission with Active Select, Descent Control System and Active Rollover Protection as standard.

The acclaimed crash avoidance system Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) is also standard across the range, while curtain airbags are available across the range and standard on three of the four models. Captiva gives SUV buyers a choice of highly specified SX, CX and LX models and is topped by the Euro-styled Captiva MaXX at $42,990.

Captiva SX is priced from $35,990, Captiva CX from $38,990, Captiva LX from $41,990 and the sporty Captiva MaXX from $42,990. With Holden-tuned chassis dynamics for on and off-road driving, Captiva will appeal to buyers in
the medium and compact-sized SUV market segments.

Captiva SX, CX and LX models return a competitive 11.5 litres per 100 kilometres and Captiva MaXX returns 11.6 litres/100kms per the ADR 81/01 standard. GM Holden Chairman and Managing Director, Denny Mooney, today said he was delighted to have Captiva join the Holden range.

Mr Mooney said Captiva had the style, performance and versatility to attract buyers of larger and
smaller SUVs.

“We’ve been waiting a long time to get the right SUV for the Australian market and Captiva fits the bill perfectly, it looks fantastic and offers the kind of flexibility customers demand from these types of

Captiva represents outstanding value for money and at its heart is a Holden-built V6 engine that
ensures the type of performance that our customers expect for Australian conditions. The range of models and choice of five or seven seats will ensure Captiva appeals to a wide variety of people.”
he said

Captiva is built at GM’s Bupyeong plant in South Korea. The SUV will be sold in a wide range of markets around the world.


Space is maximised in the Holden Captiva, which comfortably accommodates five or seven people, depending on model. Fold flat seating transforms the vehicle from a family-friendly wagon to a versatile and adaptable load carrier. In SX, CX and LX models, all passenger seats can be folded down to open up 1565 litres of cargo volume. It comes with practical items such as remote operated tailgate glass for quick access (SX, CX, LX), and more than 20 convenient storage solutions depending on model.

Holden Captiva SUV

Stowaway features include a large wet/dry area beneath the load compartment floor, glovebox cooler, deep centre console bin, rear centre console storage and handy door bins all round. There are drink bottle holders, small item/coin and cup holders, a parking ticket holder, overhead sunglasses compartment, seatback pockets and under-seat storage tray (MaXX). There are three 12-volt power outlets.

Captiva’s driver-orientated cockpit layouts are accented in subtle satin silver and integrated infotainment units feature CD players (six-disc all models except SX) and MP3 compatibility. Tinted windows, power-operated all round, cruise control, power mirrors and air conditioning with particle filter are standard.

Captiva MaXX has a unique instrument cluster and centre console stack, sporty contoured seating and leather-wrap three-spoke steering wheel. Along with Captiva LX, it brings the added luxury of leather-faced charcoal seat and door trim,
eight-way adjustable driver seat, driver information centre graphic display and electronic climate control with air quality sensor.

Driver, front passenger and side curtain airbags are standard on all models except Captiva SX, where driver and front passenger airbags are standard and curtain airbags are optional. Further safety items include pyrotechnic front seat belt pre-tensioners and force limiters, sash height adjustable front seatbelts, pedal release system and three child restraint anchor fittings.

A rigid, high-strength body shell is crash-optimised to distribute crash forces over defined load paths and help protect the integrity of the passenger safety cell.


An extensive Australian development program ensured Holden engineers strongly influenced Captiva’s performance and ride and handling characteristics. The result is a refined ride that is comfortable and stable in varying local road conditions.

Captiva’s trim SUV proportions contribute to its feel and manoeuvrability in everyday driving situations. The power steering is tuned for handling response, precise road feel and optimum driver feedback.All models a have four-link independent rear suspension and MacPherson strut up front. Suspension settings have been carefully calibrated to deliver passenger sedan ride refinement and the ability to absorb surface imperfections.

Holden Captiva SUV

Captiva CX and LX are equipped with a level ride suspension system which automatically maintains nominal ride height under differing load conditions. To align the vehicle with its sporty character, Captiva MaXX has unique damper calibrations and special rebound springs in the front struts for extra body roll control.

Electronic Stability Program (ESP®) is included as standard on all models. ESP helps prevent skidding in critical driving situations by applying corrective braking and reducing engine torque. An advanced Active Rollover Protection (ARP) system monitors body roll behaviour and averts possible rollover through early brake intervention. On steep downhill gradients, a Descent Control System (DCS) can automatically apply brakes at each wheel and allow the driver to concentrate primarily on steering.

Captiva is also equipped with four-channel ABS, traction control and hydraulic brake assist, which boosts pedal pressure when it detects emergency braking.

Active all-wheel-drive

The intelligent active all-wheel-drive system that contributes so much to Captiva’s versatile appeal is fully integrated into the ESP and ABS systems, improving vehicle control and active safety. In normal conditions, drive is via the front wheels. When driving conditions dictate, the active all- wheel-drive system instantly employs the rear axle via an electronically controlled electro-magnetic coupling to deliver maximum traction.


Holden Captiva SUVAn all Australian-built Alloytec V6 engine powers Captiva. The high performance 3.2 litre powerplant was developed especially for this SUV program and is made at Holden’s Global V6 engine facility in Port Melbourne, Australia.

In Captiva SX, CX and LX models, it generates peak power of 169kW and produces 297Nm of peak torque. The equally torquey Captiva MaXX generates 167kw of peak power. The slight power difference is due to a unique exhaust system.

The all-alloy engine has continuously variable camshaft timing on inlet and exhaust valves and a variable intake manifold that enhances performance while reducing fuel consumption. It is matched to a five-speed automatic transmission with Active Select on the shifter. Exhaust emissions comply with the Euro IV standard.


Holden design played a central role in shaping the strikingly stylish Captiva SUV. Its dynamic proportion and visual cues reflect the influences of former Holden Design Director Mike Simcoe and former Holden colleague Max Wolff.

Captiva has a boldly contoured engine hood, large jewelled headlamps and eye-catching grille with the Holden lion featured prominently on the crossbar. In profile, Captiva shows off rugged SUV elements such as bold wheel arches and protective mouldings, countered by chrome highlights and a coupe-style rear window treatment. The strong rear design is dominated by a large tailgate and substantial vertical tail lamps with indicators and reversing lamps contained in a central circular element.

Holden Captiva SUV

Detailing such as fender vents, roof rails, skid and sill plates, integrated signal lamps in the side mirrors, fog lamps, 17- and 18-inch alloy wheel design varies according to model designation. Captiva MaXX has unique design elements that set it apart from the other Captiva models. The lower section of the vehicle looks very robust and the body features bold lines and taut surfaces that combine to give a sporty muscular appearance with stylish elegance.

Color selection

Captiva SX, CX and LX are available in a choice of seven exterior finishes. MaXX has six.

  • Arctic White (not available in MaXX)
  • Mercury Silver metallic
  • Granada Black metallic
  • Merlot metallic
  • Midnight Blue metallic
  • Zest Metallic (not available in MaXX)
  • Chino metallic
  • Silverstone Grey metallic (exclusive to MaXX)

Metallic paint: $360

Holden Captiva recommended retail pricing Excluding delivery and government charges

  1. Captiva SX $35,990
  2. Captiva CX $38,990
  3. Captiva LX $41,990
  4. Captiva MaXX $42,990

Selected Captiva accessories

  • Satellite navigation
  • Roof-mounted DVD
  • Mobile phone Bluetooth kit
  • Nudge bar
  • Rear cargo organiser
  • Roof luggage box
  • Car fridge
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Side steps

On sale

Captiva SX, LX and CX: October 2006.
Captiva MaXX: November 2006.

  • Djay

    Holden and SUV don’t go hand in hand for me. I’m not sure how this will compete against the Territory, I think it has quite a bit of ground to make up. In saying that though, it does look like a very solid vehicle.

  • Michael Barrett

    Value for money on all the appointments, safety features and running cost(esp. Fuel),it should outshine Ford territory. It’s more compact and sporty but looks hide the generous space inside and 3rd row seating has generous footwell space too. Would have liked to have had child seat anchor points on 3rd row seats for flexibility. Instruments are a bit plain, but functional.

  • Wendy

    Have just test driven the new Captiva and it fulfils all of our requirements in what we have been looking for. Yes, it is made in South Korea but it is finished well. We have looked at Subaru, Peugeot, Honda and Mazda and it stacks up better in many areas compared to these top car makers. Well done Holden and good luck!

  • Steve

    I took the Territory and Captiva for test drives with kids in the back row and they unanimously preferred the Captiva for its comfort and suspension. The Territory was definitely a bigger feeling SUV, but felt plain in features compared to the Captiva. The difference in price was too good to pass up and I have ordered an LX.

  • alborz

    Thanks for your feedback Steve, Appreciate it.
    I guess it all comes down to personal choice, the territory is a good looking car though I have to give it that.

  • Mike

    still don’t know what I should buy. Captiva or CX-7.
    CX-7 is gorgeous from outside, but there is no head room and does not have a high driving position like captiva. also got a turbo lag very noticeable.
    also, they want service at each 6 months or 10K kilometers, meaning expensive to maintain. Petrol – 95 octane as minimum. Not 91 octane like Captiva.
    please give me your thoughts !


  • Gary

    Have driven Captiva, Territory and CX-7 recently. Find the interior of the Territory to plain, the V6 4spd doesn;t get the job done, and it is thirsty. The CX-7 is a nice car internally, but have to agree on the turbo lag very noticeable. Liked the Captiva a lot, and for all that it’s getting knocked for being Korean the interior is pretty damn good, the only thing I didn’t like was the plastic bumper all way around.

    I the end though, even though RRP was the same between the CX-7 and the Captiva LX, the cash price was $4k different in favour of the Holden, so the order is now in for a Black Captiva LX.

  • Mike

    Thanks for your feedback Gary. I may also go for the Captiva. One more test drive with both this weekend, then place the order.

  • Michael

    Didn’t give the Captiva much of a look initially, was going to buy a Territory but decided to just have a sticky beak one day and it started to grow on me. The wife had a look and to my surprise liked it too. We did a comparison and the Captiva just kept coming out in front. Captiva just did almost everything we wanted (no A/C outlets in row 2 or 3 is a pity). Have just placed an order for one.

  • 4kids

    Recieved blue LX a week ago – starting to get the feel for it now. Watch the door switches – too easy to pop the rear hatch open when reaching for the window switches. Get additional window tinting – it’s worth it. View out the rear is limited – perhaps the camera option to consider – definitely the reversing sensors. Engine power is good, but transmission still refuses to downshift easily and manual mode is best for hills and overtaking. Made the 4WD kick in a couple times in the wet today, but it holds the road wery well anyway.
    A/C outlets in the rear would be great and a sunroof option and auto lights-off feature on the next model please. Perhaps rear and side Airbags too.
    Very happy with it overall though – big savings over Territory which was the next option. Petrol Santafe didn’t rate and other 7 seaters just too expensive ( or they were Vans ! )

  • grant

    got my lx captiva very happy, very dissapointed with dealership W&T , but very happy with vehicle very well finished vehicle, mechanic by trade driven territory doesnt compare for price of money, wondering if anyone has picture of nudge bar holden cant show me yet

  • 4driver

    Captiva AWD / 4WD system: has anyone seriously tested this yet ?
    Would like to hear from anyone who has tested the automatic 4wd system in the sand, snow, mud etc. Has anyone tried to bog and unbog one yet ? how easy can it be done. Does the 4wd system perform as claimed . When the 4wd system engages the rear wheels, do they stay engaged for a period of time or just until there is no slippage detected between front & rear. I presume there’s no centre diff, so it would be possible to get one front and one rear wheel spinning. How does the Electronic Stability program deal with this – or doesn’t it care. More interestingly perhaps is how does the Traction Control System perform. Does the TCS try to brake the spinning wheels and thus transfer power to the fixed wheels?, this could be beneficial to avoid getting bogged. With the TCS and computer control of the individual brakes, can this vehicle perform as well as an expensive 4wd system with lockup diffs? The literature on the TCS doesn’t exactly say this so I would like to hear form anyone with mechanical knowledge or practical experience from actual testing. I’m aware the vehicle is not designed for serious 4wd work, but can it do anything off road – even once a year. Would anyone be confident of taking this vehicle into rough terrain, sand, mud or snow?
    Has anyone had one off the Bitumen yet?

  • John J

    I also am looking to purchase the lx and have searched high and low on the same question as above however nobody seems to have given this suv a go on anything worse than a ‘dirt track’. ditto on above querie. i also am not looking for a serious 4×4 however would like to know this car could handle a sticky situation.

  • jason pisani

    Just wondering if anyone can help me out. I have the MaXX model and must say Im happy with it. My question is , on a full tank I’m lucky to be getting 350ks. Is that the norm ?

    Ive heard all sorts of reasons for this. One being , the motor being new and in time will eventually get better on full consumption. Just want to know if this is normal????

  • alborz

    out of a 65L tank with holden quoted 11.6L/100km – lets say 12L – mate worse case scenario, you’d expect at LEAST 450 kms

    so if your getting 350
    take it back, the car must be running really rich – depends on new this is, it will most likely get better after first 1,000ks but that figure is still far to low!

    can be anything from Fuel Injectors to faulty censors etc..

  • claude

    Same here.. Have owned LX since Oct2006 and getting around 350 – 380 kms per tank city driving. Have gotten it down to 8.0L/100Km highway.
    Fuel consumption use to sit on around 16.5L/100Km but has since dropped down to around 15.3L/100Km after 4500Km ( we don’t drive it much ).
    I too was concerned about this and taken it back to dealer, but as it turns out, it is normal… Thats how the car is. The quoted 11.5L/100Km is only an average figure between City and Highway conditions, but leans heavily toward highway.. The figures mean nothing.
    Overall, i am very happy with the car. Taking it back to dealer this Monday because battery is leaking and drivers door needs adjusting.
    Hopefully next model they will bring out SatNav standard instead of that useless green LCD screen.


  • Mark Gidman

    Hi, I am looking to buy holden captiva lx & wanting to tow jayco swan camper caravan(1200kg). looks like petrol model is ok rated @ 2000kg but also interested @ Desiel model rated @ 1700kg. wondering if I can get some feedback on if desiel model would cope ok. Maybe later may even upgrade to jayco expander pop top if deisel would cope ok.

    thanks for any feedback

  • 4driver

    Has anyone taken a Captiva off the bitumen yet?

  • AP

    I have taken my LX onto the motorway a few times and can hear a fluttering type of sound on the roof – i have never driven a car with a roof rack before and am wondering if its the roof racks or something else. Has anyone else experienced this?

  • claude

    I also get the fluttering wind sound when going high speed. I think it’s a characteristic of the car but i don’t know what is causing it.
    I don’t really care anyway, i can barely hear it.

  • AP

    Has anyone been able to source a nudge bar yet that can be fitted to the Captiva and looks good? If there is a website of a where you can see what it looks like that would be great.

  • Gary Wilkins

    I purchased my LX on 2/4/07. Have only done 2600k and averaging 10.5. Mostly highway use when it reduces to 9.4, but around town it can be up to 11.4. Manual gear change is the only way on steep hills like the Toowoomba range. I also would like to know where I can buy a nudge bar.

  • Shauna

    We have just ordered an LX June 07. Plan to go to the snow a few days after it arrives. Is this a good idea for a brand new car? There probably wont be any snow on the roads but with Sydney weather lately never say never. Has anyone driven it in snow or in a real off road situation? Snow chains? Would they be required by Nat. Parks for this kind of vehicle?

  • Gary

    Re the last entry. I recently spent three days in mud with my LX. I turned off the stability control as recommended. The 4WD cut in when needed. I wish the car had a manual 4WD button as well as the auto. The fitted Dunlop tyres were as good as useless. This would be the same in swow. I think you will find that you can’t use chains on the LX as the 18 inch rims don’t leave you enough clearance. See the manual on page 4-7. Don’t forget the winter mode for gear selection in the snow.

  • Gary

    GMH have just released a nudge bar for $429.00 (U Fit). Not much thought has gone into the design. The car number plate has to be moved to the nudge bar, leaving the old attachment holes in the car body behind the nudge bar. Why not a rustic plastic design fitted onto the body and not covering the number plate?

  • Sarah

    PLEASE HELP!! Does anyone know what 4 door sedans can fit 3 child car-seats in the back? Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon? Anything else? Thanks, the RTA said they couldn’t help…

  • Wayne Cera

    Forget the petrol get the diesel.Forget the kw number & look at the torque figure & RPM.Once you start towing with any petrol engine the fuel consumption will raise by 40% depending on speed & wind,diesels use only 20% more.There heaps better to drive (more mid range torque where you need it)& use heaps less fuel.Go and drive any late model diesel of any brand,both petrol & diesel and you will pick the diesel every time.Good luck.

  • Wayne Cera

    sarah we had three seats across the back of our 86 VL commodore wagon. Cars have got wider since then.What about a people mover.I know all to well that you must take a heap of junk with you when going shopping or to the grannys so for now the bigger the better.

  • debo

    In case anyone is interested in a Captiva online forum, please visit

    Only downside is you need to sign up for a google id – which is no biggie.

    Hopefully we can collect some great info and share ideas here.

    Go Captiva

  • Bob Davidson

    Hi! All,
    Got my SX just at the end of last financial year and to date have been reasonably happy with its performance. I have never owned a SUV so getting used to the driving position was interesting. Found the first tank full of petrol just seemed to disappear at about 17Ltr/100Km, however the next tankful was used on highway drive and gave great performance at just under 10Ltr/100Km, then back to 15Ltr/100Km when back in the city. As I normally drive lots of very short trips I can expect these higher fuel consumptions, as a fact of life.
    My only gripe so far is the bifflication of the exhaust system, although the bifflication is in the form of a perfect “Y” I find that the exhaust outlet on the drivers side does not heat up as most of the exhaust gases expel through the passenger side outlet. As water is one of the by-products of internal combustion engines I am finding rust already starting to appear in the drivers side outlet, not a good sign. Will get an answer when I take it in for its check up next month.
    Oh! there is one other gripe 12 month warranty, didn’t know manufacturers still had such short warrantys my last car had five years not that I ever had a problem with it to have to worry about the warranty.
    Happy motoring.

  • Troxen

    Hi Bob, I also have an SX, I picked it up mid August and I have also noticed that the passenger side of the exhaust expels a majority of the exhaust, I don’t find it a huge concern but what I have done is purchased a couple of stainless steel tips that only cost me $45 fitted.
    I was told by the dealer that the warranty ws 3 years or 100,000ks, I hope that this is correct, where did you hear that it was only 12 months?

    Cheers, Dave.

  • Troxen

    Hi Bob, just pulled this off the Captiva brochure from the website.

    Every new Holden comes with a New Vehicle Warranty, covering your Holden
    for 3 years5 or 100,000 kilometres, whichever comes first. This factory backed
    warranty covers items including the engine, transmission, interior and exterior
    components. Refer to your Owner’s handbook or see your Holden Dealer
    for full terms, conditions and exclusions.

    I thought 12 months sounded a bit short and got a bit worried so I went and checked, hope this eases your mind a bit, Cheers, Dave!

  • Bronchskintz

    Stainless Steel exhaust, how the hell can it rust?????

  • Bavarian Missile

    Unless its marine grade stainless it can rust,also where the welds are in your system it can start to rust there too.

    I once blew the internals out of two stainless mufflers ,why? Cause the internals aren’t stainless just the casing! The neighbors did know I was home that night…..hahaha .

    Same car since has has a twin 3 inch exhaust on it and HPC coated ,car does around 500ks a year and has just started to rust after 11 years. HPC is great stuff!

  • woz

    This is just one complaint about his crap Holdenwoo korean suv, there is so many it’s beginning to be bluddy stupid….

    I took the plunge back in mid October and bought a new Captiva LX to replace my ageing ’97 VT Commodore which was plagued with problems.

    At first, i was very happy with the car, but now i am questioning my purchase with possible intentions to get nasty toward Holden.

    Firstly, here is my list of problems :

    – High fuel consumption

    My wife is in no way a lead foot, and drives responsibly with our 2 kids in the car. Our fuel figures are always around the 16 – 16.5 L/100 mark. A long way from the claimed 11.5 L/100 average. The only way i have ever gotten it to this level, i by driving on the Princes Hwy for 45 minutes.
    I have spoken to my dealer about this, and i got the usual response : ” Every person has different driving habits “.
    Whilst i agree with this comment, i find it hard to believe it would increase by 5 L/100. We are averaging about 320 – 350Km per tank. Pathetic for a new car in my opinion. My VP 5.0L was better.

    – LH Passenger door not always unlocking

    This one started about 6 weeks after purchase. Every now and then, the LH Pass door will not unlock, and cannot be opened from inside or outside the car.
    I don’t know about you guys, but in my opinion this poses a potential serious safety issue. Again, i raised this issue with my dealer, but they tell me that they cannot ( and will not ) fix the problem unless they can find the actual cause. They did not care about the safety factor.
    Also, i have found another post on the blogs, where another Captiva owner had the same problem, but with another door.

    – Slight buzzing noise

    This is a minor one, but still annoying. When accelerating, you can hear a buzzing noise coming from the engine bay. Almost like the old ‘static’ noise from old car radios. My guess is that it could be a belt rubbing on something. I noticed this as soon as we drove the car home, but did not notice it in my initial test drive. Will have another test drive before approaching dealer.

    – Hand brake

    Never worked since new.. at all.. Having it fixed today.

    – Safety recall

    As far as i was aware, there was only one issue. I was only contacted about this one : The fog lamps need to be rewired to stay on with the high beams.
    When i dropped it off this morning, they made me aware of another. A power steering hose problem. I was never contacted for this, but was known about since mid November.

    – Wind noise

    Maybe i am being too picky here, but other Captiva owners are reporting almost non existent wind noise at high speed.
    Not the case here.. very audible. Lower than my old VT, but its there to be heard..

    – Rough idling

    Very slight vibration can be felt in the cabin due to rough idling.
    I don’t think its too much to ask for a $47000 brand new car to not have this problem… Should be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. I have friends with much older and cheaper cars that do not have this issue.

  • Me.

    When this Holdenwoo came out, I thought it was an Australian response to the Territory. It was a news headline and everything.

    Turned out to be BS.

  • woz

    Same here me if only Ford could conjure up 1 billion dollars for false advertising and no funds for building a decent car, maybe more people would have a different perception or is it just broadcasted Holdenwoo brand been unfortunately past down from generations of one eyed Lion’s

  • Satisfied

    It’s a great car- it handles well and sit up high on the road, but not so high that others can’t see around it. The fuel ecomony is not that great, but it never is in an all wheel drive.
    It’s the pefect answer to all those stinking Toyota 4 wheel drives!
    We are yet to take our Maxx on the beach but can’t wait!!
    Has anybody been to the beach- any tips??

  • Buyer

    I was wondering, can the Captiva be run on E10 blended fuels, has anyone used it or tried it.


  • Buyer

    I was wondering, has anyone used E10 ethenol in Captiva can it handle it. I am looking at buying an LX for work as I am a sales rep, I will have petrol paid for, even still I am a little concerned at some of the fuel figures above. I am aware of the diesel offering, however this seems to be quite a small engine in relation to the wieght, when fully loaded, any feedback would be great.


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  • Geeza


    I have purchase a MaXX in September and have found the Fuel Consuption to the terrible between 18Lt per 100Kms and 24LT per 100kms when towing my boat, i would be keen to know if anyone has had this resolved and what the issue was?


  • laurie

    Not happy HOLDEN get your act together instead of hanballing the problem of that ROTTEN EGG SMELL in the HOLDEN CAPTIVA PETROL MODEL.Do you honestly think i should drive a car with that rotten egg smell with young kids in the car.

  • robert

    Laurie maybe try not flat flooring on take offs. Mine gets the smell only when l thrash it. My fuel economy is under ten per hundred mixed driving and 13 when towing a tandem scaffold trailer and has done 35,000klms. Always use e10 fuel with no drama’s. Overall i’m extreemly happy with my captiva but holden service is another story.

  • Troxen

    Robert, It’s not when you flatten it on take offs, it’s whenever harder acceleration is warranted, e.g going up hills, long hill climbs, it’s a bit of an assumption that someone else is driving in a particular style when you really don’t know. I as well as many many others have this problem with mine as well. Oh and by the way in all the cars I have owned (20+) I have never ever encountered a car that stinks up when you acceletate hard so I think you may have a problem with yours as well. With doors closed, windows up and air con on recirc you shoud NEVER EVER have your car fill with sulphur dioxide/CO2, it’s a potentially dangerous situation.
    As for your fuel consumption, good luck to you, Since mid August I have done over 25’000K’s in mine, I have a moderate driving style and on highways with just me in the car, I usually manage to get about 400K’s, sometimes 450 out of 62-63 litres, very poor and alot worse than the quoted fuel consumption figures(11.5l per 100k) which is supposed to reflect a combination of higheway and city so by right I should be getting better economy than 11.5, I did my first round town tank of fuel over Christmas and I managed to get 350k’s to 61 litres, very poor. It could be a sign that there is too much fuel being pumped into the motor and excess unburnt fuel is leaving the motor and the catalytic converter is choking on it creating large quantities of sulphur dioxide.

    I appreciate that you are happy with yours Robert, and so am I with every other area other than fuel consumption and rotten egg smell. It’s been in to Holden twice and so far they are sticking their head in the sand. It will be going in again in a couple of weeks so we will see what happens. Holden’s customer service department is also extremely difficult to deal with also, they keep buck passing from themselves to the servicing dealer and vice versa.

    I’m not trying to be funny mate I just don’t think it’s wise to assume that people drive in any particular style. I will post any result I get after it goes in next time.

  • Satisfied

    Has any one taken the Captiva on the beach/off road,…..if so how did it perform

  • laurie

    My wife drives the car more than me and she definately does not flat floor it on take offs and we only use premium fuel . I’m talking about the smell getting into the cabin, and my you i have shut off all the vents and all the seals were checked by Holden.

  • Buyer

    Hi Everyone,
    Drove back from Naranderra to Sydney on one tank with still some fuel left over. The fuel economy is great most of the way 8.4 ltrs to 8.7 around 690km to a tank. I am happy with the Car, and think it is about time everyone gets back to the positives, the Captiva is a great car and once again I would recomend DIESEL OVER PETROL. Cheers

  • Unsatisfied

    Hard to concentrate on the positives when Holden won’t fix the negatives.

  • JA

    Just had the Captiva for a test run on Hawks Nest Beach. Fairly soft sand from recent heavy weather. Std road tyres down to 14/15psi.

    Went very smoothly until I turned to come home, then the ESP appeared to kick in. I am not 100% sure but this appeared to drop the revs and cause some independent braking as wheels spun. Definitly needed revs up not down!! 2 boggings later and a bit of shovel work but we managed to get off.

    We turned the ESP off and it appeared to go better. I’d make the following points:
    It was soft sand (I’ve driven a Troopy many times on this beach).
    It has std road tyres on which we had to deflate a little further to get unbogged.

    All in all it felt good when the ESP hadn’t engaged, it was dificult when it did. The all wheel drive appeared to kick in imtermittantly. We drove out without needing external recovery.

    I’d be interested to hear about the experience of others on the sand. The manual is very very vague on whether the ESP should be left engaged or not in these circumstances. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

  • JA

    Almost forgot:

    the clearance was a bit of a prob in the soft stuff. It didnt require too much digging in of the front wheels before it suspended underneath.

  • Holdenman

    You should always turn off ESP/Traction control when driving in sand. The result otherwise is that the engine will ask for max revs to move as the ESP applies brakes to stop the detected slippage, so an internal power struggle develops. Yoe end up creeping along at max revs.

    Use button to turn off, if you have one. Not all cars do.

  • Holdenman

    You should always turn off ESP/Traction control when driving in sand. The result otherwise is that the engine will ask for max revs to move as the ESP applies brakes to stop the detected slippage, so an internal power struggle develops. You end up creeping along at max revs.

    Use button to turn off, if you have one. Not all cars do.

  • vishnu

    feels good
    drives good
    life good
    enjoy goods

  • batman

    Have a Captiva Cx with about 7k on the clock. Have been experiencing problems since day 1 with a knocking noise coming from the front passenger wheel when turning left at low speed. Also pulls to the left really badly.
    In addition the fuel gauge, once it reaches 3/4 tank will go back upto reading full tank, (fuel range comp does the same), it won’t come back down until about 1/4 of a tank or below.
    I have taken it back to the dealership that I bought it from 5 times now and they can’t repair the faults.
    Has anyone else had similar problems?
    Another small problem is the passenger sun visor won’t close and has had to be replaced twice.

  • ads69

    I want to go to VIC this season and need some snow chains for my LX (235/55 R18 – 18″x7″)any suggestions?

  • I Beecken

    Ive had my @lt deisel CX since Jan 08 & so far clocked up 5500km & I havent had any real issues. Most of my driving is suburburbian and im managing to ave around 580km – 620km per tank. The only real issues so far have been one of the middle row seats didnt latch down properly…. once! since then never done it again, Slight squeak in rear suspension and a slight rattle in exhaust (this one think I can fix).
    So far Ive found it to be a great vehicle fits my family of 5 with reasonable comfort, got the 6 stacker filled and the sterio cranks ok lol. reversing I dont have to much of an issue with I find the side mirrors give me pretty good behind but because of the small rear window you do tend to rely on the rear sensors so if youre not sure it could pay to check before reversing.
    Ive had it up to 110kmh so far and she just purred along didnt miss a beat not strange and unwanted noises either.

    Just thought id put up a positive note bout the “old girl”

  • Vicente

    Hi: I bought a Chevrolet Captiva LTX in Spain, where I am living. It is very similar to Holden; well, Holden Captiva seems to me a mix between Chevrolet Captiva on the exterior and Opel Antara in the interior. All the buttons are the same than in Opel models. So, my Captiva is not a Holden but … Here is my opinion.
    3000 km done, the only problem I found was the front passenger door (as happened to Woz, we are the only people in the web with this issue!) getting locked. They changed the whole door lock and got solved.
    Fuel (diesel, automatic) consumption: 9-10 litres on the highway, depending on wind and speed, and 12-13 litres on pure city traffic. I promise I tried to get to 8 litres driving constant and slow but … impossible.
    I tested it on irregular paths and it worked fine, not being very exigent.
    I think it is really a good car and I am enjoying it.

  • Kate

    Recently purchased a 2007 LX Captiva…
    Wanting to put roof racks on and have been quoted $300. Can anyone suggest a cheaper place to go? We live on the Gold Coast…thanks

  • Gary Wilkins

    Hi Kate. In April 07 I purchased a PRORACK roof rack for my Captiva LX from Autopro for $265. It is different to most racks as there is no overhang on the sides. It fits flush between the side rails. It was easy to fix. All the best.

  • Geoff

    have had SX diesel for 6mths now and almost 30,000km. Fuel economy great, even with roof racks. Fitted off-road tyres from day one as I had been told road noise was less than with the standard road tyres. don’t don’t don’t care after a trip down a VERY steep slippery hill was thankfull. Would seriously have felt more comfortable with low range on that day but did make it to the bottom. Was pretty nervous about having to turn around and get back up the hill if we had to. Considering Fraser Island later in the year but not sure how it will go in the sand without low range. happy with the car and would recommend. Only real gripe is 7 seater does no come with a manual g’box.

  • John

    Have had an LX 60th Anniversary for 5 months. Fuel consumption started around 15l/100km, now at 12.9 ~ 13.0l/100km, considering I leave the aircon operational, I am quite happy in respect of published figure of 11.5

  • Shane

    Have had SX Manual Diesel for 7 Months, 20000km on clock, also good fuel economy and she seams to be settling in very nicely,
    Just a Question for Geoff (October 7th) what brand of off road tyre have you fitted?, I’ve been looking for A/T tyre to suit Captiva, but most of the brands dont seam to have the the size needed – 235/60/17…anyone know of any other (bigger) size tyre that can be fitted to standard 17′ rim?

  • kit

    I am Looking for a Holden Captiva diesel,but worry about the price for service,is it a lot expensive than a petrol engine for service ?

  • Realistic

    This has been an extremely interesting forum to read. Just thought I’d place a bit of input from another independent view. I work in construction and cover about 40,000km a year. I have just up graded from a Jeep Cherokee (petrol)to a Captiva CX 2 ltr Diesel manual. I have had both diesel and Petrol vehicles. If you want good fuel economy you should also at least look at the diesel plus it usually gives you great torque. The Jeep (like the V6 Captiva) will give you 15 lt/100km +. People seem to think because its only a 2 ltr the diesel is too small for the car. Crap.. It actually has more torque than the V6 (297 v 320 Nm). Without torque you cant turn a screw driver/screw. I dont no why Holden dont push the diesel/manual more or even make it availble in the SX & LX models. As for servicing. I on;ly take my car to the dealer for the first two services then have a local mechanic who is more witched on than those at Holden. Had a Vectra years ago with a terminal problem. Yes, you guessed it, Holden couldnt work it out but the local mechanic ran rings around them and fixed it even telling Holden what the cause was. He is a nice guy.

    Any way bottom line is the Captiva is a great car but only as good as what you want out of it. Its not a 4WD or a BMW. If you winge about fuel ecomony buy a diesel plus better for towing.

  • Kochie

    Got the misssus a 2008 demo petrol LX for the right price.
    Fuel economy is around the 12’s for around town (Melbourne) and 9’s on the highway which is a bit better than the old VS commodore.
    Only one complaint with the Captiva: the kids fight to get a seat in the “boot”.

  • Charlie Muscat

    I purchased A new 2008 Captiva LX and the fuel economy is the worst off any car i have ever owned ! Petrol off course and struggle to 350km per tank.! And by no means do i drive it hard ,I would not be able to afford to drive it…Any ideas ? Holden Help Please……?

    • Dean

      Hi All, I just purchased an 09 Captiva SX 7 seater and am pushing to get 400 km from a full tank, any ideas Holden

  • Mad_Hawk


    I’ve got a 2007 Captiva LX and have found it to be a great car.

    One problem – power steering. Vibration which can be felt through the steering wheel and a ‘whining’ sound, particularly noticeable at low speed. Initially thought the ‘whining’ may be child/wife/both however alas not. Anyone else had similar issues?

    Taken it back to Holden twice and have been advised by a ‘mechanic’ that there’s no problem. I’m taking it back again next week and I will take said ‘mechanic’ for a drive and point out what the problem is.

    Have read a few comments in the forum about people trying to understand how the Cappy performs off-road. I just took it on the drive to Wedge Island in WA (plenty of soft sand, corrugations and sections of limestone) and the car performed beautifully. Particuarly so when the pilot (me)has never been off the black-top before. All wheel drive kicks in seamlessly – you’ll never know it’s come on, apart from the fact you’re not stuck. Quite amazing given I drove there on road tyre pressures.

    I’ve attached a URL for the wedge island run, so it provides an idea of difficutly etc for anyone trying to get an idea of how the car performs off-road.

    Now, I’m certainly not saying it’s a land-cruiser, but you can certainly have a bit of fun in one of these off-road.


  • Mark

    I have just bought (22/06/09) a diesel LX Captiva.
    When I was considering models I looked to youtube to see if 4WD clips had been posted-they have! there is a very special vid. of a Opel Antara( that’s what they are called in EU,get used to the global car industry all you lads griping about”holdenwoo”)climbing up a waterfall,look for it-unbelievable!
    I have owned many new cars(15-I am a medical rep.)and have always wanted a 4WD.
    Sadly,my wife is a bit of a greenie and hates them!-that is ’til she saw the Captiva! I have test driven all the competitors,I looked at Audi A5 (too expensive) VW Tiguan-pretty good but too small (I have 3 kids;dog)Renult Kolios hard one,based on proven Nissan XTrail with cool french interior but no 7 seats,Nissan XTrail-narrow body bad seats,Subaru Forester loved-but no 7 seats. Also looked at Mazda 7 and 9 but fuel consuption in both scary!
    So, after looking at all these cars listed above,was Driveing night and saw a banner outside a Holden dealer “7 seats in all Captivas” test drove one-the next day-bought one the day after-based on brief drive and gut feel-good car in diesel mode petrol rated higher for towing not sure why as in diesel torque normally better.


    Hi All,
    I thought I would post some dissapointing news with regards to my 08 Lx Captiva DIESEL, I have owned it since Jan 08, 55k last month I went out to go to work, a complete engine malfunction on start up. Holden roadside assist and a tow to local dealer, up until this event I was really happy with car, Dealer has done a complete strip down of engine and is still requesting parts from HO, been nearly 2 weeks at dealer. This event has really made me question the longevity of this engine and the reliabilty, I am a light careful driver klms are a lot of long distance driving as I am a rep. I will keep everyone posted, however feel Holden really dont know how to foix this engine.

  • Gazza

    30,000 klm 07 Captiva Diesel LX update. It’s been a long while since my last post and there is a reason for this, the car is faultless. Fuel consumption has imporved slightly since my last post and now it will return low to mid 8’s on a trip. It does a great job around town (sydney) and my wife loves driving it.

  • Chris

    I have had a Captiva CX Diesel through work for just on 12 months now. Couple of things, it was a lot better car than I thought it would be. Rides well, handles well and for a diesel goes really well. Was a bit disappointed at first with fuel economy but the trip computer is actually worse then what it really is. I average about 9 litres/100km and have had down to 8 and up to 11. What makes a big difference is which brand of fuel you use. I have a Caltex fuel card but occasionally put BP in it and I always get better mileage from the BP, about 1 – 2 litres/100kms better. I have done a lot of long trips as well as city driving. I’m based in SEQld but regularly go out west including trips of over 1100kms in a day and feel fine at the end of the days drive. It does have a bit of road/wind noise but I do also have roof bars. I use it for the family too and can fit wife and baby and toddler with all the stuff that goes with kids and still have room to spare. Radio reception is poor but cd player is fine. Haven’t done a lot off road but was surprised at it’s ability when I did having grown up with real 4wds. All in all I really like it and am considering buying one of my own. Will go for the diesel as not much more to buy and by the sound of it a lot better fuel economy. As I said for a diesel it goes really well and can sit on the speed limit effortlessly and is capable of speeds that would see you loose your license for a very long time. Little bit of turbo lag first thing when the engine is cold but once it’s warmed up it’s fine. To date I have done 45000kms, just had it serviced today and have only had it serviced and rotated the tyres which look like they have at least another 25000kms life in them. Have no complaints other then the radio. I agree the vision through the back window is a bit limited but side mirrors are good as are the parking sensors. A couple of times I’ve towed trailers and that has confused the sensors, they are supposed to cut out when you have a trailer hitched on, which they do but sometimes it takes a while for it to realize that you have unplugged the trailer and they don’t work for a bit. Usually stopping the engine and restarting does the trick. Nice car, looks good, goes well, rides well, lots of room, I’m 6″ 4′ and is good to drive.

  • jasper

    Just had a 30,000kms service on a diesel Captiva sx, the dealership reckons i need a full set of tyres?????. I though i would get alot more kms out of a set of tyres.

    Had anyone else had this trouble?

    • Michael

      Had the same. Changed at 30,000 as very worn on the deges of some.
      Bought Yokohamas (17″ for LX model) Much quiter than original Dunlops
      and feel more secure on highway.
      My advice is keep them inflated higher than recommended (check with tyre
      supplier). Mine run at 38pps (recommnded for Dunlops was 30-32-too low
      that’s why the sidewalls were wearing out rapidly).

      It’s a heavy vehicle- 30,000km is not bad. but don’t ever get low profile-lucky if you get 20,000k out of them (from personal experience).

  • Craig

    I have a Captiva SX petrol that is doing 17l/100km. Told by the service manager at my dealer that that is normal!!

    Seems I’m stuck. But if you still have a choice, buy something else.

  • Shannon Austin

    Hi Chris, Just out of curiosity, what brand of tyres were fitted?? Cheers mate.

  • Sash

    I have a Captiva SX a 2009 model. The driver side exhaust does not seem to be working. When I checked with Holden dealer, I was advised this is normal. Is this normal for all Captiva models and does anyone know what the issue could be.

  • Ben

    I just bought my captiva sx 7 seater, the I thought there was something wrong with my car, new to SUV. After reading this, at least its good to know what to look out for, its NORMAL for a full tank to hit 350km-400km, and to watch out for my tyres.. also, looking at the the comparison with Mazda CX7 & 9 on this, I think i am pretty happy with it for now, If i have the chance to choose again, i will still go for it, its because of the 7 seater and sun roof that comes with it.

  • Mark

    Hi guys, I have owned my ’07 TD LX for a couple of years and am generally happy with it. I’m due for shocks (90kms) and have been quoted from Holden $416 ea for the front struts(damper only no spring) and a whopping $674 ea for rear shock absorbers…not fitted. I’m gobsmacked. I’m yet to find an aftermarket product (Repco/Pedders etc don’t stock them)- any suggestions from you guys?!?!!
    Thanks Mark

  • Terry

    Have an 07 LX diesel and tyres are badly in need or replacement after 45000k’s. Originals are the car are Dunlop SP270 235/55/R18. Car spends 99% of time on road, predominately round town with the odd country trip every couple of months. Anyone have any recommendations for best tyre replacement?

    • DE

      The best thing that most honest people will tell you is to replace your tyes with whatever comes on the new Ford Territory – oh of course it means dumping the Holden Captiv(e) for the only real Aussie SUV as well.

  • Mark

    Hi Terry, the Dunlops are very expensive ~$500 each. There are other options ranging from a Kuhmo ~ $260. I’ve been advised that a Yokohama is good and I’ll go there next for ~ $290 a corner from Bob Janes. I’m on my second set of SP270s and got about the same kms, however are scrubbing a lot due to the finicky alignment on mine.
    Good luck!

  • http://A Jaemesc

    I have a 09 diesel and have had endless problems 4 DVD players 2 new side mirrors went green from slime and water, 3 fuel injectors replaced 1 fuel pump a camber kit fitted now a new turbo, 2 head lamps replaced the plastic reflector was pealing, in the first week the car was in for repair with a spot weld in the roof to be sealed as it wAs flooding water in side the car when it was raining, There are other minor things all Holden will do is give us a free Survice.

  • Josi

    Hi folks, i’m new to this forum. got a question to ask about captiva ’07 power steering fluid. I was looking the fluid at “super cheap auto” store and couldn’t find it. I ask the store person, he said they have no DEXRON III power steering fluid. In the store I found only DEXRON III auto transmission fluid. Is this DEXRON III ATF is also for power steering or they are different?

    I also called holden spare parts to ask if the DEXRON III trasmission fluid is the same with DEXRON III power steering fluid. The guy said they are different.

    So I’m here to find out from you guys’ opinion.
    Thanks heap.

  • Velvetmerle

    It is a good solid vehicle ..have had mine for two years and cannot fault it