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by Brett Davis

Spot the difference. We know Mitsubishi has a partnership deal with Proton Motors in Malaysia. And we know the latest Proton Inspira is largely based on the Mitsubishi Lancer. But now there could be a cheaper alternative to the sporty turbocharged Lancer Evolution model. It’s called the Protor Jebat Concept.

It is just a concept at this stage but it’s sure to kick up some fuss in the car’s local market because it still features a turbocharged engine, like it’s bigger brother, the Evolution. Only the engine isn’t quite as potent as Mitsubishi’s offering. The Jebat features a 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder – also seen in our Mitsubishi Ralliart Lancer – offering 177kW of power and 343Nm of torque, so it would still be a bit of a cracker.

Something distinct to the Proton version though is the bodykit and two-tone colour scheme. It almost looks like it comes from one of those European tuning factories, complete with matte black details incorporated into the front bar and along the doors. The rear bumper bar is also much chunkier than the Mitsubishi, and also features matte black highlighting.

Inside the car is also treated to Evo-esque features such as Recaro front seats with red stitching and a touch-screen in-car entertainment screen. Unlike the Evolution Lancer though, the Jebat gets some pretty ordinary tyre-shop special 18 inch chrome alloy wheels.

It’s unknown if the Proton Jebat Concept will actually go into production at this stage. It could be a great marketing plan for the company though as its local market would surely swallow it up, whole.

  • Banicks

    I’ve always wondered why car companies don’t do this. Sell their top of the line bodykitted cars as base model – sure not as much power. But would you buy a look-a-like Aston Martin DB9 even if it only had a 4 cylinder engine? I sure as heck would.

  • Taka

    OMG!.. RalliArt Proton.. no Evo !

  • Radbloke

    The back end looks like it’s just coated with primer. Get rid of those supercheap auto chrome rims and give it a paint job, Proton might have a winner.

  • NIK516

    OMG please we don’t need proton.

  • Chi Lye TANG

    if Malaysia had bogans, they would be driving this… reminds me of overdone styling like the E2 HSVs

    • Simo

      yes is called ah beng

      • wo

        i know who you are.. you are the so called ah beng. FO

  • Toxic_Horse

    Loose the black plastic. yuck!!

    However if the price is right this would be awesome.

  • Captain Nemo

    If Proton really want to do something different with a Lancer how about making a new Jumbuck ute. An Evo powered Jumbuck would be awesome.

    • Jack

      Excuese me,why don’t Proton make the Jumbuck like a off-road car with 3.0 liter turbocharged diesel engine.Besides that,the Satria Neo should has a 2.0 liter turbocharged diesel engine too(just look at Ford Focus,BMW 1 and 3-series,Peugeot 207,their diesel version rocks the earth too due to the tork which come out every time you accelarate)

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au Jim Goose senior

    Can’t these imbeciles design their own cars? Please Proton don’t sell it here…we already get this car,its called the Mitsubishi Lancer. Design your OWN cars or go away.

    • Jack

      I got the same word too.Why Proton can’t build a mid-engine sports car like the Lotus Elise,Evora or Espirit?I feel pity since Malaysia dosen’t have a private car manuafactor like England(Look at their handmade cars-steel tube body-frame,carbon fiber body panel,on-roadable circiut speed machine and sparta driving style)Frankly speaking,if Proton was dedicated,their can build supercars already.

  • Steve

    cant wait for the Proton Jebowl

  • ohno

    type JEBAT into google translator. ..

  • ohno

    in malay its musk. In russian it means F _ __

  • Jack

    I feel disappointed to the Jebat since it got less output than the Evo.Although it might be cheaper but the front bumper looks…(I don’t know how to describe it),is it provide the dual-clucth tramission gearbox like the Evo or just a 5-speed manual tranmission gearbox?Plus,does the Jebat got the same AWD system as the Evo?My suggetion to Proton is remain the look or ehcance it,make a 2-door coupe version,raise the engine output at least 300hp and change the suspension link’s material into aluminium alloy.

  • Jack

    Oh yeah,I forgot something else.That is try to put some carbon fiber body panel(such as bonet,roof,hub,front and rear bumper and the bottom)if the Jebat have premium version.Plus,the black colour should apply on bonet,roof and hub while the rest should use pearl white or whole car coloured in metalic silver/red/deep blue/black.

  • Sumodog

    Jebat is a popular word in Croatian :-)

  • Jonno Smith

    Proton Jebat EVO-styling concept looks embarrassing & awful! Not very cohesive with an ad-hoc styling approach! Like a backyard body-kit cut-&-paste ‘AH BENG’ job gone bad!
    The front matte black highlight really overdone with too much area looking like a completed collision repair job in primer – makes the HSV GTS front matte black highlight look even better! Proton horizontal grill emblem is totally out-of-place in the EVO’s big mouth grill. The front wide rounded arch is inconsistent with the rear widebody (which is blister type). The squarish EVO body looks better with the widebody blister type arch both front & rear. The side protrusions and skirt treatment is very messy – suitable for a coupe or sports car but not a sedan! Again, the black highlights are overdone!
    The rear bumper bar is horrendous! Looks like a rear widebody kit from another larger car being tacked onto it. Black highlight again atrocious – rear collision repair job in primer just completed! The back also sports a little integrated bull-bar seen in SUVs.
    Proton Jebat concept = bad taste and tacky design!