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  • carl

    Well, if the based model is priced close to the VW Golf GTI, I will definitely buy the VW Golf.

    • Myke

      Don’t forget that Ateco is the distributor, so it will end up costing a lot more. I still want one though.

  • Shak

    CA any word on a potential Aussie release and any prices?

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

      January; 170 bhp and QV petrol engines in manual forms with 170 TCT to arrive in the third quarter; prices will be announced when the cars go on sale. This is the information we have from Ateco’s PR boss.

  • peter

    drive the gulietta while in italy. what can i say, brilliant.

    can’t wait for its aus arrival.

    i’ll have 2 please.

  • Jules

    The car doesn’t do it for me in these pictures, comes across as quite bulbous and cartoonish; but it sounds like it looks rather nice in the flesh so I shall wait and see.

  • Alfisti

    Beautiful! Our roads would be all the more interesting for more cars like this and less Toyotas etc.. I hope it sells in better numbers than Alfas to date.

  • NoNoNo

    They said exactly the same thing about the 159… Until a long term test has been done, you can’t draw any conclusion… I am an ex Alfa 147 (facelift) Ti owner. I sold it with 16,000kms for half the money I paid for it 18 months after driving out of showroom. Rubbish. It spent more time in for warranty work than it did in my garage. Suspension, engine mounts, electronics… Arrgghhh.. Don’t put yourself through the heart ache! Sure, the looks and leather are second to none, but that’s where it ends!! Topgear only rate this 12/20… Deservably so. VW GTI 17/20… Buy the Golf everytime… I now have a Golf R…

    • Kiwimark

      Having had a 159 brand new since 1999, I have had nothing but driving pleasure, the most painful things have been MAF sensor and a seat sensor for passenger seat.
      It still feels planted on the road and is up there in being the most beautiful car on the road

      • MisterMister

        How can you have had a 159 since 1999, when it didn’t go on sale until 2006? Don’t you mean 156, not 159? Don’t even know the name of your own car… lol.

    • Gary

      My 2002 147 2.0 TS has done 150,000 kms with less trouble than a similar Golf 2.0 over the same distance. The VW engine left me beside the road several times, something the Alfa never did. A big no-no in my book . Really luck of the draw……

      • Jack

        I have a 2003 147 2.0 that has only done 40, 000km and in the last 18 months it has fallen to pieces. Constant transmission issues, switchgear in the cabin doesn’t work and huge service fees. I love my alfa but not again

    • James Cortez

      Told people many times Alfa may be good looking but reliability (147 is a relatively new model) is horrible. Same price as VW GTi, no brainer, go for the golf. German cars are better than Italian cars in general. Except, perhaps, Ferrari.

      As “No NO NO” said here, “Buy the Golf everytime”. Now with the Polo Gti priced at 28 grand, Alfa just can’t beat it. Good luck Ateco!

    • JP

      Just wait until the electronics die in your supposedly well built German car, all the buttons peel off the “soft touch” plastics and enjoy the rattles after 2 years ownership, I speak from experience…don’t believe the German car myth….why does VW always finish near the bottom of the quality surveys, even worse than Alfa some years.

      I’ll have the Alfa anyday….by the way my 2001 156 Monza now has 120,000k and the only thing that I have replaced is the battery in the key fob!!

    • jojo

      I had an 89 alfa 75 rear wheel drive 3.0 litre beautiful to drive when everything was running properly and expensive to repair. I traded it for a VW Golf bought new with the perceived expectation that it would be reliable….Well I was wrong as it was just as expensive to repaair and less reliable than the Alfa.

      When it was replaced due to a car accident the replacement model still had all the usual bugs, power windows not working, elctrical gremlims, power steering and engine mount failure etc.

      The final straw came when my wife which was 6 months pregnant was left roadside and stranded due to a faulty crank angle sensor which would kill the engine randomly and wouldnt start.

      Even VW couldnt find the problem until I took it to a Bosch specialist who repaired it. Goodbye and good rhythems after that.

      Have had Subaru and Korean cars since then and have performed near faultlessly.

  • MisterMister

    Bulldust you make in a week what he is asking for his 156 Monza. I looked it up – 10 year old 156s are selling for an average of $10k. So according to that maths, you are making over 500k a year. lol. Even supposing he were selling his car at the lower end ($7k) – that’s still $360k you are claiming to make per year.

    • Reckless1

      I did the same thing – I also don’t believe the statement.

    • PROJET – L

      Check the number plates.
      This is in England.
      It’s sitting outside the Monte Carlo Arcade in Southend-on-Sea.

      Second hand price would probably be around 1200 pounds
      meaning he is on 62400 UK pounds per year.

      • MisterMister

        I realize it’s England, but I assumed the journalist was an Aussie who was over there visiting, as is usually the case with stories done overseas.

    • Igomi Watabi

      jeez, who cares. It was a joke.

  • MisterMister

    The off-centre license plate looks AWFUL.

  • Kevin Hackett

    Spot on, Project-L…

  • Smoothcall

    I think it looks much better in the red

  • Gary

    A few months ago dealers were talking about the top of the range Giulietta 1750 TBi selling for around $A48K on the road,wWhilst the Better of the two 1.4 cars with Multiair would be low A$40s on the road. Could have changed “significantly’ due to the improving Dollar vs against the Euro.

  • NotTheStig

    CA should preface this noting the review was from the UK and the comments contained therein relate to the local market. Poor editing.

    If I wanted UK opinions, I would be visiting their local sites. Report on international news but keep the reviews local if you want to stay relevant.

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

      When the cars get to Australia, we’ll ask Ateco for a car to review, but until then, enjoy Kevin’s review of the Giulietta.

  • F1 fan

    Pity it will have beam rear suspension this will hamper/limit any aspirations to include a pack leading hot hatch in the lineup.

    • Gary

      Ignorance is Bliss it seems…
      The Giulietta is based on the C-Evo platform with an advanced new type of McPherson strut front suspension and multi-link rear suspension.
      I suppose if you close your eyes, a multi-link rear end might look like a beam rear end.

  • Cruzer

    Pity it will have beam rear suspension, this will hamper/limit any aspirations to create a pack leading hot hatch for inclusion in the lineup.

  • Alexander

    The reliability on newer Fiat/Alfa cars doesn’t seem too bad, on par with other manufacturers. My parents have an early 2008 Fiat Ritmo 1.4T, its a great car, they’ve put 80,000km on it with out one issue, apart from the rear light globe going and the brake pads needing a change (not covered by warranty?). I have a made with a high mileage 2007 159, it’s also been pretty trouble free. So hopefully the Mito & Giulietta will be the same…

  • Ben

    I’d have to say, that front does not do it for me. Looks like someone grabbed the back of it’s head and pulled..I like the look of some Alfa’s.. Certainly not all. Some of them are just plain ugly. This one I think is just OK. Better from some angles than others. The reliability is always a concern with Alfas, but you can get lucky and snag a good one.


    i love it…

    i’d get it if i lived in europe. here you’d be considered gay if you drove that

  • Dayan Fernando

    Sorry but a lot of you Aussies seem to be stuck in the 70’s and keep repeating that old vinyl record about poor reliability and Alfa Romeo. Have you not see the 2009 J D Power survey in Germany that ranked Alfa number 02 tied with Mercedes? And a few weeks ago the “What Car” mag survey ranked it no. 04 ahead of VW which was in the bottom ten along with Lexus.
    I have owned two 156s for 5 years and they have been the most cost effective cars in terms of repairs to own. Maybe your dealers are crap and looks like so is the importer. But the cars are great. I just got a 159 and it’s fab!

  • NoNoNo

    The Giulietta will be great 2nd hand… Worthless as soon as they cross the dealership saleyard line… Watch youtube reviews coming out of Europe… This car is a flop… A pretty flop…

    • Igomi Watabi

      jeez, you’re a bitter bloke, aren’t you? Must be a cack at parties.

  • Johnno

    So many people on here are speaking out of perception and not reality. Alfa are no worse or better than other European manufacturers now. They still lag the Japanese though. Recent JD Power surveys confirm this. If anything, these surveys (from actual owners) are showing that ALFA have actually leapfroged alot of other manufacturers. (I pity VW owners!) Alfa MITo owners have the highest satisfaction rating in the super mini class in the UK. The Giuletta just missed out on winning European car of the year by 9 points out of approximately 250 to the winning revolutionary Nissan electic vehicle. Jump on You tube and see the video review by Autocar “….the best car ALFA have made in 25 years”.

  • MattP

    I saw one of these on the road in Sydney two Fridays ago. It was driving north having just crossed the Harbour Bridge. Initially I thought it was a MiTo but as it came closer I noticed the design was different and the car larger. The rear lights are very distinctive particularly with the LEDs. It looked good.

  • NonnoNicola

    “Alfa Romeo truck, 35 tons anywhere”


  • geoege greece

    just to know,here in greece,and in europe in general,the italian cars are considered as absolute rubbish.the greek roads are not like the australians,here in greece only the most reliable cars can survive,i mean of course the toyotas,nissans and hyundais.and wow,are you crazy,they sell the alfa 156 there for 10,000 dollars?here u can find one with 4000 dollars.i have noticed that the american and australian people are every excited about european cars,but the truth is the asian cars are the best.i had an opel astra,2001 model,with huge problems.i sold it for nothing and i bought the new mazda 6.no problems and it’s a very nice car.alfa romeos lancias and fiats here in europe are very cheap as second hand but nobody buys them

    • TruthMister

      How are the greek[sic] made cars[anything?]going??

      Just as well you guys are good at nose picking

      Go back to your donkeys…..

      • Igomi Watabi

        Asides from George’s lack of knowledge on how terrible Australian roads are, what did he actually say to deserve such racist invective? Seriously, I like this site for it’s interesting discussion on cars and the photos are great, but some of the racist, homophobic, one-eyed offensive bile that gets spewed here makes me every day less and less likely to come back. Clean up your act, people.

  • Igomi Watabi

    Here’s one for all you ALFA-haters out there, intent on telling everyone what a dreadful experience you had with your 147s or whatever. I had a 1980 Alfasud ti for ten years, serviced it at the appropriate intervals, drove the guts out of it and, hand-on-heart, you can choose to believe me or not, I never, ever had any problems with it.

  • James

    I went out to buy a family car. Saw the the photos of the new Giulietta at Lance Dixon’s in Melbourne and ordered one straight away. A Cloverleaf in metallic Alfa Red. Can’t wait for the first week of March when it gets here.

    • PaulS

      James, check again with your dealer… a little birdie told me that they should arrive at the end of January….

  • PaulS

    check again with your dealer… a little birdie told me that they should arrive at the end of January.

  • PaulS

    CA, I just test drove the the 1750 TB today and despite its shortcomings, I’ve decided to place an order. I currently drive a Civic Type R, so the Giulietta had a lot convincing to do.

    You are spot on about the numerous ergonomics niggles in the car.. the arm rest position is plain stupid, the gear knob feels rather horrid (this is the first thing I’m going to replace with after market!!!) and to top it all off, there is no footrest for your left foot when it’s not on the clutch!

    The steering feels too light on normal mode, but it is quite alright on Dynamic mode. Love the engine sound…

    At the end, I concluded that it is much less of a driver focus car than the Civic Type R… but for what it lacks, it makes it up with user friendliness, ageless styling and comfort/refinement that I am not able to get from the Type R.

    Zagame Alfa Romeo Melbourne now has a Press Car for reviewer.

  • Vince

    I may be late to this discussion , but people still talking about the reliability of so called german built VW’s should be disregarded immediately because they are going by reputation not current knowledge . VW are as reliable or unreliable as anything else . Cars are built these days anywhere that is cheap and have parts manufactured from everywhere . Skoda craps on VW and they are virtually the same cars . A lot of people shoot off at the mouth with absolutely no clue what so ever ! That guy from Greece hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha great country yeah !

  • http://slr James Cortez

    Statistics don’t lie. VW sells more cars than Alfa plus fiat combined. Give me a rationale explanation why people buy VWs if they are that bad then they won\’t sell by the volume. The proof is in the pudding.

  • Dielle

    Test drove the Giulietta QV today at Barbagallo’s. Can’t deny it’s an awesome ride, stable, planted to the ground with loads of torque.

    However the gearshift stick sucks. Why not a short shift for the QV? I could possibly have a smoke while moving from gear one to two. Long heavy clutch with the gas and brake pedals still too close to each other. An Alfa will always be an Alfa.

    The rear seats are terrifyingly close to the roof. Tall passengers beware.

    This thing looks better in pics than in the metal and never buy the red one. It just takes the aggro stance out of the car.

  • George

    I had a 156 and it was beautiful to drive, great looking car and yes fell to pieces, selespeed gave me all amount of grief. But gave it another go with the 159, every other car including all the germans were far too boring. And, it has been awsome for 3 years (maybe becuase the italians have hired the head of M3 division to build it, and its paid off), absoltely no problems and still looks great – my Audi and brother’s new X5 gave us a lot more grief. Definitely buying the Giulietta over a boring golf or 3 series.

    And if reliability is an issue, who cares at the price you’re getting it at, buy it new because you can afford it and you get 3 yrs, 100,000 and resale value is utter non-sense when you have to spec up a German to get the same equipment levels as the italian. As an example, I test drove an Audi A5 the other day as a replacement for my 159 Ti, everything was deemed an extra, and by the time I got it to the standard of the 159 it was going to cost me $108,000 on the road! Boring as bat to drive and no interior style, bling all over the dash!! My Alfa 159 Ti was $58,000 on the road!! So, ok using the Wheels mag – resale value approach the Audi was higher albeit, $108,000 at 69% is $32,000 loss versus $59,000 at 55% (yes lower) is a $24,000 loss and I have a lot more fun driving it! You lose more in resale in absolute terms with Germans because they are overpriced to start with and send you to sleep when you drive or look at them, its a no brainer ….

    • George

      PS my mates 335i dropped from $138k to $95k after 3000 km, how is that great resale value!!!, My brother’s brand new BMW X5 broke down on its first outing on the beach when its plastic water pump hit a tiny mound of sand, he used the dial up rescue system, which was an operator in sand (der isn’t it a 4WD), who had him on hold in he middle of nowhere, only to be told it would take a few more hours to get someone out there!! He had it for 3 weeks, lost $20k on his $130k car!! Great resale! traded in for a relaible landcruiser at half the price

      Resale and reliability is all German car hype …..

  • George

    Sorry rewrite

    PS my mates 335i dropped from $138k to $95k after 3000 km, how is that great resale value!!!, My brother’s brand new BMW X5 broke down on its first outing on the beach when its plastic water pump hit a tiny mound of sand(isn’t it a 4WD?), he used the dial up rescue system, which put him through to an operator in Germany who had him on hold in he middle of nowhere for 2 hours, only to be told it would take a few more hours to get someone out there!! He had it for 3 weeks, lost $20k on his $130k car …. Great resale! traded in for a relaible landcruiser at half the price

    Resale and reliability is German car hype …..

  • Jen

    Hi people

    I may have missed the boat on this site but I couldn’t resist my 2 cents worth…

    I’m not a ‘car enthusiast’ just need a decent car – I was looking for performance, smooth ride, styling (elegance) with functionality. Have driven many types of cars in the past – nothing too great. Though it was time I upgraded and decided to do some homework on all types…Cooper S, Volvo C30, WRX Premium, Alfa Me to and Giuletta, Audi A1, VW Golf…test drove, inspected pricing, fuel consumption, specifications and I ended up ordering Giulietta – it took my breath away when I saw it (inside and out), wasn’t quite as good as the WRX on normal mode but was in dynamic mode (but WRX has a bit of a young male rev head stigma), styling and comfort was excellent (arm rest got in the way but you can move this out the way), and I think it looks stunning. It was roomier than Cooper S (I have a young child) though this car was fun to drive too. So, I’m hoping I’ve made a good choice and I don’t have too many troubles (and yes, the service cost is for once a year and a litter more expensive but the WRX was twice a year and worked out to be more expensive…)

  • Sal

    I owned a 82 Alfasud Ti for 13 years. No major problem apart from rusting away in the end.

    I was going to get the beautiful 147 but what I thought was the safer option I chose a German Engineered VW Golf GTi in 2003 (although later found out made in South Africa) and after so many problems got rid of the rattle box with only 24,000km and traded for a new Astra SRi Turbo Coupe which hasn’t had a problem at all for 4 years.
    I should have got the Alfa 147 back in 2003 instead of the poorly built VW.

  • Al Juraj

    Perhaps this is the sexiest hatch alive. It’s really tempting, being quicker and more stylish than the benchmark Golf GTi.

    Since reading its review on the paper a few months ago, I’ve only seen one on the road. It’s guaranteed exclusivity. A test drive beckons for sure.