Our spy photographer has been busy hunting down Holden’s latest creation.

While it’s no secret that Holden is developing a locally produced version of the Cruze, the engine variants are still being kept secret.

The Holden Cruze is currently imported from Korea and has been a sales success for the Australian manufacturer. The revised Cruze will be produced alongside Holden’s Commodore at the South Australian plant.

Holden is set to expand the Cruze lineup with the addition of a hatch, along with a number of new engines. The new range is expected to be priced from just under $20,000 to around $42,000 with the top-end reserved for a ‘hot-hatch’ version.

According to the engine number assigned to the vehicle spied in the pictures, it uses a 1.9-litre four-cylinder engine. This could either be the turbocharged ‘hot-hatch’ variant being tested, or it could also be a revised version of the naturally aspirated 1.8-litre petrol engine.

The revised Cruze range is set to go head-to-head with the likes of the Volkswagen Golf, Mazda Mazda3, Toyota Corolla and Ford Focus.

Holden will also attempt a fuel-efficient version of the Cruze, which is likely to feature a 1.4-litre turbocharged petrol engine – similar to that seen in the European Opel Astra, which currently consumes 5.9L/100km and produces 103kW, seeing it pip the equivalent petrol powered Volkswagen Golf.

In addition to the new lineup of engines, the locally produced Cruze will see some styling revisions at the front and rear. A new front fascia (with revised grille) and a newly designed front bumper bar and fog light clusters will work in unison with new wheel designs and a revised rear to revitalise the successful Cruze.

We will keep you posted as more information comes to hand.

  • Samson

    Good luck Holden, it would be good to see more Australian made cars in the top sellers list.

  • deco

    I’d say the 1.9 engine will be both NA and turbocharged!

    • JEKYL & HYDE

      my mail is this is the new turbo diesel,and a very good one at that…

      • Devil’s Advocate

        That is a fair call considering one of the versions of the last Astra had a 1.9L diesel IIRC.

        • Stoney!

          Yeah but thats an old engine and was made by fiat, of which I don’t think they use anymore so I doubt it…. Was loud but it pulled pretty hard.


  • Robin Graves

    Yawn… The next Camira with a bit of Daewoo rolled in. Ebay chev badges for the ‘hot’ version? DSV here we come!

    • Squeek

      Yes, Robyn we can only imagine the feeling of superiority you will have looking down on other motorists from behind the wheel of your reliable white automatic TRD Corolla. Oh what a feeling hey preshus

  • Charles

    I wonder if Holden can put these together better than the Commodore?

  • MPS funjet

    It shouldn’t matter what your car persuasion, this means jobs for Australians. Half of the population obviously don’t care it’s from Korea and now we can keep the dollars circulating in oz.

    • Robin Graves

      How much of it will really be made in Australia? I bet it will be like an Ikea flat pack from Daewoo, subsidised by the taxpayer to make Obama some money. If you want to buy an Aussie car buy a Falcon or Territory. Yes I know Ford is an American company but at least the cars are Aussie engineered and produced, unlike any Holden with their yank drivelines and Daewoo accessories.

      • Ryan

        70% will be imported intially with a reduction over the next 10 years

      • Captain Nemo

        Ahh Miss Graves

        You really are quite clueless do you really think the parts suppliers here in AU are going to sit back and not want a piece of the action. A car that sells over 2000 a month already. No they all will be knocking on Holden’s door.

        • Robin Graves

          Get real, what are the parts suppliers going to do to force Holden to use their stuff? “Buy our product at twice the price or we wont sell you any more stuff” They’d already be feeling the pressure of Holden using Korean parts and they’d be watching their step. The only thing forcing Holden to use local parts over Korean would be the government and unions, both of which would be happy to take whatever they get for risk of the whole show going overseas. The dollar wouldn’t help either as the margins on export models would be through the floor, making Korean parts attractive.

          • Mainman

            Your nowhere bud,
            Do you see all your comments always have thumbs down, Maybe you should keep your mouth shut.

            1. Toyota
            2. Holden
            3. Ford
            Thats this years top 3 in sales and Toyota and Holden have alot more cars sold than ford.


    looks like a rear spoiler(lip) there,and a ve2 type mesh grill.pity they didn’t use the chevy rs alloys but…

  • rentakeyboard

    Looks good in Poison Ivy

  • Atomic22

    Im loving that colour on the cruze!!

  • nolemonplease

    Oh..No…Let Korean keep producing Cruze…Otherwise, both Build Quality and Reliability will definitely get worse..

  • nolemonplease

    It is alreday proven that among the Holden cars, Korean built cars such as Barina etc are much more realiable compared to locally built or European built cars…It is proven FACT !!!..

    • JOe5619

      If it is fact, please direct me to where I can read this so called FACT??

      • Richo

        the european opel sourced Holden’s where definetly better cars then the Daewoos that replaced them, but they where SHOCKINGLY unreliable… I thought everyone knew this, they where just dogs to own.

        I had a 2002 Astra that I absolutely love, for about 4 months when it started to play up. Ended up selling it for a Lancer 9 months later, it was absolutely painful, like pulling teeth.

        The final straw was when it just turned itself off while I was sitting at the lights, no reason, it was just happily sitting there idling one second, the next it just turned off and wouldn’t be started again. Mr RACQ came out and said “another bloody astra”. Turned out to be an oxygen sensor or some rubbish.

    • jbh

      The current 1.8L petrol in the Cruze is the same or similar motor to that in the AH Astra

  • Zej

    Not sure why they bothered with the disguise though….

    • Lazybones

      Its looks better with the covers on. ooooh the excitement of those big bland projector-less head lights. And the joy of such bland plain side paneling.

  • spvd02

    What’s with the car-bra? What’s there to hide? This is the Holden Cruze is it not? We already know what it looks like…

    • deco

      Obviously will be some subtle changes to the locally built one.

  • Shak

    Did anyone else notice the little black extensions at the end of the headlights just above where the car bra cuts off? And also the fact that the badge on the door is blacked out, which could mean Holden is coming up with another smart acronym to join its Ecoline range?

    • Stoney!

      Yeh i noticed that also… and the bottom corner of the lights look loose fitting so maybe they have just been thrown in there to not give away a new front.


  • Hung Low

    They are not a bad car and a very good effort by GM DAT, but who the hell is going to pay $42K for a sporty Cruz? That is WRX, Megane Sport, GTi, and almost XR6 T and SS money!

  • gms

    These will be locally assembled from imported parts. Like the old knock down kits. Taxpayers money at work. A locally assembled Focus would have been a far superior proposition.

    • jbh

      The locally assembled Focus was to be a CKD car also

    • Dave S

      I thought the Australian version was going to have a lot of local imput. Such as the hatch, styling and setup.

      Great for (Australian) jobs.

  • Goodfa

    I really hope it has a decent petrol engine.The current 1.8 is a dud.

    If it does I will be buying the hatch version when it is released.

  • filippo

    It’s strange that Holden have decided to go ahead with local production. A locally produced Cruze is going to cost Astra money. And let’s be honest; with its generic looks, woeful (and thirsty) engines and tinny feel, it’s certainly no Astra.

    • deco

      Economics of scale I beleive.

  • Mikko

    Rumour has it, it’s turbocharger is coming from Godfreys (see 4th pic) so it’s definitely locally produced (from imported parts).

    • jbh

      It picks up what the others leave behind!

  • westie

    same colour, if not same car, has been driving into city via West Gate every morning for past month and driving to GMH at Fishermans Bend. Old man driving looked edgy when I tried to get an interior shot the other day lol

  • Ezz

    Despite the new car sales woes that Ford are currently experiencing (apparently profit means nothing to the media), they are actually line ball with Holden when it comes to the locally produced products.

    The Cruze will no doubt see Holden kick ahead a fair bit based on the Cruze’s current sales.

    • Bent 8 Brigade

      Thought Commodore was #1 and Falcoon is #6 on the new car sales list? Please tell me you aren’t inflating Falcon’s figures by adding Territory…shall we add Captiva to Commodore?

      • deco

        Robin, I dislike your generalisation.

        My mother and father recently bought a Captiva, by recently, 2 days ago. My mother liked the car when she test drove it, and with the current incentives on the Captiva 7, they bought it.

        It is a solid performer, I actually quite like it. For them the deal breaker was that over the last 20 years of my dad purchasing Holden’s, he has never had a problem and Holden, apart from Toyota, is the ONLY manufacterer with a dealership in their town.

        I take offence to you implying that my parents are inbred rednecks because they bought the Captiva, I guarantee my father and mother are better persons then you are. You sit on your computer acting all high and mighty, stating that anyone who buys a Holden is beneath you, please grow up.

        • deco

          In my town, the only possible alternative to buy was a Kluger – didn’t appeal to my mother. What can I say, she chose the vehicle she thought was better.

          She’s owned 2 Mitsu Lancer’s and 1 Mazda 3 in the last 4 years, all have been good cars, but she became tired of having to drive to the closest big city for a service, or to fix a problem.

          Local dealers were all that was looked at, and the Captiva ticked the boxes. I’m sure the Hyundai, Kia and what else have you are good cars, but my point is, your generalisation is idiotic, and shows the type of person you are.

  • deco

    Oh please, the new Daewoo products are leaps and bounds ahead of the old Daewoo before it was acquired by GMH.

    I should know, test driving the Cruze it is far better then the 2007 Mazda 3, 2008 Ford Focus (friends car), 2009 Mitsu Lancer VR Platinum and the 2008 Mitsu Lancer VR.

    • Robin Graves

      Heaps better than the old Daewoo isnt really saying much. Lets see if you are still smiling after a few recalls, breakdowns and dealers sticking their heads in the sand denying problems with a lemon before it left the factory. Whatever floats your boat… You should have done a bit more research before handing over the $$$, but its your money. I cant believe you think the Cruze is better than any of those cars you mentioned, perhaps a brand new one in the lot might ‘appear’ better than a second hand car, but scratch the surface and it will stink.

      • deco

        Unlike you Robin, I’ve properly compared the cars and have formed a solid opinion. Apparently you drive a Corolla, now who doesn’t research their cars?

      • Robin Graves

        Just to burst Bent 8′s bent fantasies, I’m a bloke and I dont drive a reliable white automatic corolla. At the end of the day its your money and your choice, but what gets up my nose is when the same old bogans harp on about Holden’s sales figures, it doesnt make them a good car! Name one Holden that rates anywhere near its rivals? The only one that comes remotely close is the Conformadore V8. The other models sell well even tho they are well below sub-par, which indicates to me people blindly buy them because of the badge just to fit in with their bogan mates who clearly know nothing about cars.

      • Captain Nemo

        Ahh Miss Graves

        You still didn’t answer J&H’s question what automotive icon do you drive or would you have us drive? Name one mainstream car company that’s entire range is class leading definitely nothing from Toyota. And where are these “same old bogans” that harp on about Holden sales they seem to be in your anti GMH mind.

      • Igomi Watabi

        I once owned a Daewoo Leganza. It was actually a pretty good car. Build quality was a bit more ‘approximate’ than competitors. It had two major mechanical problems in the time I had it, both related to the bit that Daewoo got in a box from Fisherman’s Bend.

        (ps – I see the offensive remarks from “gms” are still there. A Victory for free speech. Oh, wait, you deleted comments from other people who disagreed with his disgusting comments)

    • deco

      I don’t see anyone here harping on about how these models outsell other models so must be better.

      Fishing for an argument I see.

      I’ll let you drive what you want, you let me drive what want. Let’s stop this stupid bogan, inbred redneck business that you go on about EVERYTIME a Holen vehicle is mentioned.

  • Shak

    gms and Robin you are quiet right i did drive all of the competition and to me the Cruze was the best all rounder. I hate the look of the mazda, the Golf is not good value for what you get, the lancer was almost what i got but the i realised that i couldnt live with the interior day to day, i didnt go the focus because i have a good mate whos was in the shop with a mystery ailment at the time and that put me off. Im sorry to say that i didnt bother with your vehicle of choice Robin because well, its crap. Oh and the Skoda, well they dont have a small to mid sized car. For me the Cruze had the best interior, one of the best diesels i drove was a very good value equation. it looks good and can fit four in comfort if i need.

    • Duckula

      Shak – couldnt agree more, Im a fleet manager – out of our fleet of 35 cars we have 12 Cruzes’ – Its the right size, its nice to look at, its comfy inside, it comes with everything standard ( for our needs) and holden gives us a good deal that makes them at least $200 a month cheaper than a Corolla or Lancer. Never had any trouble from the Cruzes’… only quibble is they are a bit underpowered, but nothing that a few weeks of getting used to how it drives doesnt fix.

  • nickdl

    This is quite a big, and to be honest, petty argument over the Cruze’s origins. The fact of the matter is, it was developed by GM worldwide as their global small car. It is simply put together at present by Daewoo. Next year when local production starts, everything that was wrong with the petrol Cruze will be fixed by the new engine. Other than that it’s a great value small car.

    • Goodfa

      Although the 1.4 Turbo is an improvement over the 1.8 it isn’t by much.

      If you read the reviews of the Chevy Cruze the biggest complaint is the 1.4t is underpowered for this car.

      The Cruze NEEDS a 2.0l direct injected engine or a 1.6 Turbo.
      Then and only then will it give the corolla a shake.

      • deco

        It’s America, they complain about any car that isn’t sub 8-seconds. The Cruze 1.4 is 0-60 in 8.9 seconds which when converted to 0-100km/hr is about 9.3.

        Faster then most small cars with their 2l engines. A mitsubishi is 10.4 0-100km/hr and is said to be zippy :).

  • Jonno Smith

    I’m surprised by the deep prejudice by some against Korean-made cars & against Daewoo (now GM-DAT). Most car buyers are looking at the value quotient – Korean made cars provide the best value! Even Japanese brands these days sourced their cars from Thailand – Honda (Jazz, Civic, Accord) Mazda (2), Nissan (New Micra, Tiida), Toyota (Hilux)! If anyone is familiar with Asia, Korean manufacturing is leaps above Thailand. In fact, Korea has closed the manufacturing gap against Japan. Daewoo 2.0 as it is now called [GM-DAT developed Cruze (Lacetti), Captiva (Winstorm), Spark (Matiz Creative)], GM is selling them globally under the Chevrolet brand & in many markets, they are very popular with the masses due to the value pricing & affordability. I’d think those who think Daewoo is crap, they should pull their heads out of the sandbox.

    • Robin Graves

      There’s certainly nothing wrong with most Hyundai and KIA models of late, same can’t be said for Daewoo. The old Daewoo had GM engines and were crap and although they have improved the competition has improved more. Now with this IKEA flat pack cruze our tax dollars are subsidising Obama motors and a substandard Korean factory. Holden already use sneaky marketing to hoodwink doey bogans into believing their cars are Aussie, now we the taxpayer are paying for the privelidge. Not happy Julia.

      • Shak

        You call the bogans dopey, but the GCIF , was not implemented under Prime Minister Gillard, but her predecessor. And if the Korean Factory was so substandard then why would test all over the world be declaring that the products coming out of it have very good interior quality and fit and finish and also very good exterior build.

        • Robin Graves

          Compared to the yank factories maybe, but compared to other Skorean, Japanese, European factories they are mud.

  • Byron

    This might sounds stupid & weird, but why doesn’t anyone who takes a photo of the car that close attempt to pull off the disguised bra & reveal what is underneath it. Surely a knife or just yanking at it will pull it of.

    Anyway it looks good in Poison Ivy & the front looks slick. Bahahaha they’ve used the same disguise at the back as they did before it came here in early 09.