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by Brett Davis

As a part of the Mitsubishi Lancer 2011 model year update, the company has introduced a new trim level into the range called the Mitsubishi Lancer SX. There’s also a number of new comfort and safety features introduced across the range for MY2011.

Every Lancer model now gets Bluetooth compatibility, a USB port for the stereo and a full colour LCD central display unit. Also, every model optioned with the Mitsubishi Multi Communication System (sat-nav) also gets an iPod cable. Safety-wise, all variants get a revised brake assist system and an improved power windows safety mechanism.

The biggest change to the Lancer line up though is the introduction of the Lancer SX model. This slots in between the ES and the VR models. It receives a number of enhancements on top of the ES, including audio controls mounted on a new leather steering wheel, 16in alloy wheels, SX badging and a range of optional exterior paint colours exclusive to the SX.

The Mitsubishi Lancer SX gets the same 2.0-litre, 113kW engine as the ES and VR models, while the VR-X and Aspire models get the 2.4-litre, 125kW four cylinder. All new Lancers get seven airbags and stability control, helping achieve an ANCAP five-star safety rating across the board.

Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited president and CEO, Masahiko Takahashi, said about the introduction of the SX model,

“The addition of the SX model to the Lancer range offers customers an attractive and economically priced vehicle with high quality safety and functional features.”

Takahashi also said about the new 2011 model,

“With 11 variants, the Lancer range has a model to suit any style or budget. And with the addition of the new SX variant, the Lancer line-up can offer customers style, functionality, efficiency, safety and power without breaking the bank.”

All Lancers come with a five year/130,000km vehicle warranty, supported by a 10 year/160,000km powertrain warranty as well as a five year/unlimited kilometre roadside assistance package. The new model is available now at Mitsubishi dealers.

  • MK

    And now they are going to sell even less.

    • StevenA

      Do I detect a Suburu fan????

  • Peter

    Great value for money – not the best at anything, but above average against its competitors and full of kit. The Lancer range has been really good value for money for a number of years now. Sales will continue to be steady. The Mazda3 will consistently continue to sell well as it is well engineered and a good piece of kit, and the Corolla will continue to sell well for being boring, bland but reliable – something that the target audience for the Corolla will appreciate. All the other small/medium cars in this segment (including the Lancer) have to introduce incremental updates in order to maintain their sales numbers, otherwise they will drop off like anything (Focus and Civic come to mind).

    • Duckula

      Yeah not a huge fan of the Lancer – not so much that its a bad package, its good and there is definately a trim level for all tastes ( compared to Focus and Corrolla) its just that it has an awful interior, the plastic in them is harder than granite… and could it be any blacker…

    • Unimatrix05

      Well said. Can’t be any happier with my VR, stepping from a brand newish Citroen back into a reliable japanese car is a welcome relief. After the unreliable crap quality euro I have to say there’s nothing I complain about the Lancer. Low maintenance plastic dash that could outlast civilization, solid built and low maintenance ($660 for a major vs Citroen C4 $2200 major. $250 minor vs Frenchy $400 minor), everyone commented on the plush ride, once adjusted to the ride you can take corners at good speed. U have to really get used to CVT driving style, can’t just floor it for speed, gently modulate the pedal and it will out pace most cars at the light and highway overtaking. Took few weeks to learn its secret. Ride as smooth as a Camry yet dynamically superior. Only issue with the range is the ugly styling of the hatch.

  • Vibe

    True, it’s value for money, but it’s still not that good in terms of interior, and compared to some offerings from Ford and Mazda, it’s not up there in terms of kit, especially for the price.

  • Al Juraj

    From what I know, the ES manual will now be priced under 20K driveaway to try and close the gap to Korean offerings.

  • Richo

    Typical Lancer really, not the best in class at anything, but not the worst in class at anything either, just a solid depandable little sedan. Great value for money, geat safety and equipment list, brilliant warranty, its a difficult car to not like, even if there are better cars out there, you can understand why people still buy these instead.

    • Chamikarad

      I am a Lancer lover

  • SP

    I thought this was old news. Then I saw that they have added full colour LCD central display unit to the SX range. The SX I saw at the Sydney Motor Show didnt have that.

    Probably SX isnt selling well at all – Good car, let down by really crappy interior. The cheapness of the plastic makes me vomit.

    • robbo

      What sort of life do you lead?? Is life so hard that plastic makes you sick by looking at it? C’mon, grow up….

      • SP

        The sort of life where I have to sit inside a car and drive, instead of standing outside and admiring someone else’s Lancer?

        As I said, other than the interior plastic, it is a very good car with value-for-money.

  • delux

    Incterested to know the extra optional colors.

  • Chucky

    We have two SX model Lancers at work, and they really are good value for money considering the standard kit it comes with and having the most powerful engine in its class.

    I have a VRX Lancer and at the time this was the only variant that had voice activated bluetooth. The SX has the voice activated bluetooth and also AUX inputs for your ipod.

  • Richo

    I use to own a current model Landcer VRX, I had the version with the 2.0L engine rather then the 2.4L, but it was still a sweet little motor when teamed with the manual gearbox, the auto in the Lancer’s really does kill the performance, but does make for a nice smooth and quiet drive once your used to the way the CVT works.

    It was a really good car, faultless reliability as you would expect from a Lancer, good and comfortable, nice handling, nice engine, the interior isn’t as nice as some of its rivals, but at the same time I think its screwed together better then a current model mazda sp25 i’ve been in which had a lot of rattles and vibrations our lancer never had…

  • robbo

    I have a MY10 VRX manual sedan, apart from excessive road noise on coarse chip roads, it’s fantastic for what I paid (well under $30k) and I scored a model with factory leather (dec09 build), has never faulted, doesn’t have a single rattle, I average 7.5l/100km in the city (incl motorway) and I drive it hard enjoying the handling and good braking…oh and of course, for a standard stereo the rockford fosgate rocks :) yep, lots of hard plastic, but there is worse cars out there with cheap squeaky plastic and a worse warranty, I really what this car offers. I recommend getting one over the competition if you’re reading this, beats them in kit offered.

    Now I’m only missing the colour screen and USB input!! Grrrr… :)

  • vti07

    It would be interesting to see what a Lancer coupe would look like in this bodystyle.

  • Krispy Corpse

    just collect a 2011 SX with a couple extras chucked in the deal..

    10/10 for value for money
    10/10 for quality build
    10/10 for damm good car

    and i feel sorry for the poor salesman who had to deal with me as i drive a hard bargain

    as for the mazda 3…reminds me of a big bite of a sour lemon..

    • DrCurlytek

      Hey Krispy, how much did you end up getting the SX for? Looking to get one myself in the next week or two.

    • Kes

      are you happy with it now..presume 2011..auto or manual..
      cheers  Kes

  • Andy

    Hey, Can someone give an advice on SX 2010 and 2011. Planning to buy one. The diference is $1000 dollars so I’m not 100% sure if I go for the ’11 or ’10. What is in the 2011 that is not in the 2010?

    • DrCurlytek

      I’m pretty sure the main difference is the bluetooth (in 2011, not in the 2010). Looking to get one myself this week.

      • Andy

        Hey DrCurlytek, Have you chosen a dealer yet? Where do you live? I live in Melbourne. If you want we can agree and go together to the same dealer and in that way we can get a discount or bargain in the price..

  • Nathan

    Hey i picked up my brand new lancer about a month ago.
    Although ive always liked the lancer range im beginning to pick up on some problems which need to be repaired. i just wanted to see if anyone elses lancers have done the same thing.
    its just about to go in for its 1500 service on wednesday.
    the problems i have found with my lancer so far is that
    the passenger side aircon vent has some how fallen back into the dash leaving the vent useless.
    on the left hand side of my dash has some how fallen 5mm down from the side skirt where my windsheild is, but there is no gap on the other side.
    and the rear wheel bearings when in reverse squeeks has since i bought the car. also the clutch when placing the car into first or reverse (when first starting up), the car makes a chunk chunk sound i can hear it from outside the car and feel it though my clucth.

    even though these are all problems that can be fixed by the mitsubishi warrenty, im a little annoyed that it has started playing up so early on in its life.
    but overall i still love my car, even if it has its few problems
    this only happens when the car has been turned on not while driving.

    • Jesse

      Yeh i get that chunk chunk sound too, but only once on start up when you first start moving. Any luck finding out what it is? Is it something to get fixed or just how the car is? Thanks

      • stardustt@gmail.com

        Hi Jesse and Nathan, I am getting that chunk chunk sound too, did you manage to get it fixed?

  • Nathan

    the last senctence wasnt surposed to be included in it 😀

  • http://I Sam

    Bought a new lancer sx ordered it December got it early
    January. What a great car have done nearly 7000 klms hasn’t missed a beat. Been to Adelaide and back (from Sydney) driven over every road imaginable no rattles etc.
    Paid $20900.00 this included mats front and rear, pearl grey paint, bluetooth, tinted windows rego third party insurance, all I had to pay for was full insurance (ended up getting $260.00 refund from insurance company)
    It’s a five speed manual I didn’t like the auto seems noisy always searching for a gear. The more I drive it the more I like it, great gearbox engine seems to improve the more klms I do e.g. more low down torque. I agree with complaints about the plastic interior but that seems to be the norm with most cars these days unless going upmarket. Interior may seem bland but when you read the manual there’s more there than you think.

    • Kes

      is it a 2011…..so an auto is a no  no…looking at an auto 18months old…maybe I should find a manual…supposed to be getting it today Mon
      cheers Kes

  • Mal

    A $50 dash mat greatly improves the look and feel of the interior.Problem solved.Plus UV protection.

    • Unimatrix05

      Really, dash mat? Hope u are above 50+ year old pensioner.

  • rob


    I am look at a new 2011 lancer SX(automatic drive) and the dealer is offering 23K drive away and the the service is cap at $195 for 4 years. Does anyone has any advise, is there any room for further discount?I not sure the end of financial year helps ?

  • Tassiebill

    That will be the disc pads stiching after the car has cooled down, once free should be ok.