Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review

2008 Mitsubishi Pajero Review

Noisy and slow, but still a great package.

Models tested:

  • 2008 Mitsubishi Pajero NS R Hardtop 2-door 5-speed auto 4×4 3.2DT – $42,990
  • 2008 Mitsubishi Pajero NS Exceed Wagon 7 seat 4-door 5-speed auto 4×4 3.2DT – $70,990

Great looking and practical 4WD
Lots of noise, little power

CarAdvice rating:

– by Alborz Fallah

Most cars that come through the CarAdvice garage are road tested and written up within a few weeks, but when I spent two weeks in the Mitsubishi Pajero range, trying out the diesel five and three-door variants, they were quietly forgotten.

Much to my surprise, the PR man from Mitsubishi hadn’t forgotten, maybe because one of the Pajeros decided that life was too hard and left me stranded on the Western Freeway in the middle of the night. Either way, it has been some time, so I better get on with it.

Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review

I have great respect for the Pajero range, Mitsubishi has made its name and proven the car’s superiority in the gruelling Dakar rally with seven  consecutive first place finishes to date, and this year would have marked the eighth had it not been cancelled.

So there was no point for me to test out the standard petrol variants. Diesel was the flavour.

Both five and three door diesel variants are powered by Mitsubishi’s somewhat lacklustre 3.2-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel engine which manages 125kW and 358Nm of torque. I use the word lacklustre kindly, because listening to Kevin Rudd talk for 45 minutes straight is more interesting than trying to climb a hill in a Diesel pajero.

The difference, though, is that Kevin will eventually shut up, but the Pajero will keep on climbing at 5km/h.

Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review

When you pay an extra $2000 for a diesel engine you should expect some benefits, yes it has better fuel economy and given that you need to take out a mortgage for a tank of petrol these days, it makes sense to go diesel, but can you comfortably live with a diesel Pajero?

Using only four-cylinders, the 3.2-litre engine struggles at best. The three-door variant weighs about 75kg less than the five-door and is about 515mm shorter, so the diesel engine is slightly better suited with easier off-the-line acceleration and the occasional highway overtaking. Move into the five-door variant and things begin to change.

The five-door diesel will go from 0-100km/h in about the same time it takes you to pull over and catch a cab. You may as well forget about overtaking, or reaching the speed limit in a timely manner, the five-door Pajero diesel takes the honour of being the slowest car I’ve driven – and that includes the Proton Savvy.

But let’s stop there because to Mitsubishi’s credit, not too many buyers will care for its acceleration. It’s more of a serious 4×4 family car, but you will care about the noise level, I can assure you.

Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review

Back in the day, diesel engines used to be pretty noisy, noisy to the point that when you stopped at a set of traffic lights other drivers would start looking around for a truck. Things have changed, most new diesel engines are very easy on the ear, but not this one.

There are two major things wrong with the diesel Pajero range, not only is the engine ridiculously noisy and gutless, but the interior noise intrusion is atrocious – it just doesn’t shut up.

You would think that, sure, it has a little bit of noise when you accelerate, but than it would just quieten down and you can get on with listening to Nova play the same song for the 374th time, not so, I have had a more peaceful time sitting in an old Tupolev passenger jet while it overshot the runway.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not one to complain about noisy cars -I own one – but the sound of a Pajero diesel at 4000rpm will result in your kids leaving home and attending Scientology lessons.

Many times I got out of the car to listen to the engine idle and then got back in to hear the difference, the result? You might as well be sitting on the engine, because it can’t get any louder (but it might be a little hotter).

Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review

Now that I’ve told you everything that is wrong with the car, let me tell you why you should buy the diesel Pajero.

Apart from the cars more than capable off-road ability, the new Pajero is the best yet.

Think of it this way, given the current price of diesel and an average of 25,000km/year travelled, you will spend around $3700 a year on diesel, in the petrol variant, that figure increases to around $4700 for petrol.

So two years go past and you’ve made your money back, more importantly with fuel consumption figures of around 10.6 litre/100km for the five-door auto diesel in comparison to 13.5 litre/100km for the petrol, it’s hard to say no.

Ignoring the fuel debate for a minute, diesel or not, the Pajero is stunning. If you want a three-door, tough-looking true four-wheel-drive that can climb the mountains during the day and attend a cocktail party at night (well maybe not a cocktail party), you really can’t go past the Pajero.

As for the five-door, while it faces stiffer competition from fellow Japanese manufacturers, it’s still one of the best lookers on the market.

Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review

You can buy any new Pajero with either a 5-speed fully synchronised manual transmission (not available on three-door), or Mitsubishi’s 5-speed INVECS II ‘Smart Logic’ automatic transmission with ‘Sports Mode’ sequential shifting function (tested).

The man at Mitsubishi spent a good hour telling me just how great this car is at climbing mountains, and while I did no such thing, I took it to a small 4WD track to test out the car’s ‘Super Select II’ drive-train.

Like a Japanese video game, version II of Mitsbishi’s Super Select system has a lot to live up to, and it passes with flying colours. The system comes with everything in the company’s arsenal.

Starting with the basics of ABS with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) it also receives Engine Brake Assist Control (EBAC), Active Stability Control (ASC), Active Traction Control (ATC), Hill Hold Assist and a Rear Diff Lock (option) for those with a little more enthusiasm for the outdoors.

Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review

Best of all though, you can play around with the car’s 4WD system on the move, you can pick between 2WD high and 4WD high at speeds up to 100km / hour.

Switch between 4WD high and 2WD (rear) high and cornering is a whole new game, if you want to achieve best fuel economy, 2WD is the way to go, but when you come to a winding road or a slippery surface, there is nothing like the benefit of four-wheel drive.

However, the driving experience is ruined by, yes, you guess it, the engine. From the lights it’s a case of nothing, nothing, nothing, then a massive surge in torque, then back to step one.

The rear brakes are also ventilated discs in drum with one-pot callipers, but at least they are large, 333mm for the five-door and 305mm for the three-door.

Ride quality is acceptable, although in Brisbane, where the roads are built to third-world standards, it can get a little bumpy. Mitsubishi hasn’t gone cheap on the suspension though, with double wishbone with coil springs at the front and multi-link with coil springs for the rear.

You have to wonder how bad the ride quality would have been had Mitsubishi not fitted two stabiliser bars to the sub-frame (at both the front and rear).

Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review

From the inside, you can get comfortable in the Pajero very quickly, my pick is by far the three-door, not only does it look better, but you still have enough room to comfortably move four adults  and one kid.

The car is equipped with a superb audio system that is MP3 capable, an inbuilt digital compass (the party piece for your friends) and comfortable seats both front and rear – although the front seats can really do with a little more side support.

The only downside to the interior is the air-con controls, they just keep on spinning, there is no end on either side, you can reach minimum temperature but you can keep on spinning that knob. Immensely distracting.

Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review
Mitsubishi Pajero Review

Handling is superb for a car this big, both the three-door and five-door can (almost) defy physics around corners – you can credit Mitsubishi’s involvement in Dakar for that. The turning circle isn’t too bad either with 11.4m  (kerb to kerb) for the 5-door model and 10.6m for the 3-door.

Safety is taken care of by ABS with EBD and Active Stability Control – side and curtain airbags are an option on entry models.

Getting back to the breakdown on the Western Freeway, the diesel particulate filter had decided to die on me, and despite my hardest attempts, the car would not get past 1500 RPM, forcing Mitsubishi to send out a tow-truck.

The tow-truck driver started by saying “another Pajero!” which wasn’t reassuring, and after waiting another hour for the RACQ man to arrive and say something that rhymes with bucket, Mitsubishi took the car back on a truck – I was told it was a rare issue and easily fixed.

Mitsubishi Pajero Review

I would love to give the Pajero four stars, and I would, if I could hear the editor yelling at me.

CarAdvice overall rating:
How does it drive:
How does it look:
How does it go:

Engine: 3.2-litre four-cylinder turbo diesel
: 125kW
Torque: 358Nm
Top speed: N/A
Safety: ABS with EBD and Active Stability Control – dual airbags, side and curtain airbags are an option on entry models.
0-100km/h: N/A
NCAP rating: N/A
Turning circle: 11.4 metres 5-door model – 10.6 metre 3-door
Fuel tank: 88-lires 5-door model – 69-litres 3-door model
Fuel consumption : 5 door diesel – 9.2-M/10.6-A — 3 door diesel – 10.4 auto
Fuel type: Diesel

  • Carl

    Mitsubishi recently showed a 2.2 litre diesel with well over 400 mn of torque in a concept car… they can make a better diesel than this pathetic atempt.

    Must have been the same guy that decided to call them wankers (pajero means wanker in Spanish)thought that only a wanker would accept 358nm of torque from a 3.2 litre diesel

  • Simon

    Yep, great car, but big let down with the Diesel engine, I think you really would have to go with the Petrol variant even if you make up the 2 extra g, its far too underpowered.

  • No Name

    Ha ha Carl – yep you’re right about the 2.2 diesel. We have it here (UK) in the outlander as 127Kw 380Nm. Its a peugeot/citroen engine found in the Peugeot 4007 and the Citroen C-Crosser.
    In the pug 4007 its good for 0-100 in the low 9’s returning between 6’s and 10’s per 100km. Guess it would be fine in the two dr Mitsu but too small for the 5dr, that would need the 2.7litre twin turbo found in the Jag/Land Rover/Peugeot/Citroen.

  • Reckless1

    Interesting review. No manual available on the Exceed. The Pajero DPF problem is now legendary, as is the noise of the unit. For 75kg to turn the thing from a poor performer into a slug is spooky – imagine if you were towing and had the whole family aboard.

    For 70,990rrp you get a POS, for an extra 4G you can get a Touareg V6 Diesel with 175kw and 550nm, comfortable QUIET interior, superb on-road performance and handling, better fuel economy, a super quiet and responsive engine, and as good if not better drive system both on and off road.

    It’s a pity VW doesn’t discount as heavily as Mitsu has to to sell the things. Exceed’s can be had for under $60,000 drive away at the moment. But I still don’t want one :)

  • http://barina SteveV

    Excellent review, very honest and informative. Pitty about the performance of the diesel. The Pajero in OZ was the saviour of Mitsubishi’s reputation for many years. Hope they can get it right in the next model update!

  • jake02

    why the hell haven’t they released a diesel outlander in Australia? MMAL make such dumb decisions! my dad isn’t interested in the outlander because there isn’t a diesel available – and only a manual in the LS which is also quite stupid. maybe he might buy the Peugeot 4007 or Citroen C-Crosser when they come out in oz!

  • Steve

    Hahahaha, good to see Mitsu still making high quality cars that leave their owners stranded. Proof is in the pudding really when the tow truck driver says “not another one”. :)

    I would really like to see them make a decent car for once. They crap on about their great warranty and all that. I bet it’s shooting themselves in the foot with press cars dying like this. They have a good design. Just that it only appears to go skin deep. Meanwhile you have cars from Subaru that are near bullet proof but look like turd.

    Now, every single person I know that has driven a Mitsubishi has been stranded due to their new car failing. It doesn’t do much for me, I tell you that.

    And it’s a real shame that engine is so poor. So big, yet so under powered. I’d be ashamed that a 2.0L VW Golf can produce about the same sort of power figures. That is shameful seeing an engine that’s 2 600ml Cokes smaller produce almost the same power.

    I wonder why more and more Mitsu dealerships are closing down around my area? Maybe consumers are smarter than they think, and have figured out the competition is still better.

    Stop playing catch up and make something that can widthstand the Dakar for the road. God knows with Mitsu’s unreliability issues you’d wonder how they keep winning Dakar.


  • Frugal One


    I take it you have never driven a Kia Pregio then? :-)

    Rather the L/C Prado, has dual fuel tanks and better engineered.

    BAD that it broke down and backed up with the tow-truck comments?Did you maybe run bio diesel in it?

    Yes the diesel would be cheaper than the ulp, better off with the ulp on lpg [$2k back from rudd]

    And finally, NO, VW was way faster than pajero in the dacker, VW would have won this year!!



  • alborz

    Frugal One, I have not driven the Pregio, the car was running the fuel it came with from Mitsu, I didn’t put any fuel in the car.

  • Frugal One

    Alb…., i dont think you want to either!]

    Been driving a Tdi Transit, the things a rocket.

    What i DO want you guys to test, out mid. Feb, is the Iload Hyundai van, if your in Melb. at that time i can assit, happy to help/test and offer expert commentary, am a expert in vans and commerical vehicles.Driven them over 20 years…[Gee i am old! :-)]



  • Steve

    Sorry, make that 8 consecutive wins.

  • Richo

    interesting.. all of the 4WD mags i have read raved about the diesel saying it is a very strong engine. Perhaps you where testing it too much as a road car and not enough as a 4WD? At the end of the day the diesel in the pajero is designed for off road performance, they offer a V6 for people who don’t wanna take it off road. Yeah it uses alot of fuel but what are you doing buying a 4WD if you are worried about fuel costs?

  • Nick

    Mitsubishi and unreliable are words not meant for the same sentence. We are on our 5th consecutive Mitsu (starting at an 89 Nimbus, then an 02 Magna, 04 Colt, 06 380 and now an 07 Lancer) and have never had one issues ever. And it’s not like we look after them even. The Nimbus was serviced maybe once between 1996 and 2002. Seriously. And we racked up 200,000ks in the Magna in 3.5 years! They are just great cars.

  • Stumpy

    The Pajero was high on my shopping list but the engine was the deal breaker for me and more so for the wife.
    Lets face it the large percentage of this cars life will be on the tarmac and this is were it’s at it’s weakest.

    There are 4×4’s out there that offer far more refined diesels with more power, torque, better economy and don’t give me flashbacks of a 1980s Chamberlin.

    There is alot to like about the car but one of it’s biggest sale points is it’s weakness.

  • Spitfire

    The long wheelbase diesel Pajero was also on my shopping list but I was sceptical of the diesel engine. I formed this opinion without even driving it. Unfortunately the diesel engine in its direct competitors the Prado and Pathfinder are also 4 cylinder boat anchors. The Europeans and Jeep with their V6 diesels cream the Japanese.

    What attracted me to the Pajero was its ond road handling and dynamics compared to the Prado which is clumsy and ponderous. However the Prado’s biggest failing is the lack of traction and stability control on the GXL version.

    As a result of this excellent report by Car Advice I may look at the short wheelbase petrol version.

  • yan

    Hi guys, good to hear some positive comments about the 2008 Pajero but the negatives seem to win the day.
    I’m looking at getting a LWB turbo diesel VRX and would like to hear your advice on towing a 5.6m boat etc with the Pajero..
    Any advice??? or do I buy a Prado or Pathfinder?

  • Richo

    Yan, whatever you do do NOT take the advice of internet warriors! Go and test drive the cars yourself and form your own opinion because at the end of the day, your the bloke driving it, so your opinion is the only one thats important.

    As for your boat, all three cars will tow the boat equally well, they’re all designed to carry heavier loads then that and shouldn’t really be a factor in your decision.

    For the record though, we bought a 2006 pathfinder for the family business, and this is the list so far of things that have gone wrong

    – 2x external door handles broke
    – 2x internal door handles broke
    – drivers electric window fell off its frame
    – tie rods in the steering seized and had to be replaced
    – diff was clunking heavily and had to be replaced
    – their is a very noticable knocking in the steering which nissan can’t seem to fix
    – their is alot of knocking sounds coming from the front suspension
    – their are squeaking sounds coming from the rear suspension
    – the fuel guage has NEVER worked properly and still doesn’t (reads empty after just 20 litres forcing you to have to estimate how much fuel you have used based on km’s travelled, according to the nissan dealership its a common problem)

  • Richo

    as for mitsu’s being allegedly unreliable, other then the original magna which model in particular is such a problem? my 2005 magna has been used for courier work since new (ie has been flogged relentlessly) and in the 160,000k’s its covered so far guess how many things have gone wrong? an engine mount has just recently cracked, thats it! and frankly after 160,000k’s thats not all that surprising! Compare that with my tale of woe with a nissan pathfinder above!

  • Joshinthecity

    My 2.0 Mazda3 diesel has 360nm @ 2000rpm.
    That’s all I have to say about that

  • Steve

    I think the people with no or limited issues with their Mitsu’s are the lucky ones. They got the opposite of a lemon car. I only say this due to the fact that every single person I have met with on, whether it be a Manga, Lancer, Mirage, Pajero, whatever. Has had major issues with it.

    Any, yes, I agree with Joshinthecity. Little 2.0L engines are putting that big block of metal to shame.

  • Richo

    or maybe your mates are the unlucky ones… people who have problems with cars are always more noisy then those without, because people rightly consider a reliable car to be normal and therefore unremarkable, yet an unreliable one they are very vocal about. Our family has owned a total of 7 mitsu’s, all of them have been great. Maybe we are just exceptionally lucky tough… doubt it

  • Rosco

    I am on my 2nd Pajero Exceed (2006) Diesel models and I have had no problems with the acceleration around town, especially up to 80kph. It is surpisingly quick and beats most 4 cyclinder cars off the mark. Above 100kph you are off the torque band and you have to wind the car up to pass which sometimes is frustrating. However once its wound up it will happily sit on what ever speed you desire up to 160kph. Both units I have had use the 3.2 litre engine and I cannot complain about its onroad or off road power. Friends who had the Petrol model changed to diesel with their next lease. I have also towed various trailers including a car trailer with a commodore onboard and it surprised me how easily it pulled it. Maybe they have done something strange to the 2008 model.

  • JohnF

    I’m on also on my second Pajero (first one petrol, second one diesel) and I have never had any significant problems with either of them. I actually found the Diesel to be more responsive than the previous petrol. Just come back from a long desert trip with a heavy offroad trailer – no problems with her at all. Yes it slows down on hills but not to the extent claimed in the review… unless as Rosco says they have done something strange to the 2008 model…

  • Freddo

    Two Pajero’s. First one a SWB petrol and no problems at all covering 190,000 km. Second one a LWB intercooled turbo diesel and having a fantstic run with 248,000 km so far. Both have done a wide variety of driving on-road city & long distance, lots of gravel road and off-road real 4wd and towing without ever letting me down. I would seroiusly consider another.
    Maybe they got something wrong with the ’08 model ?? Mitsu have done this before with Pajero’s – the NF diesel was a dog when they moved the intercooler air scoop off the bonnet. Have to wait and see……

  • http://TOYOTA antmill

    i think that the person has to get ears check
    i got a swb diesel and it beats v6 and large cars of lights and for the noise has he hear the noise of ford or toyota new diesel and i be up and down hills with no problems 4×4 driveing and goes around 2000 rpm on hwy and why was goneing near red line of 4000 rpm

  • Shark

    The output and noise of the engine seem to be the biggest problems…I’m looking seriously at the Grand Vitara DDiS, weighing in at about 1600kg, putting out 95kW and 300Nm (torque at 2000rpm), from a 1.9l engine. AND you get 1850kg towing capacity.

    If you could live with the smaller dimensions of the car, it’s a much better buy than the Pajero. It’s well equipped, and nearly half the price of the Exceed. It will go off-road just as well as ANY model in the Pajero range.

    Or, you’d look at the Patrol for around $50K to $60K.

  • Patrick

    Hey, I intend to change my actual Nissan x-Trail with a bigger one. For this reason I’ve tested Toyota Land Cruiser 120 lcd, Jeep Grand Cherokee limited, Land Rover Discovery 3 and new 2008 Mitshubishi Pajero. Generally speaking a lot of words in this article are correct.
    Pajero is the most noisy one from all four, but except discovery 3 is the most stable one on the road (and here I mean highway). I can’t do an off-road test but I don’t have any doubt about that.
    Speaking of accessories it has everything you can dream on, you have only some shields and skin plates to add. The visibility is ok for a person of my age (47 in February this year), this being the main reason I didn’t take into consideration Grand Cherokee.
    The prices are as follows:
    – Grand Cherokee Limited – 36951 (with the same accessories like pajero 43400
    – Discovery 3 HSE – 44120 but you need to add a lot of things realistic price 49200
    – Land Cruiser 120 LCD – 44200
    – Pajero Instyle Navi A/T – 39782
    Prices are in Euro (I’m living in Romania) without VAT.
    Probably my English is not so good but the point is that the 2008 new Pajero is an excellent car and so I decided to buy it.

  • Phil

    We have had no problems whatsoever with our 2005 NP Pajero. Plenty of power, does a great job. Very happy.
    I have found that most people who bag Pajero’s (or mitsu’s) have never owned one. I agree with Richo – it’s the vocal minority that make all the fuss.
    The car reviewers seem to forget that these vehicles are a compromise – built for on and off road. Doesn’t sound like he gave it much of an off road test.

  • jfanzeres

    Well I guess that I agree with you all, about the estetic, performance, confort, etc. But I work in Angola and imported a 3.2 Diesel from Portugal and the DPF and ECU engine lights are givem me completely mad. And imagine the quality of MITSUBISHI ANGOLA, that for them the WARRANTY is only for theirs cars sold in local market. And they don´t have the equipment to reprograming the ECU and DPF. It sounds good hein????????. But they are considered by MITSUBISHI MOTORS as a legal MITSUBISHI Dealer. It sounds what ?????
    I´ve wrote to MITSUBISHI EUROPE this week and they had told me that they are going to tell MITSUBISHI PORTUGAL to give me the assistance needed. There is one only simple thing – Portugal is about 7.000 km away.
    So I´ve a almost 80.000 Euros car – that´s the cost of it in Portugal, with 3.000 km, and is the same thing as I have a pack of……. you know.
    Greetings to you all.

  • Janis

    I have new Pajero and I need to go to service monthly to burn DPF out. Seems that Mitsubishi DPF have serious engineering fault. The worst is that Mitsubishi do not have solution for this. My advice is to stay away from Mitsubishi s with DPF fitted.

  • Adolf Goldstein

    Anybody who invests a large amount of money in buying a vehicle without doing the appropriate homework is destined for trouble.
    To just believe what this twit journo says about a car, and then condemn it, is ridiculous. Even more ridiculous is reading replies questioning Mitsubishi’s reliabilty. The old mate of a mate’s uncle’s cousin’s neighbour story. That crap is boring!
    You want horrible build quality, and just as poor manufacturer support…. say ” TOYOTA ” loudly!
    By the way, Mitsubishi has a FIX for the DPF issue. Toyota is still working on one for the Coaster, while Euro manufacturers are still trialling improved software to combat DPF issues for their vehicles.
    And anyway… what sort of name is Allballs?? What were your parents thinking?


    NS Pajero has done 15000 K’s and has spent 4 full days at workshop with DPF woes, now it’s gone again.last time the vehicle stopped. What chance of taking it on a trip? To Adolf- if they have a fix I hope they hurry up & fix mine!!

  • Jesse

    I owned a 1990 petrol Montero (US version of the Pajero) 5 door and gave it to a friend after clocking 300,000 miles. The only real maintenance I had was a valve job. Then I bought a 2002 petrol Montero in early 2003 – the 2002 had the proven engine design. I clocked 160,000 miles with absolutely no maintenance other than one timing belt and oild and filter changes. I would still be driving it if a large tree had not fallen on it and crushed it.
    But in the US the Montero stopped after the 2006 model, so I just bought a 2007 Touareg V6 petrol. WOW! I loved the Monteros, but the Touareg puts the Montero to shame. The Touareg has power, speed, comfort, class, looks,… I could go on and on.
    As a two time satisfied Montero/Pajero owner, I would still recommend the Touareg even if the Pajero had a good engine.
    And yes – I used both Monteros and the Touareg off-road in mountains, mud, sand, timberland with pine straw everywhere, and in snow.

  • Scott

    I have a 2007 DID lwb Auto PAJ and are very happy with it .To date I have done 15oookm and I have not had a DPF problem what so ever ,not every NS Paj is having this problem .The engine was a little noisy whilst new but got quieter as time progressed ,and is now pretty good .I find the AUTO has ample power for my needs and is proving quite economical for a vehicle of its size .

  • masa

    Mitsubishi is developing new engines. But they are gonna test engines well before they release it, not like land rovers, cheap quality wich never works.

    In dakar 2009 they will be testing the new 3,0 V6 diesel wich have 260hp and 650Nm. Maybe pajero’s next diesel engine will be this 3 litre V6.

    You can buy chip for 3,2 litre, it should give easily over 500Nm, and about 230hp.

  • Richard

    About the review. Review isnt very good, they didnt test much offroad perfomance or towing trailer things. Only thing they have to develope is the diesel engine. The 3,2 litre it has now, gets easily great power when its chipped. And idiots, it beats any 2 litre diesel! Yes peak torque might be almost same, but pajero have the torque in laarge rpm area, and when you chip it, any 2 litre engine cant give same brilliant power. Easily about 500Nm and over 200hp. The engine is also strong and realible, 500 000km’s, is not any kind of problem for pajeros 3,2 diesel engine.

    Suzuki Grand Vitara is small car compared to pajero. Pajero can tow 3300kg, its almost double to suzukis. Pajero goes better offroad whit its lockers and traction controls, than grand vitara, thats fact. Pajero looks a lot better. Pajero is more comfortable, have more space to travel stuff. And pajero have luxury more than suzuki.

    Its all ways great vehicle, this article was bad, didnt actually tell the truth, and the writer added very stupid things there. He’s attitude were at the start already bad, he doesnt understand true offroad cars.

  • Jossie

    I bought the new pajero 2008 and tried it offroad (near to the beach)Didnt try the sanddunes. I drive was excellent only that on return to road, I changed the gears from 4 wheel to 2 wheel the gear change, but internally it was 4 wheel and all the 4 wheel drive lights on the dash were flashing. I had to try changing the gears for a couple of times till the lights stopped flashing. Is this common problem????

  • Andrew

    Hi Jossie,

    Changing from 4wd to 2wd, do the change then reverse your car a few meters.
    This how I did mine, will take it out of 4wd.


  • Spitfire

    masa Says:
    April 26th, 2008 at 8:31 am

    In dakar 2009 they will be testing the new 3,0 V6 diesel wich have 260hp and 650Nm. Maybe pajero’s next diesel engine will be this 3 litre V6.

    One can only hope so. It needs it.

  • masa

    I dont know why, but you australian people have less power in the new diesel and maybe also in petrol pajero than we here in euorope. We have at least the 381Nm, and 170hp. In petrol its about 250-270. 0-100 takes 10-12 seconds depending about engine. People often buy chip for their pajeros if they arent happy, whit chip the 3,2 litre gives easily over 200hp and 500Nm . . . Good side in it should be realibility, compared to example poor VAG diesels. The review these people here have made, is very poor in quality, you see when you read that, that what kind of attitude the reporter have had, maybe he is sports car fan or something else, noob in 4×4’s . .

  • masa

    Have you lately seen a touareg. Its SMALL car compared to paero, poor offroad, and realibility is worse. DPF issues arent so normal here . . . Touareg doesnt even have DPF, thats very poor.

  • Grahameh

    I have a Pajero NM diesel. I tow a large caravan, and it tows beautifully. On very long hills the cruise control cuts out as it slows down but a foot on the accelerator brings it up to speed again. Only on very steep hills does it struggle.My other car is an Astra which I normally drive around town, but when I drive the Pajero I have to be careful I don’t exceed the speed limits (80 and 100kph) which I pass through on my way into town – it seems pretty frisky without the van.

  • NS DiD

    If you want a 4×4 that is quiet then you don’t want a 4×4,
    yes they are a little noisy but I have had mine for 4 months now and to be quite honest I don’t even notice it, I am realy NOT a diesel person and this is the first I have owned but I will never go back to petrol again and my DiD Auto is the best car I have ever owned.

  • Davo

    I have a 2002 Petrol Exceed and use it mainly for towing caravan 2480kg loaded. Fuel consumption is 22l/100km I only hope that the next model has increased tow capacity and the V6 diesel, then I’ll be out to buy one. Reason I did not buy the diesel in the first instance is that I am not a great fan of 4cyl diesels for long lasting power.

  • Noel

    Could someone please tell me what is involved to ‘Chip’ a 3.2ltr diesel for the Mitsu 2008 3 door Pajero and what does it actually do. I find it difficult to believe that it delivers such an increase in power as reported by some readers. Also, how much does it cost to have fitted and is it available in Australia and would it affect warranty? Would appreciate any advice on this. Thanks heaps.

  • Davo

    Noel, not sure about costs and all that but I have heard from a mech that sometimes these chips can cause idling probs and a major increase in fuel consump. I was looking for one for my 3.5 petrol but was advised against it. Check it out fully before investing.

  • weirluo

    if ONLY, if only it has a better engine… no car is perfect but a car with a major downside poses a big problem

  • boatie

    I have a 2005 diesel auto and have done over 100,000 kms. Only problem has been a new starter motor at 100k. I have towed a 2500kg boat distances of up to 100km with no problem and my other boat is about 1700kg which we have towed over to Port Lincoln in SA and all over Yorke Peninsula from Adelaide. Most times you would hardly know its there excepting once when we had a head wind of 80-100 kms/hr and we slowed to 100 using 4th instead of 5th. My previous car was an HSV Commodore. Lots of power and torque but the Pajero diesel makes towing a breeze by comparison.

    I had been told that in order to meet Euro IV emmissions the motor has reduced torque (especially in the auto) and introduced the DPF problem. I was going to get a new one last Feb but will hold off until they fix the problem or bring out a new motor.

  • http://n/a Lus

    Great review !

  • Chis

    I have a 2004 diesel auto Pajero and are still amazed at the torque the engine puts out. It pulls hard off the mark right up to 140km/hr. It’s a bit noisy but its a direct injected diesel, they’re all noisy. The only problem so far was the starter motor needed new brushes. The new model has slghtly less torque which would be almost unoticable. The journo that wrote the road test must be used to driving sports cars, not four wheel drives or he has no idea. He obviously has not driven an older model turbo diesel prado (pre D4D). Those things ARE slugs.

  • Hossein

    I have already bought new Pajero 2008 about 7 months ago in Iran.
    I have many experiences regards to travel and drive with off-road SUVs, such as TOYOTA Land Cruiser & Perado, NISSAN Patrol and so on, I can stongly say that performance of new Pajero 3.8L petrol engine is perfect both in city driving and off-roads.

  • stephen

    I have a 2005 Pajero GLS DID with INVECS II bought from the franchise in Kenya. I do 150kph climbing up the Great Rift Valley. Has great pulling power. I have cruised very high speeds on uneven tarmac with fantastic road holding from the independent suspension. The review was simply BAD.

  • timbo

    hi there we have a 95 pajero turbo diesel 2.8ltr intercooled which is giving us big problems at the moment.we have taken it to 3 mechanics so far with none of them knowing how to fix the problem which is when the motor is cold it will start up ok but after driving it for 500mtrs or so it just cuts out then after starting the motor again (20-30 seconds of turning the key)it will start with a big cloud of white smoke and off we go again before it does it again.this might happen 2 3 times before the motor warms up then its not a problem.we have had the injectors done new glow plugs new filters but havent had the pump cfhecked out which im told is an expensive job any ideas on what i could do

  • dens

    you must be kidding. have driven Patrol 3L, 4.2L and 4.2L turbo, LC100 diesel, LC80 diesel,Navara turbo (very fast but lousy in sand if revs get low) Prados get too airbourne. Have a 2005 pajero DID finding it has plenty of grunt, handles well on both tar and dirt. The pajero has so far shined. 8.2L/100 set at 110kph on highway and 9.5 on the Gunbarrel Hwy(at safe speeds) a rough corregated and sandy road in the APY Lands of SA.

  • tony

    i have owned 3 pajero exceed diesels a 2005, 2007 and have just bought a new 2008 one month old , i have not had one problem with them the performance is great i have driven prado diesels , patrols, toyota land cruisers 4.2 diesel, ford couriers , hilux sr5, navaras all with diesel motors on road not off road on the same tared road the same hill fairly steep where the local car dealer take cars to see how they go ,the exceed was the fastest it has not been chipped, some freinds of mine have driven my cars to and prados and the patrol in fact one had a patrol 3 litre 2007 model and after testing all of the above bought my 2007 exceed and sold his patrol , one of my neighbours had just bought a new prado vx diesel about the same time as i bought my new exceed 2 months ago, and he took my exceed for a drive and he said he will be buyind a exceed next time. , all these other whingers would not know what ther talking about,. take all the above cars for test drive and see for your self.

  • Telelynx

    I own a NS Pajero 5 door DID, having lived in Europe and owned various diesel 4x4s and owned a Nissan Patrol 3.0 in Australia, all of this review is correct apart from the following:

    The engine in terms of power and torque is abover average for the class, it overtakes and collects speeding tickets easily. Mine has had factory ECU updates that have made it more responsive. The engine revs more freely after it has been run-in, considerably better after 18,000Kms. The long standing DPF issue I believe is now solved, I received $1000 fuel/Myers voucher for my inconvenience from Mitsubishi. My understanding is that diesel fuel in Australia doesn’t conform to any world standard and is a bit of a moving target for highly tuned 4 cylinder turbo charged plants, note throttle surge issues with the 3.0L Patrol

    However – at take of speed, low speed acceleration there is more ‘clatter’ from the engine than there should be, it is annoying, this noise is associated with common rail direct injection motors. At high speed the engine is almost silent, turn up the DVD through the 5.1 Rockford system if you still notice it! My motor has become quieter since it has got past 30,000 Kms

    I picked my Exceed up as an ex-demo with very lows Kms for $57,000. I didn’t have to wait 9 months for delivery and I didn’t have to pay $80,000 for the base model, which was my alternative from Toyota.

    The Pajero like all vehicles isn’t perfect but it certainly is value for money

  • Steve

    I’m having trouble understanding the schizophrenic nature of this review. To lambast the car as “ridiculously noisy and gutless” is failing to take into account ‘the nature of the beast’. As has been pointed out the Pajero diesel is above average for it’s outputs on it’s class – e.g.

    the 3.0 Nissan Patrol TD makes 116kw/354NM
    the Prado before the 2007 D4D made 96kw/343NM (now makes 127KW/410NM)
    the Nissan Patrol 4.2 makes similar figures to the 3.0 TD
    the Hertz 4.2L diesel Landcruiser I hired the other month makes 96KW/285NM
    – even the 2.7 turbo Discovery 3 makes ‘just’ 140KW but an impressive 445NM (although it’s got 2.4 tonnes to lug around).

    That’s about 95% of the cars you’ll see pulling campervans/vans across Australia. (not many Touaregs) I guess everyone has been duped..?.. 😉 …and I guess all the 4WD mags don’t know what they’re talking about ?

    Looks like it’s about 13 seconds to get to 100kmh in the 5 door (my wife’s 3.5 petrol takes 12 seconds). My ’97 CRV was much slower, and it was a manual.

    If you’re so worried about the noise just get some additional sound proofing for a coupla hundred bucks – my father in law does that to all his cars regardless.

    As to other posters comparing peak output figures of a small hatch with a 2 tonne vehicle that can tow 2.5 tonnes with an additional payload of 500KG, 7 people on board for sustained periods – try that in your hatchback and see how long you clutch and/or gearbox and/or suspension last.

    Sheesh…sounds like the review was written by someone who’s only ever driven hot hatches round the North Shore…
    but I’m sure that’s not the case eh 😉

    As has already been said – just drive a car if you’re not sure if it’s for you but don’t assume the Pajero’s diesel is it’s achilles heel on the basis of this review – drive it and a few other cars first (on and off road if poss).


  • stolendj

    It’s unbelievable to think people in the market for a new 4×4 would even read and believe this so called “roadtest”. The 3.2 DID engine is the best thing Mitsubishi has done for pajero and triton. Direct injection is noisy, what makes it noisy is the ve pump supplying fuel to the injectors which still rely on pressure to “pop” them off. they are direct injection rather than having a precombustion chamber to quieten the combustion. this is a characteristic (like it or lump it). The common rail versions are set up just like a petrol engine, air is measured going in, rpm is viewed and ecu pulses injector for the correct amount of fuel required.
    Reliability of mitsubishis are second to none. sure there are some duds out there but overall they are the best cars for longevity and lack serious issues compared to other vehicles. read nissan.

  • Ian

    Where do you get a better 4×4 for the money?

  • Fenno

    Toyota….Nissan…LandRover…Tata…Ford…Shall I go on?

  • vanmar

    i think pajeros are reasonable, the thing thou is that Prado’s are now dominant but i have herd bad reviews about each. some are good and some are bad some of the bad about prados i have herd in my country from the Toyota dealer that he should not have told me, he said that Prado have a failing point, the diesel versions, if the diesel is not refined enough which inst available in most countries the engine will rust and fail. he said that the sulfuric acid builds up in the engine and eats it away, he said it happens to every diesel vehicle but Prado have shown more ware at low mileage and this is not seen until you remove the engine block …he said also that diesel is cheaper but in the long run with engine tune up and possible engine change/ new vehicle purchase i should go gas.. he said what the diesel don’t cost me now, it will at the end of the year, this is what i would like advise on from persons who have driven diesel for over periods of time especially in this category of vehicle. thanks. i like also the shape of the pajero it really looks attractive over the Prado and its very spacious and i read a review on Mitsubishi website where they claimed prado stole there design i guess the older model prados often fool me on the streets when i think I’m looking at a pajero it turns out to be a prado land cruiser. well i look forward to a speedy response. thank you and great review but please remember to be honest and give what is due to Cesar what is Cesar’s and and be fare about your comments and guidance.

  • Richard

    Review does not fit with my experience. Have had pajero 3 door diesel from new 11 months. Has done 30000kms, used mainly for delivery work around town (up to 450kgs) and some private. dpf was issue up to last upgrade (4th). Averages 11.5 litres/100kms. Last car was 3.0l TD Hilux manual great reliability same economy same loads. Mitsubishi does all better with comfort, safety, handling, brakes, turning circle, power and flawless auto performance. Unusual use but works for me. Only worry is 18 inch rims and tyre suitability for proposed central road trip next holidays.Any suggestions welcome.

  • Darren

    I think the review is biased, anyone who has driven a diesel Pajero knows they are not lacking in get up and go for a 3.2 TD. Sahme the reviewer couldnt be more professional

  • Rob

    I have been reading car reviews for 30 years and am amazed at some of conclusions of these reviews. My extended family have three 2007 diesel long wheel base VRX’s… Each 4X4 has done about 20k…. we all acheive around 11 Ltr for 100k around town and 8.5 to 9 on the highway…. The acceleration after 5k of running in is just fantastic. I have had many vehicles and the dynamics of the Pajero is great (handling, braking, steering and transmission).
    Yes a little noisy but very smooth. There is no doubt that the Japan’s diesels are 4-5 years behind the European’s in terms of economy and quietness… But then in Australia a Pajero is $20k cheaper than say a Discovery D and cheaper than Toyota.

    I have also recently installed a K&N air filter which has also improved economy and power ($100 well spent).

    Ignore the review and speak to an owner and test drive a model which has travelled at least 2k…

  • Vitaly

    I live in Kiev, Ukraine. I recently bought a 2008 Pajero 3.2 DID. I put on around 6,000 km on it in one month. Honestly, the more I drive the Pajero, the more I like it… It’s a bit noisy if compared to my Mazda6 (2.0 L, petrol), but I got used to the sound. Fuel consumption is relatively good, again if compared to my Mazda6. With a full tank (88 L), I covered 727.4 km. The average was 11.6 L/100 kms (driving mostly in the city). I think this isn’t bad for a vehicle of its size. To summarize, I think the Pajero is a well-balanced car which is good both on a highway and off-road. If I was to make a choice again, I would go for the Pajero Diesel. In my opinion, the review is biased and poorly written. Of course, there are better cars out there, but how can anyone test a car which had covered 408 km in total and wind it up to 4,000 rmp? It is impossible to form an objective opinion about a brand new car which isn’t properly driven (if not abused). Best regards from Ukraine!

  • Kiprutto

    The Paj is tried and tested… driven mine in rough roads last 84,000KM and only changed tyres besides engine oil! Come to Kenya and see it in action. Great car… reliable, proven, strong, versatile, agile, etc.

  • Steveo

    The negativity of this review is surprising. I had a 2005 Pajero 3.2l DID for 2 yrs. Best vehicle I have ever owned. The Pajero is a 4WD designed for off-road use and comfortable city driving. Compromises have to be made to combine both uses. It’s never going to be the absolute best at both but it does a good job regardless. Who cares about 0-100km performance. I’m never in that much of a hurry or place my self in dangerous situations where a few seconds is going to make a whole lot of difference. I don’t need to get to the top of hills fast. All that means is danger if you are off-road, plus extra stress on your vehicle leading to more risk of accident or component failure. I leave the hill racing to the experts in their specially modified 4bys. The diesel noise? What’s the problem? I love the tat-tat-tat-tat sound. Music to my ears. It makes me feel like I’m in a ..uhmm.. well 4WD. The torque was more than adequate to take me anywhere off road I wanted to go without a problem. It simply ate up Fraser Island’s sandy tracks. Even took it swimming through deep creek crossings. The engines tat-tat-tat was actually very comforting actually as the Paj effortlessy pushed through the water Towing a load? Don’t even know your doing it. Making it work hard doesn’t even affect fuel consumption that much. The extra rear seating design is simply brilliant. It folds away nicely out of the way and can be removed for those times you need extra storage. Would I buy another one ? Sure thing. After being 4WDriveless for 18mths I’m hanging out to get another one. Im actually putting an order in for one next week.

  • John C

    My 2005 NP Did GLX 5 door manual is great! Good performance and holds everything we need. Can’t see why this reporter had such an issue. Maybe he needs to use his right foot. As diesels go it is great (but I do agree that with a more modern fuel system a 3.2 L diesel should give 600 Nm & 180 kW rather than 370 / 121…look what VW & BMW do with 3L).

    I average 9L/100km city & country.

    We’ve done 68,000 km, incl a trip to Innamincka; and various steep trails in the Blue mtns. No problems at all. I have scraped the towbar (a H R rhs one so no real damage) but otherwise the vehicle is just fine.

    Things I don’t like were

    the front seats were uncomfortable so I had them reupholstered to match my saab 9000 on full lumbar ($500 to fix).
    the back seat is too flat too hard and too low so it is really only for kids, but I keep a summpementary bubble custion for adults.
    handling in the wet requires care even in 4wd (cooper HTs 35 psi all round btw) but it is OK if you don’t push it. (for some reason this is not an issue with the discoveries I have driven).

    3rd row seat floor cover is too weak to take much load but you can put a shaped sheet of 15mm ply there on a big trip.

    Good things about this car which have passed on to the NS and which this reviewer has overlooked include
    the 3rd row seat is removable leaving a 75 litre space into which you can put (for example) 3 x 20 L water containers.

    lots of pockets / lockers/hidyholes to put things into.

    room for a 2nd battery

    diesel has 3 major advantages over petrol which no amount of price relativity can overcome
    longer range
    far safer in jerry can refuelling as flashpoint is 80c not -30.
    noone likes to smell it.

    Happy driving!

  • June

    I am a lady. My workplace requires me to commute around 120km a day for 5 days a week. Can anyone adv if Mitsubishi Pajero diesel a good one to drive for this pupose?


  • dave p

    I have had misubishi cars all my life and drive a pajero 21st anniversary did 3.2 diesel and cant speak highly enough of it I tow a van all over aust and it has never missed a beat 80000 ks of hard towing not even a miss beat I challenge the reverer to a drag with any one of the big three 4wd nissan patrol toyota prado and pajero petrol and my diesel leaves them for dead. pajero petrol petrol catches up after 100ks but the other deisels dont get near me there has to be something badly wrong with the test vehicle or you are very predidious against pajero

  • mendo

    What a clown – what idiot would drive a diesel in a pajero at 4000 rpm. Owned one 3.2 diesel since new – around 100 000k now and no issue what so ever. Most people get out of a petrol engine and drive a diesel the same way – lots of rpm / noise and poorer engine perfomance – trust me it does not work just look at the torque curves / dyno reports.
    Have spent time behind the wheel of the Jackaroo, Prado, Patrol, Terrano and Pathfinder. I have found the Pajero motor to be the clear stand out of all vehicles. Also diesels take longer to ‘run in’ than petrol engines as well, – my engine was ‘tight’ for around 30 000 kms.
    An example? traction control will kick in in 2WD driving up some of the steeper hills here in the blue mountains. The rear wheels were loosing traction going up hill in dry conditions. I have tried it on a number of runs, different tyres as well, and the engine just simply flies.
    Economy? last trip to the snow was 810km on 71 litres of diesel – fully loaded with a pod on the roof.
    Fuel filter issue? – every manufacturer will have issues with poor fuel.
    Handling? simply put, the Pajero runs rings around any other 7 seater wagon with low range and lots of storage space. Less body roll, quicker turn in, and far more accurate steering. Couple this with electronic stabilisation / skid control and traction control – it is a winner.
    What the clown that also failed to inform you all of is this other important fact. If you are a member of Australian farmers federation (around $80 – and no your dont have to be living on a farm) you are then entitled to full fleet discount pricing AND bonus accessories of $500. This made the difference of over $7000 between a prado to my pajero (which also had the electronic safety controls as well !!!)
    Weak points – standard tyres – I got around 15 000 km until one split (they were Yokohamas). I currently run Toyos and they are heaps better than standard.
    Worst fuel consumption? – 13L / 100 km towing a heavy trailer.
    Best Fuel consumption? – in the 8L / 100 km.

  • grae

    I have had 3 pajeros in the last 25 years. I currently drive a 2004 DID Pajero. We have done numerous off road trips all over Australia towing a off road caravan or a off road tralier. And had no such problems. I have never had any mechanical problems. The 2004 DID has been the best diesel engine for power torque and efficiency i have ever owned. We travel with toyota friends and they seem to have small problems all the time. In most cases the Pajero has been the most cappable and reliable performer on and off road.

  • Martin Vockler

    Your review on the pajero is so out of wack it’s not funny. Noisy, slow, do any of your drivers actually drive the car for more than a couple of hours and not cane the vehicle into submission????
    My SWB Pajero turbo Diesel 07 model has plenty of grunt and would beat all the cars your test driver referred it to. I can get as low as 9.2L per 100 on the open road at a steady speed not exceeding 100kms per hour and its a smooth quiet ride. It’s a spacious cab and with the purchase of a Thule roof pod you can accomodate all the extra space you need that is not provided in the boot.
    Yeah sure the car has some minor design faults but to compare the vehicle to kevin Dud is an offence to all the owners of this fine car. My Pajero is just on 14 months old and has 60,000 kms on the clock it has preformed well without a hitch and all services have not exceeded more than $450.00. Alborz your a wanker…

  • Pieter Rousseau

    I’m a diesel 2008 SWB driver and I must say I totally agree with the review.

    Engine has serious power in 4-wheel drive and more than capable. The quip about “just keep on going at 5km/h” is true – it just doesnt stop.

    On the road is a different story. Its not quite dead but its a slug. Overtaking is a mission and you really have to be sure when attempting to overtake.

    My biggest issue is fuel consumption. I’ve got 10000km on the clock and driving to work and back (all urban with an average amount of stops during the 10km drive) gives me no more than 14l/100km – REGARDLESS of how I drive. Low revs, high revs, driving Miss Daisy or gunning it – I cant seem to get it higher than that.

    Long distance is a bit better – going 120km/hr gives between 12 and 11 l/100km. Anything above that and you’re back to 13 and 14 l/100km.

    Would I buy it again? Not sure I would. Lack of “nippyness” that you need in town (and by no means am I expecting a supercar) is a real issue whilst fuel economy is a real pain.

    Anyway – hope that helps any prospective buyers!

    • steve M

      My neighbour who has one and I have also driven has just come back from a trip away and averaged 10.2L per 100, brilliant. Start pushing any vehicle well over 100k and its going to drink it, your comment abit unfair, anything above that and you claim 13/14 ??????? Once again do that to any vehicle and what do you expect ?? A slug over taking ?? Try driving a 2.8D toyota hilux then you will know what a slug is. Did you just jump out of a 6L chev (commodore)then jumped in the pajero ?? It seems like it, and no Im not biased I dont even own a pajero, I own a prado T/D and wouldnt hesitate buying a Mitsibishi Pajero DID for my next vehicle

  • Robbo

    How much do you reckon Toyota paid this dip stick to write that article? I have a 2004 NP GLS Manual DID. The engine is absoloutely potent for a 2 tonne wagon! On my third Pajero, and the only problem I have had was with my NJ Shorty doing a stepper motor. My grandparents have had 4 Pajeros, and same story except for a blown gearbox in their NC Shorty. The noise complaints are definitely warranted, but I love the sound! I dont know of any other Mitsubishi owners who arent happy with their cars.. They are an extremely reliable and cheap (Compared to a Toyota, Nissan or Land Rover) to run. Wouldnt swap mine for the world. Except for a new model one……

  • AlphaG

    maybe I have a different NS SWB DiD but I have no issue when hitting the loud pedal in overtaking, streaming past others etc and more then enough power to just keep climbing steep hills all day long.

    I read the entire review as off the lights rice boy driving versus maybe what a WRX can do. A Pajero whilst used mainly on the black stuff is a very compotent off roader with standard levels of traction control and like systems that leave many competitors way behind.

  • John Karuri

    Although the reviewer discusses many areas of Pajero he seems to have done a biased review.In fact his review is unprofessional for a site that gives car advice. The review is pathetic and misleading to would-be buyers of Pajero.
    Being a car importer in Kenya I routinely drive the mighty pajeros 500kms from the main port city of Kenya to the capital much higher in altitude.Although Kenya is a developing country,the Msa-Nrb highway is a really good piece of infrastructure.I have personally raced both petrols and diesels.
    I have also been driving other powerful 4X4s including Landcruisers and X5
    The Pajeros are powerful and great in torque and acceleration. Furthermore in the last three years I have imported ten pajero exceeds from Japan and their reliability is tops.

    Let any reader do a proper road test and decide for themselves!

  • Seeker

    I recently took a 2008 NS Pajero Exceed (Diesel) for a half days test. It is a battle between the Prado and Pajero for me. Pajero obviously kills the Prado on price and features and has a beautiful interior. The Prado is what it is – a 7 year old interior, that frankly is looking tired. So the point is I really would like to buy the Pajero, however I too was less than impressed with the noise and its acceleration. The Prado seemed much better here.

    Not wanting to write it off just yet I have arranged to take a 2009 NT VRX Pajero Diesel out for an entire weekend. 2009 apparently is quieter and quicker (~20% more power). So I will load the family up.. take it all around the countryside and report back here as to whether it has beaten the Prado for my hard earned dollars.

    It does say something that the guys at Mitsubishi were eager enough to lend me the car for the weekend. The bloke at Toyota insisted on coming along on the (short) test drive and yapping in my ear the whole time.

  • hassan

    i will by pajero 2008 soon.but i want to ask is pajero 2008 made in japan?
    is it noisy and slow?

  • jools

    i have a 2005 np did, no power probs here, they did go backwards for the ns model on torque though, i think that was to make things smoother, i sometimes get driveline shunt. the review was interesting, reason i bought my did instead of the v6 as planned was the shove in the back it gives you,it hill climbs better than my dads v6 same model. weekend on stockton my dad has to fill up on the way home, i dont, can do melb or bris on a tank.
    having grown up driving toranas the engine noise is like a trip down memory lane waaaarp waaaaaaaarp
    anyone who ever drove an aussie 4 speed would remember
    first, first and a half, then third and fooooooorth.

  • Thomas

    Highly inaccurate, misleading and probably biased article. The 3.2 DiD engine is what makes the Pajero distinctive. What do they else expect to put under the hood of the Pajero ? The article misleads since the Pajero was built for 4WD offroad driving, while still being a comfortable car onroad. Therefore it is not a typical SUV. It is also not a really hardcore 4WD vehicle, while being capable. It is fine tuned mix of both worlds, without the usual compromises. Concerning the 3.2 Diesel – it is an engine for both worlds. And if you wish, you still can buy the Pajero with the 3.8 MIVEC petrol engine. Bashing the car is unfair. I have driven both – the 3.8 MIVEC and the 3.2 DID.
    Sure the 3.8 MIVEC petrol is quiet, smooth and great for highway driving. However, moving the car smoothly below anything than 17 Liters per 100km is not possible. Offroad the consumption reaches easily 20 Liters and there is not enough torque. The 3.2 DID on the other hand is frugal, reaching 9-12 Liters depending on the conditions AND fuel quality. Yes, it is below 2000rpm loud, but has nerly 400Nm torque. It is a turbo diesel. We should not forget the 3.2 (4m41) has its roots in the Mitsubishi Canter truck. In the Pajero while on the highway 170km/h is easily achievable. Summing up, I am still happy I have chosen the 3.2 DID. I like the tat-tat-tat-tat sound. It gives some distinctivness. And if I want to drive 250 km/h on the highway , I prefer the other car with a V8 I got in my garage. Please DO NOT WRITE BIASED articles – be competent and more fairness is appreciated.

  • Mike Cook

    Interesting article. Even though the author is entitled to his opinion, obviously he has not driven any other turbo diesel 4WD and I seriously doubt he actually drove a Pajero. Patrol 3.0 litre is so under powered it is dangerous. Prado hasn’t got any grunt where you need it, Land rover, what can I say. Recovery blokes love them. Don’t even mention Ssayong, Kia and all of that other rubbish. Just did 1500klm round trip in our ’03 DID Pajero through the high country loaded to the hilt, wife, kids, dog and gear for a week. 9 lts 100 klm, overtaking up very long hills easily at 100 km/h. When I’m working I have to put up with a 3 lt Patrol. Hence why I bought a Pajero. The 3lt Patrol is pathetic. I have actually tried everything else I consider viable including the Prado, Land Rover and unfortunately the Patrol. The Pajero eats them all for breakfast in the engine department.

    I don’t honestly this guy drove a Pajero.

  • Panayota Thomas

    Mitsubishi 3 door 2007 model is bad news. I have had 4 returns on recall item and still the problem is not fixed. Motor looses power and car shudders when ignition is turned off. Of all the cars I have owned this would have to be the biggest lemon. Dealer does not care. Once the car was handed over the care factor stopped however prior to this I was getting a call twice a day to buy.
    Not reliable. You can do a lot better with other makes.

    The dealerships attitude (Toowong Mitsubishi)is very poor.

  • Nico

    All the people (who obviously OWNS the vehicle and did not just drive it for a few hours) saying that the Pajero is an excellent vehicle with ample power cannot ALL be wrong. Maybe it is then U who is in the dark mr. Fallah…

  • Jade

    Hi Panayota Thomas,

    4 Returns on recall, think yourself lucky. My daily driver is a VE SS commodore, been back to the dealer 16 times now and issues still haven’t been resolved, 3 computers, 2 stereos, suspension failures, etc the list goes on. All I can say is lucky for the sanity the NT Pajero provides. The Pajero’s superiority over our poorly built Australian cars is so far advanced it’s a joke.
    Oh and another thing to all you prospectfull Pajero buyers, don’t listen to the rubbish about the DID being a snail and having no power, my daily drive has 270kw and 550NM and I don’t have any issues what so ever jumping in and driving the NS Paj. If you are so concerned about power and acceleration go and buy a 270kw/550nm sedan. That Paj is a 4×4 and a bloody good one at that.

  • Maen ADDASSI

    I have Pajero 3.0 (2008)
    some times at speed more than 100 KM/H , some noise was apeard (as open window)
    what is your advise

  • http://Gmail Willy Wakker

    The reporter admitted he failed to lodge the work soon after the actual drive was done. Lets be fair he has a poor memory and having stepped out of a high powered road car was a bit lost. Diesel 4 Wheel Drives are an “all terrain vehicle” designed to take the owners and passengers to places an exotic road car cannot get close to. They do not accelerate like a Lambo or a GTS what ever.

    If you are going to make a statement back it up with numbers. You posted no times to speed or distance figures. Your description of the vehicles Brakes was a little loose if not out right inaccurate. If we are paid to do a job we must all do it with a high level of involvement and integrity.

  • samir

    Ihave a new pajero 3.2 did 2008 only 1000km,Iexperienced two times sidden loss of power and the engine is dead switch on off and on the power the car start again

    could you please advice

    • steve M

      Take Back to Dealer, simple, its under warranty let them deal with it, drop it at their door and tell them you dont want it back till its fixed !!!!!

  • Anthony, Victoria Australia

    Well, I only had to read the first few paragraphs to understand that Alborz Fallah should find another career, maybe Mcdonalds would be more suitable.

    • steve M

      Totally agree, what a load of rubbish he has written, no idea, and Im a Toyota Prado T/D Grande owner !!!!!!!!!

  • samir

    I have pajero 2008 did 121 kw I would like to perform a sound proofing ,any one knows how to do it? any kit available
    what about ship tuning is it a good solution for power increase and comsuption.any side effect.?

  • Rusty

    I’m happily driving my 2nd exceed, prefer them to the prado I owned. Here’s a test – try towing a 2 tonne boat with a pajero and a prado and see which one feels safest for the job. After reading this review I dont think Mr Fallah opinions are worth reading. Try other websites for sensible reviews.

    • steve M

      You are so correct in saying “””After reading this review I dont think Mr Fallah opinions are worth reading. Try other websites for sensible reviews.”””

  • stuart

    I have had my SWB for 2 yrs now from new. 3.2TD. Been in heavy deep sand and had to pull out mates cruiser, glides across the beaches and sand hills of Moreton and Fraser EASY AS… girlfriend drives it in the city and says its a dream on the roads. It looks great, drives very well and have a look at the resell value, nobody sells them cause you CAN NOT get a better 3dr car, 4wd or anything similar with the same style, performane and comfort.
    knock it at your peril, it just shows you are inadequate and jealous!

  • steve M

    Mate you have no idea. I havnt read such a misguided report on a vehicle as you have written. I have driven a 06 DID pajero Exceed and would leave my 1kz prado for dead. I have towed behind both vehicles, the pajero kills it, even pulling up hills economy & comfort. I have the 1KZ T/D Grande Prado and the pajero I have driven is the exceed, you have to be kidding me writing a report like that…..Yes and I own a Toyota not a Mitsibishi Get a new job and giver me yours !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tomas79

      Why are you comparing it to a kz prado, that stopped being manufactured back in 2005??

  • gary

    Dear oh dear – wonder what was wrong with he demo he based his article on?

  • Don Angus

    To think I respected so much your car advice reviews and nearly did not buy because of your article on the 2008 Pajero. Have just purchased 2008 3.2 Diesel (SWB VRX) with only 20K on the clock and on the second day drove it from Melbourne to Hervay Bay QLD. Truely outstanding performance along with 9.4Litres per 100KLM, even from a standing start or passing at 110KLM have not taken the smirk off my face. I now have comfort, performance and economy no thanks to highly incorrect article.

  • Bryan

    The general theme here seems to be the amount of noise and lack of performance from the diesel engine and I have to agree: I have test driven several Pajeros over the last few years and the result has always been the same – too much engine noise in the cabin! I didn’t think the vehicles were sluggish [on the road] but it wasn’t until around the 80 to 100kph mark that the wind noise started to drown out the clatter from the engine to an acceptable level and this just put me right off. I plan to try a petrol one in the next few days to see if it is any better; I would happily pay for a bit more fuel if it means a quieter more responsive drive and besides, the money that I will save on the inital purchase price [compared to the diesel] will buy a lot of petrol!

    I still like the Disco 3 and 4 too but they are more expensive and from what I’ve read, not all that reliable…

  • Doug

    Hey Guys

    I have this car in the petrol version…It is awesome I take it to Fraser Island at least 3 times a year plus trips to bribie Island once a month and the only trouble I have had is that the clutch went at 65k. This is common on This pajero but with a heavy duty clutch it is still powering through the tracks

  • Andrew

    You are a tosser mate. We pull a horse float up a range with our 2007 3.2 DID all the time no problems, in fact pulls uphill better than a friends petrol cruiser with float on. Also don’t find the engine noise an issue.

  • anthony

    i have a 2002 mitsi triton does any one know if a small block chev will fit into one. i am thinking off pulling the v6 out an putting a 327 into it is this possible

  • John S.

    Have just read ALL the comments,And have also still regretting selling my NJ 2.8ltr T/Diesel with 320k on clock,still has original clutch etc,Serviced every 5k klms,Never had an issue except changed Glow plugs once and front disc rotors.That 4×4 was by far the most reliable and best car I”ve ever owned,Heaps of power on or off road,Can”t believe I sold it,Int/exterior still like new,Wish I still had it and would love another DIESEL Pajero,They are Brilliant,

  • Noel

    Since new, my 2003 DID Pajero hasn’t missed a beat. I bought it so I could access my block on a very rough road and also commute on the freeway. I’ve never had any problems with power needed for overtaking because I’m not a leadfoot and drive with the conditions and work the traffice densities sensibly. If wanted to dodge around the road I’d get a sportscar that’s what they are built for. I like the distinctive motor noise and if you want to deaden it just get some more insulation. The only fault I can find is that the driver’s seat doesn’t come forward enough for my wife, with short, but beautiful, legs, so on a long drive it’s uncomfortable for her. I note the driver’s seat on the later Pajero models go forward a lot more so I’m angling to get a trade in.

  • ammar

    hello everybody can i ask a question???
    I have pajero 2008 4*4 recently i had problem when i drive on the high way for more than 20 minutes at 120 km/hr average the green light of the two wheel driving goes off and only a central orange light indicator of the hub keeps flashing till i switch the engine off and i live in a place where we dont have mitsubishi agency so please any one can help me in solving this problem thanks .

  • yuval

    i own 2008 did 3.2 3 doors pajero and i found this review Inaccurate in terms of the engine noice and lack of speed
    *pejero diesel engine is do noicy but it can easily improved by air filter modification wich lower the noice for about 25-30%
    *i hope you noticed that pajero automatic gears system is “learnning” gear type
    as hard as you push it become more “sporty” and responsive
    I can assure you that once you change the gear transmition status it become faster than most of it competitors
    any way my friend 4 door 2005 toyota lc is much slower than my pajero
    it is realy grate car!