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Volkswagen Australia has today launched the 2011 Volkswagen Polo GTI, a brand new hot hatch that could very well be Australia’s best baby racer.

The numbers alone are quite special. Maximum power output from the 1.4-litre twin-charged direct-injection engine is 132kW – a staggering 55kW more than the next most powerful petrol engine in the Polo range.

Torque peaks at 250Nm – just 30Nm shy of its bigger brother, the Golf GTI.

And with a total weight of just 1189kg, the Polo GTI accelerates from 0-100km/h in 6.9 seconds – exactly the same as the Golf GTI.

Despite the performance, the Polo GTI uses only 6.1 litres/100km of Premium Unleaded on the combined cycle, and emits CO2 at an average rate of 142g/km.

Putting this in perspective, the old Polo GTI, which was powered by a 1.8-litre turbocharged engine, consumed 8.0 litres/100km and emitted 190g/km CO2, making the 2011 model 24 percent more efficient.

The standard seven-speed DSG transmission drives the front wheels and an extended electronic differential lock is fitted to reduce the vehicle’s tendency to understeer and improve handling in the bends.

The hot Polo scores the standard GTI kit, including sports seats and 17in five-spoke circular-patterned alloy wheels, and becomes the first Polo to offer optional bi-xenon headlamps and LED daytime running lights.

Like all models in the Polo range, the GTI is equipped with ESP, Hill Start Assist and six airbags in what is a safe little package.

The new 2011 Volkswagen Polo GTI is available now from $27,790 for the three-door model and $28,990 for the five-door.

  • greenroom

    they’ll sell plenty of em too. nice work.

  • Toxic_Horse

    Great price!!
    When will ford step up with a hot fiesta ?

  • Krish

    Been waiting for this to arrive for a while..well priced by the looks of it! Cant wait to test drive!

  • Daniel

    No manual option?? FAIL.
    Why does an automatic need hill start assist? If you can’t move off from a hill in an auto how did you get a license?

    • braydenc

      Because its double clutch and if i remember correctly its because they roll backwards on a hill.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      Probably because the DSG is still technically a manual transmission with conventional clutches etc, they are just automated by a computer. From that comment I guess you haven’t driven a DSG equipped car. Just so you know, they can indeed ‘roll back/forwards’ on hills just like a manual!

      • http://BMW Crownleyian

        But that does mean ti changes like a Auto right?

        So how do you reduce gear when entering a tight corner?

        • Camski

          Correct, it behaves exactly like an automatic for general driving, with the exception of rolling backwards/forwards on a slope and slightly different “creep” (forward) behaviour.

          That said, because it behaves like an automatic, to select a lower gear you use a “manual” mode which allows you to sequentially select gears from 1-7 (and vise versa) as you feel necessary (or reach the top engine speed for that gear).

          • http://BMW Crownleyian

            Yeas I have read about the Manual Mode, but if the Rev’s go too high I have read that it auto Changes, true?

        • Devil’s Advocate

          In auto mode it will change down gears when you slow down at more realistic speeds and more often than a conventional auto ie with downchange points not much different to an average driver driving for economy in a manual. In sport mode they will change down at even higher rpm ensuring you are already in the right gear for high torque when you open the throttle up again. They work surprisingly well except from a standing start if you want a ‘quickish’ getaway, especially on any kind of incline (bit of a delay). They can also be very jerky in slow moving stop/start traffic. Reversing up a steep driveway and the like is also an absolute PITA.

          • http://BMW Crownleyian

            Good to know,but have to try one out a see how really good it is.

            The way things are going these DSG or Double Gearbox clutches do seem to be the future. It does look like the Manual Gearbox has it’s days counted, won’t even mention the ridiculous traditional Auto’s, because those are crap.

            Autos are very dangerous especially if you misjudge a curve and the engine does not brake, then that’s were people slam the brakes and all hell brakes loose…

            It’s just like entering a tight curve with a manual in 4th gear, you might as well put it in neutral.

            Have to try these Dual Clutch gearboxes someday.

    • Manual Junkie

      I won’t complain about DSG. BUT if VW Aust brings in a 6 speed manual version, I would put a deposit on one right now!

      • http://BMW Crownleyian

        It’s not VW Australia it VW that has not developed the Polo GTI with a manual gearbox.
        The same thing is happening to the Audi A1 TFSI S Line that has the same power as the polo and engine. It will also come with DSG, named something else just so the idiot’s think it’s Audi’s technology.

        Sorry Manual only for me…

        XR5 4 the Win.

        • KinFungL

          On paper XR5 is slower than Polo…
          Is there faster car cost less than the Polo GTI in OZ market?
          Colt Ralliart? (if you can live with the look… at lease it’s a manual…)

          • j

            do they still sell the rcolts?

            So what is the real reason why they’re not supplying a manual manual gearbox?

            Is it because of the twincharger setup?

            Either way, I’d be happy to trade in my type r and forgo the ability to heel toe downshift for this little hot hatch.

          • http://BMW Crownleyian

            On paper and I will guarantee you on paper only.

            The Polo might give a fight in take of due to it’s weight, but as soon as the XR5 hit’s it’s 320Nm you’re gone.

            On paper everything looks good but in the real world the Polo GTI won’t stand a change against the XR5.

            We are talking about a 2.5L 5 Cylinder engine here not a 1.4l.

            Actually I don’t even know were you got the info, that the XR5 is slower than the Polo GTI 6.9seconds (for the Polo)?

            The polo is lighter and will give a fight in take off, but in the real world the Focus XR5 will kill the Polo GTI.
            And I won’t even start to mention uphill performance…

          • Stoney!

            Your answering your own question, yes it is a lighter car. Therefore it needs less torque for the same performance, and I will bet you the VW has a wider torque band chiming in lower in the rev range. The polo will also out handle it with stuff all weight over the front wheels.

            Till now I never knew the XR5 turbo only had 320 nm of torque, Thats pathetic for a 2.5 turbo.


          • vti07

            rcolt is approximately 7.x seconds 0 – 100.

  • KinFungL

    Good one VW!!! With less than 1200kg this is closer to the Original Golf GTI than the Golf GTI.

  • riceboy

    great price!!!

    • Old Dog

      Agree! Although 28k is quite allot for a mini, when you consider that a htundai i20 can cost you 22k, it does seem like good value.

      • http://BMW Crownleyian

        What’s wrong with you mate?

        This is a performance car not a sluggish little crap like the i20.

        • KinFungL

          Why the -ve? Isn’t it what he mean. Only $6k more that the “sluggish little crap” you get the Polo GTI. The Polo GTI is good value. (If I wasn’t just bought the Focus XR5 few months ago I’d consider the Polo GTI.)

          • Old Dog

            *shrug* comprehension skills lacking I guess

  • david brabham

    sharp pricing can’t wait to test drive

  • filippo

    I have driven my brother’s Golf GTi DSG and although it was fast, it was a little dull and frustrating after a while. The DSG hesitates and second-guesses you, the exhaust note is nowhere near as crisp as a manual, and the paddles are so fiddly that you end up driving it like a normal auto anyway.

    VW think they are being clever by making this auto-only but I see it as sheer arrogance. They are deliberately alienating a large part of their market, including previous Polo GTi owners.

  • Jimmy James

    Finally VW present sharp pricing for a motor vehicle. Well done.

    Now then a few questions:

    - what is the colour range apart from red and white?
    - what are the options and how much are they
    - when will they be in dealerships?

    A clio 200 would kill it for driving enjoyment, but at this price its a very appealing package regardless.

    • Gene

      This car shows how overpriced the Clio 200 is. With the aggressive pricing of the new Megane, it’s very strange that they let the Clio carry on with outrageous pricing.

      • http://BMW Crownleyian

        I agree about the Pricing of the Clio totally!

        But the Polo GTI and the Clio RS200 are in totally different leagues.

        The Clio in performance wise will assassinate the Polo GTI.

  • Qikturbo

    Not bad.
    If I owned a Golf GTI I would have to reconsider any
    traffic light sprint against this Polo GTI.

    • http://BMW Crownleyian

      Yes, but in the real World the 2.0L of the Golf will kill the Polo GTI.

      • Stoney!

        The polo would certainly grab it off the mark by spooling up quicker. I actually have a feeling the polo might be quicker than the GTi, but they don’t want to make the best seller look bad…. The figures are rather close with quite a weight saving.


  • bangel

    HAHA chip this little fella and beware .

  • Stevo

    Alcantara/Leatherette upholstery $1,900
    Anti-theft Alarm System $600
    Audio Package (RCD510 & MDI) $770
    Bi-Xenon headlights $1,600
    Comfort Package $500
    Metallic / Pearl Effect Paint $500
    Panoramic Electric Glass Sunroof $1700

    Candy White
    Flash Red
    Shadow Blue (Metallic)
    Reflex Silver (Metallic)
    Deep Black (Pearl effect)

    • Gene

      For once I think the option prices are reasonable. Check every box and a truly luxurious performance hatch can be had for a smudge under $40k. A great great choice for people looking to downsize.

      • KinFungL

        Options are not cheap but still reasonal… No different to any other European cars. A fully optioned Golf GTI will be over $50k. Panoramic sunroof not even available for Golf. I’d like a White 5 doors Polo GTI with Panoramic Sunroof and Alcantara seats, that’s $32590 + on road (~$35000?). I rather this than a base model Mini, or base model Audi A1…

        Haha… A similar equipped Nissan Dualis FWD Ti Auto cost almost the same. I guess ppl looking at Polo GTI won’t consider a Dualis…

  • omgpolo

    where can i sign??? GODDAMN

  • Nath746

    If they want to sell it in droves then they will need to have a manual gearbox option as well… I would buy one if I could get a Manual Gearbox… Come on VW.

  • Al Juraj

    It’s the Golf GTi compressed in price and size but not performance – simply brilliant!

  •|0||p_ClassificationType_String|0||p_Family_String|0||p_Year_String|1||p_SequenceNum_Int32|0& PogO

    As a 1.8t polo owner, i request manual if you want to sell me the newest model, awesome otherwise.

    • Al Juraj

      A manual would make the price even better, but it may be slower in a straight line than the DSG.

      • Pete

        Yes having $2000 to $2500 knocked off the price for the manual swap would surely make the car sell like even hotter hotcakes! Pity they don’t have this option.

  • HJP

    It’s a winner. Perfectly priced for very decent performance and very good fuel economy. If I am a single I would get it, but not as a family now :(

    • http://BMW Crownleyian

      Sad how people stop living after they become parents, very sad. It doesn’t have to be like that you know!?

      But the truth is the 2010 VW Polo is World Car of the Year and the main factor is because it rated 5 Stars safety world wide.
      The thing that I see it being bad for a Family is if you have 2 + Children.

      Don’t bee fooled by thinking that a SUV is more secure than this thing.

      • Gene

        What on earth is this guy on about?

        • Stoney!

          I agree with him actually…

      • kennyboye

        Um….sorry but you are wrong. It comes down to physics; bigger heavier car crushes smaller lighter cars. 5 star ratings are only applicable against similar sized vehicles. Trawl u-tube for crash tests and (like me) you will be out there buying an SUV; very scarey one where a volvo xc90 decimates a mkV golf (which I drive). It totally sucks but there you go; once you have kids you have to think about this stuff.

  • nemo

    Great pricing! Was afraid it would be $30k plus. Now to work out when to order it!

    • D

      Those prices don’t include on roads, so it will be $30k plus.

  • Hung Low

    Very sharp pricing that makes this a very good buy! Why bother with the Golf Gti with bang for buck?

  • LukasUtopia

    It’s size makes it a good small family second car, a car for small trips. What it hasn’t got quite as much as the Clio Sports models is a perfect supermini chassis and a excellent sporty feedback, but it’s ridiculously cheaper…go figure…

    Still a good car nonetheless.

  • LukasUtopia

    I’ll continue to save for the Golf GTI…

  • Jabba the Hutt

    Even without the manual they have a winner. Excellent pricing for this quality of car and despite posts to the contrary the options are line ball with most manufacturers which is surprising in itself given VW are usually premium charges.

  • Samr

    Hand up anyone who wants to own a VW DSG gearbox outside of warranty?

    • janjetta

      My hand is up … close to 4 yrs now … no probs what so ever 2.0 TDi DSG and chipped

    • Old Pete

      I’m with Janjetta … 4 years 2 months, 82000k and no sign of problems. Passat V6 4Motion.

  • vti07

    rcolt might be more roomier inside but polo gti would be superior for the rest (handling, interior quality etc).

  • zubair

    Maybe Polo not looks anger enough than its bigger brother, Golf GTI but I think is not far standard from the Golf. Nice car and excellent technology features.

  • cammac

    I imagine the build quality should be better than the Colt and Clio but that might have something to do with country of manufacture?!! anyone know if the Polo GTI is made in Germany?! also anybody know the weight differences between the 3 and 5 doors. quoted weight is for which one??

  • http://caradvice tay113

    I am going to test drive next week but not too sure about the dsg/mechatronics/TCU as on my ex-08 golf GTi.The DSG , clutch slippage twice and hanging as i pulled off at intersections.3years warranty is not enough.Got rid off it.
    Volkswagen of America Announces Extensive DSG Customer Service Program
    08-28-2009 09:43 PM #1

    Well, my thanks to all those on vortex who decided to put their foot down with me several weeks ago, to the moderators here who tolerated our persistence, to all those who decided to take the CAS (Center for Auto Safety) poll here on vortex and voted overwhelmingly for VW to stand behind their DSG repairs requesting them to extend the DSG warranty to 100,000 miles, and also to be fully reimbursed for all DSG repairs that were not covered under warranty, YOU GOT IT ALL!

    VW has heard YOU loud and clear! Congratulations! Thats america.

  • Greg

    Why are we so deprived here in Australia! When I was in the U.S these cars were considered one of the cheapest cars on the road and and were readily available. Here in Australia they are some sort of luxury vehicle, cost more than 1.5 times the price, and are barely available.

    What is with this place! It’s a tiny little car and the cheapest car vw makes> Give me a break, I’ll take a brand new Ford Mustang any day (fast, bigger, more luxurious, looks better, and it’s way cheaper). Oh wait, they don’t sell those here, and when they did, they were priced at $80,000.


  • Shaun Vt

    I would have loved to have bought one, but now that I find out its DSG only… Bit dissapointed…

    VW get your act together…

  • Greg

    I can’t see the sunroof option on the Australian brochure or car sales build your own site. Can we got the panoramic sunroof here?