• bob

    $1000 more hardly makes the Polo “Much more expensive”. The $1000 extra for a Polo is worth every cent over this very average vehicle

    • ash

      The $1000 gap is just the price of entry – by the time you’ve added servicing and breakdown repair costs, the Polo is not really a price competitor – its a price guzzler. As someone who foolhardily overlooked a marginally cheaper Jap car for a VW Golf, I can safely say I would never buy Euro/VW at the lower end of the market again.

    • sammo

      I completely agree bob. I have been in the market for a light car for some time, and I was considering looking at the i20 as a possible choice. One look at the Polo, however, was all it took for me to be persuaded that it was the best car for me. I ended up buying a Polo last week. I also got a fantastic deal on the car because I went into the dealer knowing exactly what I wanted and (approximately) how much I was willing to spend.

      The Polo has a quality of finish, design sophistication and engineering standard way above its class – in my view it is worth every cent more than the i20 because you are paying for a far superior vehicle. The only down-side is the near 6 month wait for the car, which isn’t an issue for me as I will be using the summer to work and save up for when it arrives next year. :)

      If you can step up to the Polo, I would highly recommend you doing so, but that doesn’t mean you should rule out the i20 because it is still a decent vehicle. :)

      • katyperry

        Below is the full list for the 2010 Vehicle Dependability Study, a lower score means better quality.

        Mercedes-Benz 142
        Acura 143
        Hyundai 148
        Cadillac 150
        Infiniti 150
        Subaru 155
        Industry Average 155

        Volkswagen 225 (thank go d it’s above suzuki and LR)
        Suzuki 253
        Land Rover 255 (worst)

        • G

          What’s wrong with Suzuki?
          This is an American study that includes dead Korean sourced cars rebadged as Suzukis from the time they had an affair with GM. Because it is an entry price brand they had to swallow the crappy Daewoos fron the General if they wanted to sell cars in America.
          Now look at the quality reports here in Australia, with almost every vehicle sourced from Japan.
          Know your facts before wasting everybody’s time.

      • katyperry

        “The Polo has a quality of finish, design sophistication and engineering standard way above its class”

        you should be a salesman, you made the polo sound like a porsche 😉

  • KM

    Most powerful engine in it’s class…

    What does this mean? Performance wise the polo 1.2t with the 7 speed dsg would out perform this car in any given situation

    Don’t get me wrong I have all the respect for Hyundai – very good product but I think this car is a little over priced

    • Devil’s Advocate

      It is amazing what DI and a turbo can do to a relatively “old tech” SOHC, 8 valve engine as in the 1.2L Polo.

      What I find commendable is that the i20 has 4 wheel disc brakes across the range. Most others in the class have at least one model with rear drums, even the Polo (Trendline).

    • rocket_v6

      what about the price difference between this model and the 1.2t with the 7 speed dsg polo…..

      thats why its Most powerful engine at this price range

    • katyperry

      i agree it’s a bit over priced :(

      i can’t stop thinking of the price of the GETZ, that’s probably why, then comparing to the i30,

  • Fenno

    So it’s noisy, the steering feels disconnected and it’s a new model that is about to be superceded in other markets.
    As long it has the buttons and a 5 year warranty commuters will buy it. Car Advice or accessory advice.
    Dont get me wrong, there is a place on the market for these cars, but the article sounded seemed to downplay some pretty important negatives.

    In relation to Ash’s comments above. I have a Polo and am enjoying a car that doesnt feel or drive like it’s price range (and not because of how many ipod ports I get etc)

    • Fenno

      ….without any mechanical woes to boot.
      Just remember that anything Hyundai sells is a generation behind the Japanese in technology and two gens behind the Euro’s.

      • Bimmerc

        I thought Hyundai diesel engine is pretty good, certaily not one generation behind japanese and two gens behind the euros.
        Japnese and Euro warranty policy is certainly one generation behind hyundai.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        It is pushing it to call the 1.2L engine in the Polo two generations ahead of Hyundai Fenno considering it is still only SOHC and two valves per cyl. DI (which Hyundai already have in their inventory, just not on this car) and turbocharging are nothing new any more either. What the Polo has over most of it’s rivals is the sheer depth of it’s engineering. That is why it has a much more substantial feel to it.

      • MisterMister

        Really? My Hyundai i45’s direct injection engine & 6-speed automatic is a generation behind Honda & Mazda’s 5-speed auto and naturally aspirated engine? For a car that’s a generation behind, it sure puts out a heck of a lot more power & torque compared to the Japs.

        • Devil’s Advocate

          MisterMister, the “direct injection” engine in the i45 is still naturally aspirated. Direct injection doesn’t have anything to do with “aspiration”. Didn’t you mean ‘port injection’? On the torque front, don’t forget the max torque in the i45 is relatively high up the rev range meaning you have to rev it harder to get that performance, much like the Honda. Peak figures aren’t the ‘be all end all’ you know…
          Note, I am not saying Hyundai are genearations behind, but they are not generations in front either. They still have a lot to learn about steering feel and suspension tune.

        • Devil’s Advocate

          I forgot to add, Mazda do indeed have a vehicle available in Australia with a 6 speed automatic and direct injection. That direct injected engine happens to be turbocharged as well and not naturally aspirated like the i45 engine… 😉

      • katyperry

        wow your brain is 10 generations behind

        spam word : speed

    • sammo

      Also a good point, Fenno. Just because the i20 looks good in a brochure or on the showroom floor, doesn’t mean it’s as good on the open road.

      However Hyundai are making some good cars now so they are worth a look none-the-less :)

      • katyperry

        yea the VWs look good in a bro. or the showroom floor…but look at the facts and numbers…

  • MK

    Go for Safety. Go German.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      5 stars is still 5 stars no matter what badge it may wear. However the Polo would have better ‘active’ safety due to the superior handling…

    • BMW-Lover

      I think because the article mentions that the i20 is built in India, it is only fair to mention that the Polo is made in Spain, not German at all. But they still charge for it as though it was made in Germany.

  • nickdl

    I agree with the other posts. It’s a pretty average car. This model with a manual is about the best you can do for an i20. Other than that the auto is dated, the bottom model’s engine is too small and the top model is too expensive.

    Hyundai are still about a generation off selling a car on its merits. Until then they need to price their cars competitively. The top i20 costs more than the top Fiesta and Polo, very arrogant of Hyundai IMO. Both are much better cars in every way possible, except for standard features. The engine is hardly more powerful than the Fiesta, and the Polo engine is much better. Plus both cars give the option of dual clutch autos.

    I think it’s going to be a bit of a shock for Hyundai once they stop selling the Getz because frankly the i20 isn’t good enough to compete with the best in class and it’s too expensive to sell on price.

    • JabbaTheHutt

      nickdl said,

      I think it’s going to be a bit of a shock for Hyundai once they stop selling the Getz because frankly the i20 isn’t good enough to compete with the best in class and it’s too expensive to sell on price.

      …. you should probably let Hyundai know that the i20 is replacing the Getz because they plan to introduce the i10 to do that job.

      • nickdl

        Which has been out for what, 3 years everywhere else? It’ll just be another average, overpriced small Hyundai which is smaller than the Getz was. The Holden Spark isn’t a great car, but it will kill the i10 in just about every way.

        • JabbaTheHutt

          Smaller than the Getz? That speaks volumes about your actual knowledge of the car.

          • nickdl

            It does actually, the i10 is 3.56m long vs the Getz at 3.82, it’s also narrower and about 100kg lighter. As for the engines offered, a 1.2 in the i10 vs a 1.4 and 1.6 in the Getz. Now tell me the i10 isn’t smaller than the Getz…

          • JabbaTheHutt

            nickdl said,

            I think it’s going to be a bit of a shock for Hyundai once they stop selling the Getz because frankly the i20 isn’t good enough to compete with the best in class and it’s too expensive to sell on price.

            Your post? You are pitting the i20 against the getz.

          • nickdl

            Well you’ve completely misread my second post then haven’t you? You said that the i10 would replace the Getz to which I replied that it’s hardly a direct replacement (the i10) when it’s a class smaller.

            I stand by the fact that the i20 is not a direct replacement for the Getz either with current pricing.

  • fishman

    Why would anyone buy this over the Fiesta?

    • Steven

      I’d go for the Fiesta every time. At least you’ll have fun driving it!

  • Zej

    You have got to wonder how they can justify the $3500 premium for the 1.6 over the 1.4 litre.

    That’s a steep ask for shorter conrods and/or larger pistons.

    • MF

      yea Honda Jazz 1.3L Gli LE manual is $18490 and 1.5L Vti LE manual is $19490! only $1k difference.

  • Fiesta

    This review does not state that this vehicle is any way better than a Fiesta?
    Cornering/handling/driving response is not as good.
    Price is more expensive (comparing LX Fiesta and Elite model i20).
    4-speed Auto compared to dual-clutch 6-speed PowerShift.
    Fit and finish clearly leaves something to be desired(anyone who has stepped inside a Fiesta would understand their quality).
    It’s much noisier(I’ve been a passenger in one, couldn’t believe the difference in noise dampening with a Fiesta).

    In short, a poorly built, less driveable and louder vehicle … that’s more expensive?

    The review does not adequately address how the vehicle measures up to competition – you can’t judge it in isolation!

    • jj

      i bet hyundai could manage to put some carpet on the backs of the rear seats unlike the fiesta.

      thats just POV!

      A honda jazz will be better on fuel, bigger, just as powerful, easier to see out of, better built, quieter, and much more space efficent than the i20. OH and cheaper!

      i own a jazz and wouldnt even consider any other small car ( and ive driven them all! )

      i love how the back seats fold flat, and i can get things as big as BIG washing machines in the back and still shut the hatch.

      • thomas

        The new fiesta has addressed that issue and there is carpet on the back of the rear seats.

  • 5294

    Hyundai was becoming a good quality, reasonably priced product across their range. However, there isn’t the obvious price advantage anymore. They seem to think they’ve made it! I don’t think the brand is actually where Hyundai may think it is in our market. I agree with nickdl, Hyundai are still about a generation off selling a car on its merits.

  • Joey

    At 20.5k its the same price as the new Kia Cerato hatch which has a better motor/auto gearbox…

    …and I’d prefer something that’s made in Korea rather than India.

    • rocket_v6

      my Gf bought a brand new holden viva (made in korea ), heaps of problem had to sell in 2 years then bought the suzuki alto (made in india) very happy with the car very reliable and she thinks its the cutest car in australia which I think is the ugliest in australia.

      • Joey

        Not all Korean cars are made equal. The Holden/Daewoo stuff is crap. Horrible quality.

        Hyundai/Kia is clearly in a very different league.

  • jj

    ah.. if i had to have a hyundai for that price id make it an i30.

    far too dear

  • JabbaTheHutt

    For all the negativity above every single post so far ignores the fact that it is outselling the (far more established) competition. They are obviously doing something right and it seems some of you can’t handle that fact.

    I’ve actually warmed to the Fiesta but was discussing it with a woman who just returned from a test drive at out local dealer last week and she decided to buy an i30 and felt it was a better car for the same money. One of her fellow office workers has ordered the Cerato hatch. It just goes to show that everyone is different.

    I agree that the styling of the i20 isn’t that exciting but it doesn’t offend either and if anyone ever needed proof that the market is full of people that love boring looking cars they only need to look at toyota’s sales.

    The one area that Hyundai has been able to move forwards in recent years whilst toyota has gone backwards is reliability and for many families that will be the clincher. It was for us.

    I also agree that the Polo appears to be the best of the group BUT… there is the ever present concern about its reliability .Despite claims that VW have lifted their game in recent years the customer surveys around the world suggest otherwise and even in this forum there are several very disappointed “ex-owners”.

    …and Fiesta your post about the fit and finish in the i20 is rot and I detect the odour of a badge snob again. The fit and finish is top notch. It just doesn’t have the excitement in its design that the fiesta does but then the woman I spoke to didn’t like the way the centre stack came fwd in the fiesta so again it is all down to personal taste. Having sat in both I can also tell you that rear vision is far better than in the fiesta and given that these cars are typically going to a female market that is a significant issue when buying.

    At the end of the day this car outsold the fiesta last month and doubled the sales of the polo. Actions speak louder than words. Personally I too felt it was priced to high but 520 owners disagree.

    • Fiesta

      Thats cause those 520 people have no taste and have no class. Would rather take the cheap option. They obviously sold to all the Older Generation last month.

      • JabbaTheHutt

        Yes I imagine it must hurt to see your favourite car pipped by a newcomer. Hence your attack on anyone that bought them. The fiesta has grown on me as I said above but it ain’t everyone’s cup of tea. The styling is busy like my car and that puts plenty of buyers off. The i20 is a little bland but still reasonably well styled.

        I’ll hedge a bet that most of them that went to private buyers went to females sub 35 years of age without kids. Just like the fiesta.

        • katyperry

          At the end of the day this car outsold the fiesta last month and doubled the sales of the polo. Actions speak louder than words.

          me too: Personally I too felt it was priced to high but 520 owners disagree.


  • DGS

    I would be interested to know if these are built in India out of Hyundai’s high quality steel imported from their mill in Korea or local recycled stuff.

    This may sound irrelivent, but if you are thinking about buying for the longer term (5 to 10 years) a car that starts to dissolve around you and is prone to having metal bits snap would be a poor choice.

    • Shak

      Thats why Hyundai offer a 5 year unlimited kay warranty. they are so confident in their product, no matter where it is from.

    • bangel

      Does it come with papadams

    • bangel

      Yes DSG good point , a lot of cookware in china is recycled s/s from where ever , good makers use korean , india , well who knows .

      During the 70’s alfa , fiat , renault wre using rusky steel and you could here them being eaten.

      • DGS

        That was an interesting deal, Fiat got russian steel and Lada got the tooling for the Fiat Regatta (and maybe others)

        Hard to say who got the worse end of the deal.

        Anyone who brought a Fiat or Alfa however just got heart ache as their beautifully designed (but temprimental) car began to disolve before their eyes. That was the cruel bit, and when buying a modern car you should not be subjected to history repeating.

        If Hyundai can not source high quality steel in India I hope they have the decentcy to import their own from Korea. Their reputation that they have spent the last 10 years building up rest on it.

  • Samr

    Why would you buy a Hyundai i20 for the same or more money than a Suzuki Swift, Honda Jazz, Mazda 2 or even a Toyota Yaris ?

    The 5 year warranty is the only thing and that can be bought on the other cars

  • nolemonplease

    Besides huge gap of warranty period…5 year V 3 Year,,,Most importantly VW is far less unreliable.. End of story…

  • Nowhere

    instead of arguing which cars are best, does anybody know the fuel economy?

  • Fiesta

    The i20 is useless. I have just recently driven all vehilces in this class and I have to say that the i20 was one of the worst. It was very bland, the asthetics were very unappealing and it had no get up and go.

    The Fiesta is a much better buy for the money. It is packed with features, great looking and the new 1.6 Auto is a step above.

    If your in the market for a small car, consider every other vehilce first as you will be very surprised.

  • Genki

    I think Hyundai have played their cards very well in recent years. They are in a position now where they have become a default purchase for many people. Where Toyota has been the default for reliability and durability (while many other brands have been just as reliable and durable) Hyundai is now synonomous with Value – so buyers looking for perceived value will head straight there (even though it is perceived value – the pricing of this vehicle for its engineering and place of manufacture is absurd) but that doesnt matter. Most people dont car about cars, someone looking in this segment would probably think “i want something new, cheap, with a good warranty” and think Hyundai…go for a drive, think it is rather nice compared to their 10-15 year old current car, and buy without bothering to look at the competition. Toyota has benefited from this with their reputation now Hyundai’s reputation for value is paying off very well for them indeed. But noone with a brain would buy this car at these prices over the competition – and i would say 95% of the buyers have no idea where it is made. Cheers

    • fishman

      Sums up the situation perferctly!

      As Holden also show, good marketing/brand perception means you can sell lots of ordinary korean cars to an unsuspecting public…

  • Jazrod

    I’m sorry, but I’d take a Ford Fiesta LX or a Polo 1.2TSi Trendline over this anyday (Given the sub $21k price). . . hell, if I were in the market for a small car I’d spend the extra dough and get the Zetec TDCi or the Comfortline TDi over this!!!

  • Hung Low

    Swift Sport at this price (24k on road) thanks!
    The profit margin on this i20 with Indian labour would be huge! If Suzuki can supply a Japanese made Swift cheaper than this, I have to react!
    Had a look at one in the dealers months ago and it is pretty bland car with average looks and the paint finish left a lot to be desired!
    It has tough competition and only marketing will be the winner for this one!

    • DGS

      In all reality this is a $14,990 drive away car (with the 1.6, less for the 1.4)

      Because it is new, Hyundai is milking it for every dollar they can get. Give it a year and the price should adjust.

      I have had a look at one and I can only see it as the new model Getz. It’s cheap and fuctional.

      If you want cheap and nasty, wait: Great Wall will probably drop a steamer on the market some time soon.
      (Voleex C30)

  • Cranky Franky


  • Ben

    These sales are a carry over of good marketing by Hyundai. They have establish a front of mind place in many peoples heads for an entry level car. Good work and congratulations.

    None of this relates to the quality or merits or this car. In fact this car is clearly a big step below the class leader Fiesta and almost all others in the class as is indicated by almost every other reliable review of this car. The sales stats confirm that most people do not care about getting the best, they just wanted a new car. So no comparisons are done and this car was good enough for them. I’ll bet (though I have not looked) that the majority of the sales were for the even worse entry level version of this car with the 1.4 engine. I’m sure the buyers are happy enough in their ignorance.

  • Who Knew

    With the price decreases announced by Mazda, there is even less reason to buy the i20 over its competitors. The i20 does not do anything better than any of the major cars in the class. The Polo, 2 and Fiesta are superior on any criteria and the i20 can’t even claim value.

  • Avi

    Did you guys check out the latest factory-fitted Audio Visual Navigation Systems?

    Give it a look.

  • http://STI James

    Much better then the Getz or Jazz.

Hyundai i20 Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$7,150 - $8,130
Dealer Retail
$8,420 - $10,010
Dealer Trade
$5,500 - $6,500
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
136Nm @  4200rpm
Max. Power
74kW @  5500rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
6.4L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:1000  Unbrake:450
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
185/60 R15
Rear Tyres
185/60 R15
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Torsion bar, Coil Spring, Hydraulic double acting shock absorber, Anti roll bar
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Mobile Phone Connectivity, Power Steering
Radio CD with 4 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Cloth Trim, Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Side Airbags, Seatbelts - Pre-tensioners Front Seats
Alarm System/Remote Anti Theft, Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
60 months /  999,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Pass Side Under Front Seat
Country of Origin