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One of our loyal readers has sent through a video showcasing the 2008 Ford Falcon range. According to Lloyd and his brother Des, the video and the photos below were taken at Katherine Gorge in the Northern Territory.

In the video we can see two Sedan and two Ute variants. Not surprisingly, Ford’s test drivers are not too keen to stick around when they see the video camera.

2008 Ford Falcon ‘Orion’

Only 56 more days remain till the 2008 Melbourne Motor Show where Ford is expected to officially show-off the new Falcon range. The 2008 Falcon will be one of the biggest unveils of the year.

2008 Ford Falcon ‘Orion’

As it stands now, the new Falcon sedan should launch in early May with the ute and FPV models to hit showrooms by the end of June.

2008 Ford Falcon ‘Orion’

Click through for more details on the new 2008 Ford Falcon, and make sure you check out our comprehensive Ford Falcon spy photo gallery.

  • John Kirkham

    Er, why did the they cut the sound out as the Falcon’s were taking off ? Kind of defeat’s the purpose of a video. Blah !

  • Bavarian Missile

    Thanks Lloyd and Des……although sound would have been good
    it was fun to watch them leave in haste,,,its almost like Coyote and Roadrunner……..bip…bip!

    What no scary rent a cop to be seen when their under cover!!!!!!!

    Ford must be starting to wonder where can they go that Caradvice wont find them! I guess the new testing grounds will give them some shelter for the next time the Chase begins!

  • Oz.

    This is what i’ve been waiting for…Lloyd’s video! 😀

  • Oz.

    I agree with your comment John Kirkham, I think it sounded like a V8 but the sound went off! But the white sedan was quiet as the six should be.

  • smoov


  • Frugal One

    They would be shitting there pants ar Broady Ford HQ, with petrol @ $1.50 who the hell is going to buy one of these.

    Sales for large cars has been falling every single year, its doomed.

    Hope they are happy with small volume sales, not as bad as the 380, but nothing flash.

    The ONLY solution is export, but who wants it?



  • Watto_Cobra

    Thanks again for your seemingly uninformed comments and your unpatriotic wishes for Ford Australia to die F/O.

    My petrol Falcon gets same or better mileage as an Aurion. I will be buying a new Orion, as will plenty of others.

    If the E-gas model has DI it will flog most small cars for fuel costs.

  • Oz.

    Yeah Watto : your AU has blue cobra stripes. The AU ad said it was the best at it’s time, so Ford are correct there.

    Frugal One, I still don’t know what you like. If the VE Holden does ok, so will the Falcon. if the Fuel is always more than $1.50 a litre we should buy the E-Gas range then. If you want Ford to die, Haven’t you herd about the Focus been made in Aust from 2011? They should keep FoA alive.

  • Watto_Cobra

    Did you see a pic of it Oz.?

    From the low perspective, I’d say the camera person was trying to hide the fact they were filming so as not to spook them.

  • Watto_Cobra

    If Ford Oz was doomed, why are they spending $1.8billion over the next 10 years for their new R&D facilities?

  • Oz.

    Yeah, all the gov funding and the focus, so small cars are the go with all the high fuel prices, but the great Falcon still has a while to go yet.

    Watto you said you have an AU with blue stripes in the FPV CGI post.

  • Watto_Cobra

    Oh yeah, bought it like that 7 years ago, so I didn’t recently rip off the BF 😉 When I get my Orion I’ll likely retire the old EB and keep the AU as a 2nd car because it has been so very good.

    With local Focus production coming here, I wonder if we’ll get the RS??

  • Daniel Dacey

    Sorry but what are a few warmed over and reskinned BA’s floating around isn’t that exciting to me. As a former Ford buyer, I would be more impressed if they said the dealer network was going to be fixed and they realise they have to get their house in order re build quality and customer service.

    You buy the car once. Living with Ford after that is the hard part.


  • Watto_Cobra

    While I haven’t had any trouble with after sales, I have heard stories. That is something that needs fixing, plus the advertising.

  • Oz.

    Yes it is a re-skin, but a great upgrade and Ford are getting the best out of an old platform.

    No matter how old the platform is, it will still make Holden give their all new billion dollar car have an upgrade to take on a 20th Centry platform car.

  • Oz.

    I had to say that incase “Football, meatpies, kangaroos and Holden cars” returns so he would have nothing to say and if he has a go, he will loose.

  • red baron

    love my holdens,but as an inteligent aussie who loves built for australia cars i hope ford hits a home run.and as for fuel econemy,go strap a 14 foot caravan to a camry/aurion and head up the h/way.and by the way the biggest fuel sucker i ever owned was a toyota diesil tray.at 110 kmh with no load on you could see the fuel gauge drop.and it was bought new.ford and holdens issue selling large cars isnt fuel its purchase price.we cant compete with the asian nations on labour.simple fact

  • lloyd

    Hi guys,

    The original footage i sent through did have sound. Unfortunatly the video was taken on my still camera, so the image is a bit shit.

    To a previous comment, there was a rent-a-cop when i took the photos of the covers on the cars, i went to lift one to get a good shot of the wheel and he appeard. So i left… quickly, a very angery big man.

    Looking forward to seeing it in the showroom.
    Cheers Lloyd.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Yep I know the guy your referring to Lloyd……..he must travel with them everywhere………looks like Wattos cousin ! hahaha

  • Oz.

    As this is a Mondeo-based RWD sedan, the uppermarket models should make the VE Commodore look boring.

    Lloyd & Des, forget about the sound – It’s a great Video!

  • Watto_Cobra

    Haha BM, yep he’s almost a dead ringer for my cuz. Nice bloke but don’t get him mad 😉

  • Bavarian Missile

    Ill send you the link that B…….. started on his diff….you will get a laugh…….. xxx

  • Watto_Cobra

    Whoa, it’s amazing how many friends you find when a scumbag has done that, huh?

  • Old XY

    G’day All. Be interesting to see the response as this hits the market. Certainly has the potential in the looks dept. to score well. Mechanically, no contest against the other big ‘aussie’ producer. Never has been, and as an ex Holden dealer mechanic, I know.
    Would I buy one? Probably not. I’ll stick to my ’71 XY GS Fairmont (as much as the wife would like power steering!).

    Good luck all.

    For the doubters….

    H ope
    O ur
    L uck
    D oesn’t
    E nd
    N ow

  • pjr0351

    well i’ll say this much my younger brother own’s a focus & a falcon eb my older brother own’s a xr8 el 5 speed last of the 98 tickford model bloody cool car to drive my dad a laser & my mum the new fiesta & me 1 longreach ute & a hobbie car the last model of the 87 4wd tx3 which i’ve owned for ten year’s now and have only decided to put in the work shop now do go crazy on just the motor but if things go my way i’ll be trading the ute in for the orion we can’t do much about the patrol prices so i’ll buy the best as for you w&%$&^% go buy your girly car’s for me it’s ford all the way history for me is ford has been no trouble for my family