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by Brett Davis

Toyota has released a finance plan for approved applicants offering just 2.9 percent interest. The four-year Toyota Finance Advantage is only available with the Toyota Corolla Ascent and the Toyota Yaris YR five door bought before January 31, 2011.

Both these models are now available at recently cut prices, too, meaning the Corolla Ascent can be had for $20,990 in manual form, and the Yaris can be had for $15,690 in manual form as well. The Corolla now also comes with seven airbags and power rear windows.

David Buttner, Toyota Australia senior executive director sales and marketing, recently said about the deal,

“We are determined to continue offering customers excellent value with these cars, whether by adding features, repositioning prices or through other competitive offers such as finance.”

It’s quite a good deal really, the 2.9 percent comparison rate is a lot less than typical dealer finance rates. So if you’re after a new car as a private owner, or have an ABN and you’re own business, talk with your nearest Toyota dealer to see what they can do.

Alternatively, you can visit the Toyota special offers site for more information.

  • Eric

    That’s $9.90 per week saving. Hope the fees and set cost are not high to make up for the low rate.(Like the cap servicing is built in to the new car price)

    The article sure sound like an Ad though 😉

    • JR

      Thats the comparison rate , with all fee’s and charges factored in.

  • EBF

    Not even a bank can offer finance this low – that means Toyota is recouping the cost elsewhere. In this case, probably by selling you the car at list price.

    • gt6

      Chances are your vehicle will be pre-installed with all the factory accessories. This is where Toyota will make up there $$ with nary a discount to be seen.
      However,good marketing to get people though their doors when their product is beginning to look a bit sour compared to the newer competition.

      • http://CarAdvice La Mercator

        Nothing is free. You are paying for it (up front) in the price of the car.

        • http://caradvice OSU811

          Absolutely correct, if you ask for a discount you WONT be offered the 2.9% deal, you will need to pay cash or finance the car yourself to get a discount, but it is a good deal for someone who doesnt have the cash and it keeps the payment down.

          • Andrew M

            Someone who doesnt have the cash of say 21K for a corolla should really be looking at a 2 year old one for 15K.

            People buying stuf that maximised their capacity is what stuffed the economy to start with.

            I know its a different subject, but if you cant afford it, you cant afford it

        • gaz

          When you own your own finance company these are the things you can do, this is a win win for the buying public! WELL DONE TOYOTA.

  • nickdl

    That’s actually quite decent value for the Corolla manual. I’d never buy the 4 speed auto but the manual’s pretty good. Although the new Cerato hatch will probably cream it elsewhere. And I agree, the article does sound like another Toyota ad.

    • paul

      Even better, the previous shape Corolla manual. Same engine with 100kg less flab. Can get good low-km ones for around $10-11K.

  • Eric

    Wounder if the 2.9% will have a product recall in next few months. LOL


    forget abot it being a toyota ad,what about the new caradvice low of putting links to the ford focus and kia cerato.talk about garbage journalism,lift your standards guys….

    • Mikey_94

      Maybe you should raise your punctuation and spelling standards…

  • http://caradvice.com.au Brett Davis

    This Toyota information, in my personal opinion, is great news for someone about to buy a small hatch; 2.9 percent is very low, regardless of press release/Toyota ad etc.

    Also, the actual ads on this page have nothing to do with our written copy.

    • Eric

      FYI The hyper link in your last line goes to CA page not Toyota Special offers.

      “Alternatively, you can visit the Toyota special offers site for more information”

      • http://caradvice.com.au Brett Davis

        Fixed. Cheers

  • Anthony

    Toyota seem to be under preassure in the market place,as the Corolla and Yaris are bland to look at,and boring to drive.

    • Driver

      That’s what the masses want, so that’s what Toyota delivers.

      It’s just business.

      • Mythfrances

        Agree with you Driver. Affordable to buy, economical to run and reliable to drive are just what the general public want, and thats what Toyota is all about. If you want something different, something more, pay extra for something else then.

        • Hooda

          Unfortunately Fiat has stopped selling their great looking Punto here!!!

          Still sell in England and India though. >(

  • Ricky

    Still not as good as the 0% financing they offer in the USA.

    • Driver

      Because the American economy is in such a state, no one is walking through the showrooms (and Toyota is not alone).

      The current interest rate for the US is actually 0.25%, such is the state of their economy.

      • Ricky

        You’re wrong – 0% financing in the US has nothing to do with the economy. It’s been around for many years – certainly well before 2008 when the current crisis began. It was around back when 17 million new cars were sold each year.

        • Driver

          I stand corrected then.

          So interest-free financing then, what’s the catch?

  • Save It for the track

    Who checks the ‘written copy’?? While typos etc. creep into comments, one would hope that an article would be fact checked beforehand.
    I always thought that Hyundai sold the ACCENT. Whereas one of the Corolla model variants is the ASCENT…. I don’t even see the C anywhere near the S on my keyboard.
    like many a used car advert, (or even a new car salesman) filled with either typos or ignorance of correct model names. e.g. Holden Adventra’s listed as ‘adventurers’, or even Toyota Corolla Ascents listed as Corolla Accents, or non VW (or Nissan licensed models)diesels listed as “Tdi’s”, when they are not even allowed to use that nominclature, and are in fact TdCi’s or Dti’s etc. I recall many years ago going into a Mazda dealership and asking if a new v6 would be coming out in the 626 replacement, to which I was assured by the salesman that the replacement was called a Mazda6 so must have a v6 in it….
    The devil (and credibility) is in the detail….

    • Eric

      There are still people around who think a Mazda M6 is a 6 cylinder.

      I think people like to use the most common term to describe things.

      Hover or Sellotape for instance.

      TDi on my old L/R Discovery I had, means any Turbo Diesel injection/ed motor. These days.

      I have IH Scout that coined the phrase SUV in the 60’s so is it exclusive to Scout only??


  • genki

    Love the above post! After two days back-to-back test driving cars, it is amazing the lack of knowledge salespeople have. They talk absolute crap and have no idea about a lot of things, that someone who reads a few reviews etc could pick up on. Pretty dissapointing when people selling goods far less expensive than cars have a better idea what they are talking about than people selling $30k cars, makes you feel annoyed even buying anything from them!

  • http://Porsche Keith

    I suppose the 2.9% interest rate is a flat rate meaning that interest is charged on the total amount borrowed regardless of how much has already been repaid. If so it is a lot more expensive than if the rate was at a simple interest rate of 2.9%