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by Brett Davis

How badly do you want a Bugatti Veyron? If you live in India there’s a small catch: you have to buy one for the government as well. The Indian government has mandated a massive 110 percent import tax on the Veyron. This blows out the price in India to an eye-popping $3.65 million (160 million rupees).

Exclusive Motors, the chosen dealer to market the Bugatti Veyron in India, also offers other exquisite marques like Bentley and Lamborghini. Reports say a Veyron has already be bought through the dealer and it will be delivered to the rich realtor in the next few weeks.

There’s also reports of two more being recently sold. So it doesn’t matter how much the car costs, there’ll always be a buyer. Satya Bagla, head of Exclusive Motors Pvt. recently said,

“People have more spending power and are getting more aware of owning beautiful things, they are more ready to show their wealth.”

Rich business tycoons in India will be happy they can now exhaust their spending sprees on such a car, and the government will be happy to receive the sudden boost in tax revenue from it… everybody wins when someone buys a Bugatti.

Prestige car importers in Australia recently opposed the increase in luxury car tax from 25 percent to 33 percent. In perspective, however, we’re still 77 percent more affordable Down Under.


    Bet you if you drive these on Indian roads in a few hrs you will have scratches, dents, broken lights etc of this beautiful machine.

    True you need a lots of money to buy ( which Indians certainly have ) and drive this beast but you will to be a real fool to do that on Indian roads

    • Shak

      In their cities maybe, but i have taken a drive on some of their mountain roads, and some of them are actually wide enough to fit the Veyron and are spectacular to drive on. But remember i said some…

  • peter

    hmm i wonder if they have upgraded the horn for local conditions.

    • Moe

      Poor bugatti now it will smell like curry

  • Arky

    Anyone in India who can afford one of these will have ways of not paying the tax anyway.

    • http://www.ozmazdaclub.com Tien – OzMazdaClub.com

      How is that possible if the tax is already added to the purchase price of the car?

      • Pcamera123

        Science and mathematics that’s how!!!

  • Driver

    Amongst the thousands upon thousands who live under the poverty line, that in the same country a market exists for cars whose cost price could feed the lot of them, such is the current divide between the rich and poor in India.

    Not “everybody wins when someone buys a Bugatti”.

  • anthony

    thousands below… more like MILLIONS. the gap there is larger than anywhere in the world. its a disgusting divide.

    has anyone counted how much it would cost to get one in australia if at all possible?

    • Hooda

      There are 20,000 homeless people in VIC alone.

      If a RICH state like VIC is not doing anything to help its own homeless citizens, why would POOR states in India do anything?

  • My Cars Called T-Rex

    160 million Rupees = alot of papadams sold.

  • http://STI THE FACT

    Just seen a clip of this beast on the roads of Delhi.

  • http://www.almigo.tv Almigo

    110% import tax.

    I’d want my own 100k stretch of private road for that price thrown in!