by Brett Davis

An all-electric Audi A2 set a new single-charge distance record in Germany yesterday, driving from Munich to Berlin on one charge, achieving a distance of 600km.

The electric vehicle was developed by Lekker Energie and DBM Energy using the Audi A2 as a basis and light weight batteries. According to reports the car is powered by ultra light weight lithium metal-polymer batteries, which are said to be more powerful, more efficient and lighter than conventional EV batteries.

A representative of the car said the Audi still featured all the usual creature comforts such as power steering, air-conditioning and even heated seats as well, so it was not like the car was especially made for long distance record attempts.

Reports from Xinhua say the driver, Mirko Hannemann, was told to maintain a speed of around 130km/h during the trip for best efficiency. The driver was also quoted as joking to the journalists upon arrival to Berlin, saying, “any journalist who wants to charge their iPhones can use our left electricity.”

German Economic Minister Rainer Bruederle, who was at the finishing point, was pleased about the technological leap, calling it a “world record.”

Source: Xinhua

  • Bold

    I guess 130km/h is not the optimum speed for a2, seems most cars do their best under 100 in previous reports. So a2 may do even more kms in an ideal world?

    Interesting to see source from xinhua.


    This is a very good news. Audi A2 is nearly the same size as the Honda Jazz. 130km/h in Europe is normal fro freeways and even the slowest old A2 had a top speed of 168km/h. I hope Audi start making this car soon and will be under $30,000.

  • Andrew M

    And how big were the batteries??

    You could get 2000k’s out of a landcruiser if you wanted, And if toyota did claim such a thing I bet the first thing people would ask is how big were the extended range tanks.

    Whats to stop me loading the back of a ute up with batteries and claiming a record??
    Not that Im doubting this, but how about some real stats before we marvel at this thing

    • Sprat

      arrrgh a prius owner. you poor fool.

    • Lazybones

      Yes the details are sketchy and i’m sure this is the same technology one of the Chinese manufactures was talking about, and also keeping a bit under wraps.

      So if this is correct. The car had no compromise on space, so it could fit 4 adults + boot space. The pack appears to be the same weight as the Nissan leaf but at 98Kwh storage offers 4x the capacity.

      Add to this 500,000km service life and a 6 minute quick charge time. This could be a game changer for the EV.

      Technical Data Audi A2 DBM *
      * Subject
      Empty weight (including driver) 1260 kg
      Perm. Total weight 1600 kg
      Battery lithium-iron-polymer (260 Ah/380 V) cell voltage of 3.8 volts
      Battery weight about 300 kg
      * Charging time about 4 hours due to mains phase current in the household (380)
      battery-conditioned * 6 minutes (future solution)
      Charge cycles * Lifetime 2500 (without loss of capacity)
      = Service life target: 500,000 km
      Top speed 160 km / h
      5-speed sequential gearbox (race gear: shifting without the clutch)
      E-motor 300 Nm torque

  • LukasUtopia

    Battery manufacturer? If the batteries are state-of-the-art then the manufacturer is to be highly commended. But how long will it take to offset the embodied emissions from creating the the batteries, source of electricity – coal/nuclear or renewable?

  • Nat

    The driver was TOLD to average a speed of 130… in a A2!!!

    I had a shouty copper all up in my face and my license suspended for one month for doing 130 for 3 seconds in my GTI while overtaking on a 5 lane stretch of freeway on my way back from a picnic.

    Sometimes I really hate this country.

    • Lazybones

      Thats what I thought when I read it. They should have run the test in oz. Given our ridiculas freeway top speed they would probably have managed a range of 10,000 kms on a single charge!