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  • nucnik

    I love the toxic looking two tone paint. Quite appropriate for a car with such amazing capabilities.

    PS: Isn’t this one of the 15 “world record edition” Supersports, with unlimited top speed?

    • Kevin

      No nucnik, it’s just the same colour scheme. Only the first five customer cars will be the same as this (they’ll be limited to 415km/h) and all have been sold…

      • nucnik

        Thanks for clearing that up! I really need to start working on becoming a millionaire…

      • SteveSV

        Limited to only 415kph??!! ah bugger!!! :(

        This Super Sport is sensational & nothing but an engineering masterpiece in a funky in your face colour scheme.

        Just can’t stand those nobs in the US wanting to beat it again with their Ultimate Aero. It looks crap & nothing but a powerful engine in a butt ugly body.

        The Bugatti Veyron is a work of art as well as a weapon of speed & power.

        • Steve-Poyza

          I totally agree with you!!!
          The Bugatti is amazing, the SSC is pretty farking ugly…

  • anthony

    lucky mna, awesome review. i love the paintjob. i love how it just screams… so what, im fast. go awaY.

    oh to have the folding to have one of those in the garage. m

  • LukasUtopia

    I prefer the original Veyron, more classy and easier on the retina.

  • don

    I had the joy of an hour test drive of “basic” model last year ( won at a charity auction)
    Very driver friendly !! and FAST !!

  • john

    The veyron was never just about top speed. The parameters demanded by Piech that the engineers had too meet in creating this car were extreme too say the least. There has never been a car and never will be a car that does everything the veyron does all at the same time IMO. The fact this car has 8 radiators shows that the creators wanted this car too survive in every single day too day task and not just be the odd luxury that can only go for 20 miles or so before breaking down and having a tantrum like every other supercar in the world. Take every braking test, handling test, overtaking increment test, standing start test (0-100, 0-200, 0-300, 400m, km) standing start and then back too 0 test, able too ride comfortably, handle stop/start traffic, go too the shops for a carton of milk type tasks and finally of course top speed tests. The veyron can do it all either top of the class of thereabouts all in the one car. The fact they lose $5m or so on every veyron sold at the absurd price of $2m+ shows the amount of effort that went into this car just too show the world what can be done if money was not an issue. Because of the money losing side I say it will never be done again too have a car that can do absolutely everything

    • Reckless1

      I don’t know where the myth came from, that they lose money on every Veyron.

      They don’t.

      VW is a profit making enterprise.

      • Kevin

        It’s not a myth at all, I’ve heard it from Bugatti’s top brass. Yes, VW as a whole is a profit making empire but as a stand alone company Bugatti makes a huge loss. Which is why there’ll never be another Veyron – it was conceived long before the threat of recession, when VW didn’t care what anything cost.

        Plenty of other supercars have lost huge money for their makers. The 959 cost Porsche double what each one sold for, which is why they built over 1000 Carrera GTs – they had to turn a profit. There will only ever be 300 Veyrons and while there may well be cars in the future that are faster than it in a straight line, none will be as completely developed or mechanically superior.

        The big question remains as to what VW will do with the Bugatti brand once Veyron production ceases. My money is on a complete change of scene, hence the Galibier concept that was unveiled last year.

        • Al Juraj

          The Veyron was not built for profit, but to simply show that achieving 400+ kph in a car that can also turn and be a reliable everyday transport is possible.

        • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

          Kevin, Reckless is correct. We were one of the world’s first media organisations to properly test the Veyron and Julius Kruta, Head of Tradition at Bugatti in Molshiem told us that there is a profit on each and every car they build. That said the R&D on the Veyron project would have been substantial but that cost is not only tax deductible but is amortised over many years of production.

          • Devil’s Advocate

            Whilst I am not doubting CA was told that Anthony, I find it quite interesting considering that basically all of the reviews etc I have seen/read (ie on Top Gear, 5th Gear and a few magazines etc) mentioned that Bugatti were not making a profit on the Veyron once development costs etc were factored in etc.
            This was straight from Tiff Needell’s mouth when he was given rare “behind the scenes” access at the Bugatti factory during his first test of the Veyron and I quote:

            “Bugatti admits that despite the 900 grand (pound) price, they’ll never make money on the project. It’s simply an engineering showcase designed to re-launch the brand.”

            This has been the common theme in just about every review I have seen/read. Such an interesting contradiction from the factory. Maybe they increased the amount they were originally planning on manufacturing since those reviews which allowed them to break even?

    • Devil’s Advocate

      I thought the Veyron had 10 radiators John and not 8 (this is from a multitude of on-line sources). I too have heard they loose money on each one. The thing is there is more than 1 manufacturer that does that with their ‘hero’ car Reckless1. Just like Lexus loose money on every LFA.

      • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

        Reckless, watch out Veyron video review on the site or on you tube and you will see an inside look in the factory like you have not seen before.


        • Devil’s Advocate

          Nice vid and a good effort (except for the hands! TIC). You guys are very lucky. If you want to see more Reckless, do a search on youtube for ‘tiff needell veyron’ and select the 2 part 5th gear reveiw. It compliments CA’s factory tour very well.


    why do people think nothing like the veryron will ever be made again???

    i’m sure there will be some car in the next 10 years that will annihilate the veyron

  • matt

    kevin hackett…. you lucky SOB.

  • Qikturbo

    The fastest car in the world but also the ugliest!

    • nucnik

      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; I for one find it very beautiful, just not in the traditional sense. And besides, I don’t tink the aesthetics were a priority, given that it was designed to be the ultimate supercar, rather than a good-but-nothing-special beautiful supercar.

    • simon

      yeah its ugly..but at least it hasn’t got the ferrari duck-bill look.
      why no satnav, is it an option?

  • Shak

    The God of All Road Cars. Bow our heads in respect…

  • Wayne Kerr

    Wow, this is the real “Ultimate driving machine”. The BMW’s more affordable though.

  • PetrolHead

    As awesome as the Veyron SS is, for the same amount of cash I’d rather have a Zonda Cinque Roadster. Yes, the Veyron is faster and a greater engineering achievement, but the Cinque is just a supercar in every sense of the word. Pure Emotion and Soul mated to unrivalled artisan-like craftsmanship and incredible looks. There are few cars as rare, exotic, pure, or special as the Cinque. The Veyron in comparison lacks emotion and soul, IMO I find its just too focused on all out top speed to be truly desirable.

  • http://www.wheelbalancingmachine.co.uk wheel balancing machine

    I can’t explain what will be the feeling to ride on Bugatti Veyron sports car.It’s an awesome car,almost perfect and holds many title from being the most expensive up to the fastest car production in the world.

  • theillestlife

    Mclaren F1 is better. it is god.

  • http://mytechnewsonline.wordpress.com mario

    Awsome review!!
    This car is perfect…amazing!!
    I just made my own blog (its an albanian blog,at least for now) about reviews phones, PC’S and cars,
    and i want to say that you guys are a true inspiration!

  • http://peterandjulieevans.com.au Peter

    They say! that the bugatti Veyron SS does more Kilom’s per litre than a standard Veyron, Expected 255 < 275 Kilom's per 100 litres, never seen any actual economy run mentioned, ( say a steady 120 K's Per Hour untill it stops, should be 750 K's on the Nullabore in WA. Maybe it is capable of 40 MPG?. Economy is not an issue, but it would be an exercise none the less!. Would be interesting if as an Engineering experiment, that a Hillclimb special could be built using an especially shortened driveline to achieve a 94" wheelbase, all Nano Carbon Subrfame, Magnetic Suspension, Carbon Fibre Wheels, Streamelined Body, surely some nutter could become airborne at Pikes Peak ?. Wouldn't worry about economy.