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by Brett Davis

Toyota has just announced it will export its 500,000th Australian-made Toyota Camry to Saudi Arabia tomorrow. The Altona plant in Melbourne that produces the Camry also makes the Hybrid Camry, four cylinder Camry and V6 Aurion models for local and international markets.

Toyota first began exporting vehicles back in 1996 and has since delivered over 870,000 vehicles overseas which were all made at the Altona plant. Chris Harrod, Toyota Australia executive director, said in a recent report,

“During the past 14 years Toyota Australia has combined its domestic marketing experience with its extensive knowledge of the Middle East markets to enhance the status of the export Camry. This has evolved to a point where our Camry is now the number one selling passenger vehicle in the Middle East.”

Toyota Australia exports cars to over 20 countries around the world, with the Camry being the most popular, mainly shipped to the Middle East area. Harrod also said over 60 percent of vehicles that roll out of the production line at Altona are exported overseas.

Toyota has said it expects to reach 80,000 exported units this year, which doesn’t quite reach Toyota’s record achieved in 2008 when the company exported 101,668 cars, totaling $1.3 billion.

The 500,000th Camry will be shipped on October 21 and will be accompanied by around 1500 other Camry and Aurion models that will also be exported on the same ship.

  • Jabba the Hutt

    Wow, I didn’t know there were that many cardigans in the world. It’s good for local jobs though just the same.

  • MisterTwo

    They are all Dubai Taxis, and they are beige too.

  • Duckula

    Just like Lady GaGa – you dont have to be good to be popular…

    • Duckula

      But yeah agreed about the jobs…..

    • Radbloke


    • Mythfrances

      lady gaga writes pretty good songs…what r u talking about

  • Sandy Stone

    Did not know they had so many nursing homes in the middle east .

    Export will be iffy with this rampaging dollar , i presume traded in $US .

    • nickdl

      They love Camrys over there. Have a look on youtube theres videos of the Arabs drifting Camrys!

      • Shak

        How the hell do you drift a FWD Camry. I need to see this! But gotta admit, even with my hatred of Toyota, when i sat in an Aurion taxi in Dubai, i was shocked. It was very luxurious. And very spacious. Not as spacious as a Chevrolet(Holden)Lumina(Commodore), but a good job nonetheless. Ugh…i feel weird after saying that…

        • Duckula

          They use 2 Litre Aurions in Thailand as limosines…. which is weird, but any large new car with AC is welcome relief from the relentless humidity over there

  • Hung Low

    Without this export market, Toyota manufacturing in Aus would cease to exist. Lucky someone loves the Camaurion out there!

  • vid_ghost

    well done toyota :) well done Australia this is great news

  • James

    I have a Camry Conquest it looks a bit like that but its not.

  • Dennis

    More arab drifting camrys are needed!!! Keep pumping them Toyota!

  • bentagil

    Good job! We need to build more and more competitive cars for international market..