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by Brett Davis

Ford of Europe has released a video of the upcoming Ford Focus ST being driven on a road. The new car features a four cylinder, 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine delivering 184kW of power and 360Nm of torque instead of the previous 2.5-litre, five cylinder engine.

The name ‘XR5′ is still said to be retained for the Australian model even though the new car only has four cylinders. Other keys changes include an entirely new body with pumped guards front and rear, new wheels and aggressive aerodynamic enhancements. There’s also a new Powershift twin-clutch automatic gearbox said to be on offer. On the road the new Focus looks a lot better than in images. Check it out below.

Click this for more details of the 2012 Ford Focus ST/XR5. The car is expected to hit Australian shores by 2012.

  • pg

    Dear Ford, the people that will buy this car know that it’s an ‘ST’ in every other market. Cut to the chase Ford, make it an ‘ST’ and fit in with your ‘Global’ policy.

  • My Cars Called T-Rex

    Dear Ford.Please keep the name XR5 for this car,some people who want it called ST are just bitter they can’t afford a BM or Merc.

  • Eric

    ST is a name used all over the Nissan showroom

  • HUGO

    Anyone else see Aston Martin design cues in the front end?
    Headlights, Curved centre airdam etc.

    • TT

      Whaaaaaaat ?????

      • Joel

        yeah the grill is very astonish

  • TMG

    Is this going to be the state of Tune for the 4cy Starfire Falcon next year?,

    Bring back the TX5 name plate,

    I don’t care what they call it, I just want one and I don’t know why…

    • Lox

      Wasn’t the crappy commodore 4cyl motor a starfire?

      • bangel

        Spot on LOX , what a disaster , also fitted to a toyota , cant think of its name , was a so called economy motor for the 70’S oil crisis , actually used more juice than the 6 .

        • http://www.holden.com.au/corporate/about-holden Joker

          If The Falcon is running a 184Kw Engine with 340Nm of Torque,I would expect it to perform better than we think… Even detuned to say, 175Kw/330Nm, it will be a winner.
          Ford have implemented the ecoboost engines in the F150 and other large cars F150 with really good results.
          It will succeed where the 3.0SIDI hasn’t. Boost can be tuned to to come in at low levels and I would expect ford to tune the Falcon this way to make it’s power band manageable. Compare this to Holdens 3.0L SIDI which relies on higher rev’s to achieve maximum Kw/Nm. I would expect Peak power to be available from 1800RPM onwards to 4 or 5000RPM in the Falc compared to 3.0 SIDI’s (190kW @ 6700rpm and 290Nm @ 2900rpm.)
          Edit, I checked the official Ford US Figures for the 2.0 Eco Boost that we will most likely see in the Falcon:
          (177 kW) at 5500 rpm, (339 N·m) at 1750-4500 rpm)
          That’s a far better configuration than the 3.0 SIDI in my opinion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435885244 Yani Hendriawan

    so if it was a performance diesel would it be called the STD?

  • Nelson

    I did say a few weeks back it looked like a fish, but as mentioned in the article it looks better in the video.

    Wouldn’t mind upgrading my actual XR5 to this one but that little Audi A1, if it comes out as a A1/S1 with the Quattro technology and 1.6l engine, over 160kw it is going to be a cracker!

    Decisions decisions…

  • Hendrik

    It will be the Focus XR4. The nameplate is a direct correlation to the engine size. Hence the old Mondeo XR5 and Focus XR5 nameplate when using the T5 volvo engine.

    • My Cars Called T-Rex

      Are you sure,XR4 could be held back for Fiesta

      • Hendrik

        Initially the Focus was released with XR5 then in 2007 the Mondeo was released in XR5 guise as well. So really theres no reservation about the XR nameplates.

        • My Cars Called T-Rex

          You are right Hendrik,XR4 it is..

  • Jimmy James

    A little known fact about this car is that, rather than petrol, it runs on krill…hence the giant whale mouth.

    Talk about innovative…well done Ford.

  • Wayne Kerr

    What a wicked car, I’m hoping they also release an AWD version for better launches. Not holding my breath though.

  • Joel

    you can tell its based on the new mazda 3

    • Brian

      No. But, if you look closely you can actually tell that the Mazda 3 was based on this!

      • delux

        Um No, they are now on different platforms.

  • Des

    Well the whole reason for getting one of these has gone out the window. No 5cyl engine means no more glorious offbeat noise. A little bit of exhaust surgury and they sound amazing. It may well be a more competent, economical car but it really loses its “quirkiness” now.

  • Nelson

    Here I was yesterday going on about this new Focus ST/XR5 and if Audi launched the A1 S1 Quattro version, that it would be a hard decision, well if audi launchs this it’s the Audi, that comes home:

    Audi A1 Quattro Revealed!

    “The Audi is likely to deliver around 240bhp. The sprint from 0-62mph should take around six seconds, and top speed will be limited to 155mph. A choice of six-speed manual and seven-speed S tronic gearboxes will be available.”

    This does mean the A1 will be AWD and also means the VW Polo will be getting the Polo R.

    Now this A1 S1 will be acracker, and I am already saving cash!

  • david

    I am buying my next car in 2012, and this has just shot straight to the top of the list…