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The Toyota Yaris has now been with us since 2005 and despite its age it’s still regularly in the top three best selling light cars in the country (competing with Hyundai Getz and Mazda2). The next generation Yaris is due in 2012 but given that it’s sold in other markets as a Toyota Vitz, pictures of the new model have emerged from a brochure printed in Asia.

The new Toyota “Vitz” is likely to be a good indication as to what the new Yaris will look like. We imagine it will get minor cosmetic changes before it comes to Australia but nonetheless, this is most likely the new Yaris.

Although still some time away, the new Toyota Yaris does look the business with its modernized and more aggressive design. We can’t help but notice it has taken some design cues from the Toyota Prius as well (such as the headlights).

The sporty versions you see pictured here are called Toyota Vitz Modellista which are essentially a Yaris with a body kit.

If you’re after a light car, the new Nissan Micra is not too far away, or even the current Yaris is a good deal give Toyota’s recent announcement of more equipement levels for Yaris and Corolla at no extra cost.

What do you think of the new Toyota Yaris?

  • zahmad

    Only the sport model looks ok, other version are a whole lot of f***** ugly!

  • Mythfrances

    looks like a mix of prius and corolla and curent yaris. maybe doesnt look anything special, but not too bad at all. (especially after i compared it with the i20 Ad. next to it. i20 is truly a let down.)

  • Baddass

    The lower fascia is atrocious: all jutting angles and mismatched shapes, while the rear reminds me of the old Starlet. All in all, a pretty average and dated looking car, which doesn’t really cut it considering it’s competition & the fact it hasn’t even been officially unveiled.

  • A

    It’s better than the awkward looking current model, but please god no! Why can’t this amazingly huge brand get in some decent designers?

  • john

    Thats just plain ugly. No thank you.

  • bangel

    Who beat it with the ugly stick , oh know dont tell me their cousins at subaru have been moonlighting at toyota .

    Seriously besides mazda all the jap have lost the plot , ugly is in

  • Mythfrances

    what cars in the light car segment do you consider beautiful then?

    • Dan

      Haha, there is none!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000019885375 Taki Yamauchi

      Mazda 2?

      • jj

        until you drive one.

        cramped over rated matchboxes. not a bad motor though

    • bangel

      Try mazda 2 , fiesta , audi A1 , polo , pug 206 , this is garbage , and whats with the snow plough front , even the koreans do it better than this .

      • Mythfrances

        Mazda 2 doesnt appeal to me lookwise. Jazz is better=)
        Fiesta looks alright. Audi A1 too expensive. polo…hmm…looks solid but very dated to me. Pug 206 may be ok.

    • erneztp

      For me it is Mazda2. Unique styling, great engine for a light car, sporty gearbox (manual only). The drawback is only cramped boot space and rear seat. However I must admit the fiesta has better value for money. Yaris?? Naahhh… There are lots and lots better car out there.

  • http://ozmazda.com ozmazda

    1st: Mazda 2
    2nd: Polo

  • Bob.

    The exterior is okay, though it will be dated by the time it comes here in September 2011. The interior is not to my liking though its good the speedo cluster is back to where it belongs (infront of the driver)

    Hopefully this time around we will get a hot hatch version. Not with a bigger corolla engine but with a turbo version of one of its own engine (1.3 or 1.5l)

  • rentakeyboard

    Looks like a facelift version of the current Corolla.

    Oh Toyota when are you gonna start to style your cars?

  • TomJ

    Looks very photoshopped to me, the details are off and the images far too grainy.

  • Nick K

    I hope it gets a CVT or a 6 speed auto and drops the central speedo.

    • Bob.

      The central speedo as gone. there are pictures of the interior around.

      I also hope the 4-speed auto is gone.

  • david suzuki

    They might have hired the whole Subaru team. If they don’t have good ideas for a new shape, they should keep the current one and put some cool technologies inside.

  • Matt Man

    I have always loved the Echo/Yaris, and owned both. They were a little different from other super mini’s, with the center console, odd looks and very roomy interiors. This one looks too much like… well a car! I really loved the center console, digital readings and hidy-holes. This is a turn off. My Yaris is 5 years old, I had been hanging out for a new Yaris, but not this… im off to VW to get a Polo.

  • j

    Looks aggressive. Hopefully we get a sportivo with the 1.8?

    As much as you’d laugh, the extra torque from a 1.8 over the 1.5 would make it that little bit more peppy.

    • Matthew

      We got the 1.8 Yaris RS. I believe it was slower than the 1.5 Mazda2 Sport and the 1.6 Suzuki Swift Sport.

      • j

        No we don’t. Europe gets the RS/TSport 1.8 but we only get the 1.3 and 1.5

        Maybe peppy was the wrong adjective. I’m guessing they went and stuck some tall gear ratios killing acceleration gains from the bigger motor.
        Still, I’d take a 1000kg* car with 180Nm* over a 1000kg* car with 140Nm*.

        * I’m rounding the numbers, I know they’re not exact.

  • Moey

    It’s a plastic car with a lawn mower engine, Toyota really love their plastic

  • eightiesman

    To me, it’s a step backward in terms of design. But the people who buy them are not going to be bothered by this. There’s obviously other stuff that appeals to them, to make them buy enough to justify Toyota’s re-design efforts.

  • ohreally

    looks like the yaris had sex with a tie fighter from star wars

  • Jabba the Hutt

    Typical toyota. They need a new stylist or six. Darth Vadar wants his chin back.

    ….and how dare you put Yaris and Sporty in the same sentence.

  • Reckless1


    Just when we thought Toyota’s couldn’t look worse…..

    Now we can’t call them whitegoods any more, we’ll have to call them weirdo goods.

    Note to VW Aust – better increase the order for Polos.

  • Banicks

    I…….like it. *feints*

  • Rob

    It looks like the designer tried to draw the current yaris without looking at the piece of paper he/she was drawing on. When finished, they looked down at the abomination they had drawn, they said “Meh, I’m sure that’ll be okay for the new yaris”.

  • n00dle

    Body kit + small wheels = FAIL

  • sakegaby

    ….U can tell that the design team needs to get out more often !!!!
    ….it was a design team involved ??
    …did they got paid ? ..or was community service.