• http://www.facebook.com/leong.jon Jon Leong

    Does it come with rear parking sensors??
    I would definitely tick them if I am buying it…

    • david brabham

      yes and fronts are optional – specs listed on renault aus web site now

      • elf

        they are so good that the french cops – special units have picked up 70.

  • Justin

    So cheap considering what you get, pity it won’t sell great though, would love to see these driving around

    • ed

      dont worry, these arent meant for volume sales but rather image building.

  • Shak

    Instead of advertising the basic on, Renault should be going all out to spruik their sporting credentials with this beauty.

  • Hendrik

    Nearly identical power output to the new Focus ST… Looks much better than the old model though.

  • Bob.

    If I were in the market for a hot hatch this is no doubt the one i’d pick. It looks fantastic (especially the black one).

    It would be even more of a no brainer for me if it here AWD.

    • Jonty

      Have to agree with you Bob…would be my pick also.

      It looks great, and would shame pretty much everything around the bends.

      • crownleyian

        There is no quicker in Tarmac than FWD!

  • Neal

    It’s a good looking hatch, shame about the resale value on these though.

    Also, they’d want to trim the price on the Renaultsport Clios, they are between 40k and 45k (Gordini) in Ads I’ve seen. Far too expensive.

    I bought a Golf GTI, but if you need one car for one purpose of taking corners hard, this would be it.

  • Hayzel

    There is no doubt that this car looks good and drive just as good. All of that, however, is let down by poor reliability in areas that is not the engine. For example, electronics, interior trim, fuel pump, fuel filter, etc will fail as time goes by. A pity really..such a beatiful car.

    • Brett

      Never had any of these issues with my current one in 3 years.

      • Rick

        Hazel, you make this assumption based on what ?
        How many Renaults have you owned ?
        I have driven Renaults over a number of years interior trim, electrics reliablity …so far so good

        • E

          Well I had one Renault for 10years and electronics are a payne in one’s aRS. 10 years and the airbag light still blinks on and off depending on how bumpy the road is

  • Nelson

    Finally someone that knows what Renault are all about.

    Sitting in the Megane RS 250 then seconds later in the Focus RS, the interior quality of the Ford is so superior.

    And please don’t go on bashing my comment that the Focus RS is more expensive because the Focus XR5 is cheaper than the Megane and the same interior except for the bucket seats.

  • Roger

    Hazel: How do you know those parts will fail?

    Have you owned one of these?

    Nelson: Renault make great handling cars with awesome engines and suspension, they are not known for the interior.

    • Hayzel

      Check any surveys, like any surveys/reviews from any credible websites or magazines out there. How many actually commended any french cars on reliability. I’m not talking what I think anymore here, I am talking about the reality of french cars in general.

      • Roger

        Are these the same magazines that have voted the Megane R26R, and Clio Sport 172/182 etc as being the best hot hatches ever made? There might be some minor interior build issues like rattling etc. But these are fixed under warranty. Have you even owned a French car? The old Megane 225 is a solid car with a strong engine. The French get a bad rap for past mistakes, they are not the same anymore. Renault sell the most vehicles in the world, I guess they all must be crap. Drive one, then make up your own mind.

        • Hayzel

          BEST EVER MADE!!!! Yeah that magazine your reading is not one of the credible magazines I’m talking about. Like I said many customer surveys (in terms of customer satisfaction) in magazines and news articles indicate that french cars have the worst reliability while BMW, Honda, Mazda etc on the other hand are among the best. If you have time you can actually look for the same survey from this site. You may like French cars and French people like French cars but that doesn’t mean that they are good cars. A bit like Australians buying falcodores because they are locally made and owned. There is a reason why french cars have poor resales values…

          • elf

            you are still living in the dark ages. The french have moved on. Renault buying into nissan (45%) told them how to build reliability.

          • Brett

            Actually the last survey in the USA put the cars your talking about last and ford first. I’ve had 3 Benz all poor reliability, last effort cost me $6000. Granted great while they are going, but for ever in the shop… BMW dont even go there! Years ago I had a 306, fantastic little car, so I went back to french.

          • Brett
  • Roger

    EVO magazine from the UK is a VERY credible magazine. You should read it sometime.

    All I’m saying is that you shouldn’t avoid a car/make because of what other people think of it. Renault make THE best hot hatches, and have done so for a long time. When other manufacturers forgot about them, Renault kept developing them. The Clio V6, Clio Williams, Clio 172/182, Megane RS etc are all considered to be amongst the best hot hatches ever made. They are and will be classics. Why don’t you drive one and make up your own mind? RenaultSport is not the same as a regular Renault, so those survey results are useless. :) Drive one, trust me.

    • elf

      totally with you. there are always renault bashers around not knowing what they are talking about. If renault was so bad, why are they selling so many cars in europe and in euro!

      • Hayzel

        The same reason Aussies buy falcodores. You can be a fanboy all you like but that doesn’t detract from the fact that reliability and French cars don’t come hand in hand. As a car they are great but as something that you expect would last you at least few years they are not. Current renaults have notoriously bad, hard plasticky and rattly interior for example. Being a fanboy of a brand clouds your judgement perhaps…

    • Hayzel

      Stop being fanboy and read. I didn’t say that they don’t drive well it is just that they are not made well enough to match their performance. Renaults have notoriously bad interior quality and reliability! Go to any dealer and sit in any of their cars you will see what I’m talking about. Even if they drive well I don’t really care, for the money they should be courteous enough to actually use a proper glue! WHat french cars need badly is refinement a better design engineer.

  • Kevin

    What surveys are you referring to? You can’t just talk about “credible” magazines without naming what magazines are “credible”. I’m on my second Renault Sport car and I’m very happy with the reliability. I had a VW Golf that was more trouble than my Renault Sport Clio.

  • Geoff Pimm (Pimbo)

    To Hayzel, and the other doubters,I have an RS225 which I am very happy with. After 5 years and 120000kms, the body and interior are still tight and virtually rattle-free.
    These k’s were done over our wonderful Qld country roads and highways, which are a far cry from euro and southern australian roads. I would love to see tests done on other brands after such punishment.
    In all honesty, the fuel pump had to be replaced at around 60000k’s, but apart from normal wear & tear parts,this car has been trouble-free.
    As has been said, this Paris-built model is a much better offering than the standard Renaults, so don’t let reliability stand in the way of buying a 250.
    But then, we don’t want them to become another falcodore, do we?
    vive la difference!!

  • Kobes

    Only discovered this recently, and so impressed I’ll be buying one next year.

    For people like Hayzel – that’s ok, the human race is naturally opinionated. What that means is that there’ll be one less person driving this car.

  • Kueps

    It’s nice to read consistent positive reviews about this new icon in hot hatches. Not surprising to hear the parochial views of Hayzel whom I would suggest has based his / her ‘opinion’ on little fact. Given that Renault is the second largest auto brand in Europe, one of the strongest survivors of the GFC, the prominent financial partner in the Renault Nissan Alliance (54%), supplier of F1 engines to a approx. a quarter of the F1 field and that Renault Sport is the largest manufacturer of purpose build motor sport vehicles in the world…. it’s little wonder why Renault and models such as the RS250 attract the accolades of the auto press. As for the quality, maybe Hayzel could get some real data, such as warranty rates & values, to back up his opinion and then benchmark that against other auto brands. If we then dive into the history of any auto brand I’m sure we’ll find some models with a few quality skeletons in the closet.
    Let’s face it… the RS250 is the new benchmark hot hatch… given the pedigree… so it should be. Hat’s off to Renault for a brilliant job.

    • Bob Dobbs

      Well said @Kueps.

      Even if resale values are not as good as a Golf GTi, not everyone worries about such things. If the Megane 250 is worth 10% to 20% less than a Golf GTi after 3 years, that is only a few thousand dollars. For people who enjoy driving a car they love and one that is considered an instant classic, this is a small price to pay.

  • Janenne

    I just love this car and would dearly love one however, have a disabled partner and require an automatic so that he can drive it too. Ist this car ever going to be made in an automatic or DSG gear box?????
    Would buy one tomorrow….

    • http://www.caradvice.com.au Anthony Crawford

      Hi Janenne,

      We believe that a Dual-clutch gearbox is likely for the RS 250 within twelve months

  • Janenne

    Ps; Hazel, I sat in one and think it’s one of the sexiest interiors I’ve seen and those seats….oh my….