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Although the current-generation BMW 1 Series is still a few years away from being completely replaced, BMW is set to give its smallest model a facelift next year.

The 2011 BMW 1 Series updates are still unconfirmed but from what we can tell from these spy photos, they include a new front bumper, headlights and rear lights.

No doubt the BMW 1 Series convertible will also get the updates.

  • supercujo

    Still looks the same

    • Shak

      yes, thats because its a facelift, or didnt you gather that from the TITLE!

      • A

        Why so many thumbs down for this comment? He’s right. Facelift means a couple of bits here and there will be slightly changed, but you would expect it to look the same.

        • Shak

          Thank you. I am genuinely amazed that people find such childish things to rant about. If you dont like the look, dont buy it.

  • snip snip

    This time, BMW are giving the pig some lipstick.

  • Dale

    Whilst it is not BMW’s prettiest work, I still give props to BMW for making the 135i coupe. It has got some masculine design cues, and in my opinion I quite like its rear end, but the face is one only a mother could love.

    They say you can’t polish a turd…but you can coat it in glitter. All they needed to do was make a reasonable change to the overall shape of the headlights, so it didn’t look like a stunned cat (of course this would require a little reworking of some panels, but it’d be worth it). The rest I can live with.

    • Dude

      LOL @ “stunned cat”. Couldn’t have described it better myself haha

  • Riceboy

    Agreed… change the lights and car would look so much better!

  • MW

    No matter how much I look at the car, I still can’t get over my hate over that line that runs along the side of the car ( below the doors).

    As Clarkson wonderfully puts it – “it looks like some fat person has sat on it”

  • Hector

    WOW tough crowd in here tonight

    i always thought the 135i looks great for what it is. IMO looks more feminine than masculine.

  • Karl Krankschaft

    In the base models te 1 series looks bad but like most other BMW’s chuck on a set of optional rims and it looks awesome. The 135i has something about it that is just stunning to look at but then you see it on other angles and it looks odd. I think it will age well though and look good in 10-20 years time like the e30 3series. Hopefully this facelift will just beaten things up. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it

  • Jack

    The front lights actually look better if you don’t have the Xenon lights.
    The 125i with sports pack (minus the Xenons) actually looks awesome in the flesh :)
    Btw, you don’t have a choice for the front lights with the 135i.

  • bmn

    the wheels look like a new option also, as these are not the standard m sport ones 318′s