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Mitsubishi’s long succesful Pajero SUV, has gone through a minor cosmetic changes for the upcoming 2007 (MY07) model. The fourth generation Pajero SUV is on display at the 2006 Paris Motor Show and is expected to go on sale in Australia and Japan in October 2006.

The first generation Mitsubishi Pajero was launched in 1982 and 2.5 million Pajeros have so far been sold worldwide.
Mitsubishi has released a very small amount of information regarding the 4th generation Pajero, but says that the latest Pajero offers reliability forged in the crucible of grueling competition and use under the harshest conditions to be found on our planet, referring to its many Dakar Rally victories.

The new Pajero is set to retain the all-round SUV specifications of its predecessor, including ground clearance and other all-terrain performance parameters.  New features for the Mitsubishi SUV include new engines, which will include a 3.2-litre 4-cylinder diesel with common rail direct fuel injection and a 3.8-litre V6 gasoline unit with variable valve timing.

Another new feature that Mitsubishi has revealed is the 4WD system. It will be comprised of a new system dubbed Super Select 4WD-II, complete with a transfer case with both ASTC2 and a rear differential lock. The new features on the vehicle is a welcome change from the Pajero’s somewhat ancient feel.

Mitsubishi says that the new 4WD system was developed to deliver significant improvements in both off-road and tarmac performance, and with the new updates and chassis tweaks the Pajero’s Dakar Rally exploits are expected to continue.

The Mitsubishi Pajero is being built at the Pajero Manufacturing facility in Gifu Prefecture in Japan. I look forward to more pictures of the new Pajero at the Paris Motor Show alongside the similarly-styled next generation of Pajero Evolution which will be entered at the 2007 Dakar Rally.

  • masa

    I think this new Pajero is great car. Really good offroader and works well on road too …
    More pics wloud be nice…

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/878/mitsubishi-pajero-2007-my07/ Shaun

    The new Pajero is awesome, especially the the Rokford fosgate sound system!

  • Rajesh Hooblal

    I’ve been riding my 1999 Mirsubishi RAJERO 2.8 TDI SWB,without any glitches and with extreme pride. I have requested that I be buried in this vehicle when I die. ( Note : My first exposure to this machine was in a newspaper clipping of the 1992 Dakar Rally … It took a few years to own one …..but I am never gonna part with it….Full points to Mitsubishi Motors for finally putting together the PERFECT VEHICLE for me)

  • alamri

    pajiro 2007 is coming strongly , from my veiwpoint i biive pajero car is one of the best 4×4 cars .
    i will get one..!!

    saudi arabia

  • John

    This will be my fourth Pajero since ’89. Every couple of years when the time arrives to look at replacing my vehicle, I do the entire exercise – test drive, compare specs, price, running cost etc. and every year I come up with the same answer – Pajero.

  • sam

    its something that no other suv has ever done. pajero 4th generation might not be the best suv but surely it has the suv shape

  • Hussain

    i just bought the 2007 pajero, it was a long dession after i made a long comparison with pathfinder, prado and blizzer and the result is pajero, i wish am true.

  • Hussain

    All, can we share & exchange the ideas or encountred technical problems

  • Khaldoun

    I have a question
    is there a major difrence in power btween the Pajero 3000 cc and 3800cc.

    i am willing to by the 3000.

    thank you,

  • John F

    I have a 2004 Pajero 3.2L turbo diesel. The traction light & engine management light come on intermittently and stay on for various periods of time. I can cancel them by putting the manual gears into reverse but they come back on again eventually. I have taken it to a dealer & an auto electrician and neither can find the problem when checking the cars computer. Has anyone heard of this problem and know a solution ?

    • Steve

      I’ve had this same issue with my 2007 petrol Pajero (LPG fitted by dealer). The dealer has had the car back at least 6 times over the last 18 months with no resolution in sight.

      No solution (Sorry) more an expression of frustration. With my issue there is no quick to get rid of the light except when the delaer resets them.


    There will be a platinum edition of PAJERO 2007 in the
    Philippines like the one launched in Australia couple
    of months ago? Thanks foryour kind attention.

  • Hussain


    for sure the difference is there, i was advised from many 3000cc pajero users that the car doesnt pull, the 3800 is faster in response though the fule consumption is higher, i am quit happy with my pajero 3000cc 2007 as i care about fule and i dont find my self a sort of person who drives fast, remember that pajero is a jeep not a normal salon vehicle (i.e. one tone is higher in weight).

  • Harith

    I bought the 3 doors ’07 3.8 L pajero 3 months ago. The first thing that I noticed when I was driving it from dealer to my house was the vibration. I have complained 3 times and last thing they changed the 2 front tires and the problem still exists. I thought I might be the only unlucky guy facing this, but a friend of mine bought the 5 doors and he has the same problem. Is any one out there facing this problem. I dont think my local dealer can help me any more, and I think it could be some technical faults. Is there a way to contact the cooporate company in Japan so that I can report this?? Please let me know.

  • Fredo

    I also own a 3 doors ‘07 3.8 L Pajero! I have the same vibration on the steering and the whole car! Took the car back twice already and they could find nothing wrong. Some days it gets really bad and I am sick and tired of it!

    I mean, I bought a new car and the least I want is for it to feel like one! Let’s all get in contact and go to Mitsubishi together to complain!!! The only way something will get done!

  • Harith

    Thanx Fredo for your comments,
    Do you have 18″ wheel on it?

    Sorry to say this but I kinda feel more relaxed when I see there are lots of people out there having the same problem its not only me.
    If it proves something, then it means that there must be something wrong with the tires that Pajero put in and they dont fit in this car.
    I’m sure there lots of people out there who face this problem but not yet report it..we need to do something about it.

  • Harith

    Thanx for your comments Fredo
    Do u have 18″ wheel on your pajero?

    Im sorry to say this, but I feel kinda reliefed when I hear there are other poeple out there facing the same problem and its not only me!!!

    Im’sure there are lots of people out there who have this problem in their new pajeros but haven’t yet reported it.
    It could be that these tyres don’t fit to the new body of the Pajero, Im not an expert but some sort of investigation should be initiated by cooperate company in Japan.

    The last thing that the local dealer told me that “the level of vibration in my car is tolerable and expected in any 4X4” although they are ones who recommended to change the tires in the first place after a test drive.

    Another thing, I drive a Toyota Parado evey now and then, I cant feel any sort of vibration..its smoother in handling too!!!

  • Fredo

    Hi Harith

    Yes, I have the 18″ wheels on mine and the Rear-Diff!

    My local dealer also told me that “the level of vibration in my car is tolerable and expected in any 4X4!! That is utter rubbish!

    I had 2 Older Gen Pajero and none of them have the same prob! I can distinctly differentiate between the MVEC engine Vibration (2000-2500rpm) and the Steering/Chassis vibration. I will try to contact Mitsubishi Japan Directly and see if they can apply some pressure! If they can’t help then this is the last Mitsubishi I will ever buy!

  • Harith

    well, good move from your side Fredo!

    On my side…I’ll try to contact the Middle East region office over here. I hope they will apply some pressure on the local dealer to help me out.

  • pajjy

    hi harith and fredo

    reading on your comment…make me think twice buying this unit,..i already tested my friends unit..3000LWB but i cant feel what u are exepriencing.

    harith where in ME are you..


  • Hussain

    Hi Harith, Fredo and Pajjy,

    Let me share you the issue, i just bought my 3.0 Pajero, 5 doors, my wheels are 16″ and don’t feel the vibration you are telling.


  • Mazin

    guys….f0r th0se of u facing the viberati0ns…let me tell u s0mthing..whenever a new generati0n is releasd therz g0t to be milli0ns of pr0blems…f0r example…take a l0ok at pajero’s fr0m 2001 till 2003….roll overs.no stability & tracti0n…..n take a luk at it after they intr0duced the 3.8 v6 engine….they added m-astc….new powerfull engine and the car is almost stuck to the ground on major high speeds…..its smo0th to drive….my point is..i l0ve the new pajero……but hey,if i wud want to buy it..i wud buy it atleast 5 to 7 m0nths after it had been intoduced…cuz they make 3 types…..1 ..2 ..& 3….they c what all the pr0bs where and fix it in the last type…….this is h0w the market w0rks in the w0rld….yea i kn0w they make us buy it n put our m0ney but h0nestly all they’re d0ing is testing[they do this in all kinds & makes of cars]…..well and i myself drive a 2005 3.8 v6…by far ive driven all sorts of pajero’s…this one is the best model released ever..n0tto 4get the special editi0n …….and f0r the guy talkin about prado being smo0ther..hey..u sh0uld ride with me one day in b0th the suv’s..ill sh0w u h0w smo0th ur prado that ur talkin abt is..i alm0st g0t killed in a prado…its too high of ground…plus abt the specificati0ns n0w pajero has even m0re advanced specificati0ns than prado..and prado is al0t m0re expensive..u think to urself what wud u buy……

  • Mazin

    by the way…..if ur tryna pr0ve prado is better be carefull of what ur sayin…prado has had the same 4000cc engine since 2003 v6 giving out a max of 250hp….n0w herz what mitsubishi did to their 3.8 v6 engine that used to give out 230hp..it is n0w givin a max of 275hp..and that is just fabolous f0r a v6 engine f0r an suv…

  • Abdul Razzak

    Hi Guys,

    I am about to buy my third pajero and honestly I am scared about the vibration that you are talking about. Is it that bad? Please post your updates.


  • Hussain

    Hi Abdul Razzak,

    Please read my comments on September 1st, 2007 at 7:32 am , the 4×4 system at the fourth pajero version can be selected while driving, and this would protect you on slippy roads, I bought my leather 5 doors pajero 2007 $24853, that time prado is $34666,and $37333 for pathfinder, big differance, with better features compared with Prado & Pathfinder, remimber that Pajero engine & trasmission is proven successful since 1982, the only thing is that not that advaced, for example doesnt have V-Tec system on 3.0 version. that’s my opeion.

  • Abdul Razzak

    Hi Hussain,

    Thanks for your reply. For sure the new Pajero got more features than the Prado although the later is more expensive. Anyways, it is a Toyota and people like Toyota more. I’m going to shop around and see what is best.


  • Syed

    Hi all,

    I own a Pajero 2008 5Dr with 18″ wheels in Dubai. Yesterday I noticed a new noise from the engine. It sounded like a milder form the roaring noise of race cars or those of modified mufflers which some enthusiasts do. Mostly when accelerating at 60-80 kph around 2000 to 2500 rpm.

    To me it felt like a engine/drive train related noise rather than a tyre related one. I could notice only the sound and no vibrations on the steering or body as such. Or is this how it starts and later vibrates when it gets worse?

    I had noticed it after clocking 1400 kms, especially a day after momentarily engaging the 4HLc mode to climb over a fairly short kerb (about 4-5 inches). It felt quite effortless as well.

    Please confirm if this is the same symptom faced by people who have posted the ‘vibrations’ above.

    Many thanks.

  • Michael

    I am considering buying the Mitsubishi Pajero GLS 3.0 2008; I am a newbie to offroading and I planning to do a bit of wadie bashing. Is this a good buy for offroading?

    Your comments will be appreciated.

    Newbie Michael

  • Birdie

    Hi Guys,
    Iam looking at buying a 2007-2008 Pajero 3.8l V6, I am have trouble selecting tyres for off road conditions in Australia that are still legal. Has anyone out there had any luck with tyres in the 265/65/R17 range ?

    Thanks Birdie

  • Syed

    Hi Michael,

    I have been to Wadi Wurayyah near Khor Fakkan on my 3.8L and it was so effortless. I guess 3.0 should suffice for such terrain, but that may not be adequate for deep deserts.

    BTW the vibration wasn’t anything to worry. The 3.8L has a sporty engine sound. I had noticed it anew because I was starting to accelerate harder after the break-in period.

    One minor crib I have about Pajero is that it is not well shielded from external noise. Although you won’t hear or even feel the engine at idle and medium speeds, lot of noise from other cars on the road are significantly heard inside the cabin. At higher speeds, the wind noise also adds up significantly. The Speed-sensitive volume control in the (otherwise impressive) Rockford sound system is of little help. I still have to adjust the volume with speed Variations.

  • Nisant

    I’m planning to buy 3.0 Ltr Pajero GLS. Really concerned about the vibrations and lack of cabin quiteness, as mentioned in this forum. Your advice would be of great help



  • Peter

    SWB Pajero, Sorry guys i’m one of the very unlucky ones to own a vehical witht eh same chasis vibration at around 2300rpm. I have been without my car now for 3mths whilst the dealer tries to fix it. So far they have replaced the transmition and i’ve hade two different touque converters in it – sorry to say. its still not fixed!
    I have beed in touch with the dept. of consumer afairs and I strongly sugest anybody with the same complaint to do the same -Mitsubishi will never take this seriously unless more people scream & shout about it. contact me at pete_syd@hotmail.com for more info

  • Andrew

    I have a 2001 Pajero Exceed which has always been regularly serviced by Mitsubishi Dealerships. It has just recently had its whole Hydraulic Braking System fail, it cannot be repaired and needs to be completly replaced at a cost of approx $3500. Has anyone else experienced this problem and/or had any cost compensation from Mitsubishi

  • martin

    hi Pajeros,

    M reading all your guys comment… make me think buying this unit, i already tested from agent abot 1km driving.. gls 3.2 5doors. but i cant feel what ur experiencing.

    Pls giv more comments for us to read….plssssssss

    That car look like what me & spouse expected:-

    Power + Smoother
    black Leather (look luxury)Im planning for beige leather but the sellperson told me easy to dirt.
    Sound system.
    woodtrimm dashboard.
    Bigger space for automatic transmission (like vw tourag)
    HID light.
    Roomy for family outing.
    Tv for rear set (for romance heheh.)
    Nice Black Color.
    sporty speedometer.
    Lots of instrument like (vw)

    poorly no sunroof.

    Im from Borneo. SouthEast Asia


  • Good Kat

    I am purchasing a 2007 gunmetal 3-door Pajero in April. What I am hearing is that one should road test the vehicle before handing over the cash. Australian conditions require reliability especially when crossing vast reaches of desert. Are all of you confident with this vehicle? The price here is A%43,000. My ’98 3.5 runs smoothly and has given me no problem. Maybe I should wait for the release of the Panther?

  • Zuperkulit

    I got a pajero 08 3.0LWB and it was great on the sand dunes, but one thing though about that vibration, I noticed it when I was driving at 120kms and up, there’s a bit of vibration but cant hardly be notice by ordinary driver, I was thingking that it just might be my tires coz I replaced it with 20″. I’ll have it checked and will keep you guys posted.

  • bill

    hey guys

    thanks for reporting the vibration (problem) I would like to know more about it as I was about to buy a 2008 GLS 5 door 3.8L Pajero

  • Joenel


    im a owner of a Pajero 3.8 2008 model, and i dont feel anything up to now, knowing the fact that i was travelling 120 kph(average), and daily travelling 120 km,i will reccomend pajero instead of prado. The reasons are: economy, power, agility, and comfort. I have driven Land cruiser, Armada, Prado, and tahoe, but i never feel the comfort from a pajero.and to think it is the cheapest in town, compared to toyota’s.

  • Anthony

    I have just purchased a 2007 5 door exceed V6 petrol, great car and very capable off road. I need some info on anyone who has converted to GAS/lpg as its a bit thirsty driving around Sydney. 15 – 17L per 100, 13L per 100kms on the highway.

  • Zuperkulit

    Hi again guys, I was right it was my 20″ tires thats producing that vibrations. I used the original tires and rims and it was perfectly alright even on 140kph.

  • MC

    Guys, I do have a Pajero 3.8 V6 2008 “great SUV”, but the only problem i do have is the over speed sound alert 120km normaly i drive 130 km/h Abu (Dhabi-Dubai) Road
    is there a way to move the spead sound limit to 130 km/h or even make it just an alert sound for short timing not continousely,

    • rvdb

      Hi MC, did you get any news about this – i have the exact same problem, thanks.

  • Mee

    Hello Pajeros,
    I would like to purchase a 2007 short wheel (2 doors) V6 3000cc . I didnot test it untill now, i know that the 3000cc Long Wheelk is weak but maybe the short wheel (2 doors) is much stronger because its ligher .
    can anyone help?

  • howard

    i had a 2004 pajero,vibration while going down hill and braking, smelling from right side front wheel,in the end the wheel came off the airbags didnot open,died twice in hospital,this was a 1 year old car.You can see pictures if you want of my pajero ,it looks like a mini.

  • Ralliart

    hey abdul razzak listen to me , it s mitsubishi and pepole
    like mitsubishi more , ok (understand arab)

  • sotiris

    My name is sotiris.I`m from greece.I boght pajero 3,8 mvpc 2007 on May 2007.I have the 18inchs wheels with 265\70 tires and the same problem ,the vibration on stering and body after 120-130 khm.I change the disk breaks and tires but nothing.I afraid that is a problem about gear box and transmission.The vibration about 2300 rpm and 3100 rpm is syncronize from V6,that told me in mitsbishi co.gr.
    I expect for coments.
    Thanks a lot.

  • M. Abdelhamid

    I’d the vibration problem in my 3.8L Pajero of 2008 with 18″ since brand new.
    The Agency changed the four tires; the problem was lessened but still.
    Wheel balancing… again a bit of improvement but still…
    Finally after wheel rotation@ 10K Km as one of the rims went as a spare tire and the spare went to work… the problem completely gone!!!… I didn’t drive above 120Km yet but till 120 it’s very smooth… never practiced that in this car before…
    I think the problem is in the factory deliverd 18″ rims. Their quality is not good and some of them completely ruien the balancing system… in my case -I think- I was lucky that this “bad” rim went as a spare in the tire rotation….
    Also note that this problem is not found in the 3.0L version as most of them don’t come with the 18″s where the bad rims are…

  • Adnan Khan

    This is Adnan from Dubai… I am driving 2008 3.8 SWB Pajero.. It’s an awes0me drive… I do long journeys and dont feel tired at all… Go to Oman.. Abu Dhabi.. the roads here are awesome i drive upto 160KM on the Abu Dhabi Highway.. No vibrations reported except if i go around 180KM then i feel vibration i.e also only b’cos of wheel balancing otherwise you feel slight air noise at high speed and the brakes really wore off if you do braking at high speeds.. apart of that good road grip… good on desert dunes.. just don’t forget to inflate tyres around 15 PSI for desert… go any where it wont let you down…

    My only concern is petrol average… in morning when my car starts it is showing around 20 /100 and when i keep driving it goes minimum around 16 /100 and i also i would suggest to give hi octane fuel for optimum performance or mix it with super to give also a good fuel average…

    Any Comments on fuel average.


  • Osama Dabdoub

    This is Osama from Dubai… I am driving 2008 3.0 Pajero.. It’s a very nice car really… I do long journeys and dont feel tired at all…

  • garry siepen

    Hi GUYS.
    My name is Garry from Tas. Just brought my first Pajero 2006, diesel 3.2 L 200,000 KLM. on the clock, put 2500 more on the clock timing chain broke sized motor. Would like to know has anyone had the same problem.
    Thanks regards Garry

  • allan

    Hi guys.
    Pajero Vibration
    2007 new shape SWB Pajero. Bought second hand 50,000k’s July 2009. First long journey felt steering and body vibration starting around 95k’s through to 150plus.
    Short story. 3 new sets Yokahama tyres each balanced and re-balanced several times. New prop shafts(front and rear) Removed engine damper. Changed shock absorbers. Total 24 days in dealer workshops. Reccommended change tyre brand. fitted set Michillen tyres. Vibration reduced to an acceptable level at all speeds. 3 months later returning from a long trip felt the vibration starting to come back. Checked tyre pressure found to be sightly low at 27 psi. Inflated to 32 psi vibration greatly reduced. I have also found that the more wait I carry the less the felt vibration.
    I believe the fault could be related to prop shaft to front axle operating angle being very slightly miss aligned. The output drive of the transfer box should be exactly parellel to that of the front axle, if not it can cause the propshaft to vibrate. I think that is why you can feel the vibration on the steering wheel and in the body. as the propshaft is attached to the axle and the Transfer box that is mounted to the chassis mid ships,

    • Peter

      Hi guys,

      I’m glad I’ve found this site. I’m from Dubai and I’ve got a 2008 SWB Pajero 3.0. I’ve been feeling the vibration since I purchased the car as brand new.

      Long story short, two tyres changed, balanced, aligned, recently frontal suspensions, shock absorbers and whatnot changed but 2 weeks after every service the vibration gets stronger, steering gap gets bigger and eventually the suspension gets loose again. It gets pretty rough at the end the tyre bounces on speedbumps and metallic noise comes from the steering shaft on an uneven road.

      They say “it’s the characteristic of the car”. Hmm, well.

      Anybody found a solution for this?

      Thanks very much,

    • http://rbcajipe@gsis.gov.ph rodrigo

      thanks for the information. I learned a lot from ur write up. Am from the phillippines got a second hand pajero exceed 1997 model…huhuhu quite old already but still i can guarantee its superb condition (3 yrs already since i bought it)specially in ride comforts.nothing beats the pajero class compared to other maker, toyota prado;isuzu trooper;

      Query: will 1997 pajero exceed accepts 17″mags w/o a prob?
      can anyone enlighten me please? Thank you.

  • Jose

    Pl Help: I want to sell my dream car,

    I own a Pajero 3.0 LWB. bought it new, I stay in Doha Qatar from the beginning I have the same problems:

    a) body vibration on uneven or bumpy roads: Earthquake inside the cabin with dashboard vibrating differently, all this vibrating can be felt on your body. Will changing the shocks to a different brand shocks make a difference.
    However if the car is loaded with weights it is a better ride, but with the driver alone, only seat beat can glue you to the seat if on uneven roads.
    b) The outside noise inside the cabin is more in a Pajero.
    I love my car, but these are the things that irritate. If anyone has a solution Pl email me.

  • kapila


    • Viv

      hi there…I have a 1998 Pajero RH drive..the vibration started 2 years ago and has been there since…when increasing speed from 40 to 50 KMPH a vibration emits from what seems to be the front area of the transmission and then sends a slight shudder around the dreivers area and in the steering wheel….when this happens I take my foot off the accelerator for a split second to let the vehicle slow up just a little and then I reaccelerate, the vibration then goes away…I have had new tyres fitted and had the wheels balanced…had the Mitsubishi dealer examine but they had no idea of whats causing it without having to strip the transmission out… however the vibration is still there…has anyone found a solution to this widespread problem ?…thanks for any info you might have …

  • http://www.linkbuss.com Naveed A. Ghani

    hi, I bought Pajero 2005 V6 5doors. I have lots of vibration issues. My machanic told me to change shaft rear and front but no use, same issue.

    Changed all wheels, lots of other things but invain.

    Hey! Mitsubishi what you doing???

    Any solution, thanks in advance.

  • Solongarcia70

    Would you please to inform me if you found the solution to the vibration problem around 2000-2500 RPM in a MITSUBISHI PAJERO engine?. I bougth a MITSUBISHI PAJERO 2008 and have the same problem and I dont now what I need to do. Please help me with this problems…….

  • Wipijo

    I’ve just read your comments about the vibration problem some pajeros have.
    I recently bought a 2007 PJ, 137Ks, exceed, auto. at auction. It’s a great car in really exceptional condition, I would say a one person car. I too have a vibration at 2000 rpm. It happens in all gears and stopped in neutral. So cruising on the highway at 95-100klm/hr it’s sitting on 2000rpm and there it is a pulsing vibration.
    With the vehicle stationary at 2000rpm the vibration starts and goes above 2000 rpm. So it’s not tyres, drive shaft, checked torque converter. I’ve also taken the belt off to check if it’s a pulley but vibration still there. I thought maybe harmonic balancer (???).