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by Brett Davis

Remember the Honda CR-X of the late Eighties and early Nineties? Well this is Honda’s modern version. It’s called the Honda CR-Z and it’s just been unveiled at AIMS, Darling Habour.

The car is a hybrid sports concept that uses both petrol power and electric power for the optimum blend in efficiency and driving pleasure. Petrol power is provided through a 1.5-litre four cylinder engine offering 91kW of power and 174Nm of torque.

Backed up by an electric motor, the car can be driven in three driving modes, through the 3-Mode Drive System. With a sporty chassis and manual transmission, it’s seen as a sports car of the future.

Also on the stands was a specially developed Mugen Honda CR-Z which emphasised the whole ‘sports’ philosophy to the extreme.

  • Tofuman

    That is one of the weirdest applications of spoilers ive seen on a car.

    • http://caradvice OSU811

      Agreed, it really doesnt need it, looks great without it.
      Same as original CR-X spoilers just ruin the original shape!!

      • Shak

        Not only doesnt it need it. It goes against the purpose of this car. Its meant to have like perfect aero, whereas this spoiler would just add drag, and ruin the COD.

    • Mythfrances

      I guess you can choose not to have it?

      • Bob.

        The car in the photos is the Mugen version. I guess it will be a body kit and spoiler that will be part of the accessory/options.

  • Alex

    It looks like a clothes iron with an ironing board on the back.

    That said, I think it’s a great looking hybrid with a decent amount of power. I hope it sells well.

  • LukasUtopia

    Not powerful enough to lure hot hatch buyers, too impractical for a small family, but at least it’s futuristic.