i hate that its gonna be a limited edition

    • Bob.

      From what I understand the all new 1 series is due next year. I don’t know if that will only be the hatch or the coupe and convertible too. That maybe why it is a limited edition model.

      I love the sound of this car… a true pocket rocket.

      • Dale

        The all new 1 series hatch will be released next year, but the coupe and convertible will only have a mid life cycle update (which BMW calls LCI). Expect a few cosmetic changes, but nothing major from a mechanical perspective.

  • http://CarAdvice The Salesman

    I would buy one if Steph Rice was the ambassador

  • crownleyian

    The problem is it’s not going to be in the same price range as the Golf GTI, Focus XR5, Megane RS 250, Skoda Otavia RS, Lancer Ralliart, the rest in the same price range that I’m missing out.

    80K ?

    If it is 60K above I would prefer the Focus RS.

    The dream of having a M series will have to wait I guess…

    • Bob.

      The 135i starts at around 80grand so I would assume it is likely to come in around or north of 100grand. Maybe somewhere around the Audi TT RS pricing

  • Vince

    Can’t wait!!!!! :)

  • Dale

    I wish they’d end the tease and reveal the whole damn thing already!

  • Shak

    C’mon all this waiting is killing me!

  • Civvic

    One word. UGLY.

  • I’m a car too

    So BMW not coming to Sydney and didn’t show a new car in Paris – are they serious?

  • GGG

    JB3 chip will eat this M1…420nm is pretty poor really (BMW trying to stop the lighter and much cheaper car being quicker than the M3), really should have 520nm…

    • bimmer

      I think bmw are under quoting the specs. because all the dynoes off the 335 and 135 have around 245kw and 450nm standard anyway thats why they are fast and i have a 335 coupe which has proceed rev2 software just under 300kws and 580nm torque at 1300rpm.

  • Flying High

    very desirable. even with the clothes on.