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2008 Hummer H3 review

2008 Hummer H3 review

Yes it’s big, yes it’s yellow, but damn it looks good!

CarAdvice rating:

Models tested: H3, H3 Luxury

Recommended Retail Price: $51,990-$59,990

Options Fitted: None

by Alborz Fallah & Karl Peskett

2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

This review is broken up into four parts:

  1. Hummer H3 Review City
  2. Hummer H3 Review Off-road
  3. Hummer H3 Gallery (City)
  4. Hummer H3 Gallery (Off-road)

Hummer H3 Review (City)

The H3 is comparable to a supercar in many ways, it turns just as many heads (if not more), car enthusiasts all have their own views on it and more importantly, environmentalists absolutely hate it, which is a good reason to love the Hummer.

My first week was spent in a yellow standard-trim Hummer H3 with the second week finishing in a gunmetal grey Luxury variant. Karl had his way in the H3 Luxury in Perth and spent his time off-road. Before I begin, let me go over the treatment of the Hummer by some Brisbanites.

There is no denying that all 4WD/SUVs attract a certain amount of attention from those more worried about saving the planet than personal hygiene. The Hummer though, takes this to an extreme level.

2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

From the few who see the Hummer as the vehicle used by the US army to invade sovereign states to those that think every single minute a Hummer is allowed out, a fluffy penguin dies in the north pole, the ignorance of some citizens is astounding.

Driving around a different car every week makes you realise just how sensitive some people are to certain cars, but you get used to it… or so I thought.

The abuse I copped in the Aston Martin V8 Vantage and the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 (think pinky finger) to the “you need to think about a smaller car” comment from an elderly citizen when I was in the Volvo XC90, do not even come close to colourful abuse endured in the Hummer.

To cut a long story short, the Hummer got egged. Yes, some idiots egged the Hummer, but best of all, they had the audacity to stuff a few save the planet flyers in the spare tyre.

2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

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Now excuse me if I get a little angry, but let’s start with some facts. The 3.7-litre five-cylinder H3 puts out 327g of CO2 per kilometre, an equivalent Mitsubishi Pajero puts out 322g of C02/km. See my point? It’s not much different to other similar sized SUVs.

But it’s a Hummer. As a result idiots found the need to bombard the passenger side with at least 6 eggs. Many motorists fail to realise that the car is essentially the size of any other SUV. Sure it looks big, but it really isn’t. It’s actually easier to drive than the majority of similar sized vehicles.

Fortunately for every idiot that thought hurling abuse at me would cut CO2 emissions, there was someone that gave me the thumbs up. So let’s get back to the car itself.

I am not a fan of SUVs. I actually agree that big SUVs need to be banned from CBDs. Nonetheless I absolutely adore the Hummer. This is a car built for one reason – to look good.

2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

You don’t buy a Hummer because you want to go off-road or because you want practicality and lots of room. Nor do you buy it because it has massive ground clearance and the ability to overcome tough terrain – you get all that for free, what you’re really paying for is the Hummer badge and the looks. And it’s well worth it.

I never thought I’d be saying this about an American car, but starting from just $51,990, the Hummer H3 is a bargain.

You can of course go buy a base model Ford Territory, Holden Captiva or Toyota Kluger for around 40k, and many do, but not only are all those cars incapable off-road, but they blend into the background like Kevin Rudd at a Star Trek convention.

Investing in a Hummer is not like any other SUV, you have to consider the repercussions. Are you willing to entertain the 100 people that ask you questions each week? Are you willing to give kids the thumbs up when they wave? What about the already-mentioned negativity? For me, the answer is simple – absolutely.

From the outside there is no denying this car is American, it truly does capture everything we love about our closest ally, its big, bold and some will argue even beautiful. I won’t go that far.

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2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

Let’s be honest here, Hummer is not for everyone. This is a car made for those who want to make a statement.

Driving the Hummer is almost intoxicating. There is nothing like the menacing stance of the beast. The number of people pointing at the car (especially in yellow) far outnumbered any car I’ve driven before (excluding the Lambo).

Hummer uses the slogan “Now get lost” for their advertising campaign and whilst I think the H3 is a little friendlier than that, it does reflect its attitude.

Behind the wheel you will find a high driving position overlooking a massive flat bonnet (which looks superb in yellow). Getting comfortable is not that hard, simply adjust the seat and steering wheel (which really needs to be telescopic). Remember, this car is made for Americans, so we should all be able to fit.

Turn the key and the five-cylinder engine comes to life. With 180kW @ 5600rpm and 328Nm @ 4600rpm, the Hummer seems underpowered on paper and with a kerb weight of 2178kg, it’s not the quickest SUV on the road.

2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

The clutch is essentially like a normal car and the whole gear changing process is no different to your average Corolla. If you know how to drive a manual, buy the manual – avoid the auto.

The four-speed auto gearbox is nothing special and certainly not worth the extra $2,000 cost on the base model (Luxury variants come standard with auto). Gear changes are quick and seamless, but power is noticeably reduced.

You’re not going to be doing much city traffic driving in a Hummer, well, you shouldn’t be, so I’ll say it again, buy the manual.

While the 180kW engine does a decent job, there is an obvious desire for more power and with rumours of V8 versions coming to Australia next year (with a possibility of a diesel as well) – it may be wise to wait a little longer. However if you’re the type that waits till Tuesday to fill up, the V8 isn’t for you.

Hummer says the H3 manual will use about 13.7L/100km for combined city/highway driving, with the auto coming it at 14.5L/100km. I found the figure slightly closer to 14.5L/100km for the manual, and about 16L/100km for the auto.

2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

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Driving around town the Hummer is very well behaved, parking is made easy with a turning circle that betters that of Ford’s Territory.

As expected there is noticeable body roll when pushing hard into a corner but for general driving, you really wouldn’t notice it.

The main problem I found with the H3 is visibility. Sure everyone else on the road can spot a yellow Hummer from 2km away, but can you spot them?

Shoulder checking is practically useless as the Hummer-style short windows do little to help. As for reverse parking, by all means tick the parking-sensors box (standard on luxury) on the options list. You’ll need it. The H3 recently received 0 stars from the NRMA for its rearward visibility.

2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

The interior is a surprise. I expected some cheap American rubbish with safety warnings telling you to “avoid death”. You still get the safety nonsense but you also get a well finished and practical interior with a superb stereo.

The CD-player in the base model played MP3s and standard CDs, but the Luxury variant’s stereo failed to read the same MP3 disc. For some bizarre reason, the six-disc CD-player upgrade that you get with the Luxury and Adventure models cannot play MP3s!

The chrome centre console appears a little tacky at first, but it grows on you. As for the sunroof in the Luxury variant, it is easily the largest sunroof I’ve ever encountered. It is just enormous. You can almost call the H3 a convertible with it open.

As for the steering wheel, it upgrades to leather when you hit the Luxury grade, but it could do with a little more… bling.
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2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

Safety is taken care of by dual front airbags with passenger sensing system and curtain bags, as well as StabiliTrak® electronic stability control system, traction control, ABS and dynamic rear proportioning brakes, all of which come standard on all H3 variants.

Picking between the Luxury and the base model can be hard for some but the Luxury has been the best-seller so far. The standard H3 doesn’t get the leather seats, sunroof, chrome mirrors etc, but it’s still my pick, simply because I would buy the manual.

Sitting inside the H3 is a pleasant experience, you can’t feel the bumps and there is minimal noise inside the cabin. As for the stereo, think Pimp my Ride and you won’t be disappointed.

The H3 is not without its problems though. Apart from visibility it has one other large problem, it can’t tow. With a towing capacity of 1360kg, it is the equivalent of a Holden Astra and is easily beaten by the likes of a standard 3.6-litre VE Commodore that can manage 2100kg. It’s also hard to get into if you’re vertically challenged.

Can you live with it everyday?” Sure you can, it’s not fun in traffic, but it’s manageable. Want my advice? Don’t buy the H3 to replace your primary vehicle, it’s not the sort of car you want to leave in a shopping centre car park – trust me.

2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

But if you want to be noticed, there is no other car this side of $60,000 that will do it like a Hummer H3. What you really need to do is have about $5000 set aside for a set of 22-inch rims and the darkest possible tint, because really, that’s what a Hummer is all about right? Karl disagrees.

Check out the Hummer H3 Gallery (City) then read the Hummer H3 Off-road review.

The H3 is available in three variants – the H3, H3 Luxury and H3 Adventure.

H3: $51,990 (manual) $53,990 (automatic)

2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

Features: Cruise control, electro-chromatic rearview mirror with eight point compass, power windows, fog lights and halogen headlamps, five 16 x 7.5 inch alloy wheels, remote entry with panic alarm, single in-dash CD, cloth seats and 60/40 split rear seats.

H3 Luxury: $59,990 (automatic)

Features: All features from entry model plus automatic transmission as standard, leather seat inserts, electric heated front seats with eight way power adjustment, leather wrapped steering wheel, exterior chrome package including door handles, roof cross bars and mirror caps, six-disc in-dash CD Monsoon sound system and glass sunroof.

H3 Adventure: $57,990 (manual) $59,990 (automatic)

Features: Manual transmission as standard (optional automatic), the same level of specification as the Luxury model (excluding sunroof), adding a fully locking electronic rear differential and heavy duty two-speed transfer case with a super low range ratio of 4.03:1.

Click to read Karl’s Hummer H3 Off-road review.

  1. Hummer H3 Review City
  2. Hummer H3 Review Off-road
  3. Hummer H3 Gallery (City)
  4. Hummer H3 Gallery (Off-road)

Hummer H3 Review (Off-road)

2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

Old men scoff. Girls point and giggle. Young men stare. Babies cry.

Yes, we’re driving a Hummer. But the real beauty of this box on wheels, is not the bold, overstated looks. Nor is it the glances and wonderment that comes from onlookers. It’s what this thing can actually do when asked.

In discussion with several hardcore four-wheel-drivers, the H3 was seen as a pretender. All flash, no substance. Which meant a challenge was on the cards. It called for an off-road excursion, with seasoned contenders. Would the Hummer’s independent front suspension help, or hinder? Is the body up to the task? Would ground clearance be a problem? All would be answered during a day spent on Perth’s Powerline Track.

Starting at Mundaring Weir Road, and heading off into the Darling Ranges until who-knows-where, the Powerline Track is a mix of sand, gravel, rocks and mud. Straight, flatter sections can be tacked by softroaders, but the ascents and descents are another story all together.

2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

Each segment of climb is separated into an easy-way-out (commonly known as a “chicken track”) and one or two difficult sections. Making the task all the more interesting is the marble gravel – common in these parts – which litters the path, effectively reducing your grip to levels akin to sneakers on ice. You either have to have a lot of skill, or have a damned good stability control system. I’m hoping, then, the H3’s stability control won’t let me down. . .

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Our fleet of heavily modified off-roaders included a Holden Jackaroo, a Holden Rodeo, a Toyota Hilux, a Toyota Landcruiser SWB, a Mitsubishi Canter 4×4, and a bog stock, straight off the showroom floor, Hummer H3 Luxury. Yes, that’s right, the Luxury.

The first job was for the air-conditioning to be up to scratch. It was. The forecast was for a 39-degree day, with the hills easily reaching 5 degrees above that. Put simply, it was going to be a scorcher. Thankfully, the massive sunroof’s tint took the bite out of the sun, notwithstanding the aircon’s competence in maintaining an arctic climate inside the car.

On the highway heading out to the hills, the Hummer behaved like any dedicated off-roader – excesses of tyre roar, body roll, stiffly sprung ride, and dive under hard braking. Thing is, it’s not a very plush car for around the city.

2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

But all that fades into the background as we reached Sawyer’s Valley Tavern. The group congregated, adjusting tyre pressures to eliminate chance of rocks piercing tread. Once set, we took off, following scrub tracks and century old trails, until the bush cleared, and the powerlines appeared.

Initially the track seems fairly easy. Rocky sections are dry and coarse, with sharp edges, and we’re careful to limit our speed, not wanting to use up the tailgate mounted spare. As it turns out, it was beneficial to begin where we did, as it enabled familiarity with the H3’s characteristics.

The large perforated leather steering wheel is only adjustable for height (unforgivable in a $60,000 car) but the driving position suffers little. Thankfully, feedback is fairly good, allowing accurate placement of the wheels. It’s quite direct too, with an outstanding turning circle for a four-wheel-drive (11.3m). On changing surfaces, the steering responds in kind, giving you the confidence to push on further, and explore other abilities.

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Our navigator radioed through fairly steep hills ahead, and the group rubbed their hands with glee. Apprehensive, in a car that didn’t belong to me, with bright blue paint that could have easily been scraped off by boulders in close proximity, I opted for the chicken track on the first few sections.

2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

But as we approached steeper areas, and noticed that the Jackaroo (which didn’t exactly have the ride height of a monster truck) was getting through, the consensus was the Hummer would do it easily. And so it proved. Having wheels at each corner of the car, the H3’s climbing ability is nothing short of staggering, with excellent entry and exit angles available. You would in fact hinder the H3’s capability if you fitted a bulbar, or towball.

The ride is also transformed when hitting the beaten track. All of a sudden the front chairs become comfortable, although rear seat passengers still won’t appreciate the squab being as short as it is. The booming stereo is also appreciated, especially when rollin’ wid da homeboyz, and crankin’ out Fiddy.

But the biggest surprise (and help) was the H3’s skillful stability control system. Savvy in a way that is uncanny, it negated the need for locking diffs and/or hubs.

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2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review
2008 Hummer H3 review

When climbing, if you feel the car start to slip, you need to have faith. Simply backing off causes more problems than pressing on. So, keep the foot buried, and let the electronics do their work.

One slice of slippery slope was awash with gravel, but undulated severely, so at certain points, you couldn’t see what was ahead of you. Confidence built, we just kept our foot on, light blinking on the dash, clickety-click coming from the wheels, and as one wheel lost grip, it was stopped. Another wheel took over, and they swapped backward and forwards, side to side, as torque was fed to whichever wheel had the most hold. 2200kg of Hummer walked up the hill, climbing over boulders, re-evaluating, in split second time, the surface.

The crew looked on in awe, as wheels hung in the air, yet didn’t spin. All you have to do is pick your path, and let the car do its thing. Tenacious? You betcha. Couple that with plenty of ground clearance (but could be lifted further with easy modifications) and the H3 is a true go-anywhere machine.

  • Myke

    I can’t believe you coped abuse for driving an Aston and Lambo, people are just being jealous a-holes. The Aston has a smaller engine than the Commodore V8, it’s not like it is a big car either, some people!

  • Casey

    Great article and awesome pics!

  • Lcat

    Agree with Casey but I don’t think I would pimp my pride and get one.

  • James F

    I wanted one of these after I read the last review here, went to go put my order in and was told I’d have to wait another 2 months! No thanks.

    Good thing I waited too, I want the V8!

  • Adrian

    Love it in yellow. Black looks good too.

  • JW

    The reason WHY THIS Hummer isn’t that bad environmentally is that it trades off poor environmental credentials for SLUG LIKE performance.

    A Pajero would outrun it anyday, as far as I can tell.

  • TheJoker

    I’d rather be seen in this than a Pajero anyday.

    I bet the fools that egged the car were driving an 80s Nissan pulsar that put out 10x as much poluttion because they hadn’t serviced it in 2 years.

    Was it reported to the police? I can’t stand people egging cars.

  • john b

    I pick up my H3 on friday and yes it will be my day to day car.
    I have a HR licence so i dont think i will have any trouble with it at all.
    But if idiots are throwing eggs and being wankers destroying other peoples property i will be very careful where i take it.

  • Anthony

    Abuse for driving an Aston? Just shoot them.

  • http://www.finalgear.com/ Andrew

    I just don’t know how you could hand over $50K for something that has leaf suspension.

  • Duck

    Andrew did you read that out of the November edition WHEELS Mag. And saying you are wrong, your right.

  • Duck

    I meant to say that the H3 hummer does have leaf suspension

  • Allan

    lol nice pics at uq 😛

  • Duck

    But can anybody can tell me a better production made 4×4 on the market under 70k.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au tony

    An all time review! You guys are the road test kings!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Yep Duck…..

    Take your pick……..

  • Bavarian Missile

    Hey Duck ……of course it has leaf springs,it comes from the land of leaf springs!!!hahaha

  • Duck


    The Lancruiser

  • Andrew M

    Andrew, (no im not talking to myself)
    i dont know how people could go for such a ute/load carrying vehicle without leafs.
    Cough(commy ute)Cough

  • Duck

    Hey Bavarrian Missile,

    Take your pick put in order for favourite(1st) to (least favourite)5th……..

    Lexus LX470
    Range Rover Sport
    Mercedes-Benz GL Class
    Porsche Cayenne
    Volkswagen Toureg

  • Bob

    You went to a uni to take pictures? No wonder you got egged 😛

  • http://www.importjap.com/blog ImportJap

    Can’t stand these. Huge glitzy chrome grille, boxy no-brainer styling, tonnes of cheap black plastic everywhere and technologically inferior to it’s rivals.

    It’s the bling factor that sells this car. I didn’t mind the H2, but this? Yuck.

  • Bavarian Missile

    Yep…….Landcruiser…….! Have had 2 …..brilliant 4x4s.

    But lets not start that argument again!

    MMM……Favorite from that list?? Wheres the X5s/X6s, BMW they are better than the Mercs off road!

    Range Rover
    More expensive VW
    Expensive Toyota

    Only if I had to pick…….an expensive off roader!

    Have you seen the GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY Duck????

    No no no no……..not the one with a 57 magnum in it ,Top Gear in America. Clarkson tests some USA heavy 4x4s against the Range Rover……very funny to watch! Sure its on You tube if you look!

  • Duck

    OK, BMW X5 or the VW Toureg

  • Duck

    Correct me people if i am wrong!
    Best to worst 4WD

    1. Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series
    2. LandRover Discovery 3
    3. Nissan Patrol
    4. Mitsu Pajero

  • JW

    It might be cheap and stuffed full of equipment, but the quality isn’t too hot, the ergonomics are pretty terrible, you’ll get tons of hate and worse still the vehicle can’t move at any reasonable pace…

  • greg

    What a BIG lump of crap, clogging up the roads, isn’t there enough semi trucks driving around the highways and streets..

  • Bavarian Missile


  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ alborz

    Photos were taken at UQ on the weekend, the yellow car was not the one egged, it was the grey luxury variant (photos currently being added to gallery)

    As for the criticism of this car, let me tell you guys I was just like you! I was not a big fan of the hummer, if you read some of the earlier posts on the car I bagged it pretty hard, but once u get in it and drive it around for a bit you get the point of it.

    Sure its got half the sophistication of its fellow SUVs, but as I said, go take one for a test drive, its sheer coolness will amaze you. It truly is a great headturner and thats what you’re buying! And if Karl’s off-road review and Anthony’s first-steer doesn’t convince you this thing is an off-road king, nothing will!

  • tony

    Greg – you’re not listening mate. Its smaller than LandCruiser!! You seem to be bashing the Hummer because you probably don’t like Bush.

    Can I ask what you drive – and please answer truthfully

  • Bavarian Missile

    MMMMM,interesting Alborz,I guess they still have a lot to prove though! Time will tell!

    If they can make their range as good as this one maybe the mining companies in Australia may look at them again as a trial run against the ever reliable Cruiser!That would be a big ask though!! Off road king…..lets see !

  • Matto

    *moderated* – no personal insults! First and final warning

    There is nothing wrong with the H3 its emissions are standard across the board,and don’t go giving Alborz crap he’s drivin one of these things HAVE YOU????.

    He’s giving his opinion like all australians are allowed to do,so let him do that.

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ alborz

    Bavarian, I have no idea if it will be reliable, you can never tell when you road test a new car, and Hummer have just come here so its hard to say.

    We are planning a proper 4WD test next year with the Hummer included against the likes of the LandCruiser etc. That should be fun!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Matto …….mate! I guess no I haven’t but yes as I know and respect Alborzs and the rest of the team on this site unlike you ………..I am able to voice my PERSONAL opinion too,maybe you may want to think about that the next time you come on insulting people!

    I could be stronger but I have a higher IQ than room temperature!

    You have had a warning remember!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Cheers Alborz……..we will look forward to the test!

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ alborz

    As I said, the Hummer is one of those hate it or love it cars, there are plenty of people that love it and plenty that hate it, and these are the sort of cars I like :)

  • Me.

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with the H3. And it’s not that big, it’s the H2 that’s the giant.

    Hope that 4WD test is going to have alot of cars in it and a rough test to show how good a 4WD should be off road!

  • greg

    I drive a real 4X4 a Suzuki Grand Vitara with an actual low range gear shift, I love the bush and have tackled some steep undulating country, places where the Hummer would have to shy away, I have posted in past about how clumzy and impractical the hummer is and trying to compare a proper 4×4 against a city SUV wannabe, bling king, ego tripping, lump of junk, which has no moral standing or claim to fame but loser status.

    The Hummer is not much smaller than a Landcruiser, so don’t talk it up too much, stop eating macdonalds because the Hummer will have a super size me effect whether you like it or not, did I mention American transmitted ego…

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au/ alborz

    Greg, the Hummer also has an actual low range gear shift too, the Adventure model comes with a fully locking electronic rear differential and heavy duty two-speed transfer case with a super low range ratio of 4.03:1.

    Trust me, I have also driven the grand vitara – it is a great car in all respects, but the Hummer is the better off-roader!

  • Anthony

    I hate the arrogance that is associated with the Hummer.

  • greg

    Alborz, you said that the hummer is a bit low on hieght and may need modifying with a lift kit, I can assure you from professional set up I have had my suzuki fully loaded with gear and still tackled some very steep hills with deep ruts and gullys just looking at the photos of your 4WD test shows me you encounted only medium terrain. (did you fully load up the hummer with gear)

    I can understand in standard showroom condition the hummer would have a slight upperhand, as for my suzuki it needed a lift, but like I said a professional set up and the size comparison may hinder the likes of a hummer in real tight bush, can you agree. I live near the high country and have been to some fantastic places including craigs hut which was burnt down last year hopefully rebuilt next year, anyway to sum in a modified world, I would prefer a shorter wheel base for many reasons and the Hummer is just a little large for serious 4 Wheel Driving and also the reliability department will tell in time.

  • Reckless1

    I hate the arrogance of the Hummer critics. The Hummer is a car, it has no emotion. Fortunately we still have freedom of choice in this country, at least in regard to what vehicle we buy. If someone wants to buy a 200 series juggernaut and drive around the suburbs, it’s nobody’s business to criticise. You don’t hear 4wd drivers criticising people who buy a Smart or a Micra, do you.

    So for those of you that want to tell me what I can and can’t buy, shut the hell up and go hug your trees or whatever gives you your jollies..

    The H3 is definately a polariser, which really shows up ignorant people’s ignorance. The critics blast its size, when it is not big at all, they blast its origin, when that is irrelevant, and some say the Grand Vitara is a better off-roader than the H3 – now I like the Vitara, but to suggest that it’s somehow better off road shows absolute ignorance.

    The only reason I don’t rush out and buy the adventure pack today is because for me the product offering is flawed –

    1) It has an engine that drinks like a sailor on shore leave when you press on a bit.
    2) It has only a 4 speed auto, which is a bullet proof one, but 4 ratios is inadequate for a moderate weight vehicle with no torque to speak of below 4000 rpm. Who the hell wants to run their engine at those revs to get mobile?
    3) There’s no diesel. I know, I know, the Yanks don’t buy diesels due to their early bad experiences with them, but they have to grow up and use them.

    So, we wait for the US product to mature to the level required for International markets. Give it to the boys at Holden to tweak it over – after all, 5 or 6 years ago they stuffed the V8 into the Jackaroo and raced it in Aust Safari with great results :)

  • Kay

    I think this car is cool, I mean, it’s so unique. I don’t want to drive one of so many Ford SUVs on the streets..they are boring!

    Yeah true it drinks fuel, but anyone rich enough to spend money on this sort of car shouldn’t be worried too much about the fuel bills right? I mean, some people still drive V8 Commodores…which are just as thirsty.

  • http://caradvice.com.au chris parr

    looks tough!! but could i own one no!! to impractical and thirsty, give me new 3.6l tribeca anyday, better built,safer,lighter with more power,better on fuel,more practical with a seven seat option and a lot less likely to get egged lol,especially with better design 2008 front!

  • Foggy

    Not my cup of tea, but I have seen Glenn McGrath driving around “The Shire” in one.

    This car’s main claim to fame is image. It doesn’t matter what it can do on or off the road, it’s about the macho’esque image.

  • Luke

    What a tacky, cheap, mediocre piece of rubbish. Overpriced, overweight, Shit interior, trashy wheels, ancient engines, and washy dunamics. Where, for instance, is the diesel? Typical American piece of junk that is completely irrelevant when there are BMW X3s, LandRover Freelanders and Volvo XC90 V8’s around. The only people who would buy this are either wankers, or loosers incredibly desperate for attention, no matter how they achieve it…

  • arsenalroc

    pfttt i want this!!!
    those who critize it are usually only fuddy duddys who are sickened by the fact that a rapper can make more money in a day than they make in a life time!!!
    haha- yes it looks wannabe, and it does not have the standard essentials a car of this price doesnt have but you dont buy a sports to tour with a family of 5 or a beetle to go off-roading!
    this jeep has one purpose- to be extremly pimpish for a lack of a better word. The brand has always associated with over the top design and sheer arrogance and i LOVE IT!
    am going to wait a year to see if the V8 model is going to come out!

  • Roger Me Senseless

    Hey cool it fans. Its just another yanky gas guzzler. My money is with the LR3. sensible size, decent diesel, and good performance. Reliability could be a problem.

  • trackdaze

    Got it in spades Luke Its overpriced, underpowered, poorly built, it acts like a startled dear every time it comes across a corner & ………..she sucks juice like jenna jamieson.

    It looks good…….if your a 10 year old kid.

    but the worst thing about it is not the car. Its the people who buy them.

  • Frugal One

    Good wite up, esp. the 4×4 portion.

    Amazing what traction control has done off-road!

    Bit like stability controm on-road i suppose

    Needs a high-tech diesel engine though.

    Still rather a Tdi Prado Grande with its bog stock 1800km range and advanced traction off road control.



  • David

    Drove one of these babies last night. Was quite suprised at how easy it was to drive. This a a large car i would be quite happy to live with day to day.

  • stef

    Wow! The vitriol and hatred some people can conjure up over a car…unbelievable. I used to be pretty disparaging about sports car drivers – needing the extension for their tiny pinkies. These days I’m more about each to their own.

    I wonder also whether any of the most vocal critics here actually READ the above review (or just looked at the pictures). It was a fantastic balanced review, the best one so far, pointing out good points and bad, and certainly dispelled most of the myths about size and fuel consumption (comparatively anyway).

    Of course it will have its shortcomings! What car doesn’t? There simply isn’t a car in existence that is all things to all people. It comes down to needs and preferences.

    Comparing fit out and features to luxury euro cars like BMW and volvo, VW, Disco 3 is ridiculus. These cars cost $20-50K more.

    And anybody who thinks they can buy a brand new Land Cruiser 200, Nissan Patrol, or Mitsu Pajero for under $70K clearly hasn’t been down to the dealer to talk real turkey. Prado and Pathfinders are comparable but still more exy. Even the base models, once you add on stamp duty, dealer delivery, registration etc, the price heads north. Go up and model or start adding some fruit and phew, it really starts to hurt the hip pocket.

    I ordered an auto base model H3 in October (Feb delivery), with roof racks, side-steps and towbar. So from a low advertised price of $51K I ended up shelling out $64 K driveaway. And I’ll probably go straight down to West Side Audio to install a decent touch screen Ipod compatible, DVD playing stereo system with Reversing camera/sensors (an extra $2K).

    Poser, W**ker, Morally bankrupt, Egotistical, environmental philistine, celebrity pretender?? I don’t regards myself as any of those things (maybe the w**ker – I am married after all). I’ve driven very modestly over the years and it’s time for a treat. I just wanted a car with a bit of bold character if I was to spend $60K. I don’t reckon that’s too much to ask of life.

    I don’t really give a rats about what some armchair wowsers on a blog write about me, but certainly it is a concern in hindsight that there are so many petty minded ignorant people that would be prepared to egg or scratch the Hummer in the carpark because of such entrenched stupid mindsets.

    Time will tell I suppose. Certainly February can’t come soon enough.

  • trackdaze


    64k for a 54k car I smell wood duck. or is that turkey?

  • greg

    Stef. you forget that Japan 4WD’s are proof they are better quality especially for Australian roads, maybe over time the hummer may keep up with pajeros, landcruisers, etc, most mindsets commenting in this forum have common sense and wouldn’t venture down American Hummer ego way of thinking.. if you can afford to pay $60,000 drive away surely you can spend an extra $10,000 for a kitted out pagero with way more user friendly ergonomics and technology included..

  • Wheelnut

    If I was looking for a serious Off Roader; and Not a Toorak Tractor..
    I’d go for either a Bowler [as seen on Top Gear] or a Bush Ranger. Both are based on a Range Rover with an enhanced V8 and independent suspension and both have very little overhang; which means less chance of getting stuck in a narrow ravine or gully with all 4 wheels in mid air

  • It Was Me!

    Top review Karl!

  • greg

    Slummer Hummer fits Holden’s brand image just like throw away Daewoos. While rebadge king GMHoldenDaewoo has low resale, unsafe, unreliable and cheap, this Hummer H3 is big, thirsty, poorly built, inefficient, and American……… 1 star rating

  • Sami

    This cars is simply fantastic.
    Head turner at 55k, unbelievable .

  • James A

    You would have to pay me to own that !
    ..for the all the future maintenance, break-downs and part replacements post warranty time – I can just imagine the quality.

    I wont say what the “yanks can do” with whis one, but its got something to do with blocking the sun out …

  • John Aitek

    BMW X5 cannot be compared to the Hummer.

    The Hummer is a reasonably decent off-road vehicle. The X5 is not.

    However, the Hummer is easily beaten by the less showy 4WDs like Discovery, Landcruiser, or Patrol.

    But let’s not consider the “softroaders” like the X5, CRV, or RAV4!

  • Bavarian Missile

    Im with you John!

  • http://. Naughtyius Maximus

    JOHN…spot on

  • hangman

    I really don’t have a problem with it as long as it stays out of the city (same goes for anything else that is big, slow, can’t corner and has door handles the same height as my car’s roof). Really though if you want a boxy 4WD with a bit of bling that is more than decent off road, then surely a Mercedes AMG G55 would be the way to go?

    493hp @ 6,100 rpm
    516 lb-ft @ 2,800 – 4,500 rpm

  • Nic

    Great review, pity about some of the comments – says more about the writers than the vehicle…. I’ve put over 50,000Km on my 2006 H3 (an aussie living in the Mid East), and I’d have to say it’s one of the best all round 4wds I’ve ever driven. The build quality, reliability etc is = to the Tojo’s / mazda’s /Pajeros etc I’ve owned / driven, and the handling is far superior (on and off road). Yep – the lack of power is a pain in the butt, but hey – you have to learn to drive it smart. I do approx 60% highway / town (at a comfortable >120 km/hr) no problems and the rest in Dunes / wadis. In short I hated it at first sight (cast off from my wife) but love it now. Never missed a beat, never got me stuck and like Karl says, learn to trust it offroad and it won’t see you wrong.

    Now – i won’t bore you with the disasterous experiences I’ve had with Discos / RR – suffice to say that cheap as they are here, and as much as I love them – I’ll never own another one due to reliability. The misses replaced the H3 with the 2007 5.7 Jeep Commander – nice engine pity about everything else….

  • Bavarian Missile

    Interesting Nic……I guess with more reports on the reliability side like yours we may show a little more respect for it! Its just a pity it lacks in looks! Its the whole American thing that puts many off I think!They need to grow up!

  • david

    hi all happy new year wher can u get a hummer h3 2008 for $51k please help. putt123@hotmail.com

  • stef


    Now that’s what I call great constructive comments! Certainly amongst some of the negative drivel floating around here. Along with the review it makes stopping here worthwhile.

    Really encouraging for me as a purchaser who wants to go on and off road. Thanks.

    Re the lack of power, I’ve driven heaps of Tojos (Diesel and Petrol) on mine sites and they don’t exactly set the road on fire either. But I’ve heard the new 200 Series V8 diesel is sensational – 680 Nm at 2000rpm. Perhaps when I’ve grown up I’ll get one of them eh…they say it’s a real missile.


    Given the demand, you’ll probably have to wait till July for your 2008 H3. They just haven’t got the inventory in country yet. So there’s not much room for negotiating as a result.

    Go to the HummerAustralia.com.au site to find a dealer. There’s is only one here in Perth, but probably a couple in the bigger capitals.

    Like I said above, the $51K is a real furphy. Once you add dealer delivery, stamp duty and registration you’ll be heading towards $60K. Add any extras and you might need another 4 or 5K. Good luck.

  • Nic

    Thanks Gents – one advantage of this part of the world is cheap cars and cheap petrol. you can own anything (mostly) that you can dream about. I toyed with (and drove) the X5 (rejected for absurd cost of service), Merc M55 (nice but too many potholes here), G Wagen (too expensive, but ultimately brilliant), and the plethora of other yank tanks. The Hummer was chosen by the misses on looks alone (I know that’s not a good ad), and I was very skeptical. Having said that at AUD49,000 on road (fully optioned – the only option you get here) – it was acceptable, plus I get good service from the Dealer. We have insane 5000km service intervals here (hence importance of Dealer relationships), but given the conditions, it may be warranted (as a money making venture)

    I’m now hanging out for the H3 Alpha – I think that will put to rest the power problems…. For those concerned about the lack of power in a H3 – there’s a good range of aftermarket performance bits – but the hit in fuel consumption may hurt!

    For those calling H3 drivers ‘posers’etc – I have to say that for me, the grin factor as an owner driver is far better than your average Tojo – 18months on and I’m still grinning like a kid at xmas!

  • http://bentley david

    thanks you stef as long as the 4×4 is worth it monny comes and gows..

  • Big Pete

    I have stated it on all the other blogs sites about the Hummer – I cant see what all the negative fuss is about. Ive had mine since October and love it. I havent found it underpowered at all, and while its never going to drag a sedan off the at the lights, it is perfectly adequate for normal city driving and as Nic stated, cruises on the highway at 120 comfortably.

    I have had mine off road quite a few times and it has proven itself extremely competent. Just this week I was out with a new turbo Nissan Patrol and an older Landcruiser and both floundered on ascents the Hummer cruised up first time.

    As for all the pinkos and greenies out there complaining about the environment and the fuel costs – when they start to carry on about gas guzzling 6.0 litre commodore utes and things like the AMG merc or the Aston in the same way the have been going on about the Hummer, I’ll think about getting a smart car.

    The biggest disappointment about the vehicle so far has been the incompetence of Hummer Australia (not the dealers) their customer service and general attitude has been appallling and they know that demand has outstripped supply for the next year so they treat you like dirt.

    For those of you waiting – hang in there – its worth it!!

  • danny

    I will be ordering mine ASAP. My local dealer has let me drive around in his a couple of times now and i love it!I definately like the looks of the H3 but thats not the only reason im buying one.Im on the beach in my 06 SR5 hilux most weekendsand and im not one of these guys thats affraid to take an expensive car offroad.My H3 will be out there ripping up the dunes.(I’ll probably be towing out vitara’s and pajero’s and the like)Its super smooth to drive and it handles the corners great.The interior is a great mix of the original hummer feel and plenty of modern accesories.The sound system is great,the seats are unbelievably comfortable and being elictric adjust and heated is also handy.Im resonably tall so vision is not a problem.The H3 steers perfectly and with ease. As for power,everyone keeps saying how underpowered it is and on paper it may be but to drive it feels no different in power to my 4L V6 hilux and for such a large car I am very impressed by that.There are a heap of aftermarket bits you can get to increase power if you need it but these things are fine how they are.I will be ordering the adventure model as I do a lot of dune driving and the electronic locking rear diff may come in handy.I watched a guy in his H3 pull out several other 4x4s that just couldnt move through the sand like the H3(maybe the H3s width was better for sand driving)I think all you critics should stop commenting on something you havnt even experienced yet.The people bagging the H3 probably havnt even driven one yet.I say if you havnt driven one,dont be bagging it.In my family we have had a Landrover discovery,Jeep Cheroke,Mitsubishi Pajero,Toyota 4Runner,Nissan Patrol,Landcruiser Sahara and Hilux SR5.The only ones that even come close to the hummers quality and ability are the Landcruiser Sahara and the Hilux SR5.

  • http://impreza dlr1

    clearly you havent looked at the price list for anything other than the hummer and the 200 series. most of the others can be had for far less than 70K!!!
    Dealers in NSW were recently advertising pathfinders for under 50K drive away.
    somehow i think your just trying to justify a very emotional decision with a poorly constructed argument.

  • AdamInBris

    My mum over in Doha is apparantly going to get a H3. In red for some reason, lol, but a H3 none the less. Need big beefy SUVs over there apparantly because the roads aren’t a relatively save place like they are in Aus.

    Good review, eggers should have their bottoms peeled with cheese graters and then add salt.

  • Lee_Bee

    My partner and I ordered our H3 Adventure model a few weeks ago, picking it up on the 16th of this month. There are some good deals around – our final price ended up being $65,400 drive away for a manual Adventure with chrome tubular side steps, chrome cross bars, storm shield seat covers (we plan on getting it dirty), rubber cargo mat, tow pack and sunroof.

    We took one on a 6 hour test drive and yes, although it lacks a bit in the power department, we were incredibly impressed with its handling ability. As we live in out South Aus outback, we’ll be plowing through a lot of sand, so the Adventure model immediately appealed to us.

    As for the fuel consumption, my partner currently drives a VY SS ute that drinks far more than the Hummer did!

  • stef

    Hi Guys,

    Yoohoo! Less than a fortnight to go! My H3 is on Aussie soil so the dealer tells me.

    Thanks Big Pete, Danny, Lee_Bee and Adam for some more positive comments. We might even be gaining some ground on the whinging wowsers.

    To Dlr1: Who said there weren’t cars available under 70K? Not me, I said Patherfinders were comparably priced to the Hummer together with Prados. And I do clearly remember all the Saturday mornings at the dealers talking prices. The brochures quote them in black and white.

    Indeed, entry level ST petrol Pathies were advertised here in Perth for around $50K drive away. I test drove the ST-L Diesel(drive away book price $59K). A really excellent car that suited my needs. Logically I should’ve bought one. But after exhaustively deliberating, weighing and discussing excellently constructed arguments both logical and emotional from many sources,as you so noted, I ended up going H3 emotional on the advice of a good mate. It was the “grin factor” as Nic put it. Plus the better 4wd performance, which we need to get across the dunes to our favorite windsurfing spots.

    But you’re right, no justifications required, poorly constructed or otherwise, I’m sticking with the emotions, like happiness, at my H3 purchase. Yeah!

  • Dan P

    I think the H3 is a great vehicle in all aspects and multiple reviews have found this to be true, therefor I am looking at trading my 06 triton in and purchasing a H3.
    I think the people that are hanging crap on it, are the people that simply cannot and never will be able to afford one.

  • DannyBoy

    Anyone bashing the H3 should drive one. I drove one and bought it the same day. It really is like nothing else.


    I drive a 2008 h3 wonderful cars, usualy think that people that have so much hate towardas them are wayy to old school and should just sit at home with tea and cookies lol bye bye oldies haha

  • Peter

    From the US, Hi. I have an Adventure H3. I like it a lot. It seems to me many do not like the “cheap plastic” or the trashy warning lables. Here, cars are made with plastic to help keep the weight of the vehicle lighter. Thus, lighter weight better gas mileage. The US has many regulations about vehicle weight and gas milage. The plastic look has been greatly impoved over the years. We have learned to accept it. As for the warnig label, people in the US like to take others to court over the dumbest things. So, we need warning labels to clear legalities. You will not regret buying an H3. Good Day

  • Sean

    Sorry to disagree, but I saw the H3 at the Melbourne Motor Show and I was absolutely disgusted by the standard of the interior. After just 4 days of the public prodding and poking the plastics, a huge number of fitting has either worn out or completely broken. The seat adjustment levers were snapped, the handbrake felt as loose as a herring in a gumboot, and the dashboard fascia was a scratched as my front door step. It simply looked horrible. In complete contrast, the Holden (did someone say Daewoo?) Captive looked fresh and classy after the same treatment. I don’t care how many looks it pulls, if it’s built like just about every other Car from the US, I don’t want one. It WILL fall apart, no doubt about that.

  • Stuart

    Went and looked at one of these for the wife yesterday. The build quality was atrocious, boot was too small, couldn’t see any advantage in owning one. Didn’t drive it, but I hear the performance isn’t anything to rave about.

  • Big Pete

    Stuart – exactly how was the build quality atrocious? Mine is fine – panel gaps better than on my old VZ, trim all fit properly etc. No paint blemishes as on my old ford and a previous Toyota. One of my company cars (another Ford) had damage to the leather – none evident on my car.

    As for boot space – how big do you need? I can fit two mountain bikes in mine with the rear seats down and I looked at a Patrol the other day and its boot with seats up is about the same. A mate has Jeep comander and its about the same size. Suggest you look at a panel van or wagon!!

    Didnt drive it – then dont comment on performance – its fine. More fuel efficient than a Territory and easier to handle in traffic and off road than any of the other 4WDs Ive owned in the past.

    No point owning one you say – sounds like you made your mind up in advance and listened to all the pinko negative nay sayers – well good for you – go buy a boring patrol or toyota like you deserve – better still how about a Smart!

  • Stevo

    I own a H3 – I love it….

    The only nay sayers simply don’t own one.

    I waited 10 months for min eto arrive & whilst frustrated by Hummer Australia’s attrocious customer service…. the car is an absolute winner….

    I love driving it, I love the looks, I love the build quaility, I love the kids giving the thumbs up on the sid eof the road & the fule consupmtion is not too different to my previous cars – Commodores & Hondas…

    This car is great fun to drive & own.

    I am happy to do my bit for the environment too – but people need to do their research before criticising on a name. This Hummer is a great car….

    Get one…

  • Benny

    Theres nuthin wrong with patrols or cruisers big pete.

    I think i would rater a patrol or cruiser in the bush because i wouln’t want to scratch a h3.

    I don’t think the legroom in the rear of the hummer is very good either, too small.

    they look good but i don’t think they are very practicle for off road.

  • Big Pete


    Ive take mine off road quite a lot – it has out performed the latest Patrol and went places that the Toyota troopy (true and older model) got stuck in. Ive also driven up stuff past bogged nimrods in their lifted hi-luxes much to their dismay. I took it to a proffesional 4WD course and the instructors were initially sceptical but by the end of the 3 days very, very imprseed. Check out some of the stuff they do with them on You-tube then say they arent very practicle.

  • kurla

    I think the Hummer is great as I own one. And to all the greenies out there …. have you looked at the other cars that sponge fuel . If you really are so concerned, kindly shut your TV, Fridge, Plasma TV, walk to work, hand wash your own clothes, dont smoke cigarettes, dont use plastic, sell your car …. the list goes on !!!

    Do you know 90% of your products at home are made from by prducts of Petroleum ?? and if you are so anti American, stop watching American movies, tv serials … etc etc.

    Dont be hypocrites.

    But I guess it is pointless trying to explain.

    Ignorance …. grow up.

  • my2003

    i’m thinking of trading my 2003 range rover on a new hummer:)

  • mboloka

    I own a 7.6 litre, V8 Corvette. It turns heads and bodies. The Hummer does the same. A BMW does this and a Merzedes does that. Fantastic! If you don’t like it, OK. If you love it, buy it. Remember, nothing is for ever Don’t be misearable and negative. Contribute to knowledge, but only if you have acquired it first hand. You don’t have to lie or exagerate. Help us with basic facts and unemotive opinions.

  • tommy

    i got a idea guys! if ya dont wanna spend so much for this hummer, get a suzuki jimny! and pimp it up with some chrome parts and some 20″ chromies!!! 😀 that way, it will turn more heads than this hummer!

  • Gibbo

    Plastic piece of junk. Its not even American, its made in South Africa. I dont know what all those hippies are complaining about, it doesn’t even have 6 cylinders. Leaf sprung rear end and a tiny, shotty plastic cabin. If GM are going to make a car look the part then they should alteast back its capabilities up, lets see a V8 or decent diesel under the hood and coils at the back for better off road capabilities.

  • Cindy

    I just bought the hummer H3 yesterday with all the chrome trim. It is black and it is stunning. I drove one for a few hours and fell in love with it. I have owned just about every kind of 4WD and while I liked the Jeep Overlander the best, I can’t wait to get out of my current Lexus 350RX to get into the hummer. I thought this review was terrific. Thank you.

  • Evan

    If I get a hummer, I’m going to modify it to be hydrogen boosted just to ruin the stereotype.

  • Sam

    I have an H3 Luxury model – black with all the chrome trimmings and Alloy Wheels.

    I love it.

    It is my every day car and people have egged it before. BUT I have to say that other than the angry Lesbians that hurl abuse at the car regularly (I live in Newtown, Sydney), most people seem to love it. If I am in a cafe or something and the car is parked on the street and I can see it, I enjoy watching people walk past, make comments, some even take pictures. Usually it is appreciation.

    I take it off road quite often, although I am beginning to get the paintwork scratched (but what can ya do?!?). It performs amazingly. At first I was a little afraid because hardcore 4WD groupies think it as a “fake”.

    But I was driving through the Barrington Tops National Park over the weekend through some really really rough terrain. It had rained and the track was very muddy in a lot of places. I passed several bogged vehicles (Landcruiser, Patrol) yet mine did not even hint at becoming bogged. It just drove along fine. It climed the steep rocky tracks with no worries at all (the 4WD low gears are amazing).

    I did however get a flat tyre (something sharp in one of the mud pits) and changing it in the mud and the rain was a total pain in the ass and i was swearing a lot, but it only took 20 minutes to chahge so that is pretty good I guess.

    The worst part of the experience is paying $60 to have it cleaned the next day because boy was it dirty.

    Hummer gets my thumbs up, and everyone I know, even the haters, after they have actually been in it, fall in total love.

  • Micksta

    It amazes me people that have never driven one or experienced what they can do will post negative comments. How can you comment on something that you clearly know nothing about???
    But I guess it makes people driving 1980’s corollas feel important behind the keyboard. I think most peoplke posting negative and insulting comments could probably never dream of affording to own one of these amazing vehicles.
    I have booked my test drive, and will be buying one when if it does what I want it to do. Then the only problem will be prising the keys out of my wifes hands. It will be a nice addition to our garage, and will be bought as a daily driver, and it will be parked along our FPV BF GT Falcon, and will be replacing our XR8….tree huggers eat your heart out, I will be doing my best to burn as much fuel as I can as I have driven V8’s for over 20 years now, life it too short to be driving corollas, toyotas etc etc.

  • craig

    I had the pleasure to drive a H3 for 3 days. Lots of things going for it. Economy 62 liters for 485 km traveled. Not too bad and only slightly more than than a v6 calais. Quiet cabin at 100kmh. Great stereo. Turns on a dime. Steers and handles like a modern car. And it gets lots of stares even after being on the market for 18 months. A few down points are, no cruise control, and not as big as it should be on the inside. Myself and my 2 daughters sat in the back seat and we were jammed in. Its really only a 4 seater which really shocked me being such a large looking truck! Also any speed over 90kmh and the power dies in the ass. Not real good for overtaking. However taking off at the lights is a different story with ample power on hand. I believe a v8 is on the way, this being a straight 5, 3.7L yes 5 cyl. Overall the H3 does the job and most opinions of those who have not driven are totally wrong.

  • Jim

    Hello from America and I can see a diverse group here commenting on our cars. Always good to be looked at from an arrogant lense, damn yanks are just so arrogant aren’t they..

    Last time I talked about the Australians that I work with here at GM, it was in a good light, and actually I think pretty highly of these people involved in design and development in the automotive sector over there at Holden.

    And forgive me, what I thought for some time that the majority of Australians considered us friends. I guesss we all have to realize things sooner or later, maybe I’m a bit slow but really didn’t think people in different countries had such a hostile view of us other than the middle east…

    Comments like, Yanks need to grow up, arrogant, they make crap really amazes me to read this. Now that I see how some of you feel about us I’ll be more well adjusted.

    Regarding product coming out of Australia, the G8 and the Monaro in days past is a good example of a fine auto and has always received accolades from me and my friends. They haven’t sold too well, but pack a serious punch and the fit and finish has greatly improved since we first have seen them on the market..

    Oh well, as an American, we see people burning our flag all the time, were used to the attitude. We just say, pass us a beer and get a load of this.. I guess it’s good to not let it get to you…

    My grandfather once told me that after WWII, he realized that the world really didn’t want us around anymore and he would tell me someday the honeymoon will be over…

    Word to the wise, most Americans can’t stand Hollywood and the general attitude that permeates from California. There are 49 other states other than that one and most of us enjoy the outdoors, like to drink beer of all kinds (including your beer and wine)… We have families and children and in general are pretty humble. I say I apoligize for those blokes that said they were American and were embarrasing ASSes, yes I’ve been around them too, but really that isn’t representative of most of us…

    As an American, I wish all the best to you and yours in Australia and will continue to thank you for buying our exports. We have some room to grow, but let me just leave with this this last question:

    When was the last time you heard a Japanese or German admit they weren’t the best, maybe a little self deprecating and show a little respect for people from other countries? Been around many and you would be hard pressed to get this level of honesty from them..

    Good Day!


    A proud American

  • Jim

    Now my comment about my friendly Australians leaving positive comments about our Hummer, thank you for the positive feedback.

    I can see the overall attitude about Americans to be pretty good the more I read online, it’s always those few bad apples, but they have the right to voice there opinions too…

    We here in the states have been working very hard at building the best quality we can into things that bare the American name, Yes we have a lot of room to grow, but I think we can get there.

    Also I will say that I can’t say enough good things about my colleagues in your country as they have all been exemplary to work with.

    Kind Regards,


  • Iceman

    Hi There,

    WoW, I have just spent a good hour reading the reviews and comments on the H3 Hummer. Most of the negative reviews were not about the vehicle itself, but about its origins. The other observation is that the majority of those with the negative comments have not actually driven or even seen one in person. Today, I test drove the luxury model and was really pleased with the way it handled. Looking at the Hummer in photos does not do it justice, you need to see it in person, feel it, drive it, to truly understand what the fuss is all about. So, for those making negative comments some advice: 1. focus on the vehicle not its origins; 2. go and test drive one, it’s free.

    The only concern I have is that it doesn’t tow very well. One of the reasons I’m looking for a 4×4 is to tow a 21ft boat. How would the Hummer handle such a task? Has anyone used it for this purpose?


  • CuRiOuS

    I wanna buy a hummer h3, plan on taking it on the sand alot on North stradbroke and fraser island queensland, can anyone who takes theres on the sand tell me how it would go please, worried a bit about the weight and power of the H3. cheers

  • Wheelnut

    Curious – all I can say is that when the US military invaded the middle east after 9/11 – theh had their usual gun-ho attitude yet there was one incident where the Australian Britush and Canadian SAS troops were called out on a rescue mission.
    It turned out they had to rescue a US Squadron in a fleet of Hummers which had become bogged in the sand or stuck on the top of a dune.
    Hopefully this gives you an Idea as to the Hummers “Go Anywhere” Capabilities

  • CuRiOuS

    Thanks for that, but itll be good to hear from someone who actually owns one and has taken it on the sand before thanks, not info on one thats on the other side of the world which weighs probably 5 tonne more lol. dont mean to be rude.
    I saw two on the xmas holidays. One towing mazda bt50 out. but thats not telling to much. k cheers.

  • face head

    i own a h3 adventure and challenge any critic with a stock 4wd to put their money where there mouth is, my h3 has been able to go where others could not, in fact i have had to pull a few up a track so we could keep going as a TEAM and I didnt even carfeully choose my drive lines….we are all entitled to our own opinion but I am happy to demostrate the cars off road capablity to anyone interested who lives in or near sydney

  • face head

    ps for all those that bag it out being a usa vehicle and just for bling etc, did you know it is built in south africa at the land rover plant and my land rover pals have actually advised that they built a second test track as the old test track was not a challenge for teh hummmer range even though some LR series vehicles really struggled o get around it!!

  • Iceman

    I heard that the V8 H3 would be released in Australia soon. Does anyone know when this might be?


  • lovescars

    UGLY….OVER PRICED….and very CHEAP build and finished!
    Come on…bring the real Hummer to Australia.

    Who ever bought this and they think is a nice car….you may aswell buy a JEEP Wrangler.

  • ho fo show

    James, proud American….


    i feel ya dawg. i too sense that negativeness around Aussies… not only in non aussie cars but even in overseas movies…The usual rant…Americans always make movies that save the whole world…and im like….Well make an Aussie movie then that out does everything americans do! Mind you, they still spend their mulah to watch american movies and whinge about it…tsk anyways back to the car…
    I dont own a Hummer, but lives next to an owner…and as soon as my neighbor drove it in his drive way he was kind enough to let me ogle at his new toy. My opion, it looks really tough and “badass”. It really gives a statement…kinda like “im here, no autographs pls”…cool car to have. I want one too..lol

    the only thing that puts me off is the fuel consumption. yes im a cheap bast@rd when it comes to petrol but i love the looks of this hummer… one more thing its good to own one of these badass vehicle as long as you dont go any where near ignorant/haters/hypocrites who vandalizes cars like these… Is it possible? i guess not which is one of the reasons why it deters me to grab one.

    EJ (Asian living in Australia)

  • Rorzalot

    It’s easy to be a skeptic not so easy to be an owner. I’ve owned an H3 adventure for 18 months now and are very impressed buy it. Before we bought it I did a lot of research including seeing a couple of freinds who own the “real thing” .No doubt the H1 is an incredible piece of engineering for the purpose it was designed, but totaly impractical for an every day car. Interestingly the owners of the H1 dismissed the H2 as being an overgrown suburban , which is factually what it is.True the H3 is based on a Nissan platforn but that’s where it ends.
    As for build quality I worked in a car assembly plant for a few years where we built Landrovers thru to Hondas so have an idear how a car should go together,this was a big consideration as I have always found US build quality a bit tacky.
    Maybe the fact it was built in South Africa might have something to do with it,anyway the finish is as good as I’ve seen for a 4×4 not an SUV.As far as bang for your buck show me another capable 4×4 with it’s features standard for $65000 on road.Yes it dosn’t alot of the gimmics others have ,it has exactly what you need.
    Most of the off road I have done so far has been on the sand at Stockton beach Newcastle in standard dress it would probably chalange most other 4x4s it’s size,through experementation the best tyre presure seems around 12 psi thats the only change to go from road to off road. Leave the 4×4 locks etc alone let the traction control do it’s thing you WILL be amazed.
    I’m planning more serious off road in the near future and have total faith in the H3,my partner uses it as an everyday drive , sure it’s not going to “save the planet” but it’s no worse than any other 4×4 or large V8 and loves E10.
    The main faults I’ve found ,get some reverse sensors,probably fit a set of Rancho adjustable shockabsorbers,better tyres (athough this is from previous reviews).
    We’ve done a few long haul road trips including towing a jag on a tandem trailer for 1000kms (max towable load for a auto)and found it to be very comfortable and well manered.
    So if you want one car that you can take to the flashest hotel/resturant in SYD or the most remote place in Australia try the H3.

  • selwyn gibbons

    does the H3 come in a tray back version.

  • Jase Saddler

    I was an owner of the 2008 Standard Hummer and well when i say i was an owner it because i sold the car as the performance was no where near upto scratch… I have a 1.3 tonne boat inclusive of trailor and the way that the Hummer towed boat made me feel like gear box was going to fall out… With all respect to Holden i personally think that the Hummer H3 2008 series was an epic faliure… Yes the car looked good and turned heads although for a car its size i seem to think that Holden should have thought more about how an engine with only 5 cylinders is going to perform in a car like the Hummer… Im not a car crictic myself, however from past experience this vehcile did not perform to my expectations… I now drive a 2000 model Toyota Hilux 4 cylinder turbo diesel and it obviously looks nothing special in comparasant to the Hummer although the performance is so much better. Even though my Hilux is turbo, the Hummer is still an exta cylinder bigger… My final verdict is that the Hummer is the perfect car for the very wealthy person as it seems to have engine issues and a taxi would be a better alternitive……

    Thank you

    Jase Saddler

  • Aleksandra

    I love Hummer H3 and all American cars. They have never faill me and I feel safe driving them. Presently, I am the owner of the, yet again an American car Dodge Nitro SXT 2007 and I def adore it to drive. Next year I plan to sell my Dodge and buy Hummer H3-can’t wait! OK, I am a girl…I guess I am a w..ker too? Hey Jim, I like Amerikans and I don’t judge all nation just because they have some particular unpopular individuals ( @ the movies, sports, politics…). I live in Australia and originally from Europe and I learned not to judge anyone, and therefore enjoyed a very happy life. Yeeppyyy for Hummer H3!!!!! Who don’t like it-keep it for yourself.

  • http://bit.ly/lm2Asn Hummer Freek

    Can any1 tell me is 2008 H3 comes with a durable automatic transmission?

  • Javed

    what about the new FJ, compared to this? i am confused, looking at a 2009 hummer adventure manual h3 with 13000k on the clock only, and 2011 Fj cruiser, both same price

  • Bryan

    Why do they have such a small towing capacity? I have a 2005 x trail and it is supposed to be able to tow 2500kg (although I think it would struggle). 1300kg isn’t even a medium sized boat or caravan…

    Otherwise, a nice looking vehicle with [apparently] impressive off-road performance.


    its smaller than a F100….but has more leg room than any other 4wd in the rear except the Kluger or an F250 which is about another 70k….