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by Brett Davis

Ford has revised all Ford Mondeo models which are now equipped with a range of new safety features, such as, Driver Alert, Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Information System. The refreshed models also get slight cosmetic changes and upgrades.

Although the new models have received some exterior changes, the most important upgrades that Ford has fitted are the new safety features. The Ford Mondeo Titanium TDCi is now equipped with: Driver Alert – an on-board drowsiness monitoring system which alerts the driver if sensors detect any lapse of concentration. Lane Departure Warning – a system that uses camera technologies to monitor lane wandering which then alerts the driver. And Automatic High Beam headlights – a system that adjusts between high and low beams according to ambient light. It also readjusts the beam when an on-coming car is approaching within the 200 metre safety zone.

For the Ford Mondeo Titanium and Titanium TDCi models, Ford has also implemented its Blind Spot Information System. This is a feature that uses radar sensors mounted on the bumper bars to detect other vehicles travelling in blind spot areas. The system then warns the driver with a series of lights mounted within the according rear-view mirrors.

All new models have also received exterior revisions such as, a new bonnet design, a new front fascia and grille, new front and rear bumpers, mirror-integrated indicator lights and revised tail lights. There’s also new 17 inch wheels for the Zetec model, 18 inch wheels for the Titanium model and daytime LED lights for the Titanium models.

The new MC 2011 Mondeo doesn’t receive any changes in the engine compartment though and respective models are still equipped with Ford’s fuel efficient 2.0-litre Duratorq turbo diesel engine offering 120kW of power. This relatively new engine that is available on the current 2010 MB Ford Mondeo, in the LX hatch variant anyway, can return Camry-Hybrid-like fuel consumption figures of 5.9 litres per 100km. The 2.3-litre Duratec four-cylinder petrol engine also remains in according models.

These new changes won’t be effective until November for most variants and December for the Titanium models.

Look out for more details and images upon the release.

  • Devil’s Advocate

    Looks good, the Mondeo is a very under rated car in Australia. I thought the Mondeo was going to get the 2.2L PSA diesel over here soon? It is a shame if that isn’t the case. Also, what is an “automatic high bean headlight”?! I hope it is not illegal! TIC 😉

    • Nasal Explorer

      Aww . . . they fixed it.

  • BMW-Lover

    How about knee air bag?

    • Bob

      Has already been standard on every single Mondeo since launch in 2008.

  • Shak

    Wow all that tech in such an enticing package. One question though, will the price rise too much considering all that extra safety kit on top of the already well quipped Mondeo titanium?

  • Smithy

    CA says: “The new MC 2011 Mondeo doesn’t receive any changes in the engine compartment though….”

    However, the reallity is:

    The new MC 2011 Mondeo receives an updated Euro V-compliant version of the current 2.0 litre Duratorq TDCi engine, with 120kW (up 17kW) and 340Nm of torque (up 20Nm).

    • http://caradvice.com.au Brett Davis

      Hi mate,
      Thanks for the tip.
      Ford says the 2.0-litre Duratorq TDCi engine is available in the current 2010 MB Mondeo though, that’s why I didn’t mention any ‘changes’ per se.
      I’ve made some alterations to the article anyway.

  • laurie

    Well not good enough for me to upgrade from my MA model while it has some nice additions I was hoping that Ford would at least give us that 2.2L Diesel engine with rear camera,sat nav,active cruise control etc again we are left out to receive the so called basic model!!


    • TonyB

      Totally agree laurie. Don’t understand why we don’t get the much better 2.2l diesel.

  • mondythemondeo

    When are we getting the petrol ecoboost engines for the Mondeo Ford Aus?

  • http://caradvice.com.au auto

    Ford must think that is all us Aussies deserve Laurie

    • laurie

      Auto just wait till the Motor show I going to give it to the Ford stand and tell them how I feel!not that it will make much difference but none the less I’m going to let Ford know one way or another I not a happy chappy none the less I still love the car


  • Jimmy James

    Ford are trying to protect the Falcon, so we lose out again.

    The Mondeo should be offered in Australia with the ecoboost petrol engine and dual clutch transmission AND the 2.2 TDCi with the same gearbox.

    But because of the Falcon, we wont see them.

    Thanks Ford, way to go.

    I was almost getting excited about this car…not anymore.

    • Damian

      I agree. It’s such a cynical move by Ford Australia, keeping the Mondeo down so it won’t steal the Falcon’s limelight. A Mondeo Ecoboost with a 6-speed manual would have been more than worthy competitor for the Accord Euro and Mazda 6. Instead, we’re stuck with a lethargic 2.3L petrol four that feels breathless and sounds asthmatic.

  • Joker

    Without a doubt, this will be my next car.
    An amazing array of Tech in one reasonably priced package.
    Holden are really missing the market with the Epica when these things are rolling about. Euro/6/Mondeo/Kizashi have muscled Holden out of this Segment.

    • Igomi Watabi

      was Holden ever in this segment?

      • Andrew

        yes with the Vectra, but they discontinued it as people were not willing to pay the asking price, which is equivalent of the Mondeo’s now, but how times change . . .

        • Ricky

          Nothing’s changed at all. Back in 2003 the base model Vectra 2.2L was $36,990 for the automatic. The base model Mondeo auto is $30,540. BIG difference. 37 grand for a 2.2L Vectra was more expensive than the Commodore at the time, and no wonder it didn’t sell. Underpowered and overpriced front wheel drive…

  • cerebralfortitude

    What are you guys on about. There is no 2.2 diesel. This diesel engine is the ducks guts. OK we not getting the Ecoboost yet and it maybe so it doest take away the inpact of the Falcon when its Ecoboost engine is ready. But so what.

    • ABMPSV

      Diesel are very good check this you tube video Diesel Mercedes W123 with SCANIA turbine. Drifting is just unbelievable.

    • MisterTwo

      It may surprise you to learn cerebral that there are other countries beyond the Australian coastline and they have a 2.2 litre diesel engine available, such as the UK etc. You know, the flag in the top left of yours?

  • G

    All this talk about a car that sells 80% to fleet and Government (pretty much like every other Ford).

    What’s the point?

    • Ads266

      Pretty much like most cars except Mazda. Holden and Toyota lead the fleet sales.

  • Tim

    Agree with the Vectra comments, it was a good car but too underpowered and expensive for what it was. However the 2005 V6 CDXi versions were fantastic, great cars with a ton if features, good looks and a good drive, yet were circa $55 000 which was too expensive for a mid size Holden.

    Shame Mondeo is suffering a similar fate.

  • Thannell

    Delaying the introduction of the ecoboost engine to the Mondeo in Australia by almost a year so it doesn’t steal the falcon’s thunder of having the engine first. Very disappointing… I can’t imagine many buyers would cross-shop a Mondeo with a Falcon anyway, two different breeds. But then with the Falcon unable to stand steady on it’s own two feet, I could see why they got scared.

    Failure to fit rear air-vents across the range is probably an easy mistake to make when you live in Melbourne and don’t drive the cars you sell…

    • hazchem

      agree about the lack of cross shopping between the falcon and mondeo. 2 different markets

      Disappointed that they wont have the ecoboost engine, hopefully after the falcon gets it then they will let the mondeo have it as well.

  • coconut

    is the interior getting an upgrade… that was a major issue in many reviews.. please explain :)

    • Ads266

      It sure is. Google new Mondeo interior and see they have dropped the silver centre stack/console in favour of a much nicer matte finish centre stack/console. It is much better!

  • Save it for the track

    Yet more ‘features’ to dumb down and put driver’s to sleep. ‘auto high beams’ ??? Good grief. High beams must also be dipped when withing 200M behind a car as well, not just oncoming. And aside from that there are many long straight stretches of road where due to undulations high bemas need to be dipped way before the 200M mark. One hopes that this ‘feature’ can be switched off, but given the number of “driver’s” that already struggle to know the difference between their headlight switch and the foglights, I doubt it.
    I can see a few potentially getting ‘lights to dazzle’ tickets in these things.

  • nelly potato

    The modeo is an excellently engineered and well built car….unfortunately, Ford Australia has hamstrung it with pathetic engines and no choice of transmission. A turbo4 and the choice of a manual would definately make it worth a trest drive…its main advantage over competitors is sweet steering and crips handling….its a driver’s car…but how many drivers want a lethargic engin and automatic????

    The falcon range unfortunatly is no alternative…great ride/handling balance, grreat steering, decent engines, but an appaulingly cheap, outdated and uncomfortable interior….fake side bolsters(that give 0 support) on “sport” seats is just rediculous. A toyota camry feels more modern, luxurious and comfortable than a G6E…..no wonder Ford have to cripple the mondeo in an attempt to sell their local rubbish.

    • Mark

      I have a FG XR6 turbo and a MB Mondeo Zetec.The Falcon seats are a million times more comfortable then the Mondeos.
      After about 30 minutes behind the wheel my back and my wifes starts to get very stiff.No tilt adjustment nad very firm.
      Recently drove my xr6 to canberra and back from Melbourne.
      Seats were excellent.
      Was thinking of upgrading to a Titanium wagon,am organizing a 1 hour test drive to see wether tianium seats are more comfortable.