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    Nice car but personally I would choose the Golf R. I know less power…etc but I like the Golf better.

    • Luke Brinsmead

      Golf R for me as well, but there’s high praise coming from Europe on this car so don’t think it’s a softy.

      • Stoney!

        For me as well, can be chipped to have more power than the RS and still save money, not to mention AWD!


        • Nelson

          You serious?


          That 5Cilinder engine in the Ford is already on 350hp, on the Focus RS500. And you can still take more out of it.

          Golf R’s engine is crap to this Volvo engine sorry mate, this engine will be Historic. This is the the European Mustang!

          • jodie stanger

            hey man do you know if this car is available in automatic?

    • andronicus

      Take the Golf, thats 3 more available for me…..if i had the money dammit!

  • Yani Hendriawan

    let’s hijack that truck

  • Shak

    Judging by the first shipment the blue isnt very popular. But it doesnt make any sense to me to only ship that many cars. Wouldnt you just ship all 315 at once to save time and cost?

    • Matty B

      It doesn’t reduce costs, it actually increases them. By drip feeding supply, not only does it keep demand up and hopefully keep dealers from discounting vehicles, they’re also more likely to be sold as they come in, meaning they’re not costing money while they’re sitting there.

      • Shak

        I dont think the Focus RS will be sitting on lots at all. I think most if not all have been spoken for or near close to sold. And what i was trying to get at is, if you have been inside a Vehicle tanker, you know that they need to ship thousands of cars to make it profitable, and considering they are only importing 315, i wonder how they got them in and for what cost. I understand your argument in relation to high volume and average cost vehicles like the Cruze, Focus etc. But with an exclusive and expensive car such as this, drip feeding would be bad.

        • Matty B

          Don’t believe the press releases, I’m sure these will be popular, but there is a lot of options around in this $60K performance mark.

          And you also need to consider build allocations, even thought australia have been allocated 315, there is still demand from other markets.

        • Andrew M

          You must remember Shak that the boat carrying these cars doesnt only carry Fords. Its not like Ford will be paying for the other 300 spots whether or not they ship them

        • somerandom

          i’m looking at one now sitting in my showroom floor. if it was awd the price would be justified completely in my opinion. plus there is very little serious interest in it besides tyre kickers “which is everyone who walks past it” its a real head turner i must say.

  • maximark

    Forget about the Golf R, STI, this car is a maverick. But hope CA could have a chance for the road test review.

    • yowza

      How is it a Maverick?

      its got nice power output and torque to boot, has an LSD to help transfer the power to the road as it is FWD.

      As I said previously, 60K-65K for a FWD Hot Hatch is questionable…. the MPS3 and GTI are below 45K.

      Its threading at the STi and R market and it’ll lose that battle as most of the 60K+ hot hatch buyers are looking for “do-it-all” Hatch with that kind of money. 4WD > FWD in terms of usability… dont give me that petrol is better with FWD excuse as we are talking about hot hatches and the Focus RS is not for people looking for mileage….

      I think it has a market… Ford Lovers and previous Focus owners who enjoyed their cars. But the STi, EVO, R32/R and even Audi RS3/S3 market, majority of them won’t look at this….. maybe for the “exclusivity” factor… as Ford has limited numbers but…

      • Nelson

        It’s the Hot hatch of the moment what are you people on about?

        I still don’t understand the AWD concept being better than a FWD!

        Take a Lancer EVO or a Impreza STi to a curvy mountain road with TARMAC and trust me the Focus RS will scrape them out (not by a mile but a FWD will do better).

        FWD for tarmac and tight curves have always been the best choice, even the AWD in the WRC when they race in Tarmac in the conditions I specified they give the front wheels more power.

        It’s all about the way you take on the curves with a FWD, I am not saying FWD is better but in those conditions yes it is.

  • yowza

    it’ll be a decent drag car for a hot hatch… but it doesnt even beat the 4WD 4 bangers in the EVO and STi…

    and I’d most likely buy a MPS3 for 25K and spend 15K cranking power out of it and it’ll beat many many cars.

    And I wouldnt tune this RS, its a collectable by its limited numbers.

    • Devil’s Advocate

      I think you would find yowza that like the 3MPS it is not the quickest thing in a standing start from 0-100, but the in-gear acceleration ie 80-120 etc it would show a clean set of heels to quite a few seriously quick cars…

      • yowza

        80-120, is kind of a tricky figure to “like”. Overtaking purposes yes its fine. The MPS3 has a rep of matching 350Z in that range but… many vehicles especially the V8s and V6s turbos are like that either way.

        • Devil’s Advocate

          Using the original 3MPS as an example it more than matched an equivalent age 350Z from 80-120, if fairly well wiped the floor with it. According to testing in a popular motoring magazine when the 3MPS was released (2006) it was quicker from 80-120 than a “at the time” 911 Carrera, A-M V8 Vantage, XR6 turbo, WRX (quicker in 4th than what the WRX was in 3rd) and even the HSV Clubsport of the day. Just ask anyone who has driven one etc how hard it pulls in 3rd gear. I would imagine the Focus RS would be like this and then a heck of a lot more!

          More recent versions of the above cars are now much quicker, but I am just using it as an example that 0-100 is not always an indicator of how quick a car can be. :-)

          • http://BMW Nelson

            Very true mate!

            But this 5 Cylinder Engine is remarkable.

            Keep your Focus XR5, RS or even for the 499 RS500 for a long time these are some of the last and historic breed of an Engine.

            The European Mustang in all ways and has been compared to the Rally legend machine Lancia Delta. And it would take on a Delta as RS stock.

  • Banicks

    For 60k, do you reckon it’s an investment?

    Yes or No?

    • HJP

      Personally, no.

    • Phil

      Nope. It’s a car. You’re bound to lose money on it. Ford will bring out a better one in a few years and everyone will forget about it (see Mk4 golf R32)

    • somerandom

      it all depends on if they release something liek it or better in years to come. if nothing like it comes into the market then i’d say yes. but if ford bring in a model like it in the future then no it will be a pointless loss. bare in mind too that RS specific parts will be an expensive nightmare to get if you do use it as intended as a track car and have a smack and insurance will be really expensive because of this fact

  • RS?

    I think Ford are just trying to make a killing on what RS stock they have left in the UK. After all, the RS is considerably cheaper over there. They know that we’ve been drooling over it for so long that we’ll buy it no matter what it costs.


    I not sure if that $23,500 extra compared to Focus XR5 Turbo is really a good value. Yes you got extra 58kW and 120Nm but….I do not know. Why I should spend that much. It is really hard choice for me.

    • http://BMW Nelson

      I understand completely.

      You can actually make a XR5 as quick and powerful as the RS. After all it is the same engine.

      But unless you get that RevoKnuckle and the weight balance that the RS has. That will play a crucial game when the Curves arrive.

      If you have the money go for the RS if not XR5 will do
      you fine.
      You can wait for the new Focus XR5 it’s going to even better.
      You will loose out on that 5 Cylinder Engine that just sound like nothing else. The more you fuel her in the more she roars …

  • NoOval

    It’s still and always be, JUST a Ford, now it’s got a VERY silly price to go with it….

    ie He of no class, BUT less bogan/yobbo etc than a Holden all the same!

    FFS bring in the proper beast one!

    • JML

      Why? Wouldn’t it still be “JUST a Ford”?…

    • crispy

      lol, Because matt black vinyl is much more classy!?

      Weird argument, the Nissan GTR is “still just a Nissan” too but hey its an f-ing quick one, just as the RS is an amazing point-to-point car.

      And to yowza re: “it’ll be a decent drag car for a hot hatch” You have missed the point of this car entirely.

      I’ll take one in white thanks!

  • ISawOne

    I saw one of these driving around in Parramatta on Saturday Night. The green colour was the first thing i took notice off as it drove past, but then i reliased it was an RS and i couldnt believe one had alredy been released.

  • delux

    Nice car, shame about the price. I still bet ford sell every single one they have. There is plenty of people who drooled over the RS’s of old that can now afford to buy this car. There is also a lot of die hard XR5 owners who would love to get a hold of these things. If it were my coin, i’d buy an GTi and warm it over.

  • Justin

    I’d rather spend that little but extra and get an F6 310, more power and loads more fun and atleast I won’t feel bad if I want to tune the engine.

    • bob

      as long as you only want to go straight…..

    • It’s true

      justin what are you on about . that F6 has no chance against the focus RS . i bet you it would only take 5 laps on a track for the F6 to get lapped by this super fast athletic focus RS.


    Just checked Fastlap website and to my surprise Golf R is faster than Focus RS at Nurburgring. 8 min 23 agains 8 min 26.

    • David

      …. which reinforces the post I made below. It’s priced way out of its league.

  • Observer

    Exclusitivity is everything. The RS will sell very well here and I reckon all 315 will be snapped up. Hot looking car with great performance to boot.

  • XR6T GOD

    OK lets get a few things str8! I wish this website would do a better job of motor journalism. The cars you see are press cars that have arrived before AIMS. The four you see are the only ones in the country, the rest are on a boat heading this way. The make up of the colors are 50% green, 30% blue and 20% white out of only 300 not 315.

  • khoder is always right says


    • mohamad is right when he

      lol thats my line!!

  • Wayne Kerr

    If you want bang for your buck, get a WRX.

    But this car has got road presence and a sweet engine note. If I hate the money, I know which car I’d get.

    • ABMPSV

      Still VW Golf R beats WRX at Nurburgring by 1 sec!! VEry close. Source: Fastlaps

  • Don

    The RS looks incredibly hot especially in the lime green. Will they ever bring the RS500 matt black version or is that Euro-only? Now that is one uber beast!

  • Warranty Guy

    I’ll take mine in the Gulf Western or MK2 Capri “Big bangger” colour scheme of the ltd edt RS in Europe please,

    you can buy the RS500 upgrade’s in the UK from any auth Ford dealer it’s costly but worth it I believe

  • David

    Let me see. Some young gun who can afford to squander $60K on a car – let’s say a young executive lawyer, doctor, for example.

    Is he more likely to buy a Ford or something like a Golf R, BMW [secondhand even], Audi [ditto] or even Lexus? I’d buy a Golf R and pocket thousands in change.

    I think Ford are about to land a good car, but priced way out of its natural ballpark. Mid 40′s maybe. For all the hoopla it is still a souped up XR5. Still a Ford.

    • The Realist

      I agree.

      Second hand BMW 135i blows this away.

      • FB_1524401046

        I wouldn’t say no to one of those!

  • Save it for the track

    If the RS is ‘just’ a souped up XR5, then doesn’t that make HSV’s just souped up Commodores??
    Don’t forget the changes to make the Focus RS are not just the engine.

  • wowzers

    I’d take this over a Golf R or a 135i any day. It’s not always about blowing a car away off the line.

    I’m getting sick of seeing Golfs everywhere I look. They’re so common, I would never want to buy one. Same goes for 135…although not as common as the Golf, there are still alot out on the road.

    With 315 of these being brought in to the country, you’ll turn your head when you see one…but only for a second as it blows past you =)

  • Phil

    I agree. I’ve had my 2006 R32 from new and love driving it as much as when it was new but there’s so many on the roads its boring. Plus you can soon add $10k to Golf R with a couple of options. Focus RS all the way.

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