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by George Skentzos

BMW Australia has announced the release of a limited edition BMW M3 Coupe and Sedan designed specifically for the Australian market aimed at the purist of driving enthusiasts.

The BMW M3 Pure Edition will be limited to just 100 units nationally – 50 units each of the sedan and coupe – and includes a range of performance enhancements to boost its appeal.

The most eye-catching of which are the 19-inch M Double-spoke light alloy wheels finished exclusively in Black High-Gloss with 245/35 R19 tyres up front and 265/35 R 19 tyres at the rear.

It also features a bonnet air intake in Black High-Gloss, BMW Individual kidney grille in Dark Chrome, BMW Individual side gills in Dark Chrome and BMW Individual exhaust tips in Dark Chrome.

The BMW M3 Pure Edition is offered in Alpine White or Black as standard, although buyers can select from any other colour in the BMW portfolio also at an additional cost.

Inside, the special edition model features a combination of Anthracite cloth and black leather sports seats with headrests crafted from black Novillo leather which are embossed with the BMW M symbol.

Under the bonnet resides the same high-revving V8 engine churning out 309kW and 400Nm.

Also featuring as standard – as with all BMW M3s – is the variable M differential lock which offers up to 100 per cent locking action with fully variable action whenever required – providing perfect traction for the rear wheels.

The BMW M3 Sedan Pure Edition and M3 Coupé Pure Edition with manual transmission are available to order from $135,000 and $148,300 respectively – excluding dealer delivery and other charges – with the first customer deliveries expected to begin early in 2011.

  • Mikey_94

    It’s great to see a manufacturer such as BMW regarding Australia as a great market to release such a special limited edition car. Hopefully will be great, like all M3’s :)

  • http://www.caradvice.com.au It’s true

    Oh how beautiful this a real v8 supercar .
    Thank you BMW for posting something really nice to end the day . caradvice has been bombarded with that ugly looking hsv . its made everyone sick .

  • delux

    Good to see Oz getting some special edition BMWs. You often see china and the US getting such models but never Australia.

  • Dale

    I just had an eyegasm.

  • Wayne Kerr

    Can I get one in auto guise?

    I’m an auto purist, lol.

  • Joel

    now thats a nice car, simple aggressive styling (no tack ons, no after thoughts, no over styling, no push rod engines just a nice v8 that uses half the amount of fuel as a hsv but produces twice the amount of power) this is a real car not like the crappy plastic toys holden and ford are building at the moment.

    • Mikey_94

      Ugghhh, the M3 produces 309kW, the HSV range produces 317 and 325kW respectively, and the new FPV range will develop 315 and 335kW. Also, the fuel economy for all of these cars are generally on par (albeit some minor differences between all of them…)

      You make good points about the car and its fantastic balance of styling, agression, power, quality etc. However, your blatant disregard for Australian manufacturers in comparison to this car (which is almost double the price of some of our Aussie-built performance cars) is unknowledgeable and ignorant at best.

      • mpower

        dont compare bmw kw with hsv and ford 309kw for the m3 it takes 380kw for ford and holden too reach it ???????

      • J.S

        simple fact, although the current HSV’s or fpv’s arnt exactly slow, they can’t keep up with the euro’s. Hsv and fpv both have both become too heavy, a perfect example is comparing a m3 e92 to a fpv GT-P which happens to be 309kg heavier (1889 vs 1580)… another 26 kw isnt going to make up for that mass.. The only decent hsv that we have seen in the last 10 years or so has been the monaro (a la hsv GTO) which was faster in a straight line, and around the track compared to the equivalent bmw m3 at the time (confirmed by the stig..) they really have gone a step backwards in regards to mass and the influence on performance… make it 250kg lighter and then we can start comparing our local performance cars to imported euro’s..

  • MB

    Quite a noteable drop in price compared to when the M3 was first released.

  • Banicks

    I think it looks ugly.

  • townB

    I have a feeling BMW Aus might be yanking our chain with this one because I saw an M3 that looked exactly the same as the picture driving around London today. It had the black rims, grille and exhaust tips. Explanations?

    • Birdsy

      Yeah, TownB you’d be correct. I read an article in a mag (sorry cant remember which mag) but it did mention that the Pure E would be released here first but there was also 2 or 3 other Countries following us that also would be getting a small shipment of the Pure E but they wont be called Pure E’s!… each of the Counties had a different name for there spesh M3. Again, sorry eludes me what they were called but do remember thinking that the other names werent nearly as good sounding as ‘Pure Edition’ one was even a tad lame sounding. I also recall them saying that they would send them here first because Australia happens to be a very very healthy market for buying Beamers & has been strongly growing over the last few yrs to the point where now BMW has a I believe 7% of the new car market Down Under. So yes, they are trying to make us feel a bit special but also they recognise that we are very willing, able & happy to part with the bucks to buy their gorgeous wheels! I drive a 325, had been thinking of upgrading to a 335 sometime later this yr but now am thinking I may just wait a few yrs & might be lucky to pick up a 2nd hand Pure E.

  • http://caradvice KJS2805

    I went for a drive in one of these today the 1st in the country in fact(my Bosses) and having driven the series 3 clubsport, i can tell BMW will get my vote, This beast revs to 9500+ and gets mobile quick smart and that was in normal mode hit the M button and start again and you can feel the power increase easily, it handles at speed like a dream, definatley one of the best cars ive been in lately, a real sleeper, if you pull up alongside at the lights you better have something special to give it a challenge or save yourself the embarrasement.

  • http://caradvice KJS2805

    Also was 7 speed paddle shift, very responsive up and down shift,