Feb 2007 Update: Details of the Holden Epica are available here

It seems like Holden hasn’t learnt much from its mistakes with the Daewoo sourced Holden Barina selling rather miserably given its 2 star safety rating and the obvious “stick a Holden badge and re-release” attitude that Holden took to selling the car. And in a truly Holden-like fashion, the old General has again turned to South Korea, this time to replace the Holden Vectra.

So what is Holden replacing the Vectra with? Well, what else but the Daewoo Tosca sedan for a currently speculated $24,990 AUD. Look at it! It looks like Holden went back in time to 2001 and stole a car design and brought it back with them. The mid-sized sedan, will be called the Holden Epica and it will become GM Holden’s fourth Daewoo-sourced model to be sold as a Holden, following the Barina baby car, Viva small car and Captiva all-wheel-drive wagon.

Currenly Holden is tight-lipped about the whole deal as information regarding the Epica wasn’t even meant to be released. Nonetheless the internet is a beautiful thing. Holden has never sold too many Vectra’s and although the car looks outstanding (at least from a personal perspective) Holden holds better hopes for the Daewoo built vehicle.

Daewoo Tosca

Holden will sell the Epica with a choice of a 2.0-litre V6 (104kW) and a 2.5-litre V6 (115kw). The Current vectra’s power range is from 108kW for the 4 cylinder and 158kW for the V6 variant. The Epica will be front-wheel drive (cringe) and will be mated to either a five-speed manual or five-speed automatic.

Unconfirmed fuel economy figures put the Epica’s 2.0 engine at 8.2 litres/100km for higihway/city. The diesel variant is set for Europe and currently Holden seems to have no plans to bring it down under. The Holden Epica might sound good to Holden but it makes me wonder how well it would do against the likes the Toyota Camry, Hyundai Sonata, Kia Magentis, Mazda6 and Honda Accord.

The standard features for the Holden Epica should include

  • alloy wheels
  • anti-skid brakes
  • dual airbags
  • traction control
  • electric windows
  • cruise control

Expect to see Holden’s new Epica at the Australian Motor Show in Sydney in October.

  • xenedar

    Actually, the Kalos and Aveo-based Barinas (hatch and sedan respectively) are selling better than the Corsa-based predecessor.

    Still, Opel’s Corsa was recently updated, and it is a shame that we’re going to miss out on it, because it is clearly a much better car.

  • http://jackyan.com/blog Jack Yan

    Very scary news. Pity, because across the Tasman the Vectra was a very popular car since its 1989 début. Ford must be grinning as the Mondeo will clean up here once the Epica is out. You can’t part Kiwis from their mid-sized sedan-and-wagon ranges.

  • Michael

    What’s with the loss of power??? And i think Holden Should Import the New Vectra instead of a crap daewoo.

  • Steve

    I read in Wheels that Asia-Pacific relations were a factor in importing the Korean models over the European ones. As Daewoo wasn’t owned by GM until 2002 this wouldn’t have been an option before.

  • Nalin

    This is very disappointing, replacing the European Vectra with crappy Daewoo! I have had a 2004 CDXi and was hoping Holden will bring in the new Vectra (2.8 Turbo) instead they bring in this heap of crap…Not surprised they didn’t sell many Vectras- they never advertised them. Most people get a pleasant surprise ahen they see my CDXi as they never realised that it’s great European designed car at a reasonable price…Holden stuffed up …again

  • john

    The reason that holden is importing korean cars insted of european cars is that the australian import tax makes top of the range vectra models more expensive than top of the range commodores and would rather bring there prices down by importing from asia. although i do agree with the fact that holden should still go european.

  • Joe P

    What a shame, it looks a little like that dishwasher style camry we saw before the current one, what a cold day this car will be in the history of Holden, Monaro owners should re-badge to avoid association with this…. thing…. Ok back in ’95 i would have said it looked ok… but i was still 7… and i now know just how poorly these things are put togeather and how they take a crash.

  • Steve M

    Well, well, well what have we here? a cheap third world designed, poorly imitated vectra? or maybe it’s a pathetic attempt at dominating the middle car market by releasing a cheap cop out of a vehicle after investing way too much into a car that is struggling to sell. I was disgusted to hear the official holden salesman at the brisbane motor show, liken the ‘Epica’ to the legendary status of the ‘Torana’, yeah the car that won Bathurst multiple times thanks to the likes of Peter Brock and Colin Bond among others. The ‘Epica’ is the car your wife will use to grab the shopping and have absolute confidence that your son or daughter will never ask to borrow it…. maybe this should be holden’s big selling point…disapointing General, very disapointing.

  • Joe P

    Too right Steve… i’m always trying to mooch the parents cars, but if this was the car in question i would just stick to my ageing falcon… trust me i’m willing to pay the extra in fuel. I know we are all getting extra bitter about this thing… but does Holden really expect to pull the wool over our eyes in convincing us that this is a real Holden… or is a real Holden these days just an upmarket mothballed Daewoo? They spent…what 1.8 Billion on the new commodore… but nothing on this.HOLDEN look at the other GMs possible for rebadging (e.g. US free trade) otherwise built a new local car, stay the hell away from Daewoo the went under for more than political reasons. Otherwise they might aswell outsource to China and break the last teather keeping holdens remaining respect togeather. Once Brand Warriors (lame i know)

  • Ron

    Yep I agree with all the previous comments, why stick with outdated Korean designs. The face lifted Vectra which has been onsale in Europe & UK looks fantastic, front restyled a bit like the current Astra. After the great effort with the VE commodore this is very backward step but hardly surprising given the Barina and Viva we are now served up. Certaily won’t have a hope of competing with the likes of Mazda 6; Accord; or even Camry. Captiva is avaialable with the Euro version in the Maax, so why not still also offer a couple of Vectras as well, and still no diesel version.

  • Mitch

    Again another mestake like the Kalos or so called “BARINA”. Whats going wrong with holden !!! We own a 2004 Holden Vectra which a magnificent car both looks good and driving is good. Holdens going to replace it with this low down low life heap of junk that looks out dated compared to our vectra and new model released in the Europe regoin. If holden could afford to engineer the new commodore, they sure would still be able to import the vectra just like the astra is. Holden wake up to your self, you are starting to go down the ditch. I have not seen many of those “CAPTIVAS” that is daewoo sourced, on the road. Soon all holden will have is the Astra from Belgium and Commodore, because they find thay can’t afford to keep those low life awful daewoo cars on the Australian market. Holden will be like it was over 27 years ago, with just the commodore if they are going the Korean way.

  • neil

    The Daewoo (sorry Captiva) is cheap and lacks power for engine size is this Daewoo (sorry Epica) going to be the same.

  • David

    the Epica with have three spec models loaded with features and 4 airbags with 6 on the upper most luxury variant. GM Daewoo has gone through major reworking to develop cars that are actually quite good. It is only people’s preconceptions about the South Korean brand that is holding them back. The Epica is average in its design but is clean and modern. This car will become a good competitor to the Toyota Camry and definetely the Kia and Hyundai.

  • David

    To Joe P, it isn’t as easy as you may think to import cars from different countries. Most cars built for the American market by GM don’t have right handed versions, although i admit there are many other cars Holden could have chosen, the Epica was the most valuable and was ready for right hand drive. It cost millions to redevelop a car for the conditions and laws and regulations in Australia. Holden exports Commodores and Statesmans around the world, with the Statesman selling far more overseas than in Australia, these cars were enginerred and developed so that they could easily be changed to left hand drive and meet stringent US regulations.

  • http://www.blogcharm.com/white/cars texas ecological sodomite

    To the person who said that the Epica is “third-world designed,” South Korea is hardly third-world. It is a rich industrial economy. Furthermore, Epica is designed in Italy.

    Holden was losing money on its previous Barinas and Vectras. They made losses on each car they sold and sold them only to lift the brand name. It’s easy for you people to say Holden should do this or that but at the end of the day you are not the ones in the boardrooms and you are not the ones who suffer for wrong decisions.

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    the car is BUILT in Korea,
    all cars these days claim to be “designed” in Italy,
    most of the time its a load of bull

    Furthermore, the 800 sales a month for the barina is less than what holden was selling with the old/european model. And I feel sorry for every single of those 800 customers who have just bought a car with a 2 star safety rating!

    The Epica is a disaster waiting to happen for Holden, there is only so much Holden lovers can take before even the most loyal will question the companies intentions of making money out of cheap asian cars at the risk of safety and quality.

    I admit that in general Korean/Japanese cars have less “warranty” complaints, e.g. less breakdowns, infact Mercedes has a higher warranty complaint rate than Hyundai, but thats not the point, as European manufacturers try to push the boundaries and introduce new technologies which will require some time to work out!

  • Joe P

    To texas ecological sodomite

    Although i respect and value your input i believe that you are mistaken in thinking we “are not the ones who suffer for wrong decisions” i couldn’t disagree more… I understand that we have the buying power to avoid certain brands in the very competitive car market, but there are many downfalls reflected on the public from Holdens poor corporate decisions.. to begin, Korean cars do in general have a poor reputation for saftey espeacially against the Europeans, jobs may suffer if the company is forced to downsize, current holden owners will suffer as their cars will depreciate due to association. This may be worst case but we are affected. Thanks
    Holden does indeed mean a great deal to Australia and lets hope they try to stay true to that.

  • Vinnie

    This is the first time I’ve laid eyes on the ‘Epica’. It looks like an incarnation
    between a Nissan Maxima & a Pulsar!
    (with all due respects to Nissan).

    I’m really saddened to see GMH stoop
    so low ….this is truly ‘Korean Krap’!

    I own an ’03 Vectra V6 CDXi 5spd & it’s just fantastic…sure it was too expensive
    when first released & the dealers stuffed
    up everyones’ re-sale by dropping the new car price by about $8k a year or so later but it was a major stride forward.
    I’m afraid GMH are going from ‘oversteer’
    to ‘understeer’ & I’m definitely not upgrading to one.

    …Looks like Mazda MPS turbo here I come!

  • Rex

    Saw the Epica at the Brisbane motor show…

    So easy to walk past. Daewoo that’s who

  • texas ecological sodomite

    alborz: “the car is BUILT in Korea,
    all cars these days claim to be “designed” in Italy,
    most of the time its a load of bull”

    Actually, I was wrong. The Daewoo Tosca is styled by GM Daewoo. I got confused because previous models were styled by Italdesign Giugiaro, who styled the Daewoo Magnus, the Hyundai Sonata, as well as cars like the Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari GG50, Volkswagon Golf, and Maserati Quattroporte. A car can be built in Korea and styled in Italy. This is no contradiction. The styling and design process can occur in a place separate to the location at which the car is assembled. For example, the Camry is designed in Japan but assembled in many non-Japanese locations, including Georgetown, America and Melbourne, Australia. Some BMWs are designed in Germany but built in Africa. Some Mercedes are designed in Germany but built in Eastern Europe and even China.

    For January 2007 Holden sold 1563 Barinas. It was the eighth best-selling car for that month ahead of the Camry (1347) and the Territory (1343). Look at Wheels Magazine. If the Barina weren’t profitable do you think the Holden execs would continue selling it?

    Joe P: “jobs may suffer if the company is forced to downsize, current holden owners will suffer as their cars will depreciate due to association. This may be worst case but we are affected. Thanks
    Holden does indeed mean a great deal to Australia and lets hope they try to stay true to that.”

    With regards to jobs, the original Vectra wasn’t even made in Australia to begin with, so replacing the Vectra with a car made in South Korea makes little difference to Australian jobs. In fact, apart from the Commodore, no Holden car is made in Australia.

    Depreciation? If you look at the back of Wheels magazine you will see estimated Redbook resale values. This is what insurance companies and fleet companies use. A $13,490 base model Barina is expected to retain 67% of its value in three years. This is above average. Resale of Barina is higher than that of Porsche Boxter (61%), Porsche 911 (62%), Rolls Royce Phantom (59%), Mercedes S Class V6 (61%), HSV E Series Senator (56%) and VE Commodore Omega (46%). The worst car in terms of depreciation is the Falcon XT.

    The depreciation is severe if purchase a Falcon instead of a Barina. A base model Ford Falcon XT for $34,990 will only retain 38% of its value in 3 years. This is far below average. With the Barina you lose $4451 in depreciation in 3 years and with the Falcon you lose $21,693. That’s a big difference.

    Why is this? Barina is small and economical and there is strong demand for these cars. In fact, the Falcon is large, thirsty, and used by taxis. Taxi companies buy Falcons, Aurions, etc in bulk and then flood the used-car market with them, causing oversupply and sharp falls in prices.

    Someone said that Barina, being made in Korea, will depreciate more. However, Barina’s retains 67% of its value in three years, which is equal to the value retained by the made-in-Japan Yaris, which is also a small car. In fact, the Barina holds its value better than the European small cars from Ford. The Fiesta retains at most 61% of its value in 3 years and the Focus retains about 57% for non-turbos but 66% for the Focus XR5 Turbo.

  • Daniel

    I just want to know, how many of you people bought the holden vectra and the answer is proberly non why is that? because non of you would fork out the cash for it you guys bag the crap out of the epica and you havent even seen it let alone driven it. all you have to do is compare the price to the vectra to see that you are getting a good deal. how about you all wait till you have seen and driven this vehicle before you start bagging the crap out of it. look at all the great reviews the captiva has got and its built in the same factory!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gavin

    Having just been to the Melbourne Motor Show today and seeing the Epica, I thought it was cheap and the bulid quality shoty. In august last year I looked at all vehicles in this class and including the New Camry, Kia Magentis ……UGH!……, Hyundai Sonata, Mazda 6, but the one that got my vote & dollars was the Honda Accord, no not the euro, the other one. Value for money, performance, features etc, it could not be betean. Unfortunatly I was lookng at getting a Vectra, but they had been discontinued by this time. I stepped out of a 18 month old Ford Territoy that could not of been the worst built car I have ever owned. So it is not always of where the car is made, but how it is made. I also have a VZ Exec wagon with 38000km on the clock (Company Car) and I have just had a new transmission put in it under warranty, it just died. So two Australian cars, both crap.

    There will always be people who buy cars like the Epica, remember the first Sonata, it sold, and then there was the Kia Credos, again it sold, but by wacking a Holden Badge on it, you can gaurentee Nan & Pop who don’t know any better and want a ‘good car’ at a reasonable price, the Epica will suit them fine.

  • Joe

    texas ecological sodomite:
    Regaurding Australian jobs… read the papers… i don’t mean to be a prick by bringing this up but Holdens has laid off alot of people, and is now outsourcing more than ever, so jobs have indeed suffered. Nevertheless I respect that u have backed your aguements with decent research

    My main concern with these korean cars is that it is cheapening Holdens image, i understand that the vectra is just a rebadge but it has european origins which are more respected in the car industry just as Korean container vessels are respected for their quality in their industry. Ford (regardless of sales) is looking like a more classy company with their well built euro small cars and Aussie large.

  • Garry Mac.

    The sourcing of Daewoo,s by Holden should be an obvious indicator as to what is really happening. The Automotive Industry in Australia is all but finished as we know it. Give it another 5>7 years and the industry will be no more than a distribution network for vehicles produced in China,Malaysia,Korea,India, and what will be left of those still being built in Japan before they to complete their outsourcing of production to there Asian neighbours. So get used to Ausy Holdens and Fords being badges only.

  • darth vader

    i would much rather buy a used vectra than this thing. it will be safer, better built, last longer and provide things i have never found in an asian car ie character and driving enjoyment. i’ll probably have to go to the darkside and buy a mondeo when it arrives.

  • Myke

    I think this car will sell, but not in the numbers that Holden (Denny Monney) is hoping for. Especially if they are expecting it to sell as much as the Camry, I believe it will only be fewer than 500 a month.

  • Troy

    designed in italy…. by a korean on holidays in a cheap hotel room.

    the sides and back are stylish and reminiscent of a vw passat ( so not too bad ) but that front…. those lights…. hahaha ugrhee!

    At least the bix six across the front might help it get better than 2 stars in a crash test.

    people should be warned ,where we buy a new car believing it to be safer than our old ones, how many stars are on the crash test ratings!

    cmon, how about a window sticker for crash test results!

    what size are the wheels on this thing? they look like 13″s

    also, david for quite a few posts above, i think you work for holdenwoo. You sound like a brainwashed mate of mine who does :)

  • rodger

    ford pissed off its cheap korean ( festiva ) to go to a sweet lil euro.

    holden pissed off its sweet little euro to go to a cheap korean.

    but according to most children, fords suck. So the koreans will sell.


  • troy

    texas ecological sodomite

    Thanks for that, ill now pile my family into a barina, seeing they are better than a falcon.

    at least ford give a shit about the people who buy them, are any new fords UNDER 3 ( or even 4 ) stars for crashworthiness??

    Holden couldnt care less if someone is killed doing 40kmh in a barina!! as long as they sell in droves. (well thats how it appears anyway!)

    I bet if people knew how unsafe they were. THEY WOULDNT SELL!!!

  • http://www.alborzfallah.com alborz

    you guys should watch this
    send it to everyone you know who might want to buy a barina

  • Dave

    I’ll keep my 2000 Toyota Avalon thanks.

  • troy

    Yep dave, Boring as batshit, BUT relliable and safe :)

  • Holden Sux

    At least holden are bringing in cars with similar build quality to the Commodores now. The kept quiet about the Vectra because it was vastly superior to the Commodore in every way.

  • andy

    seen the new ads and the new EPICA looks out dated and like SHIT. Holden wot have you done???? we own a 05 CD Vectra with the 108Kw engine and it runs good when you get it up into the power band and above all else looks and handles great. wot a backward step GM.

  • ‘oldung crummydoor

    it’s really does sux that we are forced to slag off at our biggest local car company…. yeh yeh GM is american i know and don’t care…. But honestly just look what u can get second hand for similar prices as the….errr…. car (i suppose)

    1999 Audi A6 Quattro
    Mk 4 VW Golf GTi
    Commodores and Falcons from Auction
    or just a new focus,polo,mazda3

    now really….. talk me out of an A6 for this heap….. taking into consideration that fuel saver for saftey is not a comprimise i’ll make, nor is charator for price or everything else for price for that matter…..

    i’d love for everyone to still buy Holdens……just not this, viva or the barina

  • Gary

    The previous Vectra was built on a SAAB platform
    and through some strange twist of fate, kept a lot
    of the SAAB’s build qualities – The Epica – not even
    in the same paddock – much less the same class.
    and a 2litre V6? why pay extra rego – heaps of
    2.3 and 2.4’s around for same money with 4cyl rego
    – a lot of ’em built in Europe too.

  • Matthew

    Just thing the American Companies based in Australia looking to make more money what is going to stop all Holden being made by Daewoo and Ford’s by Kia in South Korea. Will there still be Holden v Ford Battles around the Mountain (what a sales pitch dream)
    Daewoo v Kia, wait a minute how much or out current models parts are imported anyway, will it really be that much different? India, China and South Korea have been making cars and parts for years isn’t this just like the bios against the Japanese in the 60’s.

  • http://www.geocities.com/rogernias777/ Troubled Soul

    Having spent the last couple of years hearing about how hopeless Kia and Daewoo are from my many friends, I can’t understand why anyone would buy any car made by a Korean company.

    In 2002 my friend bought a Daewoo Nubira wagon which in just 4 years had more time spend being repaired than my friend spent going on holidays with his kids, on the other hand my fathers 2002 Toyota Carolla sedan has only had to go in for it’s scheduled maintenance.
    The price of these 2 cars was $19990 for the Daewoo and $22490 for the mid-ranged Toyota, now I know that many people above have said that these so called Holden Daewoo’s hold their value well but if that were the case then why did the Nubira lose $17900 when my friend finally sold it 4 years later, and that price loss doesn’t include the $6500 for the new engine.

    I generally believe that anyone who buys a car from Kia or Holden these days deserves everything they get, and if the thing only has a 2 star safety rating and a member of your family gets killed in it, the responsibility is on you for buying it in the first place.

    If Australian car company’s want to make money by sacking qualified workers and hiring from a country where a Doctors degree is worthless, then just remember that you may be rich in the short term but in 50 years Holden and Ford will be gone.

    Remember it’s only going to cost about 3 grand more to get a much better car, if you haggle.

  • Massada

    Thank the Lord I’m a Ford man. No offence against Holden, but the attitude of cheap being neat is ridiculous. When I first saw the advert for the Epica I thought Holden snapped up a Nissan or something, but to take a Korean piece of junk and slap the lion on the front is not good management.
    Its no wonder that the only car (Commodore) is the only thing keeping the company afloat. Once again a great Aussie icon like Holden has gone the way of the trans-nationals and has sold itself out.

  • Dimir

    I was mistaken… in the ads i thought it was a Camry 😛 my bad they all look the same camry,epica,ect GM really needs to give their designers a kick in the ass

  • Wanderer

    I stumbled into this website while researching a new vehicle. The new Chevrolet Epica’s are now available in Europe. I have test-driven the Epica diesel and it’s quite nice. The creature comforts you get for the price are a very nice deal. Take a look at the list of the standard features. It’s got a big American feel with a leather interior.

    I would only suggest that people test drive this vehicle before coming to a conclusion. It’s one of the best values out there.

  • azgreen

    Not Impressed with the Epica… Sat in it at the Adelaide Motor show, and it’s doesn’t come close to my Vectra CDXI… I purchased my Vectra last year (05 reg) with 14k on the clock for $32K! (ex-holden manager’s car) Electric leather memory seats, ESP, auto dipping mirrors, auto wipers, wonderful V6 with stacks of torque (alloytech’s don’t come close), 6 airbags (including curtains)… the list goes on. It honestly feels like an Audi to drive, but with far more responsive steering at that! I’ve had a couple of Holden employee’s from the service department saying this is the best car in their line-up by a mile. The Epica on the other hand feels like a spec’d up Viva… I know Holden are in the game to make profit (as all businesses are), but they need to be moving ahead with their products while doing so… The Epica isn’t even a step sideways.

  • Franz Chong

    The Vectra was one of the few European Cars in it’s class that actually came from Europe.I can think of anything you can buy for similar money to the Epica that has much better resale value than this:

    Mazda3/Honda Civic
    Volkswagen Golf/Polo
    Good Quality Used Mercedes C Class
    Good Quality Late Model 3 Series BMW
    Renault Megane

    Used Army Tank:Peter Griffin did that on Family Guy

  • luan iguano

    meh.. just buy a new merc! haha.. just rob a bank and buy a bmw! datz my advice… bloody nutless daewoo! we need REAL cars like ford mustangs & dodge vipers n cadillac escalades n lincoln navigators!! YEA!!

  • Sam™

    everything you said except lincoln navigators bro, theyre terrible

  • http://www.used-car.com.au Bruce Gow

    I had a look at the Holden Epica when I was at Sundell Holden in Chatswood last week. I thought it was good value for money and looked ok.

    I grabbed a brochure and will have a test drive next week and let you know how it went

  • kim

    I took delivery of my company car ‘Epica CDXi’ today. Most disapointing!!!! Downsized from a Berlina to try to save on fuel economy and I was having difficulty parking the large car in tight modern carparking spaces. Epica feels really cheap inside, missing all of the features that I was used to such as electronic speedo, bluetooth, electric seat ajustment, automatic head lights etc. Had to have basic options such as reverse sensors added as a modification and as a company car I am not eligible for the 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Really disapointing car, only 14,850ks until I can turn it over again and go back to a Berlina. Definately would not recommend this car to anyone who is expecting the standard conveniences of modern cars. A very ‘basic’ car and not worth the $$.

  • Sam™

    hmmm, why didnt you take it for a test drive before you purchased it?

  • Michael

    Have any of you so called motoring experts actually gotten out of your armchairs and had a look at the Epica. My wife and I have taken an Epica for a drive and found this to be a very good car. Porche have done a fantastic job with the engine, it is really smooth and quite flexible. And yes it looks good in the flesh. We will be trading in our trusty 2.0l Camira (has over 500000 klms on the original engine and still going fine)on a new Epica with the optional body kit. Can’t wait to get it. I also have friends who have bought the Daewoo Barina and Viva and they are very happy with them. So don’t knock it till you try it.

  • http://www.used-car.com.au Bruce Gow

    I ended up having a test drive of the 2007 Holden Epica after having a chat with Nickola Smith from Sundell Holden in Gordon.

    I was very impressed with the torque of a mid-size range Holden and the handling was great too. I’d recommend this car to anyone looking for new Holden cars in this price range.

    Tip: Ask for the “online” gift if you purchase one

  • ukcar

    Matthew, Ford got rid of Kia years ago – it’s now owned by Hyundai. That’s why the Festiva was dropped.

    The new Ford Mondeo is based on the same platform as the Mazda6, the Focus on the same one as the Mazda3 – heck, they should build them side by side in Japan, like they did with the Telstar/626 and Laser/323.

    Similarly, Daewoo should go back to building Opel designs.

    European product, Asian price tag.

  • Dave

    Holden made Vectras at their Elizabeth assembly plant for a few years in the late 90’s but stopped because they were not selling enough.

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  • watto_cobra

    Micheal, you must have been very lucky with your Camira. I had a 2.0L Camira which cost me more in repairs than I paid for the car. Either I got a dud, or you got a ripper, or both.

    QUOTE=”We will be trading in our trusty 2.0l Camira (has over 500000 klms on the original engine and still going fine)on a new Epica with the optional body kit.”

    I consider myself patriotic, I’ll always try to buy Australian made whenever possible (hence my cars are usually Falcons).

    If I were to buy an imported small/mid-sized car I would choose one from Fords new range (European sourced) over Holdens re-badged Daewoo (Korean sourced) range anytime. They may cost more but I think the power, driveability, reliability, looks, interior quality (pretty much everything) will more than make up for it.

    Let’s not forget the Focus is to be made in Oz in a few years. If fuel prices keep going north I know what I’ll be getting for my next car.

  • Michael

    I don’t know why you’re all bagging Daewoo.I have one and it is a very reliable,economical,comfortable car with more than enough power. In 348,000 kms it has only broken down once and that was a blocked filter on the end of the fuel pump.I did however fit new CV joints at 200,000kms as a precaution and I’ve changed the timing belt every 100,000kms.I have no complaints and if the new Epica is anything like my Espero then it will be a winner.

  • Marvin McConoughey

    A view from rainy Oregon. We bought our 2004 Suzuki Verona (Read: Daewoo with inline six engine, immediate design predecessor to current Holden Epica) in December 2003. We now have 44,500 miles on it and have made several long trips to California, Georgia, etc.

    The car is very pleasant. Reliability has been excellent: one update on the engine computer and one reset to the radio. Not all early Verona’s were that reliable, but Daewoo has continually improved reliability.

    Amenities: Ours came with red lights on the lower door edges to show what one is stepping into–or out of. It has separate daylight running lights. Steering wheel radio controls. Alloy wheels. The Four speed automatic transmission has a separate economy setting. The rear seat folds down in two sections. Upholstery is leather, the fenders have rubber splash guards to keep road mud off the lower paint (quite useful in Oregon). The steering wheel tilts but does not telescope. Windows are electric. The power driver’s seat adjusts six ways.The usual dashboard lites warn of open doors, trunk, side door, etc. No tinny rod for the hood (bonnet?). It has a hydraulic stay-open strut.

    My favorite features include the styling which is personal. Our version was styled with help from Italy. I like it very much. The engine is smooth, very smooth. It is even smoother than my wife’s elderly Cadillac. Engine refinement is a personal high point for me. It is notably smoother and quieter at idle than the Kia Amanti, and is smoother than our neighbors 2005 Toyota Camry. I can’t speak for BMW’s, Lexus’, etc., which are in a much higher class.

    My pet peeve is the four speed auto. It should be a five speed, which I see the Epica now has to the tune of lower highway RPM and even less noise. Our car is quiet and good riding even at very high speeds (80-90 MPH) on long Western superhighways. The steeing is excellent and we enjoy it in the mountains.

    The overall technology is not state-of-the art, but the engine has superior inherent balance to any V6 design. Suspension is strictly generic design but works well for all of that.

    I don’t want to make this moderately priced car sound like a luxury brand, but it has served us very well, is a pleasure to drive, has a short turning circle, and merits respect even if you prefer another make. I would like to buy the new version now that ours is nearly four years old, but it is no longer imported here. Nothing else available here in its price range looks as good.

  • chris

    it the epica a daewoo

  • Ezzy

    Just got my own 2003 Vectra CDXi manual a month ago and its a very classy car. I was hoping to see an upgrade model of this car from Holden. Well I guess this is the only Holden luxury car that has reputation to be compared to BMW series and other similar car in its class.

    Saddened by the news holden replaced it by Epica which is a mile away behind compared to Vectra I had.

    I guess 2003 Vectra CDXi will be remembered as the best car that came from Holden for now.

  • Duck

    Chris, Yes pretty much!

  • Joel

    I don’t kno why everyone is praising the vectra so much. It was the shittiest car I’ve owned. Constantly having problems and very unreliable, and you know why, because it was a euro shit heap. European cars are shit and most people know it, especially those who have had the displeasure of owning one. I have a Daewoo Lacetti at the moment, those of u may know it as the Holden Viva, and it is absolutely fantastic. Not a single complaint. So I would suggest drive the Epica first, then make a judgement.

  • Brian McInerney

    Well after reading most of the above I hm bemused. I have a book that has pictures of early (XU1) era Toranas & six cylinder Cortinas that where built at the Daewoo factory in South Korea. I also know that they like Subaru, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Audi etc etc have come a very long way since first manufacture. Daewoo have been manufacturing tough cars, trucks & buses for 50 years. They also operate in conditions a fair bit worse than ours, whats more with Asian drivers???