• Yianni

    I love it!

  • Shak

    judging by how good the Car looks in the pics i think it will sell perfectly. And my god is it good looking. I know i would buy one over a chintzy TT.

  • Steve-Poyza

    After my bad news with the Laguna being pulled from Aus, this is great to see for a French car lover :) I love RCZ, so amazingly beautiful!!! WHile every angle is lovely, it’s the rear that really melts my heart <3

    • http://www.facebook.com/sammo.8191 Sam Moss

      Touching words there Steve, I completely agree!! :)
      This is going to be one of the iconic cars of the decade – in the same way that the original TT was in the late 90s.
      And it’s not bad value either – 55k is pretty good for such a stunning looking vehicle.

  • Able

    It’s just stunning in every way! If someone asked me if I loved driving it I’d simply reply no, I haven’t even gotten into it yet; too busy looking at it!

    Where’s Citroën’s version? That’d be nice too!

  • MatthewM

    good looks, fail wheel drive, not a particularly great power to weight ratio — hitting the hairdresser demographic with sniper accuracy.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sammo.8191 Sam Moss

      I think Hyundai Excel is more hairdresser territory.

      The RCZ is more for doctors, lawyers, successful business people, or maybe even a pretentious architect?

      • Kim

        Would make a great daily driver for those rolls royce and maybach people too. I think that’s their target market, not because they’re undercutting the TT by a significant margin.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000019885375 Taki Yamauchi

        Hyundai Excel is piece of crap compared to this.

        • Rob

          Hey, please work on your english first before even just thinking of leaving a comment. And btw, those car makers of your shores better be in a hurry or Hyundai’s gonna be on their back pretty soon I guess?

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000019885375 Taki Yamauchi

            My comment was reply of SAM’s comment.
            Do you think Hyundai Excel is hairdresser’s car? Do you?
            At least I didn’t use word “sh*t”.

            And btw, I didn’t say anything about Hyundai itself.

          • Jimmy

            There is nothing wrong with Taki’s comment. It is perfectly clear and intelligible. Your comment actually contains many more grammatical errors than his. Nice thinly veiled racism by the way.

          • Nick01

            What’s wrong with Taki’s English???????

          • j

            That sounds like a racist remark, Rob.

          • KellogJelly

            What an encouraging remark, and you write like an English major?

      • Rob

        Hey Jimmy, have a good look at some other comments he left. And if you’ve done your secondary education here in Australia (properly) you should see what I was talking about.

        • quiet1


          not knowing English is not an disadvantage…don’t forget the world largest car company comes from a non English speaking nation…whether u like their cars or not is a different issue..

          Taki has at least made an effort to express his views..

          I doubt whether your Japanese/Chinese is even half as good as his English..

          but I bet your favouritte cuisine is probably a sushi!!!

  • http://caradvice.com.au Anthony


    I’m guessing that you’ve never had a decent steer in a 207 GTI or any other performance Peugeot. Do yourself a favour and get behind the wheel of one, as these things handle as well as some of the world’s best sports cars and they use next to no fuel in the process.

    One thing you don’t need in Australia, with our low speed limits, is lots of power. Give me a great handling car over sheer power all day long.

    • Gene

      There is nothing wrong to want both handling and power. The automatic with only 115kw is lethagic, if you assess the package honestly. The two manual versions absolutely work

  • Kim

    It definitely doesn’t appeal to me, rear looks like the Lexus SC430 which is horrid. Pricing is good but going on looks i’d go TT anyday, even the 1 series coupe.

    “…European flavour and do it there way too.”
    I believe you mean ‘their’

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000019885375 Taki Yamauchi

      Ha ha ha,
      After I read FT-86 article.
      I must agree with you.
      Well even FT-86 isn’t available right now, this over priced FWD isn’t attractive for me.
      According to media from Japan, most them like 200HP manual, but under power AT version is boring and disappointment.

  • poindexter

    I want one!

  • Nick K

    What an awesome looking car and it actually has usable rear seats and boot! I’d also like to see a bright silver finish to blend with the roof bars and a choice of interior colours like a red. Still, a wonderful design.. I want one.

  • t39

    i guess RCZ is nice place to spend time in, until VW Bluesport arrives with its rear engine, RWD configuration.

  • Hendrik

    This car is drop dead gorgeous, places form above function but function still is a highlight.

    Design at its best!

  • Sexythang

    the audi tt is a better design. but im glad peugeot is using price to compete. i think too much compromise on design is given to the boot to make it big and hence ruined the proportions a bit.

  • m2m


  • http://learnersreference.com aroopam

    This car looks gorgeous…great review on this interesting vehicle

  • Jon Leong

    As per my comment over @ the other article, this car is over priced.

    Over @ Europe its priced against the VW sirocco. Which is basically “the people’s Audi TT”. Why is it over here and its priced against a whole grade higher?

    In the UK, a 308 hatch Sport spec 1.6 Turbo petrol cost 19480 Pounds
    and a RCZ GT spec with 200hp 1.6 THP (147 kw) cost 25050 Pounds.

    Thats a price hike of 28.6%

    In Australia, the equivalent 308 XTE 1.6 Turbo petrol is $33990 RRP.
    and a equivalent RCZ 147kw starts with $54990 according to above article.

    Thats a price hike of 61.8%

    They are clearly riping off the Australians.

    • Kim

      Good point but seeing all the replies here about how its the most iconic design of this decade (even though we have 9 years to go) and how its targeted towards successful business people, maybe us Australians, in general, are just easy to impress?

  • TomJ

    It is very exotic looking, but ultimately a bit too slow. If it had a nice 220kw turbo motor id be far more interested.

  • Fenno

    Similar to an EOS without the folding roof.
    Would make a good Comparo CA…Havent seen one of those for a while.

  • kennyboye

    Nice review, thanks.
    Any word on headroom for the 6+ footers? And how much heat was coming through the rear window…looks like a bit of a fish-tank even though tinted.

  • jonson

    …can’t really understand why folks are drooling over this..the front looks good but the rear looks ugly & cheap..typical french quirkyness..
    overall, they’ve made it too obvious it’s an audi tt rip-off.

    • swannnyy

      yeah, ‘cos Peugeot OBVIOUSLY decided to wait 10 years after the TT came out to copy it…

  • Ralph

    Gee, Hyundai and Hairdressers are getting a hard time.

    The hairdressers I know all drive lovely BMWs. Suits them to a T. These cars are really good for couples without kids (it’s unlikely that a couple blokes will conceive kids). This Peugeot would be right up their ally, too.

    These cars will be very popular.



  • j

    So there’s multiple engine options, all at the same price?

    Who in their right mind will NOT get the high output engine?

    It would truly suck several years down the track on the used car market when some schmuck tries to sell the low output version “Super rare, low output engine”

    • Fenno

      Just ask anybody trying to sell an RX8 Auto LOL

      • j

        They usually resort to tricks like advertising it as a manual, and cleverly photographing the interior…

        So many times I’ve had the following conversation when car hunting:
        “Hi I’m enquiring about the _____”
        “yep, what would you like to know”
        “Is it manual?”
        “Nope, it’s super rare auto”
        “buh bye”*click*

  • dan

    i see a mazda3 bumper…

    • http://volkswagen Mal

      That’s because Peugeot styled the gaping mouth long before your precious Mazda copied it.

  • eleni

    For me, it was love at first sight … I have already ordered it!

  • LukasUtopia

    Quite nice looking, but for me an Audi TT or Mazda RX-8 for a more consistent design.

  • Suz

    I get to drive the RCZ nearly every day, I’m a very lucky Gurl! I love all the models, so comfy. Even for long legs. Great head turner, I think it’s very sexy, sounds GREAT too. Can I please have one Santa.(I still believe)

  • kelly

    Comparing a 1.6l, it does make the car attractive and appealing however if one is looking for more than a everyday drive then no way will they buy this car, looking at the drive and suspension.

  • jacque

    It’s good looking alright but maybe because it resembles so closely to the iconic Audi TT. The front design is nothing to shout about, in fact a let down, because it looks no different from other cheaper Peugeot models, eg. 207. The Zagallo double-bubble roof-top is awesome though. It might be overpriced for a Peugeot but it comes with lots of bells and whistles at a lower price than a TT. However, prestige-wise it doesn’t come close to an Audi TT. It’s still the TT for me!

  • jacque

    It’s Zagato and not Zagallo. Sorry, Mr Zagato.

  • jg

    Lovely looking car but why oh why do they put a gutless slot car motor in it. That just shows its only for show and no go. Pity Id buy one if it had a 200kw turbo in it at least. They have a lot to learn from VW.

  • Pneedham1

    I love it – had 1 for a week now and the performance is as good as the looks
    exhaust sound , JBL stereo , Napa leather interior, blue tooth , wheels , economy , head turning looks , sales person allowing a test drive – on my own – at Peugeot Artarmon garage , all add up to an absolute winner
    I love it

Peugeot Rcz Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$24,200 - $27,500
Dealer Retail
$25,070 - $29,810
Dealer Trade
$19,000 - $22,000
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
240Nm @  1400rpm
Max. Power
115kW @  5800rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
7.3L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:500  Unbrake:500
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
235/45 R18
Rear Tyres
235/45 R18
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Coil Spring, Gas damper, Anti roll bar
Rear Suspension
Torsion bar, Trailing arm, Coil Spring, Gas damper
Standard Features
Sport Seats
Control & Handling
Traction Control System
Trip Computer
Side Front Air Bags
Optional Features
Control & Handling
19 Inch Alloy Wheels
Metallic Paint, Metallic Paint Special, Sports pack
Leather Upholstery
Service Interval
6 months /  10,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Driver Side Inner Guard
Country of Origin