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by Brett Davis

The recall was issued because of a possible fire threat with the optional and adjustable speaker lighting system. This optional speakers are said to be fitted to 27 Australian-sold Kia Souls and 1029 Kia Sportages.

The lighting system in question pulses and flashes in time and in beat with the music the occupants are playing through the car stereo. International reports say there could be a soldering problem which may spark and develop into a fire in worst-case scenarios. Kia says it is prepared and it will fit a redesigned wiring package for the speakers. Changes include a new wiring system and wiring harness.

Although the recall hasn’t quite reached Australia yet, Kia Australia spokesman, Kevin Hepworth, said in a recent Age report,

“There’s been absolutely no instance of any incidents or accidents. It’s basically a voluntary recall, and all owners will be contacted. We’re waiting on parts for it, and the recall will be issued early next week.”

This is the second minor fault marked against the otherwise clean-slate history the car has held. Last month, the Kia Soul in America was under concern of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration due to a possible steering issue. But that was only related to American vehicles.

Kia seems to be very thorough with its quality and is preparing to jump on top of any potential problems before they get out of hand.

  • Andrew M

    If there have been no instances, how has this come to their attention??

    • http://www.facebook.com/sammo.8191 Sam Moss

      Yeah good point, can somebody explain?

      I guess Kia’s Cinderella-like transformation had to have a glitch somewhere along the line. Let’s hope there aren’t any more issues to come.

    • fourl6

      its always “worst case scenario” id say a few dealers had reported fuses blown which was traced back to the lighting system, any wiring fault has the potential to cause a fire.

      • Andrew M

        But it says no incidents have been reported.

        A blown fuse or burnt out wiring is still an incident, just not “the worst case incident”

    • mog

      Kia submitted this recall to the NHTSA. The NHTSA did not pressure Kia or force Kia into the recall. They just stand behind their vehicles. And no, they are not going to issue a recall for one vehicle that had a problem. Once more than one vehicle had a problem, they started investigating components THEMSELVES and found the harness itself to be defective. They also realized that the harness used on the Sorento was nearly identical, and are replacing those also. There have been no reports of Sorento fires, though, just similar parts. The NHTSA never even opened an investigation on the wiring. They are too preoccupied with the stupid steering thing.

      • Andrew M

        Gee you sound like one heck of an over defensive kia fan……..Give it a break

        • Jabba the Hutt

          He’s just taken the time to explain the fault to you and you are jumping down his throat Andrew. The very first post here is yours and you’re looking for answers.

          Your response doesn’t seem fair.

    • Shak

      Did you not read. there were reports in the US, but none in Australia.

      • Mr Pee Pee

        I think you may not have read, Mr Shak.

        The article refers to ‘international reports’ concerning the issue at hand, and the only mention of the US is in relation to another issue.

  • bangel

    So damn ugly that storm trooper soul , only ever seen one in the flesh , must be a big seller .

    Yes they are starting to get problems as they rush lots of new models out too quickly .

    Takes the heat of mr toyota i suppose .

    • Mr Pee Pee

      Ugly as in Toyota Rukus ugly?

      Maybe Kia is now as good as Toyota, hence the recalls.

  • JJ

    Defect part = JCI Product = American Company.

  • mog

    “supplied by JCI and used for the lighting in the Kia Soul vehicle’s advanced lighting speakers”

    nitrobahn . com/news/kia-recalls-35185-2010-kia-soul-2011-kia-sorento-vehicles-over-fire-risk/
    JCI = Johnson Controls, Inc. (NYSE: JCI) = American Company.

    Sorry about that Kia bought its parts from american company.

    • Hung Low

      But they only have themselves to blame for the look of this Soul!

  • toxic_horse

    I Just can’t believe it is legal to have a flashing red light of that size in your interior , or why you would want one for that matter ?

  • Roger Ramjet

    Rice mods + dodgy electrics = cooked rice!

  • Frenchie

    Nobody is immune to a recall. Look at Ferrari for example.
    It must be seen as a proactive move be a car manufacturer not as there is something wrong with the model of manufacturer.

    • Pizza the Hutt

      That is the first time I have ever heard a Kia compared with at Ferrari!

  • Kiwidave

    Kia still has an impressive quality record hence their 7 year warranties and one of the reasons why the new sportage is very close to being in my garage.

  • Sandra

    Just to let you all know, I happen to own one of the souls for just 2 months now, brand new. I loved it up till the point of it doing just what it stated would happen in the fore mentioned above. My car caught on fire from the drivers side door coming right out of the speakers. And this happened while I was driving it! Door got all melted and warped. I got lucky I pulled into a gas station and someone helped me put it out w/a fire estenguisher. Been in the shop now for 2 weeks and not sure when I’ll be getting it back. And yes, mine had those annoying lights inside. I didn’t like them, it just came standard on my model that I had picked off the lot. Just to let you all know for future use.