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  • http://zuboora.com Mohamad is right when he

    I have been waiting MONTHS for this!!! logging on at 12:03am was worth it. thank u caradvice..GO FORD

    • Moe

      Hhahaha lol same here i was doing my Year 12 assignment i then just logged in at 2.30am and i saw this thanks CARADVICE

      • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

        Hey habib, did u get a email from FPV?? i did, saying look at the fpv website 9am monday, for more info.. cant wait.. oh and hsv owners.. fpv dealers are waiting for your trade ins.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=815273305 Andrew Foster

    first COMENT! lol, waitin for dis engine a long tyMe

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=815273305 Andrew Foster

      ohh well not first but for sure, see what HSV puts owt next

      • jj

        as ford have gone smaller, this will provoke holden to go bigger again. they will reply with 8L and 6 exhaust pipes!

        • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

          lol i just read this after saying the same also below.. yeah i can see it also 10.2ltr dinosaur, maybe even get a wind up start? to take on fpvs push button .. maybe they will have another spare parts sale again (pontiac left overs) ?? ive never seen a factory car come out without a badge.. its like being born with no name.

          holden is like the dog at the dinner table.. u give him all the scraps u dnt want, just to shoo him away. then he goes and licks his balls :s

  • Chilliman

    I officially declare torque the new horse-power!!

    • Grammar Nazi

      To put it in the words of Carroll Shelby:

      “Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=815273305 Andrew Foster

    its only got 5 more then the F6.. thats a litle bit of a worry…

    • http://zuboora.com Mohamad is right when he

      well ford.. unlike holden put a lower badge number on their cars. so maybe just MAYBEEEE this is really a 355kw car.. 😉 SNAP

    • spvd02

      Not a worry at all – the F6 is already phenominally quick; quicker than the competition. This V8 will be even quicker, bringing FPV even further ahead.

    • Glen

      Theoretically an inline-6 is the best type of engine to produce torque efficiently. an inline-8 would be better but packaging it is near impossible. Hence why the turbocharged 6 is producing comparable torque to the v8 while producing less power.

  • http://facebook.com Scott

    Torque, torque and talk about the torque!!

  • GooSE

    Very impressive looking torque curves on those graphs. With the weight saving over the front end and an aftermarket suspension setup, this could be quite entertaining through some twisties

  • spvd02

    Assuming it’s done ‘properly’, real-world performance and day to day driveability will be fantastic :)

  • Sambo

    Add an intercooler and some tuning and these bad boys will be hammering out 450kw+ Absolute WEAPON! Bloody awesome

  • Brian

    Looks like a solid start to the torque wars to come! But hang on, what the hell happened to the wider tyres all the journos were saying were being developed for the new GT’s??! What say those journos now!? Ford surely can’t be seriously thinking of putting that twist through the skinny tyres on the current GT. And don’t believe that guff about no GTHO – it a cert for 2011. They wouldn’t dare release it without 400kw and an optional auto that can take the strain . . . Overall, good move Ford and about time too!

    • http://zuboora.com Mohamad is right when he

      good point, i was suprised when i read above the styling is unchanged.. why have these cars been wearing car bras, and talks for DRL’s ,bigger rear wheel arches where even shown on here.. and wider wheels were also shown/ suggested.. i think something fishy might be going on about all that stuff.. i cant see FPV putting all this time, money into this development then not upgrading it to wider rears.. cmon.. WE WANT THE TRUTH.. some1 is telling porkies..

      • Moe

        Yeh the GT gets its full Torque at 2200RPM, and has a 0-100 time and 80-120 of a porsche and aston Bye Bye HSV in the rear mirror HAHAHAHAHAHA now let me plan out how to buy one………….Btw i wet myself again back in the shower i go

        • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

          Good man humoodi!! yeah lets see how many litres holden hits back with??
          ”introducing the ALL NEW SS-V 8.2 LTR/ HSV 10.2 LTR”??
          with 600@bwkw (badge wheel kw)

          • Moe

            Yeh those models will be lowered from the front end due to the big capacity lol hamoodeh

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435885244 Yani Hendriawan

    the old engines didn’t have variable valve timing, makes those engines sound primative

  • birdie


    • Radbloke

      Stop yelling.

  • waggaclint

    Cant wait to see the aftermarket tuners get hold of one of these….

  • smokin’R32

    I’m assuming the XR8 will get the stock Coyote? Or has it been dropped for good? Fingers crossed FPV have the sense to upgrade those rear tyres. Good work on keeping the plastic engine covers to a minimum though, that’s what we pay to see

  • Moe

    Oh My God, i think i just wet myself +1 who did

  • Joker

    What a sweet engine and a massive reduction of weight over the front axle!
    My only one real concern is that this car won’t be able to efficiently get it’s power down to the ground. Believe me, I want this car to succeed but if FPV want to call it the best car it’s ever built, I would hope they’ve whacked some wider rubber on the back otherwise it will be taking the fight to HSV with one hand tied behind its back.
    This was the same issue seen with the outgoing 5.4L GT
    It was actually a more powerful engine on the dyno than the HSV competitor but let down by weight and traction on the road. Don’t show me Fat Torque Curves and Max Power output FPV, show me easily achievable 12’s and a road hugging, well balanced vehicle that won’t just out nudge the competition but knock it into the middle of next week!

    • Moe

      This machine needs 300Mm Tires to stop wheelspin every gear change its seriously a rocket with wheels lol

      • john

        Rocket with wheels equals panamera turbo not local cars. Panamera turbo clocked 3.8 seconds 0 – 100 for EVO mag earlier this year. That is seriously quick. Panamera turbo would go 0 – 100 and back too 0 before any of the local cars did 0 – 100 only with their low 5 second runs and that is stock before even sending the car too RUF etc. Should have read “seriously a rocket with wheels for the money”!

        • My Cars Called T-Rex

          How much money????

        • Ben

          lol you didnt seriously do that comparison did you? When they offically release the GT and the new range F6, check the 80km/h-120km/h times and see how close they really are? If want euro trash, move there. THE TRUE AUSSIE MUSCLE CAR IS BACK!!!! ALL HAIL THE GT!!!!!

  • Shak

    Its good to hear that Ford and FPV finally have the upper hand in the horsepower wars, but why did they spend so much money on putting local bits into the car when they could have just shipped over the already brilliant NA Coyote. They could have then spent some money on an exterior upgrade, or at least some bigger rear tires.

    • Trouble

      NA? And miss out on that fat torque curve? No thank you!
      I can live without an exterior upgrade, but might agree with you about the tires – ultimately I’ll reserve my judgement on tires until I see the quarter mile times :-)

      • Trouble

        Another website has mentioned that the Traction/Stability Control has been modified in an attempt to compensate for traction issues.

        Can’t wait for those quarter times!

        • Andrew M

          This article mentions it too

  • jj

    anyone live in the broadmeadows area.

    a couple weeks ago i was driving to the ford factory when a slightly disguised quad exhaustes fg xr8 (red) passed the taxi i was in and turned into ford.

    the sound it made was ANGRY!!!

    wait till you hear these things!

  • paulo

    Sorry, but the first thing I noticed was the crap presentation. They spent 40million bucks to present it on a Wooden engine stand…

    • Bob

      Spot on !

    • Dan

      What your missing the strangely placed lights and scientist-type-people all standing around it like the SIDI presentation?

      WGAF about a stand, its the motor we are all here to see.

    • birdie

      is that all you have got to whinge about, GET A LIFE

  • john

    Maybe now with the GT moving up too 335kw FPV might allow the F6 too be a bit more of what it could be and raise it from 310kw up too around 325kw. Still would be strangled too allow the supercharged V8 some breathing space but not as much as now. Everyone knows the turbo sixes have being deliberately held back too give the V8 hero status. When Herrods can take a stock G6E turbo and wring out 400kw/680nm of torque with nothing more than a tune surely the F6 would be capable of a hell of alot more than 310kw/565nm. Come on FPV let the F6 breathe even better!

    • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

      i honestly wouldnt be suprised if FPV left the F6 untouched.. they want the more expensive flagship V8 models to lead as they have not done so…UNTIL NOW
      Anti-spam word DROOOOOOOOOOOOL

  • The Associate

    MINT ENGINE GO FORD/FPV!!!! The only thing that worries me is they mention no styling changes! the new wheel variations better look mint!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AJ

    I love the new pod filter set up. Should make for a nice induction sound.

    A few years ago, a set up like that whoud get you defected by the cops.

  • Underbelly

    Underbelly should bring out a new series, forget about the ‘Gangland Wars’, look out for the ‘Horsepower Wars’! There be HSV’s buried all over the place with this FPV donk!

    • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

      lol good call.. and chev can be the real mobster getting holden to do its dirty work for them

      • john

        Patterson Cheney in an article on this very site has a naturally aspirated L98 with 400kw/760nm. Obviously tuned but not with forced induction. With forced induction 500kw is easily achievable. Lets just say that this is just another rung in the game of one upmanship. FPV and HSV both have a hell of alot of room to move upwards in this game IMO. Look at the power/torque without forced induction Patterson Cheney achieved all fully backed with warranty. HSV is obviously lowballing at 325kw/550nm with the LS3 likewise FPV with their 335kw/570nm supercharged Coyote!

        • JEKYL & HYDE

          didn’t i read a article on this site saying that ford had played with the non-supercharged motor in a mustang,and by changing the inlet manifold and exhaust got 340kw?i’m still think this motor is the business,but are we being short changed over here?…

  • Jetta

    Im just hoping it lives up to the hype, unlike the original Boss 290.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000229920376 Stevo Terry

    The HSV fanboys have gone very quiet all of a sudden.

    • Joe

      HSV haven’t revelead the E3 yet.. so what is there to compare?

      • Ben

        well, holden where quick to compare the VE to the aging BF body when it first came out, so why cant us ford guys compare our new GT to the holden range?? Bit upset it will put it 6 foot under? About time FPV threw a decent V8 between the rails, good on ya FPV :-)

      • Chilliman

        Now the have – same 317 & 325kW engines and a new ‘race’ data logging function; just the thing for the 80% of HSV owners who never take their cars to a racetrack!

  • Kovy

    Lame, you’d think that with an extra 2 cylinders and 1.0L of capacity they’d be able to make it stand out a bit further ahead than the F6. It’s like HSV and FPV don’t really want to make anything exceptional, they’re just happy nosing ahead of each other.

    • Trouble

      Yeah but if you max out the engine’s capacity now, and you’re stuck with it for another 10 years, then you have no scope for improvements later on. Marketing disaster.

    • Dave

      Kovy, all the HSV and FPV cars are exceptional. Not all significant changes some from KW or Nm. Besides have you forgotten the HSV W427? that was a significant difference over all the other local models.

    • BS Blaster

      Settle Grettle,its not even out yet.

  • V12Civic

    V8 + supercharger whine, this engine is gonna sound sick

  • Qikturbo

    Surely a chipped Golf GTI would be able to match (if not surpass) the performance figures from this new SC Coyote engine.

    • Acfsambo

      Surely a Chipped version of this engine with the boost turned up could get 450kw+. Also it wouldn’t match it for torque.

    • Ben xr6

      Put a big enough turbo on anything and you will be able to match the power of a larger engine.

    • G6E TURBO

      SO you want 315kw 550nm on a single spiner FWD? You could have at least said a Golf R.

    • My Cars Called T-Rex


  • Michael

    I agree with Qikturbo….Smaller motors are catching up fast in terms of performance…and leading by country miles in efficiency and economy, Hell APR can get 188kw and 411nm out of the VW golf gti with a ecu flash!. Having said all that, who buys a big V8 for economy in the first place? Looks like a winner to me, glad at least one aussie car company is moving forward in V8 technology unlike the prehistoric pushrods in the commodores. And I’ll bet my last penny that it sounds the part too.

    • Stoney!

      Those prehistoric pushrods push nearly as much power with similar fuel consumption figures, back to the drawing board me thinks.


      • My Cars Called T-Rex

        Well GM should develope a multivalve pushrod engine or that twin cam in the valley option.There got to do something new with there beloved pushrods or just go OHC.

        • Al Juraj

          GM did attempt a 3-valve pushrod for the Corvette before, but I guess they just settled for a monstrous increase in displacement instead.

  • Ben xr6

    Good on Ford, they are making cars for enthusiasts not caving in to political correctness and not going the same direction of Holden/HSV releasing just bigger engines and style changes which are questionable.

    Its brilliant that an Aussie car manufacturer are releasing two different FI cars to cater for both sides of the enthusiast market.

  • Damian

    I’d be interested in seeing HSV’s response to the Coyote. We know for a fact that the VE2 V8 will be E85 compatible (does this include the HSV range?). Will HSV release a Liquid gas injection (LPG) V8 range to combat Ford’s vastly superior Coyote?

  • http://caradvice FRDH8R

    Love the crooked exhaust on the xr6 turbo, f6 and g6e…
    335 kw out of a supercharged v8? WOW!!! Are you kidding me?
    You slap on a supercharger on a GTS and you’ve got 480kw, 802nm…
    Waste of $40,000,000…

    • Acfsambo

      How much does it cost to buy a GTS then put a S/C on? Probably less than the GT from factory. You could probably get 450+kw from the Coyote with the 20k extra that putting a S/C on would cost. Ford have just brought out this engine, they are not going to give it 100% of the power available as they would have nowhere to go in the future.

    • Joker

      And you’ve had to buy a big 6.2L V8 and spend another 7G’s on it to get that.
      What makes you think you cant do the same with a Coyote V8?
      They are pumping 460Kw out of these things in the US…
      This is a Factory engine and a conservative power output.

    • Warranty Guy

      You can do all the aftermarket stuff you want, but FPV have to give a 3yr 100K Warranty, sure build a car that fry cluches, chew’s rear diffs,and not meet the ADR’s etc, but build it so the customer is happy and not in the Ford dealers service bay every 6 weeks, some times it pays to be modest for the sake of longevity.

  • Brad

    This engine mated to the Audi/VW DSG would be a dream!

    • delux

      I wonder if fords powershift twin clutch could handle the torque.

    • The Oracle

      Do you reckon the DSG would handle the torque? I think the high torque T/D engines from VW/Audi use a torque converter auto, not a DSG. (Though naturally the Veyron DSG would cope without any problems, but probably a little pricey to adapt for this application!)

      Anyway, why do you think a DSG would be better than the ZF?

      (PS Anti spam was Ford)

  • BP

    Yeah lets go supercharged, the only way to overcome HSV, bahaha. FPV is a let down & E3 can’t come soon enough. HSV has normal aspirated V8 engines & not supercharged, yet FPV does the opposite. Die in hell FPV :)

    • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

      Ummm its called TECHNOLOGY… have u, hsv, holden, chevrolet ever heard of such a word?? yeah so back to the black and white tv for u my friend. ah yeah and change your happy pants, no1 wears them anymore. :s

      • Byron

        Well I doubt HSV will supercharge their engines anytime soon. A supercharged Ford V8. Wow, I don’t give a s**t. I’d rather drive a normal aspirated V8 car & know they didn’t do a supercharged version just to get some more sales & have the most powerful car on the block, think about that “mohamad is right when he” yeh thats cause i’m right :) And if HSV did do a supercharged version then my thoughts might change but at the current moment it’s still the same. Anyway FPV are already starting to fade away + their range of cars aren’t selling “THAT WELL” either. New V8 might spike sales for the 1st month, then they will slump, but that’s natural for FPV + HSV E3 is nearing :)

        • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

          Champ.. u even said i was right.. good girl.. The only thing that is going to “slump” is your jaw when u see/hear one of these FPV V8s passing u sideways when your test driving the new 10.2 litre ssv.

          Dinosuars are dead champ.. get with the times… technology, do u see merc, bmw, audi using big capacity v8’s?? your answer is NO just incase u got a lil dazed..
          “‘HSV E3 is nearing??” lol lets see how long chev will support holdens dreams.. b4 u know it, youl be on the FPV website 😉 anti spam word luhsuk-teezi

    • delux

      So you are saying FPV should do what HSV does? WOW that would make for an interesting aussie market.
      Won’t be long before HSV drop a charger under the bonnet anyway. I bet you’ll change your tune then.

    • john

      Such stupidity and ignorance… sigh

    • Acfsambo

      Can Holden/GM get 330kw from a 5L engine? Seems they can only get it from a 6+L engine.

    • Joker

      BP, Ford could always go and whack the 6.2L V8 out of the SVT Raptor into a GT… that’s tuned for a truck and still has 302Kw. The wizards at FPV could easily push that to 330Kw+.
      A 5.0L All alloy supercharged V8 out of the Mustang is the right option for this application. The old adage “there no substitute for Cubes” has been null and void for a long time now.

    • Ben

      lol what a joke, prodrive and fpv worked on this for 3 years. Upset that it can slam your 7ltr HSV in the 0-100km/h times? lmao haha

    • QwkEddie

      The only disappointment comes from GMH.Their engines are a disgrace.The 6.2L is not anymore powerful than the Ford 5.4L.GM cannot even get out of their pushrod fascination.GMH is a fantastic example of being stuck in a time vaccum.
      GMH has a phobia and it’s called progress.

  • Daniel

    Soooooo, Holden/HSV will bring out the LS9 (think Corvette ZR1) next…

    What then?

    • delux

      Good question! LET THE POWER WARS COMMENCE.

    • john

      lol you really think HSV can afford a LS9?
      The LS7 cost 155k in the W427 form.

      So think again…

      • Daniel

        The LS7 is a completely different engine set up, dry sump etc

        The LS9 is the same as the LS2, just fitted with a factory supercharger, so they wouldn’t have to modify it too much which should keep the price decent – prob more then a GTS but less then the 427

        • john

          You mean the LS3? I would say it would cost 95 – 100k

          • Daniel

            Yeah LS3, my bad

    • ChopstaR87

      Point 1: GM is not going to put their hero engine in a commodore. never have and never will… HSV only got the LS7 once it was replaced as the GM hero engine by the LS9.

      If they are going to put a supercharged High output engine it would be the LSA ( CTS-V engine )

      – But again if they release a commdore with this engine with would be a limited / specail model, not a GTS or R8. it would be something simalur to the W427 (dont think they will go that way again for a bit as the W427 wasnt the success they hoped – only sold 122 or something) so it wouldnt be a GT direct competitor anyways. (7litre V8 was not alot quicker then the F6 anyways)

      Point 2: Ford have some very high output engines too.
      -Supersnake mustang engine (800hp/596kw) – all alloy, plasma lined 5.4litre V8
      -also Ford racing have gotten 465Kw out of the 5.0litre V8 with thier Supercharged set up.

      ( so they can work with these engines to get to a acceptable power level and provide warrenty ) could see FPV having 400-420Kw supercharged V8 in GT-H(O) model… but not a main stream model (GT-GTP-GS)

    • http://nil Jas

      LS9 is not Euro 4 compliant. HSV will need to some up with something else here.

  • http://caradvice FRDH8R

    Why build a performance vehicle with conservative power for?
    I wonder how accurate those fuel figures are?
    What kind of technology is 335 kw out of a supercharged v8 mohamad? Flinstones technology or dinosaur technology?
    They have destroyed the GT Falcon even more.

    • Joker

      @FRDH8R And you think HSV/Holden haven’t done the same thing?
      Those crate motors from Calloway are so easy to squeeze more power out off its not funny. If you thought about it a little more though, you would realise it takes a lot of engineering to meet Euro compliance and ADR legislation. Not just a flash tune, CAI and big exhaust.

    • Ben

      You would have to be either an eco nut or a die hard holdne fan to say sucj a stupid thing. These engines have been “badged”335 kws. They say the F6 has only 310kws at the engine but put it on a dyno and you will quickly see it has close to 300kws at the REAR WHEELS!!! Plus these engines are a very low tune type, as the base engine in the states in the mustang puts out over 300kws N/A (307kws, sound familar). Bad mouth ford?FPV/Prodrive all you want but the true bare fact is that HSV dont have an answer to this car, you can go on and on about the E3 (sounds like a new ekky pill to me) but any developement on that car has been way over shadowed by this. And why? Because things are changing. FORCED PERFORMANE VEHICLES!!!!! GT IS KING ONCE AGAIN, with the side kick(or is it?) F6

      • Ben

        Sorry for the spelling mistakes, just so excited about this new beast!!! Cant wait to hear it and see the performance stats on the road. I just hope it handles better.

      • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

        lmaoo nice call ben (sounds like a new ekky pill to me)

      • birdie

        check mate

    • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

      habib baydi.. they have over 460kw out of this engine in the US.. they can get that if they want.. by why kill all the fun??.. FPV want to toy with hsv some more, until they try and match power figures over and over again.. until hsv become broke..and merge with great wall.. i can see u in a great wall ute.. 10.2 ltr V8 thats a rip off of a dmax… now thats not a good deal..thats a GREAT deal!!!

      • Moe

        Yep habib i got the email from FPV, i cant wait too lol at Great Wall joining Holden. From what i think this GT with a flash tune set the psi higher on the supercharger will get 450Kw+ your right FPV are going to toy with HSV until they go broke

    • Ben XR6T

      And do you think that 480kw GTS would pass emissions? Prob the same reason why the F6 isnt 400kw either. Easy to do for sure but for a factory standard engine very hard to pass.

      Dont talk rubbish

  • Phil C.

    @Frdh8r your an idiot and your name gives it away. That was such a dumb remark. As if the F6 is ‘310’ when in stock form it has 280-90rwkW on a Mainline Dyno and according to Wheels the FG GT has 255rwkW and the VE GTS has 250rwkW on the same type of dyno.

    FPV have had to go the higher rated 7 clutchpack 6hp26 ZF, which if you did your research it handles 650Nm (up 50Nm over the regular). This will allow them room for further increases down the track. But honestly, if you think 335/570 is all ‘Miami’ has now you are wrong. They are just badge numbers.

  • Moe

    FPV have an option to get the ZF 8 Speed 8HP90 (900Nm) or the 8HP70 (700Nm), i hope the HO will use the 8HP90 because ive got a feeling FPV is going to go crazy this time hehehehehe

  • NIK516

    Grow up! On both ends their are designers , engineers that are proud of their product, go tell them they did a crap job. Both brands have their pros and cons but at the end of the day it’s up to the individual.

  • Stoney!

    I’ts certainly impressive over fords previous offerings, but I can’t help but compare figures.

    Engine: 6.2L
    Power: 325kw
    Torque: 550nm
    Economy: 13.9L/100K’s

    Power: 335kw
    Torque: 570nm
    Economy: 13.7L/100k’s

    I can’t help to wonder why a Modern small capacity charged V8 can still barely better a old tech 6.2 V8 in fuel efficiency testing.

    Bring on the the Direct injection small capacity charged GM V8 I say. BMW seems to be doing quite well with theirs now after some complete shockers.


    • birdie

      13.7L/100km, with all that raw coyote power and some, i’m not complaining

    • Stoney!

      If you looked at this in a different light, as the coyote being a replacement for the GM 6.2, everyone would be whinging that its not better enough.


      • autoboy

        I’d have to agree.

        I really wanted this engine to produce some really big numbers, as this was going to be on my next car short list. Torque figure is impressive, but the KW don’t really raise the bar compared to HSV. As said above, a modern 5.0L with superC can do better. At the end of the day this engine’s KW are about line ball with HSV’s best, which I suspect will be soon increased in response.

        I am neither a ford or a holden fan. Just an admirer of high performance road cars. I’ll buy any brand that prodces the goods. As good as this mill is, unfortunately it doesnt raise the bar enough, if the reported numbers are correct.

        Honestly, i would have liked to to see this thing get into the high 4s for the 0-100. Ah well, Let’s wait for the road tests.

        • Ben

          Yeah it seems like a really low power output for a supercharged V8, but FPV have nade it quiet clear that this is there basic raw form and first edition of this new engine, they are still working on a much more powerful engine for the next year or to, so they can release the ultimate “SUPER FALCON”!!!!!

  • Jess

    Looked at twin turbo? Really???? I find it hard to believe this setup would outperform or be more economical than a twin turbo intercooled version of this engine. I’m calling you out on this Ford. I smell BS big time.

    Non intercooled??? You can’t be serious, it’s 2010, what monkeys use any form of force induction without an intercooler? So you get 335kW for 1 minute then it drops to 200kW beause intake temps skyrocket from the heat of compressed air. Ford has failed massively here. Make no mistake guys, this is a cost cutting measure by Ford. Harrop would of advised against going non-intercooled, but to get the job they would of bent over to Fords request for cost saving measures I’m sure. Again Ford being greedy and offering a below par product.

    Kepping the same rear tyre size???? Fail again. The outgoing model suffers from rear grip, no amount of electronics will cure this. Again a cost saving measure by Ford.

    Reading all this just confirms to me the F6 is still the King in terms of speed and bang for buck when it comes to mods. F6 is the King, long live the King!

    • Radbloke

      Maybe have another read of the article there sweetheart.

    • Skeptic

      Show’s what you know knobber… Ford did not develop this engine. Prodrive did… for FPV. Get your facts right and your basic knowledge up before you comment.

    • Ben

      The supercharger that PRODRIVE developed for this new engine with FPV and Ford USA is a BLOW THROUGH set-up, therefore eliminating any need for an intercooler. Have a close look at why the air intake box is an open cut type with a massive intake mouth. Get your facts straight and study it abit before you mouth off…..

    • http://nil Jas

      If FPV chose to twin-turbo this engine they would have had to overcome massive heat issues, a place to efficiently install two intercoolers, lag problems, a worse exhaust sound and more engineering to make it all warrantable.

      All of those problems are solved with a super-charger. Nice choice FPV. Keeps the F6 bogans out of a fine car.

      As for Bang for Buck, this car will destroy an F6 once its modded.

  • NIK516

    The Intercooler suggestion is not true, they would loose more with a hotter running car in terms of damage to other components thus creating more warranty claims, you have observed this engine for ten min they have for 3 years and 250,000 km. This is all just speculation for now,

  • Jonty

    I reckon the GS will be great for the money, 5okg lighter over the nose and look at all that wonderful torque from just 2k.

    • Jack

      Agree. A GS with a some tasty options will be a joy to behold.

  • James Cortez

    The Supercharged must be in a very mild state of tune. with 5 litre, 450 kw – 500 kw should be expected and around 750 NM or torque. Obviously, there is hardly any tunig – if you can call it tuning –

    • Trouble

      Have you read ANY of the above comments???

  • gary vann

    WHAT !!!!! no gt ute i dont want a gs i want the full kit

  • http://www.facebook.com/xDEETSx Daniel Taylor

    Well you can go on and on, how much better than HSV this will be but you better hope the engineers over there at FPV learn how to put the serpentine belts on a bit better than the display model pictured above!

  • NIK516

    Why don’t you go fill them with your wisdom so they have something to laugh about. If you got nothing nice to say ……….. So goes the saying.

  • Dennis

    Great news by Ford! About time…

    Holden will just have to wait for GM to start producing the Gen V V8.

    Apparently the prototype makes 335kw on normal petrol and will make around 370kw on E85. Specs: 6.2L OHV, VVT, Direct Injection

    So i don’t think they will going with OHC setup. Unless plans have changed. (hope they do)

    Not sure if i have calculated this correctly. (People can help me out here) If the current GM SIDI V6 was a 5000cc engine it should be making around 290kw.
    The SIDI is making 58.3Kw per Litre and HO Coyote is making 67Kw per Litre.

  • Lynchy

    Good to see the normal crazy calls from Stoney.

    You can’t honestly think there’s not much differance between the 6.2lt HSV product and the new 5.0 FPV product (to many people are concerned with badge wars), what your missing is where peak power is developed. Both states of tune on this engine develop peak power between 2200 – 5000, the 6.2 doesn’t come close to that, and you can bet 315 and 335 kw is a gross underestimate.

    The 40 million FPV have spent hasn’t just gone into producing a two engines for the now, they’ve basically developed a product lifecycle for the next eight years, and yes they’ve already stated that it will be used in fords global large car product (what ever shape that takes).

    In the short term you can probably expect to see a higher output GT next year if not 2012 coincinding with FG2, an intercooled version has already been developed, there’s also capacity to run the variable phase exhaust timing which has been deactivated for the FPV engine. Direct Injection is also planned for 2013-14.

    Good times for fans of the blue oval, probably some good times for Holden fans soon as well as I’ve read from a few sources that they’ve been working on there own locally developed supercharged 6.2, I wonder if the people on this site who see the use of a supercharger as negative or cheating as it were will feel the same when their brand of choice starts using them.

    • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

      well said mate

  • Leafspring

    (Yawn)…… haven’t read so much drivel for a long time. Good article though and well done Ford! Let the games continue… Mohamed or whatever or your name is, you are an insult to the ‘blue oval’- an imbecile no less!

    • http://zuboora.com mohamad is right when he

      yawn??… sorry we are keeping u up. big nite at the mardi gras?? i HAVE read such “drivel”… your birth certificate loser. back onto the hsv forum for u little girl

  • lola

    Sure this is a nice little unit 5.0L where nobody has the face to actually state its capacity in “cc” what is it? 4951cc??, does not even qualify to be a 5.0L. As a Ford man, i still prefer my old G220 which i will trade in soon, its a sweet car with true down low torque, somewhat less torque on paper in the low range than Boss260/290 , yet feels stronger.
    My new car is a cheapo VZ series 2 Calais, its a 6.0L, its first two gears seem to be short and quick, 0-100km/h in 5.5s any day any time, till i dud an Over the radiator air intake, ECU tune and it made 268rwkw standard and 640Nm of torque standard from 2500rpm with standard exhaust.

    Now that is what i call a V8, simple pushrod, clear, small, practical in a light car on stock 225m tires doing 5.0s flat for just $18,000.

    • Trouble

      So what? Your “6 litre” VZ is actually 5,964cc. So in your words, “…does not even qualify…” to be a 6L.

      Get over yourself.

  • lola

    570Nm in stock form is too low for a stock car even if those 570Nm started at 1000rpm

    335kW is a laugh, its barely 450Hp and seriously, why not 500Hp?

    i am sure the car could be tuned with a software EDIT, a tune, a new flash to give it at least 650Nm and 400kW.

    But why didn’t the factory do that? to preserve it for more reliability or to prevent idiots getting wrapped around the tree?

    the thing is … a mate of mine owns the first R8 VE with a crappy LS2 6.0 engine with LS2 heads, not as good as L76 on the Calais i have.

    He gave it a nice set of show room HPC coated extractors and exhaust system of undisclosed brand,its torque jumped from 550Nm to 658Nm with out even touching an ECU.

    When he did an ECU and air intake it made 691Nm, 9 shy from 700 and massive 360 flywheel kW.

    there you go. lets be factual and objective.

    the 5.0L represents nice technology, small package with a big heart, but its pretty much running at 95% of its ability, while 6.0L and 6.2 are not even doing 80% of what they have in store.

    Bring back the old Boss 5.4 stroked to “5.9L” that would be my next car.

    • Trouble

      95% of its ability?? You’ve got nooooo idea…

    • Chilliman

      The new 5.0Litre is running an 8.5psi supercharger. At that full 8.5psi the 5.0Litre will pump out around 430kW.

      An electronically controlled boost bleed-valve has been set to bleed off anything above 4.9psi for the 315kW engine and anything above 5.8psi for the 335kW motor – these engines are on holidays out of the box!

      As the boost (up to 8.5Psi) is all controlled electronically a simple edit of the software will get those 430kW back……and thats before pulley swaps, free-flowing exhausts or further intake mods!

      Have you ever heard the saying “Horsepower sells cars, torque wins races”? – where the torque is made makes a world of difference!

    • Az

      Lola what planet are you on? Im a performance tuner have done a lot of work on LS1 lS2 LS3 and L76’s can tell you from experience there is no way possible for you to achieve 268kw’s at the wheels from a flash tune and a performance intake. Where talking about a motor that make 270kw at crank. You seriously talk crap “a crappy LS2 6.0 engine with LS2 heads, not as good as L76 on the Calais i have”. “When he did an ECU and air intake it made 691Nm, 9 shy from 700 and massive 360 flywheel kW”
      Your living in dream land mate so to test your mate’s aftermarket headers intake and tune he’s taken his motor out and had it tested on an engine dyno

  • matt

    lola.. u idiot, 95% of capacity? no… the mere fact that this engine already does put out over 400kw for testing for a future mustang gt500s, christ even some maniacs in the states got 700hp from the 4.6 litre version of this enging. lol if ford gets 40kw extra out of an f6 just by upping the boost… well you can be sure ford will do it when holden try to make their v8 cars more powerful.

    over reading “its not powerful enough” it doesnt need to be, coz it is powerful enough, more then its main competition.

  • nickdl

    Wow, am I looking forward to this! The day has finally arrived when Ford can completely dominate Holden again!

    Maybe a camshaft next, HSV?

    • vt364rwkw

      Mate the new LPI injected motor in the HSV will destroy this tiny 5.0, get with the times ford

      • Esquire

        And a smaller pully + intercooler +/or edit and this will destroy anything HSV throw at it. Whats your point?

      • Joker

        You mean, the LPI motor that has to switch to Conventional Petrol when the driver demands performance? Ok…you win the interwebz.

        • Dan

          not mention the added weight of a gas tank…

      • Ben

        line your dinosaur crate face boomodore up against the new GT then and see if your lpi ohv will keep up champ

  • autoboy

    There’s lots of comment about US spec engines and upgrade stuff — ie. this engine “could”, “would” “might”, “should” etc. You know … the usual stuff about how a company’s got something so good that ironically they can’t sell it, but instead can only sell the lower powered versions.

    I’m only interested in what it “is” on the showroom floor in OZ.

    While I am sure there’s a super mega hyper KW version somewhere, that’s not much use to the average punter who is in the market ‘now’ is it.

    For me the problem with the reported power numbers for this engine – right now – is that, torque aside, they are only about 10KW ahead of HSV’s 325KW donk. If Im going to spend dollars on having the top car, I’d like to be confident that its going to be top dog for a reasonable while. 10KW is not much of guarantee of that is it. And if they do upgrade it considerably, I going to feel less then happy about having dropped serious coint on the first version.

    • Trouble

      Wait. For. The. Track. Times.

      I don’t know how many times people need to say it.

  • James

    Hi Paul,
    Just a couple of minor things to fix “These cars were durability tested and attributed the sign off process.” and also it’s “Tremec” not “Tremac” who make the gearbox. Presumably more care was taken with the technical details in the report.

  • Chris

    Sounds good, hope they get the sound from the exhaust right, unlike the current model… Wonder if the wider rubber will be worth the extra tyre rumble that enters the cabin. The Falcon already has higher noise levels in it’s cabin compared to the Commodore & Chrysler 300c.

  • SamG

    Good to see Ford getting serious but I hate the derivative name ‘FPV’ and most other model titles. If Ford hadn’t dropped the v8 in the 80’s and made so many ugly boxes in the 90’s, they might not have had to compensate by inventing stupid sounding names. They’ve already brought the GS title back, why not Falcon 500 and GXL as well? Similar complaints with GT-‘P’ ‘E’….It’s a continuity thing.

    I would have thought this stuff was elementary but sometimes big companies tend to be out of touch.

  • Al Juraj

    It’s really about sales. An ugly, overpriced, underperforming HSV will still win more buyers than the worthier FPV counterpart.

    Like diesel, only time will tell if people will finally accept supercharged, modern-day multivalve power and realise HSV isn’t exactly Australian as they have long believed.

  • Tony

    Test drove the GS ute this morning. WOW. Can see why they aren’t bringing out a 335 kw ute. This thing blew my mind. the rear end was a little twitchy when the loud peddle was pushed but that just made it more exciting. Unlike the Holden there’s no steady build of power it’s all right there. 2200 rpm and you’re at max torque, and don’t you know it. Great car to drive, just pull into the overtaking lane before punching it because this beast will launch itself like nothing I’ve driven before.
    Well done FPV, will be ordering one early next year.

  • http://NA Gangster

    Everyone craps on about wider wheels at the back, mate you can get aftermarket rims these days for about $1300 in any size you want with rubber.. stop bitchin. If it upsets you so much you and you really need to keep to the original look, get some wheel spacers to throw the weels out a bit and weld on extra metal on the inside.. many wheel repair shops can do this…

    GS.. Ford have created a monster.. did you know that on the auto the throttle blips in down shifts! OMG!!!!! That is so sexxy!