by Brett Davis

Toyota has announced today that it will recall over 1.1 million Toyota Corolla and Toyota Corolla Matrix cars for an engine defect in the US, which is said to cause spontaneous stalling. The recall is said to affect American-sold vehicles only, with model years ranging from 2005 to 2008.

The problem is down to the engine control module, or engine computer, whereby critical components are made from materials that could be prone to cracking over time. This is said to cause stalling problems. According to reports, there’s been at least three accidents caused by the defect, leading to the recall being issued.

Toyota Motors, North America manager of technical affairs, wrote in a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration,

“Toyota concluded that this problem would likely continue to occur, and, therefore, in order to address customer concerns, decided to conduct a voluntary safety recall of all vehicles within the affected range.”

  • Bob

    Toyota and the word recall is becoming all to common to read!

  • stevo

    oh happening?
    ..the wheels are falling off..

  • zanzi

    its about time people realized this boring ass brand sucks

    • http://Subaru afwefewe


    • gaz

      The only thing on this forum that sucks is you! Recalls are a part of life & with toyota being the biggest it’s all a numbers game!

  • SteveH

    When will the car companies start recalling Americans? They seem to have all the problems.

    • Joe

      American cars are much better than they used to be. I live in American and own a GT Mustang and Chevy Tahoe. Both are great, very reliable and cheap.

      • gaz

        Joe i own a camaro i love american cars but the problem is the local parts manufacturing! Australia has better quality with there local manufacturing we used to be terrible but the last 10 years have seen a huge turn around.

  • rlawlals

    Hyundai Anyone? seriously. mine never failed me yet

    • gaz

      I am glad you said YET!!!

  • Control Blade

    FG XR6 Turbo anyone? seriously, mine has never failed me

    • Reckless1

      Wait till your transmission gets to 90,000k and call back.

      • matt

        yeah a zf is gunna pack it in around 90… whatever moron

  • Reckless1

    “critical components..of the ECU…are made from materials that could be prone to cracking over time”

    Here is a classic case of using cheap components, where they can’t be seen, to save money, and it’s bitten them on the ar$e.

    If they’d used quality components…….

    • yowza

      the thing is they “did” use quality components..

      In US anyways…. its become a “profit” increase engineering as opposed to “good” product engineering.

      In Oz, our suppliers are better for quality…at the moment anyways.

      Why do you guys think, the new Toyota president emphasized that Toyota has focused too much on profits the last 5 years as opposed to making good cars… and he also said they will go back to basics… its part of expanding rapidly I suppose…. obtain materials as cheap as possible…. its better to recall than not recall afterall….

  • cwangv

    What a ugly car!!!
    How many ugly cars are there in the US?

    • Kieran

      Americans have committed more heinous car design crimes than the Corolla Matrix… too many to name, actually…

      • Shak

        Pontiac Aztec for one. Oh and that Bush character while im at it.

    • Eric

      They may be ugly but they sell.

  • Andrew M

    Looks like even the car itself is getting bored as the motor falls to sleep mid drive….

  • Anthony

    I test drove a new Ultima the other day,it is terrably boring.

  • Lorne Marr

    Whatever happened to the unbeatable quality of the Japanese cars.
    I don’t know, but this is what electronics do to a regular car. There’s nothing better than a good old stick-shift with a simple gas engine. All those bells and whistles should help make the mechanics smoother, but I don’t see why a car should not operate without them.

  • jay

    1.1 million cars recalled, of which 1.1 million were manual transmission, where 1.1 million drivers complained for not understanding how to use their left foot and right hand (LHD) to operate this strange thing called a clutch and gear knob.

    Just like how the sticky accelerator pedal is all due to idiots not know how to brake.

    Yanks be idiots.

  • Realcars

    Better off with a Hyundai.Just as boring.cheaper and more reliable. I mean as skid steers go anyway.

  • Bowan Spanbroek

    Sorry mate but they really are boring…