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The current popular Toyota Yaris has been with us since 2005 and it’s about due for an update. The light-car segment success story is destined for a replacement next-year and here is the first sign of it.

If you’re wondering how that can possibly be the new Yaris, it’s not. It’s a mule spotted in Europe testing brakes and cooling. The strange test vehicle appears to be put together with parts from both a Yaris and Auris (Corolla), it appears to be both longer and wider than the current Yaris.

Little is known about Toyota’s work on the new Yaris. We can only suspect engines will be an improvement over the current ones and new engine variants will join the line up.

As Toyota has mentioned many times in the past all models in its range will eventually come with a hybrid variant which makes us think the Yaris is the next likely candidate.

We would be most interested in both hybrid and full electric Toyota Yaris variants. Expect more on the 2011 Toyota Yaris as it gets ready for production.

  • Micky

    Will it still have a 4 speed automatic ? 😀

  • Jazrod

    That front end, or ‘part’ isn’t from a Corolla – It’s from a Yaris sedan . . .

  • Philthy

    Slammed on black steelies… I love it. Hope it comes like that from the factory :)

    • Camski

      Haha, I think they must be testing the car with a heavy load =P

  • Fenno

    Whats with the wierd hump above the D pillars?

    • The Other Brad

      Probably something to hide the real rear end? Imagine the new rear end isn’t that that different to the current one.

      • The Other Brad

        Actually on second thoughts.. maybe not. Looked at some of the later pics. Maybe they’re just trying to increase the volume stat of the car.

  • Goodfa

    I hope they get rid of that centre dash display.

    • Holmes

      I hope that they get rid of anyone who would buy such a disgraceful car.

      • asin

        is there any particular reason you think that these cars are “disgraceful”? they dont pretend to be anything more than just transportation and they seem to do tht just fine… and for the record I dont drive a yaris … but i can see a place them….

  • Byron

    The centre dash display is too much of a distraction. You spend more time looking at the dash than the road. It takes more time to look at the speedo in the middle of the dash as opposed to looking down in front of you like normal cars. I don’t get why Toyota thinks it’s creative.

    • Yonny

      It probably doesn’t have much to do with being creative – Toyota are probably more interested in the centre dash display as a way of minimising production costs for both left and right hand drive markets.

      And I agree – it is a distraction. I have driven the Yaris, but would never buy one because of the centrally mounted dash (oh, and the hard scratchy dash plastics, which have all the appeal of a TicTac box, and the low spec levels for the money).

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1435885244 Yani Hendriawan

    the front of the yaris hatch is better then the front of the yaris sedan. they just made it look worse

  • skarjagulen

    Yaris is a really bad car, isn’t it?

  • Rusty

    Will the new Yaris be as technically advanced as my 10 year old push bike with rear disc brakes?. Reduction in brake fade, less squealing due to brake dust build up, quick and easy and less costly to replace disc pads, quicker drying out through water etc etc. Surely Toyota has got to move to rear discs like the new Suzuki Swift, Honda Jazz etc. Looks ok, but why do they jut out the front door parcel shelf trim, right where your right leg goes.?