• Bavarian Missile

    My anti spam word was Bentley……spooky!!!!!!!!!

    More than a car……a work of art!

    Fantastic review ! Gob smacked!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tony

    This old man’s car does absolutely nothing for me. It looks dated already. The Continental GT, now that’s a car W.O. would have been proud of. By the way, the rear tray tables are half as wide as those in the 1969 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow which would surely have more interior room than the Bentley. Better looking car too!

  • v3

    The front end looks a bit too much like the Cadillac CTS. :-\

  • Myke

    Lol, my anti-spam word was bentley aswell. It is a good looking car, the GT is even better.

  • fordman6

    yum, yum, yum! can i have one mum? pleeeeease? lol

  • Fnugly

    I’ve driven one and at high speed too! Not a Motorkhana weapon and needs a big parking space. It won’t fit in my garage! Driving it was sheer joy for me though. Great power and fantastic handling for such a big car. I found driving the Spur to be a better experience than driving the GT strangely enough. If you can’t afford to buy it you can’t afford to run it though. Heavy on the juice but oh so good!

  • Duck

    My Anti-Spam word was bentley also……………………..there is something going on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ah…Yes it is a nice car!!!!