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You’d think with BMW’s 1/3 Series Coupe doing so well across the world, German rival Mercedes-Benz would’ve had a legitimate answer sooner. Nonetheless, here it is – the CLC’s replacement will soon be upon us. Currently referred to as the Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe, a prototype was caught last week testing out and about.

The latest Coupe from Mercedes-Benz will be in showrooms by mid-2011 and be built on the current highly-acclaimed C-class platform.

Mercedes-Benz US CEO Ernst Lieb told reporters in March that by  offering more C-Class variants, Mercedes will be able to better compete with the likes of BMW, which currently offers its 3 Series as not only a coupe, but also as a sedan, convertible and wagon.

The C-Class Coupe will join the recently released Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupe.

Engine and specifications are expected to be that of the current C-Class range. AMG variant? Most likely to be powered by a 5.5 litre V8.

  • Vibe

    Looks rather nice. Back end a little less fussy than 3-Series too.

  • Daniel

    I really don’t understand M-B’s strategy on this one… the E-Class Coupe was apparently supposed to replace the CLK (and despite its name is based on the C-Class rather than E-Class platform – hence why it is so much narrower), so doesn’t this mean they will have 2 coupes with different names based on the same platform?

    • Georgina JNW

      Maybe this is an interim solution. Maybe the next generation E-Class Coupe will be E-Class-based. The E-Class Coupe was originally going to be called CLK again.

    • Alexander

      Exactly what i thought, it doesn’t make sense to have the C class Coupe when the E class coupe is essentially the same thing! Hopefully the focus more on the dynamics of the C class coupe, as I’ve heard the E Class is a dud…

      • Shak

        Its all marketing and money making. By saying E-Class MB is able to charge more as it is percieved to be of a higher grade and class.

  • ox

    Looks like a CLC with a boot

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=668475019 Jake Williams

      That’s because it’s what this car replaces…

  • http://Isuzu BarryHamburger

    looks amazing , this is going to be another winner.

  • joseph

    Actually does not look to bad…will it be cheaper or more expensive than the the C-sedan?