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Hyundai is set to unveil an affordable front-wheel drive sportscar next year, currently labelled Veloster (although the name will more than likely change to something with an ‘i’ infront of it) the upcoming 2+2 Sports coupe was snapped testing in production form.

Dubbed the Scirocco from Korea, the Hyundai Veloster is set to take on the new Honda CRZ in terms of sportiness and will also compete with similar small sports cars in the segment.

Sources say the Veloster will initially be powered by a 1.6-litre four-cylinder (Hyundai’s Theta II GDI engine) that can produce around 100-125 kW. There is also potential for Hyundai to put a more powerful engine (140-150kW) for a top variant. Reports suggest the model may potentially make use of a twin-clutch automatic gearbox.

The more interesting rumour about the Veloster though is a unique feature in its body style. Some suggest the Veloster may have the same treatment as the Mini Clubman, having a rear-hinged small extra door on one side. Having a quick look at the photos, there is some merit to the rumour with the driver door being ever so slightly longer than the passenger door on the right side. This suggests that there may be a smaller rear door on that side.

The Veloster is expected to be unveiled next year. Hyundai Australia are tightlipped about future models.

  • Baddass

    Yes the passenger door is noticebly shorter, so a third door seems likely. However, it is an odd choice over an RX8 style 4 doors, because the Clubman has been criticized for having one door on the passenger side, because in RHD markets the door faces the road not the kerb.

    • Alexander

      I agree, having two rear doors is better than just the one, it’ll look better aswell…

    • keke

      The’ve decided to make the rear door to be on the left side in RHD locations. So nothing to worry about.

      • Baddass

        But that still leaves the same problem for LHD markets, you see what I mean? It’s not as if the are going to change the side panels and structure for the LHD market, too much time and money. Just make the doors on either side, it looks half-done otherwise.

  • Whitbomb07

    Hyundai Australia

    This will not be a suitable excuse to not bring the Genesis Coupe here!

    Please please please, get the Genesis Coupe into Aus ASAP!



  • David

    Look exactly like Kia Cerato SLI wheels

    • keke

      It is the same. Of course when it comes out it will have its own set of wheels

  • timmy201

    With that much power it will be faster than the CR-Z

  • Howard

    Hyundai Really should bring Genesis,Equus, Genesis Coupe and KIA K5,K7 and Mohave to Australia

  • Hyundai45

    i really don’t get what they want from this so called “sports car”

    seems like an updated i30

    • smokin’R32

      Its the replacement for the tiburon with a sports-hatch style to broaden the appeal

  • AJ

    We do not need or want more front wheel drive hatchbacks, the market is flooded with them.

    If hyundai was serious about its image it would bring the Genesis coupe to Australia, it would be like a modern day Nissan 200sx. Id buy one.

  • http://KIA Pauly

    This car will be like the Scirocco is to the Golf. Exactly the same under pinnings, with probably the same engines. However the Scirocco is considered the better looking, less practical coupe.

    Shame VW Australia refuse to release this in Australia, because there is alot of demand for it.

    Maybe with the release of the Hyundai Veloster and Honda CR-Z. VW Australia may reconsider.

    • AJ

      There is a company in Australia that is starting to import the Sirocco.(low volume import)

  • Elfin

    This is Hyundai Equus Preview Program from America from last year