The first time I saw the new Suzki Swift, I was a little surprised. Okay so it looked really cool, it wasn’t what I was expecting from the Japanese brand which really had forsaken Australia for some time. That was in 2005, when Suzuki launched the new Swift to much anticipation. Powered by a 1.5L engine the Suzuki Swift put out a small 74kW @ 6000rpm of power and 133Nm @ 4000rpm-4000rpm of Torque. The current swift costs anywhere between $16,000 to $20,000 plus onroads etc.

But come September, there is a new Swift. The Suzuki Swift Sport. Admitedly, its a far cry from the Suzuki Swift GTis of old but nonetheless, at least its something sporty. The Swift Sport will use a 1.6-litre twin cam engine which Suzuki claims is specially built just for the Sport model. It puts out around 123 horsepwer which is around 92kw.

Current reports from Tokyo suggest that the new Suzuki Swift Sport gets a good deal of sports trimmings, and inside are high-backed red-and-black sport seats, a leather-trimmed wheel and choice of a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic.

There isn’t much detail yet regarding the Suzuki Swift Sport, but come September when Suzuki unvail the car, you can bet all the specifications will get released. No prices for the Swift Sport are yet confirmed, but I would hope it stays below $25,000 to be a valuable car.

  • amanda

    i love swifts! do you have to pay more if it has the racing stripes down the centre?

  • Jim Johnston

    The swift is a nice litte car, unfortunatle I bought anew one from New Spot Suzuki 2020 Main North Road Adelaide.

    The car was bought NEW from the showroom with sports alloy wheels. From day one there was a rubbing noise coming from the wheels as if they were to big.
    Long story short, took the car back and they assured us that it was fine, “just wear the tyres down and the noise will go. This was from the service department? on and on for months back and forward to the shop. Now they reckon there are too many miles on the tyres and there are flat spots surprise surprize. The noise inside the car is unbelievable, I took the sales manager for a drive and he siad oh we need to do somthing about this, dont worry I will sort it out.
    They wont come to the party to do the right thing and admit they are wrong. We have been stalled and stalled for months now by the sales manager who was going to sort it out, now I am going to hold a protest outside the dealership until the replace the tyres.

    Thanks for your ear.


  • andy

    I bought a swift 06 for my wife it has only done 30,000k,s and the left tyres are worn out to the point that canvas is showing but………..the right side are still new as the day we got it .I think the suspension has dropped or the chassis is bent

    • adam

      or time for a wheel alignment

  • Phuong

    Does anyone know when the new facelift for the Swift will arrive in Oz. I read on that they have already released it in Japan, with minor cosmetic revision but beside from that i haven’t heard anything else.
    I’m currently thinking of buying one but with the impending arrival of the new version i want to know its worth the wait?


    Hi ,

    I would like to know the praice of Suzuki Swift Sport GTI 2006 or 2007 and I need phots for the car insaid and outsaid . I want to know if posibal to get the car in Suodi Arabia .

    Mohammed Alsawafi
    Tel. 00966566683055

  • Simon

    No Problems with Newspot Suzuki here, have purchased 4 New vehicles in total and never had a problem. There always has to be a trouble maker and someone who is never satisfied. Well done jim Johnston!!!!!!!!!

  • jim corbin

    jim did you pressure the team to put on the “alloy rims”

    as i saw you complaint on another web site a few months prior to this one , as I asked the suzuki team manager at the motor show in brissi about this and he said you had put on aftermarket versions not the stock ones as per the sport , if this is true you shouldnt whinge you galah.

  • mahmoud awad

    I’m intending to buy anew swift& wanna getyour advice Iluv the way it looks but I really need a rohbust car I’ve no money to waste I’m intending to buy the 1.5l is it really a good choice or what.

    Waiting for advice.
    Mahmoud Awad

  • Gilly

    The first lot of 2005-2006 Swifts have a problem with excessive toe on the rear due to a distorted rear axle. This leads to worn tyres before 30 000km. Suzuki service are aware of this problem and they have a fix by shimming out the exessive toe ( when wheel point inwards toward the centre of the car) and in worse cases, replacing the beam axle.
    Get a wheel alignment report done then hit the dealer up for a repair if the combined toe is more than -10deg

  • JC Port Adelaide

    Purchased new 2008 Suzuki Swift in Adelaide and had them fit rear assist sensors. Anyone had problems with these sensors as don’t appear to detect anything until you are right on top of it. Also appears they fitted ‘after market’ sensors whereas I would have expected genuine Suzuki parts considering we brought it new.

    Comparable to other cars we have had which detected from all angles around the sensor, this one is next to useless.

  • David

    Hi, I purchased a new Suzuki Swift S in 2006 and it was great the first 60,000 km. But then problems started with the engine loosing power and then returning to normal at random. The episodes when this happens last from 2 seconds to 15 minutes, and during this time the car feels like only two cylinders are working, i.e., shakes excessively and you need to press full throttle only to keep moving. Nobody seems to know what the problem is. We took the car to the Suzuki service where we bought and regularly serviced it, paid $400 for unnecessary other maintenance but they said the car was fine otherwise; they said they had tested everything and the problem did not appear while they had it. The problem is ongoing nevertheless and appears on every single drive now but we have no choice but to keep using the car as we can still make it home although slowly. However, on to occasions it got really scary when the power returned suddenly while driving on a curved road and the car launched forward at full speed towards another vehicle driving in the opposite direction. Another time in slow traffic we nearly smashed into the car in front when the same thing happened. I have tried to investigate further but with no success. Has anyone experienced something like this and can anyone help? Many thanks in advance.

    • Robert

      Sounds like your car had a short on accellerator….it’s drive by wire so the computer reads what it assumes to be the amount of depression and accellerates accordingly. Have them replace the loom for the pedal…This should work

      • Mandi

        Did this work? My Suzuki S is currently having the exact same problem!

  • Sue | Used Cars

    The Suzuki has made a big come back here in South Africa and we know see these little Swifts every where, myself I have yet to go test drive one, but I have to say that I do like the look of them.

  • Andrew Koh

    Hi David,i think ur car problem might be from your ECU.Lately do you tune ur ECU with a piggy bag such as Unichip or E-manage .If yes the tuner might not know what’s his doing and mess up the control,and if not refer to Suzuki agent and check any fault code from ur ECU.
    Others wise you can ask them to cx the spark plugs,spark plus cable or ignition coil.Hope this will help if not I”ve
    try to ask a good mechanic in my contry for u.Bye.

  • KNEE

    Hi David… very interesting post. I had the exact same problem!
    I had my 75,000 service only this week and advised that for couple of days the car would idle at 1/2 the normal 1000 revs. Then out of nowhere the engine would almost cut out or would cut out for a split second when sitting the at lights. Then I noticed when going from 2nd gear to 3rd at about 3000RPM it would also happen.
    I was convinced by the service manger (at the dealership where we bought the car and always have it serviced) that they needed to do a throttle body clean and clean the injectors. I did this for an additional $200 on top of the normal service, only to get in the car the next day and the problem was still there only worse! I told my husband when I got home after picking up the car that it was still happening… it checked the throttle body to find that it wasn’t cleaned and was full of filth!
    The next day I went straight back in and complained and was asked to replicate the problem… which wasn’t a problem considering it happened over 12 times in a half hour drive on the way to them. Thankfully it happened while the mechanic was in the car. The mechanic however tried to tell me that it was happening becuase the car was still warming up.. I may be female but not stupid!!!!!!
    Anyway after leaving the car overnight I have received the car back today and they have advised that the engine coil needed replacing… so I have the car back and things seem to be fine… fingers crossed. This could be worth investigating for you.

    • BAB

      Hello, Knee
      Maybe I live on the other part of the world (RO), but, as in my country, isn’t there, you live a Consumer’s Protection Office, or Agency? I find unacceptable to pay 200$ for nothing. When you discovered the dirty throttle, you should just call the Consumer’s Protection authority and file a complaint against the dealer. And about the engine coil… I suppose you’re talking the ignition induction coil. The mechanic would have your car tested by a computer running a diagnose computer program which should show where is the error. At the end of the test that computer would print on paper the results, and that paper should be an annex to your car service certificate, along with the service bill and the replaced defective parts. I own a Renault/ Dacia Logan and at 60000Km service they replaced the distribution kit, sparks, all the fluids and belts, brakes, etc. But there was a problem with the RPM sensor which was defective. When I came back for my car, The engineer (not the mechanic) showed me the errors on the computer and I decided to have that sensor replaced, a 30 min job, including a fresh engine software installation. At the end, I’ve made together with the same engineer, a quick drive test in order to make sure everything it’s OK. this is a standard procedure. Also I received all the papers: a complete checklist with all the procedures and operatins made to my car, 1 year warranty certificate, all the diagnose and set up diagrams, and all the replaced parts. They established these procedures in order to avoid any consumer complaints. there are almost 8 months since I had that service and everything is OK with my car
      Best regards

      • Terry Walsh

        I am having trouble with a winding Norse at the back of my 2007 swift (it sounds like a diff Norse like in the old back wheel drive cars). Had new tires 2 mechanic check it out may don’t know were its come from. It only starts at 70/80kls.When the car as a two people in the back you can not hear it.
        What garage did you take yours to to get so good a service?
        Regards Terry

        • Justinr

          Hi Terry,

          I have the exact same problem with my 2006 Swift. I’ve had it looked at by 2 different dealers and an inderpendant mechanic. The dealers both told me it was road noise, and the mechanic said it was the rear wheel bearings. So I had both replaced, but only genuine bearings are available. The noise continues, even when I have adults in the back. Have you had any luck with a dianosis?
          Cheers Justine

  • joseph

    i realy like to know from you guys about this question…is the chev.aveo the same as the suzuki swift? if any body can answer this question i will appreciate it…thank you

    • Jake02

      No…not related in any shape or form!

  • Julie /Jansen

    Hey Jim, i Know it was 2 years ago that you posted but I have always had a bizarre noise that never went away too … a ‘wibble wibble’ sound from the one front wheels since Nov 2005. No amount of servicing, wheel balancing and tyre replacement has ever removed it. So I guess odd noises come standard with the Swift. :-)

  • cassie

    i purchased my swift last year have had two services and no problems, best investment!! love it

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    i ashok
    swift is very good car wich i want to buy

  • Debbie

    I have a 2005 Swift which I bought when it was 1 year old. I just loved it. It was lovely and quiet. By the time it was 2 years old I needed new tyres, it only had around 25000 klm on it which I thought was poor mileage for tyres.Anyway I bought 4 new Goodyear tyres. It was at this point co-incidental or not that the car started making a whiring noise when I got up around 60 klm, the noise got louder peaking at around 80 klm/hr, and then diminishing by 100klm. I was told that this was tyre noise and I was just unlucky to have bought noisy tyres ??. Well 2 years on (one month ago) with 60000klm on the clock I just bought another set of 4 tyres Khumo brand, renowned to be a quiet tyre I was told. No such luck. Suspecting a dodgy bearing in the rear right wheel -today I had it replaced willing to try anything to get rid of the noise. This did nothing to fix the noise even though the bearing was no good because it fell apart when it was taken off. The Mechanics have checked the whole car out and can only put the noise down road noise, they do not think it is tyre noise at all. Does anyone else have this wheel whiring noise problem? I just dont understand why it is noisy now, when it wasn’t when I first bought it. Help anyone ?

    • john

      hello debbie,
      see service bull, what i have done is just grind 0.3 mm of the abs sensor and it was ready to go.

      SUBJECT : Modification of rear wheel sensor ring shape
      APPLICABLE MODEL : RS413, RS415 (2WD)
      This is to inform you of the rear wheel sensor ring shape change to address the noise
      RS413, RS415 (2WD)
      2. CONDITION
      Noise may be heard while driving.
      3. CAUSE
      Due to combination of the narrow clearance between rear wheel sensor top end and
      rear wheel sensor ring gear tooth, both parts might be touched.
      Height of the rear wheel sensor ring tooth is lowered 0.3mm to prevent touch with
      the sensor ring.
      PART NO.
      ( O: YES, X: NO )
      RING, REAR
      WHEEL SENSOR 56451-62J00 56451-62J01 EARLY LATE

      • 081illy

        John, Did you grind the sensor or the ring ? Can you provide a link to the full service bulletin ? I can’t find it ….Cheers

  • elsa cullen

    The back tyres on my 2005 Suzuki Swift were badly scrubbed at 20000kms (2011). I was told by the RACQ, suspension companies, tyre companies, that Suzuki had a problem with this model. But when I contacted Suzuki,also the Brisbane dealer, and a local dealer, all three denied there was a problem.
    The problem was corrected by a suspension company in 2011.
    I am disgusted with Suzuki and their negligence, and their dealers need to tell the truth.
    I will never buy another Suzuki vehicle.