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  • The Other Brad

    Never liked the look of it from the pictures but I quite like the look of it in real life.

    • Sonia

      Well I Guess is True What They Say Seeing is Believing.
      And Quite Often is People Like You Who Tend To Judge Quickly Instead of Giving Chance. I Can Tell You That The Toyota Rukus is By Far The Best Car I Have Set My Eyes on.
      I Myself a Now Proud Owner of a Toyota Halo Rukus is Another Limited Edition To These Magnificent Cars, I Just Wish People Wouldn’t Be So Hard on Criticizing Instead of Maybe Looking at it a Whole New Different Way. To Let You Know How I Truly Feel I Would Be Here All Night But Don’t Worry I’ll Let You Down Easy. Have You Ever Heard The Phrase Never Judge a Book By it’s Cover ?? I am Sure You Have and Let Me Tell You After I Had Finished My Job Few Friends Wanted To Take a Look Inside and To My Surprise They Were Dumb Founded I Mean They Were Quite Impressed and They Couldn’t Believe Just How Much Room There Was To Be inside. it Has Been 3 Whole Days I Have Taken Home My Limited Edition Halo Rukus and I Couldn’t Be Happier.
      So To All Those People Who Are Too Much Quick To Judge
      Take a Step Back and Hold Out on Your Criticism and See The Positive No Matter What it May Look Like. I Love My New Halo Rukus and Very Much Proud To Own Such an Amazing Car That Will Never Be Forgotten. I Rest My Case..

      • sandy

        thnk you for your post, I have just put my name on a contract to also buy a halo for myself and as I have always been a camry owner, was a little worried that I had done the wrong thing but after reading your post, Im now feeling a lot better and cant wait till my new baby is here

        • Sonia

          Hi Sandy, Judging By Your Comments I Gather You Feel Same Way as i am Completely Blown Away By This Amazing Car That Has To offer So Much Inside and Out. i was So Surprised To See you Put Your Order in For a Halo Which is Limited Edition, if You Not Purchase Now Will Be too much Late as they Have Already Stopped Producing Them Back in Early March 2011. Since i Had Purchased Mine in April 2011 i had a Few Modifications Done To The Car to make it Look Like it Had The Style and The Most Important Thing was it was Definitely an Eye Catcher. To Me We Are All Unique and So Are Our Cars. Would Dearly Love To Know if You Now are The Proud owner of The Toyota Rukus Halo.?? Just Recently in September 2011 i Had Uploaded Video To You tube as i wanted to Capture the Rukus in All it’s Glory after i had Finished Doing Everything I Wanted To Do and Making it Look That Much Special. You Made Me Laugh when You Called The Car Your Baby 😀 Coz i Too was Saying Same Thing he he
          is Funny How Much We Get Attached To Our Cars.
          But To End This Long Winded Message You Can Check Out My Halo Rukus Video Via You tube ” The Making of a Rukus ” and Let Me Know What You Think Good or Bad i Not Mind.i am Sure Once You See My Video You Will Be Very Much Surprised and Maybe Give You Few Tips and Maybe You Will Like What I Have Done and Also Do Same i Not Mind since We Are Living Different Cities. Well i am Very Happy That You Think So Positive about The Rukus as i will Always Be a Rukus Fan
          Happy Driving ur New Baby 😀

  • Andronicus

    Some people may like it but, IMO, what an abomination of a car.

    They lost me at faux air dams. What’s the point? And at that price? No thanks.
    But that interior is where I nearly lost my lunch.

    Infinite amounts of style? Yes it has style, but not in a positive way.

    • D

      I agree, that interior is absolutely shocking. I could never look at that everyday.

      • Mikey_94

        I definitely agree with Andronicus about the interior and the price, as well as the faux air-dams. and the Corolla wheels dont exactly help its case either… I think the only main thing the Rukus has going for itself is the space it has. Oh, and did I mention the crapiness of the 4-speed auto?

        • Caleb

          Well i totaly disagree i think the Rukus give a new & fresh aproach to Toyota & it’s customers! & i don’t think anyone can talk until they have driven it! which i have & may i say it is so easy to drive & so cumfortable! & the interior is not that bad you have to see it to believe that the Rukus is quite handsom i plan on buying one!

    • Andronicus

      Just thinking that it looks like something that was designed many years ago to look funky and a bit futuristic at the same time…….and then I realised it was.

      Pull your finger out Toyota instead of trying to change your image using rubbish like this.

  • Fenno

    How can the stereo be described as ‘sublime’ when it’s the same head unit as in every other model Toyota offer?

    • Joe

      Who’s to say the speakers arent different?

  • Bezza

    I really like odd but not tempted on this so far.

    Price, engine and fuel economy seem too large compared to the “style”. Compared to the definitely funkier Soul and at least equally interesting Cube, Ruckus seems like a miss. Is this a genuine effort to be different or as faux as the air dams?

    Interesting to watch either way.


    • Caleb

      Are you kidding me seriosly Kia suck!! Engine Drive Everything! i had a soul i couldn’t wait for someone to take it off my hands!!

  • Casey

    Why isn’t there a manual option?

    • G

      If you like manual cars is because you probably like to drive, at least a little bit. Toyotas are not for you.

      • Able

        Precisely :)

        • DB

          probably no manual as people have turned lazy, which is why all the cars put on special so cheap are only manuals

      • Caleb

        I disagree Toyota’s are a hit on reliability, tranmission & comfortablity! If you want a manual i recomend the Corolla or Yaris! If you want something bigger the Landcuriser or Hilux!

  • phase3

    i can’t stand centrally-mounted instruments. they look ugly and since when is it safer to move your eyes down and to the side to check your speed, than it is to look straight down…could never buy a car that has that.

    it’s just a cheap way for car companies to save a bit of money when they make a car for left- and right-hand drive markets.

    i could never understand why BMW did it in the Z8…

    • Mr Pee Pee

      I don’t understand why they do that with instruments either. I’ve driven one car like that (an Echo from memory) and it was an absolute pain trying to pick up information from the gauges while glancing sideways.

    • Bezza

      Theory on the guage placement is that it relies on our peripheral vision which recognizes faces fast, so you don’t spear your mate on a hunt. BUT it only works for faces, not numbers which we have to process longer and need to have in front vision.

      So the reason must really be cost saving on the build for L/R conversion.


    • ruckus owner

      i have owned a build 3 rukus for just under a year now, and i have absolutely no issues with the centre dash.

      Even the first time i drove it, i found it comfortable to use, i do think if it was an analog speedo it wouldn’t work, but the digital speedo works a treat.

  • G

    Now that’s definitely a head turner. Just turn your head to the other side so you don’t have to see this abomination!!
    Just give me a Nissan Cube over this any day.
    If this is how Toyota wants to become “cool”, I think they are in deep trouble.
    But then again, why do they need to be cool when all the brainless sheep are buying thousands of Corollas and Camrys every month?!

  • TomJ

    Can you imagine anyone young going “oh i drive a Rukus”. The name is the preamble for everything wrong with this terrible terrible car. Toyota are showing their typical approach of appeal via marketing and not product. This is a horrendously ugly, slow, uninspiring car with a terrible name and an archaic 4 speed automatic gearbox. The interior looks like its out of a cheap people mover, and there is really no reason i could see for ANYONE to buy this, let alone young people who want style and performance above all.

    Even more so i hope Toyota don’t go “well this didn’t sell, lets stop building vehicles that appeal to young people”, this is about as appealing to most under 30’s as a colonoscopy.

    • Caleb

      Well how come i see thousands of them everywhere i go!! Yass Canberra Young Sydney! Look at the facts people!

  • MB

    My neighbour just purchased a Ruckus Model 3 coming from a couple of years old Prado 4WD, the 4WD was just too big and expensive on petrol.

    I’m the opposite way I dont mind the looks and I quite liked the interior layout too. But there is no substance to the package with the 4 speed auto, as a minimum it should be a 5 speed or CVT.

    But a starting price of high 20’s there better choices at the same price and lower to be had.

    • MP

      I wonder how your neighbour was? Over their under-30 target, I bet.

  • ST

    It’s safer because your eyes do not have to focus a larger focal range. Having the speedometer further away (and by design closer to the window line) reduces the amount of time your eyes require to clearly see the road ahead. Centre positioning is debatable but having spent plenty of time with a Yaris, I prefer this setup over the traditional setup.

    Also being closer to the bottom of the windscreen allows a wider peripheral vision to see objects in front of you.

    As a test, try and time the amount of time it is required to focus from the speedometer to a far away object and compare it to the bottom of the windscreen to the same object far away.

    This is also why HUD were introduced in the 90\’s in Japan and first formally introduced on the U13 Bluebird SSS.

    • G

      Yea, right. That’s what the Toyota sales guy told you, and you bought it. Now try a real car.

      • Bezza

        His theory is right. But only if the guages are really easy to process.


  • Hedge Hob

    I hope it’s called Build 3 because they only made three of them.
    It’s a very polarising design – not my cup of tea at all but I’m sure they’ll shift all three of them.

  • TomJ

    I also can’t understand why people that associate ‘camry’ and ‘corolla’ with toyota would be surprised they produced the “Rukus”, its essentially the same thing, a small, fwd, 4 cylinder powered automatic vehicle. It looks like a small SUV.

    I mean, people would be surprised if they were told Toyota made the Corvette ZR1 for instance, but this seems right in their form.

  • Able

    I love it as a Scion xB, I hate it as a Toyota Rukus (same car). An xB manual with the TRD 18s, lowered suspension, massive subwoofers and in black is hugely youthful and very appealing. A Rukus with a 4-speed auto, in white with the 16-inch Corolla Conquest wheels is not, and that’s this car’s mission (as Toyota Australia declared). The accessories available are decidedly unyouthful too!

  • Who?

    I smell troll. How many positive comments and green thumbs up are there on this post? Shame on your Toyota Aus and anyone related to them for posting on here. Honestly don’t see anything positive about this car, Australia isn’t the type of country for this. I would rather a Mazda 3 SP25 for around $33-$34k over this.

    • The Other Brad

      There’s +’ves on both the favorable and unfavorable posts if you notice which indicates a decent cross section of people who like and don’t like it.

      if you don’t like it? Don’t buy it. Just as well there’s a selection of cars on the market to choose from.

      • Who?

        I’m just saying there are better value and better positioned alternatives out there if I were to spend that amount. Like you said, there’s a selection of cars on the market to choose from, those who choose the Rukus aren’t making a well informed decision.

    • Al Juraj

      How do you explain even more people finding something fantastic in that VE?

  • http://www.facebook.com/sammo.8191 Sam Moss

    There are a lot of other cars that I would prefer for the same sort of money, none of which are Toyotas I might add.

    You just can’t be taken seriously in this sort of car.

    • Caleb

      Might i add that Toyota IS the most reliable car i have a 76 Corona with 490 098 k’s on it and it still runs fine & i have never had to do anything to it i just service it every 15 000 k’s!

  • Hahahaha

    Hahahaha – Noddy would like one I’m sure.

  • David

    Kia did this much better!

    • bangle

      Only seen to soul’s so far , both just clown cars

  • ridler

    I dont understand the purpose of this car in australia

    In the USA there is the tuning/ricer scene which indulges in neons, oversize rims, vinyl decals, bodykits and oversize sound systems.

    The car modifying scene over there gets away with these modifications, however the laws in australia are much more stringent and are actually applied.

    So the car is designed for a demographic that doesn’t really exist in australia

    • Al Juraj

      I’d rather they bring the IQ and/or Urban Cruiser (Scion xD).

  • Yeti Man

    How big is the rear compartment? If I can fit my drum kit or my bike, I might buy this car.

    • Kelly

      I can fit my mountain bike in the boot of mine

  • Taxie

    Geez……what the hell is that thing? Are Toyota serious? Got to be the ugliest car I have ever seen…..and Toyota are experts in making ugly cars!! Surely you would have to be really drunk to even consider this hidious attempt at style by McBoring cars Toyota. And the interior is worse than the exterior……well……

    Now we wait for a new round of re-calls…….

  • Shak

    I think the underdog Korean has beaten the giant jap in this segment. Toyota, the Rukus is a failure. Its too expensive, it doesnt have enough customisation options available, and just doesnt look as appealing as the Soul.

    • TomJ

      With the new range of Hyundais and Kias coming out you’ll struggle to find a category the korean doesn’t beat the japanese.

  • j

    Does it come in white?

    If so, is its name “Fridge Spec Rukus”?

    Where is my FT86, Toyota?

  • Micky

    I love the speakers in the D pillars. 😀

  • Electron

    I am driving one of these at the moment and i must say that despite it’s looks it’s a very nice car to drive. I agree with everyone that the 4 speed auto is very much behind par with other manufacturers but as with the corolla and rav it still doesn’t feel too bad at 100kays with around 2300rpm on the clock not being at all buzzy but the 5 speed would definately improve performance which isn’t too bad at all for a normally aspirated engine.I must also say however that if toyota wants to capture the youth market with this car then why no Manual Version…? The engine out put is actually more than the Camry’s 117kw and actually manages the same 123kw output of Rav and Tarago. (Good researching – Car Advice…)
    The really sad thing after driving this car is that Toyota Australia missed a great opportunity to bring over the European “Urban Cruiser” model over there which has styling that would appeal to more people and the option of 2 or 4 wheel drive. Given the 2 cars are obviously based on each other quite substantially it would have been easy i’m sure to send that car instead and i think Toyota would have a real winner on their hands with that car in this market.

  • jay

    It has no manual as standard or an option. That, and it’s an old fashioned automatic, is an instafail to me.

  • Dr Phil

    Electron, I am sorry to hear about your problem, and do know that without proper action it is only going to get worse. I do have a couple of solutions. You need to go to an image consultant immediately, and secondly you will need to drop that car off at the nearest car crushing plant. Very sorry to hear of your situation, and this is much more serious that you probably think.

  • m2m

    Saw a silver Rukus in a carpark today. If it were a $20,000 car, brilliant!

    But for $30,000 there loads of better options. I’m also surprised that the guages for for fuel/oil temp aren’t digital. I think some of the interior accents look way out-dated. I’d take a Kia Soul anyday.

  • bangle

    Hold it up in front of a mirror , SUKUR , give us your hard earned .

    Ironical just as the chrysler PT exits the scene another clown car arrives .




    Australians dont take to noddy cars .

    • Caleb

      Excuse me the Rukus & the Pt Cruiser are hits!! They are great cars & i have a friend who has a Cruiser & it is very stylish! you would not like america it is filled with Cruisers every second car you see is a Cruiser! GET A LIFE!

  • tim

    Not stylish as Kia Soul, yet even expensive. Boo!!

  • Falcodore

    And people berated the Mazda3 for its looks.
    4 wheels for styling?! Give me a break!!

    CarAdvice should be renamed Toyota Advertising Co.

    • Falcodore

      On a side note CA. Whats with putting the whole article in the RSS feeds? Why not just the heading, a small pic and maybe a sentence outlining the story?

      It’s a pain in the @#$e scrolling through whole articles i’m not interested in just to find one i am interested in. Plus it slows down my computer.

      Just do it the way other websites do. Its much easier and more convenient to skpi articles i dont want to read and just click on the ones i do. Even Jalopnik figured that one out!

  • Andrew Juma

    This thing falls down on pricing alone. After buying the Build 3 and jazzing it up to suit Generation Y tastes, the bill would probably be 40K. Not going to happen.

  • Noely

    I want a NISSAN Cube instead…

    • Roomster

      I want a SKODA Roomster instead…

  • Andrew

    Ok guys…

    here’s where you are ALL missing the point.

    Toyota never intended for this car to be mass market car. They know its not going to move units, and would actually be thankful for all your negative comments.

    They know the car would polarise the market, you either love it or hate it.

    The car is Very Unique, and does have a cult following in North America. The style tuning on the cars is their biggest attraction to the majority of buyers. But dont forget the awesome practicality of space and the HUGE marketing potential for small business who want a great reliable business promotional vehicle, because we all know they get the looks.

    The car’s performance is grossly understaded. When on 18″ wheels, these things perform beautifully. The engine is great, and again leave more option for tuning with supercharged and turbo kits available from the majority of tuning companies in Japan.

    The interior is cutting edge, and like the exterior, will not suit everyone. the sound system sounds pox at a stand still… but switch OFF the Automatic Sound Levelling and the bass response improves while your testing it in the show room. The “premium” stereo in builds 2 – 3 has 9 speakers as opposed to the 6 in build 1. This includes a Sub Woofer.

    Lastly… comparing this car to a 1.6l Kia Soul is embarrassing. try and find a true competitor for this car… there arent any… maybe Dodge Calibre.

    Spend some money on lowering springs and buy some wheels… these cars are truly cool.


  • freakson

    if it only had a supercharger on that old recycled and outdated 2.4L engine.

  • gavin

    why wouldn’t you want to get this car. It is very good looking and very comfortable. the rukus is much better than the kia soul and the nissan cube and i would think, much more reliable. my next car would definitely be a rukus

  • Paolo

    Does the Aussie Rukus have “46 inches” of headroom like the Scion xB? If so I’m sold.

  • Blokie

    the shape has grown on me. i saw a darker gun metal grey one the other day and it looked ok.

    Interior is a little weird, not sure if i like that.

    Price is stupid high. Typical Toyota, try and bring something out of interest, so they whack the price up on it ! Prices should be more like 22k+ not 32K +

  • bob

    I’m in Japan and I love my Rumion. ItS a bit different, 1.8l, 7-speed auto, but I love the interior and exterior.
    Its a good car for my family with 2 small children, its unique, not bad on gas, and smallish for Japanese streets. im 41. It handles well and has some zip.Actually, there is nothing I dont like about it, I got a great deal on it. I guess the Australian model is not as great, but all in all I would say this can be a good car for a low price, especially in urban areas. I mean, cars with comprable spaciousness but more power and 4 wheel drive etc. are much more expensive ie. Honda crosstour, toyota x-trail, harrier, and etc., much more expensive and not more useful for my family.actually i bought my 3 – year old rumion for 15000 US dollars, it only has 3000 km, including tax, so it is as new. I have the S version in wine red color. I love it!

  • James

    Big,Stupid,Expensive and Seriously Hideous, Anyone know why its so square by the way?

  • Hazel

    I have just bought a Rukus (build 2). As a senior person the ability to sit without effort was a major buying plus. The square body allows great clear vision and the window pillar does not interfer with vision as does other vehicles with elongated sloping screens. Also in my previous vehicle the long sloping screen meant that I mostly drove with the visor down to prevent sun glare – thus my field of vision was deminished.
    The effort to look through the steerwheel down into the well of a speedo in other vehicles is hard as a senior & especially at dusk when I have turn on the parkers etc and it is not dark enough to clearly see the speedo. With the Rukus, the speed is displayed in a numeric form at an easy eye level.
    In the past we have owned- RV6,Prado, Hilux Duel cab, Kluger, Corolla, Mazda 6L sports & PT Cruiser Cabrio. I am very happy with the Rukus. The items listed for me as a senior are a matter of safety. 10 out of 10 rukus

  • Springs

    One word……YUCK! So many things wrong with this car! 

    • Gregjones

       shoe box on wheels ……

  • MBA

    left over bits from a 2004 camry… toyota are very smart with there lean sigma manufacturing process’s. Nil waste. 

  • ddd

    Excellent car for ergonomics. Ample head room, entry / exit from car a synch with perfect keyless entry and well thought out seat design – avoid hip surgery get a Ruckus. Keyless start a breeze saves fumbling. Audio works just fine for a mid 40’s father with teenagers. Ample headroom for 6 footers in the back. Fits 3 people side by side like no other. Kids love it and so to their dad.

  • Roomster

    Fruit phone as in Apple or Blackberry?

  • Roomster

    4-speed automatic AND straight line performance?

Toyota Rukus Specs

Car Details
Body Type
New Price
Private Sale
$11,660 - $13,250
Dealer Retail
$13,140 - $15,620
Dealer Trade
$9,300 - $10,600
Engine Specifications
Engine Type
Engine Size
Max. Torque
224Nm @  4000rpm
Max. Power
123kW @  6000rpm
Pwr:Wgt Ratio
Bore & Stroke
Compression Ratio
Valve Gear
Drivetrain Specifications
Drive Type
Final Drive Ratio
Fuel Specifications
Fuel Type
Fuel Tank Capacity
Fuel Consumption (Combined)
8.8L / 100km
Weight & Measurement
Kerb Weight
Gross Vehicle Weight
Not Provided
Ground Clearance
Towing Capacity
Brake:500  Unbrake:500
Steering & Suspension
Steering Type
Turning Circle
Front Rim Size
Rear Rim Size
Front Tyres
205/55 R16
Rear Tyres
205/55 R16
Wheel Base
Front Track
Rear Track
Front Brakes
Rear Brakes
Front Suspension
MacPherson strut, Lower control arm, Coil Spring, Gas damper
Rear Suspension
Torsion bar, Coil Spring, Gas damper
Standard Features
Air Conditioning
Control & Handling
16 Inch Alloy Wheels, Electronic Brake Force Distribution, Electronic Stability Program, Traction Control System
Cruise Control, Power Steering
Radio CD with 6 Speakers
Power Mirrors
Power Windows
Dual Airbag Package, Anti-lock Braking, Head Airbags, Side Airbags
Central Locking Remote Control, Engine Immobiliser
Optional Features
Metallic Paint
Service Interval
12 months /  15,000 kms
36 months /  100,000 kms
VIN Plate Location
Pass Side Front Floor
Country of Origin