Ford is releasing five different special Le-Mans Classic editions of the Focus RS to celebrate the company’s achievements in Le Mans during the Sixties and Seventies.

Initially, the cars will be exhibited at the nostalgic Le Mans Classic event held at the famous 13.65km road circuit in France and once the event has finished, the package will be available on market – the event runs from July 9 to July 11.

The option pack also includes four Recaro seats stitched up in leather and Alcantara, which are colour-coded to contrast the according exterior package. They also include leather front seat belts, for that extra retro touch, and a limited edition ‘Le Mans Classic’ chronograph wrist watch.

The colours available will mimic some of the classic Ford GT40 race cars of the early era: The Le Mans-winning 1968 and 1969 sky blue and orange, the 1966 Mk II, 1967 Mk IIB and the 1967 Mk IV GT40.

The 1972 Ford Capri RS2600 colour-scheme will also be available to celebrate its victory in the Touring class of 1972.

  • Ben H

    I’ll have the Shelby Mk IV version thanks Ford! :D

  • Andrew M

    Ford Aus need these cars here to act as a halo cars and help the sales of the regular focus.

    I dont mind the different paint schemes either, would certainly get noticed.

    My only critisism is the rear end is getting a bit old, but overall a nice looking package

    • The Truth

      I know what you mean, the it fitted well with the old front. The new Front End looks so much cleaner but just doesn’t quite match the rear


    I wonder how many more limited edition Focus RS’s are getting released.

    • The Other Brad

      Bit like John Farnham and his ‘I swear this is really the last time’ tours ain’t it? :D

  • Shak

    PLZ PLZ Ford the world wants them. This is your best global product. Gimme Gimme.

    • Tomas79

      Bloody Fanboys!!

      Are the extra stickers really enough to genuinly get you to buy one?

      • go away

        TOM – we want the RS model, who cares about the stickers, we just want to get it here, forget the XR5, the RS is something else. but it would hurt the FPV program so we wont get it.

  • Simonsez

    So this is a Ford Focus Le Mans edition to pay homage to the success of the Ford GT 40′s ? Makes little sense , unless someone’s in the market for a grossly overpriced Focus of course.

  • The Realist

    Great, more FWD cars with stripes.

  • Tomas79

    Exactly!! Not sure how this fwd Econobox is ment to represent the Ford GT40?!

  • VDub Fan

    Yes. It’s hot hatches. The GT40 won Le Mans. By the way. It’s 2010. 6ties and 7ties????? Were’s the special edition S3 then