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Subaru Australia has today announced a recall of 8827 of its 2010 Model Year Subaru Outback and Liberty vehicles because of a potential wiring fault within the steering roll connector.

Fuji Heavy Industries, the maker of Subaru vehicles, advised Subaru Australia that broken wiring may affect the operation of the steering wheel mounted cruise or audio controls, the horn, gearshift paddles (if equipped) and possibly illuminate the airbag warning light. Illumination of the airbag warning light cancels operation of the airbag system.

Subaru Australia spokeswoman, Alicia Cannon, said Subaru was aware of approximately five instances of faults in the recalled vehicles globally. It made the decision to conduct a safety-related recall because cancellation of the driver’s side airbag function and non-operation of the horn are considered safety risks.

The recall applies to 4894 Liberty vehicles and 3933 Outbacks. Subaru Australia confirmed it is currently in the process of writing to all customers affected by the recall.

The recall will involve an inspection of the potentially affected steering wheel roll connectors and a replacement if necessary. All inspection and rectification work will be conducted at Subaru’s expense.

Australian customers after more information are encouraged to contact Subaru Customer Relations on 1800 226 643.

  • Gilly

    Recall number 2 already! They call themselves a premium Japanese Brand! Well not any more Toybaru!

    • Tim

      Yeah OK buddy.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=668475019 Jake Williams

        Not to fond of people bashing Subaru? Trust me, you and Subaru deserve it :).

        • Tim

          Why would I deserve it? Or Subaru for that matter? They are selling more cars than ever, and its not like these recalls are as dangerous as Toyota/Ford/Holden recalls.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=668475019 Jake Williams

            You (or someone else as Tim) put poop on everyone else and then go on the bad side in reply. If it’s the other Tim I’m referring to then please ignore my comments in relation to that.

            Subaru deserve it more than any other car company on earth, I am SO disappointed in them. I bought a new Liberty RX wagon in 2000 and back then they were fabulous – they didn’t have safety recalls, they drove greatly, they were a little bit quirky because they offered standard AWD and now they look like every other car on the road, they are bloody boring to look at and to drive and worse still, the quirkiness is gone, they have no character! They’ve just lost it as a result of Toyota ownership, sure they might be appealing to newer, more conservative owners, but to the Subaru norm, definitely not!

          • jojo

            Would have to agree with Tim..Their not dangerous recalls and subaru were quick to react and ensure that it wasnt just swept under the carpet like some other braands.

            Have a look at the latest JD Powers qaulity survey their are other so called premium German mainstream brands at the bottom end of that list which are a lot more concerning. Given their Perceived Quality Image.

  • http://caradvice.com.au auto

    while on recall, fix its face.

    • devil666

      I don’t think Subaru can afford that fix.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        As much as I don’t like saying it, the look is slowly growing on me a little. One of the guys at work has a GT and when I ride past it every day it keeps looking a little better. Must be the bonnet scoop! :-)

        • http://www.lukehimself.net Luke

          I think its growing on me when looking at pictures, but then I see one is the flesh and can’t stand it again. I own a Gen 4 Liberty and think they ruined such a good shape.

  • Sam

    the front i like its just the back thats ugly it doesnt match the front

  • Tim

    Jake, honestly dont know what you are talking about. I have seen another Tim post here though.

    Agree with the uniqueness factor. Dad owns an ’04 Forester and its a fantastic car. Unique with the frameless windows etc. Big difference to the one sold now, though the boxer diesel is an interesting proporsition.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=668475019 Jake Williams

      Well maybe it was the other Tim that I’ve seen and as I said, please excuse my comment.

  • noober

    I had my new outback delivered last week and it has been faultless for 1300km so far. I am probably affected but I am not too concerned with the recall; it shows that they have discovered a problem and are fixing it. This type of recall happens to all manufacturers.
    I would be concerned if lots of people were experiencing things like premature rust and front suspension failures. I basically talked my wife out of buying a territory, not merely because of the failures, but the failure of the manufacturer to fix it properly or acknowledge it. That is when people get upset.

    • Reallity

      Where have you been? Ford has acknowledged the problem, fixed owners cars and designed the fault out of new ones.

      • Devil’s Advocate

        If Ford had fully acknowledged the problem (especially the ball joint) they would have issued a recall, however they haven’t and say it doesn’t warrant one. They have not fully fixed all owners cars, only the ones where the owners have jumped up and down and pushed the issue, even then it is on a case by case basis and depends on how hard your dealer is willing to fight for you. There is nothing voluntary about it at all…

  • Radster

    Subaru are certainly acting in a responsible manner and they should be commended for taking swift action. However, this is the second recall for the 5th Gen Liberty which has been on the Australian market for roughly 9 months. In May, they recalled this model for problems with the CVT transmission. A bit of a worry perhaps? Just goes to show that ALL car makers can come across glitches. It’s in the way they respond which makes or breaks customer loyalty.

    • Alex

      I bet you $100 that all the new Subarus are as reliable as ever despite the recalls. These sort of things are of no concern.

      Subaru (and 99% of all other cars) will give you trouble free motoring for years and years.

      The only models I have owned that cause me trouble where made in Australia. Hence why I will never buy these brands again (not to mention the resale slide they have).

      • Radster

        I have no doubt, that on the whole, Subaru are reliable. However, to claim that all new Subarus (and 99% of all other cars) will give you trouble free motoring as opposed to Australian built cars is inaccurate. Over 30 years my family have owned a range of new cars including 1 VW Passat, 2 Commodores, 3 Mazda6s and 1 Subaru Liberty. The most reliable and best in terms of build quality being Mazda; VW and Holden both pretty good in terms of reliablity with VW having the better build quality of the two; the Subaru Liberty had many fine points but suffered from a lot of squeaks, rattles etc. In terms of mechanical servicing and overall customer care, the imports were noticeably better to deal with than the locals though.

  • http://www.facebook.com/sammo.8191 Sam Moss

    All 4 the Ugly Styling
    All 4 the Cheap Interior
    All 4 the Space-Saver Space Wheel

    All 4 the Liberty/Outback Driver…

  • Toxic_Horse

    I can’t speak for the current range but in the past Subaru’s have a pretty poor reliability record. and are very expensive to get repaired.

  • Milo

    I got a 2wk old May Build date Legacy 2.5i Wagon.

    When i turn the wheel at a certain lock to the right, i change radio stations. I though it was me but today i booked it in for a fix thanks to the recall headsup.