• Marc

    Great review! Nice car. Oh what a life it is for those with money, hey?

  • Shak

    “Jeeves bring round the Coupe, would you” “Excuse Me sir, you mean the Rolls Royce….i thought it was a Sedan seeing as it covers three postcodes”
    All i have to say is Automotive Excellence.

    • nickdl

      Hahaha love it!

  • laurie

    You need to hire a security guard to watch over it while your having dinner at Doyles and just think what NRMA insurance will cost!


    • haha

      haha, just out of curiosity i went and tried to get an online quote with RACQ, haha,and after i typed in it was a Rolls Royce, i was diverted to another page which said ‘From the information provided we need to discuss your situation in more detail to provide a quote.’I feel the sum of money they are asking for, is the same as they pay the CEO for the year, hence them not wanting to display such information to general public, haha.

  • DDH

    no rivals? What about the Bentley Brooklands?

  • Radbloke

    This is the best review I’ve read on this site for ages. Well done Karl, keep them coming mate.

  • Tony

    Kyle Sandilands has one of these.

    And a Phantom.

  • Baddass

    I’m not a big fan of the C-pillar in the Coupe, I think i’d go for the convertible. It looks more elegant (especially with roof down) and the wood panneling behind the seats is georgous.