Following the launch of the Great Wall V240 dual cab in Australia around 12 months ago, the Chinese brand’s importer and distributor Ateco Automotive has announced the introduction of the Great Wall V240 single cab utility.

Available in both 4×2 and 4×4 modes, the four-cylinder 2.4-litre petrol V240 is available only with a five-speed manual transmission. It produces 100kW of power and 200Nm of torque, and combined fuel consumption for both variants is 10.7 litres/100km.

Featuring a drop side alloy tray, air conditioning, alloy wheels, CD player and power mirrors, as well as dual airbags, ABS and EBD, the V240’s competitive advantage lies in its price, at $17,990 drive away for the 4×2 and $20,990 for the 4×4.

Ateco Automotive’s Daniel Cotterill said dealers around Australia are expected to take delivery of the V240 single cab by the end of the month.

“You’ll see stock reach dealers in Queensland next week, they’re first cab off the rank, and then it just rolls out across the country as cars are delivered around different ports,” Mr Cotterill said.

He would not be drawn on specific sales targets for the single cab, but said initial pre-orders by dealers had been strong.

“The dealers ordered a lot of cars, so quite clearly those out dealing directly with the public see great potential with this model.”

Mr Cotterill said sales of the V240 dual cab (877) and X240 SUV (1263) for the first five months of 2010 were “solid” after both were introduced in the second half of 2009.

“It’s a little better than the projections that we had. The V240 dual cab and the X240 have both gone quite well.

“On the ute side of it, we know we’d be a lot better off if we could offer a diesel engine, we’re just not quite there yet with the diesel. And we also know in the SUV market with the X240 that if we could offer an automatic there we’d be a lot better off too.

“They’re things that Great Wall is working on and they’re just still in the pipeline. We’re hoping they will be here by the end of the year,” he said.

  • Hyundai45

    anti spam word great wall

  • Toxic_Horse

    thats a awesome price for the 4×4 ute.
    I kind of want one just for the value.

    • The Original Stevo

      Try the second hand market.

  • Tim

    Have seen a lot of these Great Wall’s around.

  • Karl Krankshaft

    Great price but corrolla power in a colorado sized ute. Can’t see it coping with a big load or a caravan/boat

    • fourl6

      but when your replacing a 94 rodeo with this, corolla power isnt a downgrade

      • Hung Low

        Considering that the Rodeo, Triton, Hilux still sell many of their low power 4cyl petrol models, it will still appeal to the market who want a work car that is cheaper to run than a V6! There are still thousands of older Mazda Bravos, Ford Courier’s, Hiluxes, Navaras and Tritons running around doing the commercial thing with similar output motors!
        As for towing and load carrying, if anything the lower gearing should help but obviously any 4cyl ute will not appeal to anyone who constantly carries very heavy loads or needs to tow a very heavy boat, van or trailer!
        I previously owned a Bravo dual cab 2.6 on lpg and it got on fine, even with 700kg+ loads! The trend in big body utes with big petrol engines is Americanism to the letter, although I will admit that those same utes are more versatile as a work and family car because of their larger cabs and power to tow!

        • Andrew M

          Go the 4cyl for fuel savings you reckon??

          If thats so, its not by much.
          These 4cyl light trucks chew juice like a 6cyl, and its the lower gearing that you describe that is to blame.

          Because they have no torque, they need to cram the gears up which makes them not much fun to drive, and sends the fuel bill through the roof.

          10.7L/100k is very optimistic

          • matt

            The 4 cylinders dont use alot of fuel, my 2.7 97 hilux with 280Ks gets 10 litres per hundred easy with 108Kw, so 10.7 would be achievable i imagine.

          • Hung Low

            My Bravo averaged around 11l/100km on petrol and 15l/100km of Lpg! Not spectacular but I had a V6 Rodeo that used to rob me off 16l/100km!
            Unless it is a Falcadore ute, the V6 Jap utes also use shorter than normal gearing!
            I do not advocate the 4cyl utes with auto gearboxes as they struggle and uneconomical and you would be correct in suggesting that they drink like sixes!
            The best compromise, which I use today is a dual fuel Falcon ute! The FG model is brilliant if you avoid the factory lpg set up, economical, comfortable and powerful!

  • jojo

    With just a 2 Star Crash test result you better drive it very….CAREFULLY.

  • Andrew M

    it still looks like a rodeo even with out the style side

  • fourl6

    just looking at specs… rear drum brakes lol…

    • jp

      rear drum brakes are actually still on a few cars in this market…. said to offer you durability when off road with 4×4 models (apparently) ie drums are harder to damage and dont rely on a clean disc to grip. O course your average sedan doesn’t need to tae into consideration this hence disc’s are an expectation now in specifications

      • Tony m

        Hilux still has drums and a SR5 diesel auto is so close to 60K it dont matter. As far as being better off road thats a total load of crap. Drums are there to keep the price down and in most cases it means the manufacturer pays a much lower tax on every car built in the country where they are built. If drums on the back were any good Prados,200LC and Range/Land Rovers and all of the rest of the 4x4s would have them. Its about time the ute market caught up.

  • hb

    Drum brakes are still very common in commercial vehicles actually, nothing wrong with that……commercial cars have always been the last recipient of new technologies (not that it’s the right way to go).

    I’ve seen them in the flesh and they look very competitive for the price. I’d much rather get that than an 6+ yr old TIRED and WORN OUT ute.

  • WTF

    I’d rather buy a used HILUX/TRITON/NAVARRA

    • Crossy

      A used Hilux for $17,990 probably won’t have Air Con, Cd player or Alloy Wheels and it definitely won’t have dual air bags, ABS & EBD.
      It also won’t have a 3yr 100K warranty.

      • Dlr1

        Maybe not alloys or EBD but 18K will buy you a 2 or 3 y.o. Hilux 2wd workmate with low kms with the other stuff and have a truck with more powerful engine(116kW/240Nm). The 4×2 pricing is hardly going to change the market as most of the competitors can be had for 20 to 22K drive away in 4 cylinder configuration. The 4×4 on the other hand has a massive price advantage , over 10k, to any of the Japanese brands but only comes with the same 4 cylinder engine. No one else sells a 4 pot petrol 4×4 anymore, they were phased out between 5 and 12 years ago…

  • john

    My local dealer told me that the utes get a facelift around the end of the year and get the X240 suv front end on it.

  • RickH

    I cant believe anyone would even consider a piece of junk like this car……..they are cheap and nasty death traps. Horrible to drive cheap feeling chinese junk…….why anyone would waste their money on imported crap like this….

    • fourl6

      a recent rodeo shell and interior and a triton engine, how bad can it be? the safety equipment is on par with the rest of the utes in its class, gwm all ready has a decent dealer network.

  • toxic_horse

    Mate you obviously haven’t driven the Jap competition. Just as bad to drive but you pay 10K more !

  • ridley

    any gwm car salesman in the thread?

  • Jim Goose senior

    Bar the nosecone,it looks very simular to the Jap giants. The tabletop Triton is still the best looking ute in this class. As for the Corolla power,they are pretty big and powerful these days! All the same,I’ll stick with the establised players until the Chinese have proven themselves.

  • Hung Low

    Was at the Nissan dealer today and they have brand new D22 Navara 2.5 diesel utes priced at $20990 on road and the Triton in diesel is similar! I think these prices has made this GWM ute redundant!

    • Crossy

      I checked that out and that offer is for 09 models only and you have to have an ABN.
      Pretty good deal though, mainly because you get a diesel.

  • Karl Krankshaft

    True FourI6. I hadn’t thought of that. But still anyone buying it thinking they’re going to haul big loads might be in for a surprise if thy don’t do their homework

  • rainforestman

    Glad to read some good stories and not rubbish from opposing dealers. I bought a x240 In february and just got the V240 4×4 single cab (in silver). X240 is brilliant, the v240 is a week old and I might have to get the dealer to look at the drivers door lock as it stuck once and would not open electronically. Now some real facts:
    the x240 on the pacific highway doing 90 – 95kmh is doing 2500rpm or less and I am getting fuel economy better than 9 litres to 100km. Go to 110 km and the tacho shows 3000+ and is prob using 20-25% more fuel. 90-95 kmh is the sweet spot for economy.
    The v240 feels like it has heaps more power on takeoff, due to the weight difference. Ecomomy on first run average city/highway 9.5 so thinks its the same economy under speed.
    X240 moves from 2wd to high range on the fly at 40km without problem, but v240 makign noise, but happy to shift at 20kmh.
    Low range goes down my farm hill like a tractor, excellent. I do not expect any probs from the mitsubishi engine gearbox or drivetrain for approx 200,000km, then I will sell.
    These cars and their early adopters may well be remebered as the smart new adopters: My hilux was an ordinary dog compared to what i now drive.

  • Don

    After reading all the above comments it appears that most of you have never driven one of these. I have bought a V240 4×2. For the price it is a fantastic machine. Good fuel consumption, plenty of power, good air conditioning and stereo etc etc etc. I cannot fault it. The dealer has given me a 6 year warranty – what more could one ask for?????
    I tow a Haines Hunter 530 Breeze boat easily. Considering I also own an Austin Healey Sprite, a mini, 2 EH Holdens, the Great Wall has safety features that leave my other cars for dead. All paint work and interior is finished off brilliantly. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone. Don’t criticize them unless you have driven one.

    • Shepja

      I agree Don…Don’t criticize until you try. I have just purchased a V240 4 x 2 and couldn’t be happier. I too was given 6 years warranty plus 3 years roadside service. Couldn’t ask for more!!


    This could be a good value, 6 years warranty…etc but check out the crash test result. Maybe you save $5-$7000 on Toyota but if you in hospital for 6 months all your saving is gone. ANCAP crash test result for driver head and lower leg this car got the lowest result!!

  • ben

    well will see tomorrow when i pick up my v240 single cab 4*2, only need it to tow i small trailer, and for doing lawn mowing work and maintenance, i just think that allot of you are being ridiculous just because of the name badge on it, it don’t have to impress your friends you know.

    • ben

      oh and you can get some, rear air bags for a big load, and a whole lot of extras just need to look

  • Brian

    Don I hear you I picked up my V240 4×4 dropside on saturday ( with the 6 year warrenty as well)and all I will say is its a well made 4×4 for the $$$$ which is on par with a 2nd , 3rd or even 4th hand Hilux and thats buyer BEWARE ! .territory.

  • Daryl Hamilton

    Thinking of buying the V240 4×4 but a bit concerned about the power when towing a trailer fully loaded, also i read that there’s a diesel coming ??

  • Grahame

    Brian , what part of Australia do you live to get 6 years warranty. WA only 3 years

  • Mr Hickey

    Listen up I brought a V240 in 2009 received it January 2010 not more that 2 months later I found RUST under the rubbers in the back doors and in the tail gate, everyone who has brought a Great wall get checking NOW!! It has been to the smash repairs to be fixed because Great Wall would not refund my money or give me a new car (not that I would want another one) anyway the rust is back bigger and better now so here I go again dealing with Great Wall and the dealer at Southport QLD.

    • Skindog101

      Mr hickey, rust u say?im looking at a 2010 model v240 wer should i look for rust?anyone else had rust?

  • Nehpets Deutiy

    Owners of GWM vehicles sold in Australia are either happy or not with what they have purchased. It is because of the mixed quality controls.

    The engines and drive trains are all licensed copies from reputable Japanese companies; Body – Isuzu, Engine – Toyota/Mitsubishi, Drive-train – Toyota. Let it be known they are not illegal copies (at least not these ones!)

    It’s the replication of these parts that has people in doubt as there are several different manufacturers contracted to build these cars for GWM.

    It’s a story all too familiar, an example of mixed quality problems of the past is when Fisher Price had to recall all of it’s Sesame Street toys. A dodgy contracted Chinese manufacturer used a lead based paint, which forced an inspection shutting down all production including other contractors.